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AzedNews was founded by a group of former teachers and education journalists who saw a need for more in-depth coverage of the education field. Too often, education news gets reduced to soundbites and controversies without providing context or analysis. We aim to dig deeper into the policies, politics, and trends shaping learning at all levels.

Our staff includes experienced education reporters as well as former teachers, professors, and industry experts. This diverse team allows us to provide news from multiple perspectives and insights you won’t find anywhere else. We cover all facets of education, from early childhood programs to K-12 schools to higher education and beyond.

Some of the key topics we focus on include:

  • Free Online Schools
  • Testing and accountability measures in schools
  • Curriculum debates and shifts in what students learn
  • School choice policies like vouchers and charter schools
  • Teachers unions and education activism
  • Technology in the classroom
  • College costs, student debt and financial aid
  • Campus controversies related to academic freedom or equity
  • Developments in online, distance and lifelong learning

In addition to our regular news coverage, we provide in-depth features, investigative stories, analysis, podcasts, videos, and more. Our goal is not just to report what’s happening, but to dig into why it matters and how it might impact students, educators, and communities.

If you have a tip on an education story or topic you think we should cover, please reach out! We welcome your feedback as we continue working to promote understanding of this vital field. Education shapes lives, and at AzedNews, we recognize the power of keeping people informed.

-The AzedNews Team.