Top 3 Nursing Programs in Michigan with No Waiting List

Nursing Programs in Michigan with No Waiting List
Nursing Programs in Michigan with No Waiting List

Are you looking for Nursing Programs in Michigan with No Waiting List? then you are the right Place. If you are an individual who wants to start their nursing education promptly, including traditional college students, career changers, adult learners, out-of-state students, international students, military personnel, veterans, or those seeking accelerated programs, then nursing programs in Michigan with no waiting lists are beneficial for you.

Hundreds of professions are there which offer reputation, respect, money, and all other prestige to the individuals. But only a few professions are there, which allow someone to perform community services for public welfare as well as allow earning a good amount of money. 

One such profession is the medical field. The nurses are paid a good amount of salary as well as are regarded as lifesavers after doctors. Even nurses are more engaged in community service than any other medical profession.

If you are living in a city like Michigan and want to become a nurse then you need to pursue your graduation degree from any renowned nursing school. Here in this article, we will provide some of the best nursing programs in Michigan with no waiting list. 

Key Takeaways

  • If you want to become a nurse in Michigan, then there are programs to fit your needs, with options for busy adults and those who want to start fast.
  • You can earn a good salary and help people as a nurse in Michigan.
  • These nursing programs in Michigan let you enroll right away.
  • There are programs for different levels of education, from associate’s degrees to master’s degrees.
  • You can become a nurse in as few as 2 years with an associate’s degree.
  • Financial aid is also available to help you pay for nursing school.

What are nursing programs with no waiting list?

To become a nurse in the USA, you need to be qualified to be a certified nurse. Only certified nurses can start practicing or be hired by hospitals and institutions. Multiple graduation and certificate programs are available in both accelerated and full-time classes. 

However, not all these courses are worth your time and money. Only a few of these courses are in demand and offer you a reliable degree. But how can you find these nursing programs and where to apply for them? Well! We have researched and shortlisted some of the best nursing programs in Michigan City. 

Nurses are always in high demand in a city like Michigan, there are several reasons behind the high demand, which include a shortage of nurses, a shortage of qualified nurses, and a shortage of medical candidates. 

To fulfill the requirements of nurses, Michigan based medical institutions and colleges offer the nursing program at an affordable tuition fee. So that anyone can easily achieve the degree and become a certified nurse. You can also avails

However, you may find a lot of waiting time in these courses. Sometimes the waiting time is more than 4 semesters. In such a situation you may need to wait a lot. 

To make it easy for you to get enrolled in reliable nursing programs in Michigan with no waiting list we have provided some of the best nursing programs which are worth enrolling in current times. Below are a few of them, let’s have a look: 

List of the 3 Best Nursing Programs in Michigan with No Waiting List 

1. The Associate’s in Nursing Programs (Bay College)

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The Associate’s in Nursing Programs (Bay College) 
The Associate’s in Nursing Programs (Bay College) 

The students who want to pursue an associate in a nursing program can rely on Bay College. The college offers (AASN) applied nursing in science programs which open the gateway to the best employment opportunities in the medical field. The associate’s degree in the nursing field holds significant value. 

There are two modes of accomplishing the associate degree, the first one is the traditional way where the students need to go through the five-year aggregate course with full-time studies. The five-year course is made for the fresher nursing students who first pursue any nursing course. 

Another mode of getting the associate degree is the 12-month or 3-semester LPN to RN bridge program. The students need to study for only 3 months to achieve the qualification. 

The nursing programs in Michigan with no waiting list are accessible to students who already possess a nursing qualification or are licensed practical nurses. For the full-time five-year program, applicants are required to complete 66 credit hours to earn their degree. 

In contrast, the bridged programs necessitate only 39 credit hours for degree completion. These offerings are available at Bay College, with the full-time course being conducted at the Escanaba and Iron Mountain campuses, while the bridge courses are exclusively offered at the Escanaba campus.

For the academic qualification, the students need to earn the minimum C grade in the prerequisite course and each program to be eligible for achieving the degree. 

Various expertise fields are available for the students, this includes Dosage Calculation, Medical Microbiology, and Intro to Pharmacology. Some certificate courses including the practical nursing certificate are also offered for the students. 

2. The Bachelor’s in Nursing Programs (Ferris State University)

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The Bachelor’s in Nursing Programs (Ferris State University)
The Bachelor’s in Nursing Programs (Ferris State University)

The (BSN) bachelor in nursing program is own of the most common programs in the nursing field. Everyone who wants to become a nurse must pursue a bachelor’s degree to get the position of a certified or registered nurse. To get admission to the BSN program the Ferris State University the students need to accomplish the pre-nursing requirements in science, math, and English. 

Earning a bachelor’s degree in nursing through nursing programs in Michigan with no waiting list typically entails a two-year commitment. Students are required to meet both minimum GPA requirements for academic eligibility and the specified credit hour prerequisites. However, for those who may not meet these criteria, exploring options like Nursing School Without Prerequisites can be a better alternative.

There are several fields where you can get the expertise in your bachelor’s degree, these fields include nursing theory, epidemiology and statistics, pharmacology, leadership in nursing, and many more. For the field experience the students also get the chance to get practical exposure to the Labs complement coursework. 

But to achieve the degree there are some other requirements as well, these include internships at various levels including affiliated facilities, including Munson Medical Center, Spectrum Health, or any Central Michigan District Health Department.  

One of the best parts of Ferris State University is the low waiting time as no university offers the courses with no waiting list time. As it takes time to shortlist the students based on their academic scores, and other qualifications. However, some universities like Ferris State University take less time to accomplish these functions. Only 64 students are accepted each year for the traditional BSN program at the university. 

3. Master’s in Nursing Programs (Michigan State University)

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Master’s in Nursing Programs (Michigan State University) 
Master’s in Nursing Programs (Michigan State University) 

After accomplishing the bachelor’s degree the students are looking for a master’s program in nursing. These programs can be achieved along with a concentration in nurse practitioner, clinical nurse specialist nursing education, or nurse anesthesia. 

The masters program are available in both the hybrid and online modes which makes them flexible and convenient for the students. However, to achieve the master’s degree the students need to when through the Practicums. The field exposure can be done under the partner facilities throughout Michigan. 

Some of the master’s programs like the clinical nurse specialist and nursing education are available only in online mode. On the other hand, the nurse practitioner concentration is available in hybrid mode only. The practicum requirements are compulsory in both types of programs. 

The practicum must be done under the field professionals in any local medical facility. The practicum is required to become a registered nurse and get high-paying employment opportunities within Michigan City.

Also, students who belong to a family with poor financial conditions can get a scholarship and educational grants. All you need to do is provide the documents displaying your financial needs and have met the eligibility requirements of the scholarships and may need to complete to get shortlisted for the scholarship.

Some of the fields in which students can choose to expertise during their masters are adult acute and critical care, nurse midwifery, adult primary care, gerontological, women’s health, neonatal, community health, pediatric, psychiatric health, and many more. Maintaining a credit score between 37 and 47 credits is compulsory to achieve the master’s degree. 

Where to apply for nursing programs in Michigan?

1. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

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University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

The Higher Learning Commission accredits the public nursing institution which is well known for quality education and field exposure to the students. The nursing school offers both graduate and undergraduate-level nursing programs which allow the students to become registered nurses in Michigan City. The educational courses are available in both the hybrid and online modes which increases the flexibility of the course offered. 

The applicants need to achieve a certain eligibility criterion to get admission to the nursing programs, this includes the academic qualification of a minimum GPA of 3.0. the completion of prerequisite courses in case of grade students and completion of high-schooling in case of undergraduate students. 

Also, the student needs to achieve the educational qualification from any renowned university or high school. More importantly, the NCLEX pass rate of 98.06% is also required to get admitted to Ann Arbor University. 

2. East Lansing University of Michigan 

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East Lansing University of Michigan
East Lansing University of Michigan

Another Michigan based university accredited by the CCNE offers several nursing programs in Michigan with no waiting list. The university is home to several nursing programs which includes both graduate and undergraduate level course. 

Some of the courses offered are bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degrees, MSN to DNP, BSN to Ph.D., and many more.

All these courses are available in various modes, including campus, online, and hybrid. It’s on the student how he wants to achieve the degree. However, some credit requirements are there to get the degree. 

Similar to all other universities there’s a some eligibility requirements to get admission in any nursing course in the university. The applicants need to satisfy these needs and requirements, for example, achieve the academic qualification of a minimum 3.0 GPA and must have completed the previous program whether it is graduation, high schooling, or any other program from a renowned university or college. 


1. What is the easiest path to nursing school?

There are several programs and courses which allow you to achieve the nursing profession in less time. When it comes to the easy path to nursing schools the associate’s degree in nursing or ADN program comes first. 

When the traditional nursing courses take around 3 to 4 years to accomplish, the ADN programs only take 2 years to complete. If you want to become a certified nurse as soon as possible then relying on the ADN programs from community colleges is the best alternative. No need to worry, the degree holds some value as the primary nursing degree. Some accelerated programs offer even less time. 

2. How long does it take to become a registered nurse near Michigan?

The two most common types of nursing programs allow you to become a registered or certified nurse in Michigan City. These two programs are the ADN program in Michigan and the BSN program. When it comes to the BSN program it takes around 4 complete years to achieve the degree with a full-time course. 

On the other hand, it takes around 2 years of full-time study to achieve a degree in the ADN program. However, after the completion of both degrees, you may be required to achieve the eligible practice hours to get certified and registered. 

3. What is a registered nurse’s salary in Michigan?

The registered nurse got a good package of annual salary with multiple allowances and perks. Overall a certified nurse can make around $96912 annually, which is a good salary offered to any medical professional. 

However, you can even earn more money if you work part-time at another clinic or medical house. Also, after achieving a degree in nursing along with a management degree you can work in the nursing management profession and earn more salary in Michigan City. 

4. Which nursing semester is hardest?

While pursuing your nursing programs in Michigan with no waiting list you may face some difficult subjects in any of the semesters. It will be difficult for you to study them because of the complex names and phrases under them.

Some of these subjects are Anatomy and Physiology, Pharmacology, Complex Nursing Concepts, Med-Surg, Health Assessment, Community-Based Learning, and many more. 

If any of these subjects appear in your semester that means you need to put in extra effort and somehow the appearance of more than one subject directly indicates the need for extraordinary efforts to get good grades.


Opting for the best nursing programs in Michigan with no waiting list helps you to achieve reliable and demanding nursing degrees, which opens the gateway to hundreds of employment opportunities in Michigan along with a good salary and other perks. 

However, it is important to choose the relevant nursing program, as some programs are not effective and can spoil both your money and efforts. All the above-mentioned Nursing Programs in Michigan with No Waiting List are known for their high market value degrees. You are likely to get good employment with a reasonable annual package.

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