17 Best Summer Internships For High School Students

Summer Internships For High School Students

Do you want to enhance your job prospects? Summer internships for high school students offer opportunities to gain work experience, and leadership skills, and develop a practical understanding of different industries. These internship opportunities not only help you gain important skills but also expand your professional network.

Summer internships for high school students allow students to apply classroom information to real-world situations, enabling them to make more informed career decisions. These experiences not only demonstrate your commitment to academics but also provide essential insight into the working world. Workplace immersion allows you to learn practical knowledge and collaborate with industry professionals, giving you a better grasp of your chosen field. After internship if you are looking for jobs then check out our article on Summer Jobs For College Students.

Explore the best summer internships for high school students that improve your future career prospects by identifying you as a candidate with real-world experience.

Key Takeaways

  • Summer internships help high school students learn about different careers.
  • You can intern in many fields like science, computers, art, medicine, and business.
  • Internships can be paid or unpaid and last from 10 to 12 weeks.
  • Look for internships that allow you to use what you learn in school.
  • Internships help you develop important skills like communication, teamwork, and problem-solving.

What is an Internship?

An internship is a professional learning opportunity that provides students with valuable, practical experience related to their field of study or career interests.

This is a short-term work arrangement provided by companies for students or recent graduates. Whether paid or unpaid, internships serve as an important bridge to career development, enriching resumes, and providing valuable insight into the chosen profession.

Features of a Quality Internship:

  • Structured Schedule: A quality internship offers a well-defined part-time or full-time schedule, limiting clerical tasks to 25% to ensure a balanced workload.
  • Clear Job/Project Description: It provides a concise and transparent job/project description, outlining the specific tasks and responsibilities to be performed by the trainee.
  • Comprehensive Orientation: The internship includes a thorough orientation to familiarize the student with the culture of the organization and their proposed work assignment.
  • Development of Learning Goals: It actively supports students in formulating and achieving meaningful learning goals, contributing to their professional development.
  • Regular Feedback Loop: Internships maintain an open channel for regular feedback, promoting continuous improvement and development for student interns.

Benefits of Internship

  • Demonstrates Commitment: Internships highlight your dedication to academic excellence, emphasizing your seriousness towards your studies.
  • Practical Workplace Exposure: Internships provide invaluable practical experience, allowing you to become familiar with the dynamics of the professional workplace.
  • Professional Collaboration: Working with industry experts during an internship provides a unique opportunity to collaborate with professionals, gaining insight and advice in your chosen field.
  • Enhanced Employability: Internship experiences serve as a remarkable asset, significantly enhancing your employability by demonstrating your practical skills and readiness for job demands, making you stand out in the competitive job market.  

List of Top 17 Summer Internships for High School Students

1. Microsoft High School Internship 

The Microsoft High School Internship Program offers an exceptional summer opportunity for STEM-oriented high school students. During this three-month summer internship for high school students, participants will be immersed in computer science and programming, providing valuable insight into STEM fields. Designed for those pursuing science and technology degrees, this program provides practical experience in challenging projects while promoting skill development. 

Trainees collaborate closely with leading Microsoft experts, ensuring a dynamic learning environment. This summer internship for high school students is designed to empower high school students with practical knowledge and experience with real-world applications, making it an ideal choice for those passionate about STEM subjects.

2. Computer Science Summer Institute (CSSI) at Google 

Unlock your dream internship at Google with the CSSI summer internship for high school students! This specialized program targets future graduate students in computer science, software engineering, or related fields. Don’t miss your chance to immerse yourself in the world of computer science, gaining invaluable insights and networking with Google professionals across different departments. 

The practical experience gained at the Computer Science Summer Institute at Google promises a real-world perspective on the field, equipping you with the skills to excel in your future endeavors. Take advantage of this opportunity to begin your journey toward a rewarding career in technology.  

3. Central Intelligence Agency Summer Internship 

Explore the secret realm of intelligence with this exclusive summer internship for high school students at the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Designed for high school seniors applying to graduate programs, this practicum program offers a unique blend of education and practical experience aligned with their desired college major. CIA allows you to gain valuable insights and skills

This internship will allow you to enhance your understanding through intensive work, setting the stage for a dynamic journey in the field of national security. You can unleash your potential and embark on a transformative experience that will pave the way for a future at the forefront of intelligence.

4. Johns Hopkins CARES Summer Program 

Johns Hopkins stands as a renowned leader in the medical field, annually providing invaluable internship opportunities to underrepresented high school students committed to paving the way in science, public health, and treatment. These sought-after summer internships for high school students programs span diverse STEM and health-oriented domains, providing a spectrum of unique experiences.  

Among the highlights is the Johns Hopkins CARES Summer Program, which will culminate in a special seminar for the participating high school students. This initiative not only fosters academic development but also nurtures the next generation of healthcare and scientific leaders, strengthening Johns Hopkins’ legacy in shaping the future of medicine.

5. The Intern Group International Internships

Intern Group International Internships
Intern Group International Internships

Intern Group International internships provide a unique opportunity to explore another country and connect deeply with its culture. Accepting applications from those aged 18 and above, this summer internship for high school students the program offers diverse internship opportunities in various fields, including finance, business, engineering, marketing, etc. 

These culturally rich programs prioritize educational advancement spanning the United States, Australia, Europe, Asia, and Canada. By fostering new perspectives, these internships inspire transformative insights that contribute to positive global change. Embark on a journey of personal and professional development with this summer internship for high school student.

6. Bank of America Student Leaders

The Bank of America Student Leaders program provides high school students with a rewarding summer internship experience. This initiative offers eight-week paid internships with local non-profit organizations, allowing students to actively contribute to community projects and develop important leadership skills. In addition to the practical experience, participants will travel to Washington, D.C. They also participate in a week-long leadership summit in the US. 

The summit facilitates connections with peers across the country and features sessions on civic, social, and business leadership. This summer internship for high school student program is designed to empower youth, instill a sense of social responsibility, and inspire them to initiate positive change within their communities.

7. NASA High School Internship 

NASA High School Internship is open to high school students ages 16 and up. Students can immerse themselves in research and experiential learning guided by mentors at NASA installations in New York, Maryland, and West Virginia. These exciting summer internships for high school students aim to attract students passionate about STEM-related scientific fields. It provides practical experiences that foster curiosity and skill development.  

This internship is a unique opportunity for young minds to explore their interests and contribute to the cutting-edge work being done at NASA to shape the next generation of scientific leaders.

8. Ladder Internships 

Ladder internships provide high school students with hands-on experience in a variety of fields, with the goal of connecting classroom knowledge to practical applications. These programs provide a platform for skill development and career exploration, including mentorship, workshops, and projects tailored to the needs of young learners.  

By participating in these summer internships for high school students, you can not only gain technical and soft skills but also make important connections in your chosen industries. The emphasis on early career development ensures that participants gain valuable insight, progress professionally, and build a solid foundation for future academic and professional endeavors.

9. Moca Teen Internship Program

The Moca Teen Internship Program is designed for high school students interested in exploring the world of contemporary art and museum practices. This initiative offers practical experience, mentorship, and exposure to diverse aspects of museum operations. Participants actively engage in exhibition planning, educational initiatives, and community outreach; gaining practical skills and valuable insights into the art industry. 

In addition to fostering creativity, this summer internship for high school student program deepens the understanding of museum dynamics. Through relationships with professionals and contributions to real projects, students not only enhance their CVs but also broaden their perspectives. The program prepares students for future activities in the ever-evolving field of arts and culture.

10. Scripps Student Research Internship

The Scripps Student Research Internship is an enriching experience for high school students who are interested in engaging in practical scientific exploration. By collaborating with distinguished scientists at Scripps Research, students gain hands-on experience in cutting-edge research in biology and chemistry. This intensive program develops essential laboratory skills, deepening students’ understanding of scientific methods. 

As well as laboratory activities, trainees also participate in workshops and seminars, honing both scientific knowledge and communication skills. Acting as a gateway to the world of research, these summer internships for high school students ignite a passion for inquiry-based learning. For high school students interested in pursuing scientific careers, this internship provides a valuable platform to nurture their academic and professional aspirations.

11. Met High School Internship 

The Me­tropolitan Museum showcases art from many eras. It offe­rs paid work roles for college stude­nts. These jobs take place­ during school breaks and summers. Students from Ne­w York, New Jersey, and Conne­cticut can apply. The roles let stude­nts meet expe­rts in creative fields. The­ museum pairs interns with teams that match the­ir interests.

12. Indiana University Summer Research Program

The Indiana University Summer Research program is great for students who want jobs in the health fie­lds. Teens will work with the cance­r research teams. The­y also learn about clinical studies. The program has we­ekly classes on getting into highe­r programs like grad school or medical school too.

13. Air Force Research Laboratory Scholars Program

The Unite­d States Air Force offers an e­xciting program. It allows you to work with advanced tech and expe­rt scientists. In this program, you’ll gain technical know-how. AFRL scientists will me­ntor and guide you. You will also build connections with people­ in the field. Visit their we­bsite to understand if this program fits your goals. Check out the­ frequently asked que­stions page for deepe­r insights.

14. KP Launch Internship 

The KP Launch program give­s paid jobs to high school kids who do not have a lot of money or are from groups that are­n’t usually represente­d. These kids want to work in healthcare­. The interns will work in Oakland and at differe­nt medical offices around Northern California. The­ program lets the kids mee­t and talk to healthcare workers. The­y also get to learn about all the othe­r jobs in healthcare that don’t involve tre­ating patients.

15. Hutton Junior Fisheries Biology Program 

People­ who love water and fish can join Hutton Junior Fisheries Biology Program paid summer job. Hutton wants more­ students who are not white male­s to learn about fish science. Maybe­ you like fish and want to study them. Perhaps you want a job working with fish. This inte­rnship is great for either re­ason. You will get paid to learn from teache­rs who work on fish every day.

16. Adler Planetarium Internships 

The Adle­r Planetarium gives tee­ns in Chicago many ways to learn about science, te­ch, engineering, art, and math (STEAM). The­y have programs for kids who want different care­ers. The Youth Leade­rship Council and Astro-Science Workshop are some choices. There­ are chances for students with all kinds of inte­rests.

17. U.S. Secret Service Student Volunteer Program 

You will le­arn about keeping top leade­rs safe when you join the U.S. Secret Service Student Volunteer Program inte­rnship. The main job of the U.S. Secre­t Service is to protect the­ president and other e­lected leade­rs. The internship does not pay mone­y, but students can get school credits. This inte­rnship can help students who want a job working in secre­t government jobs. To apply, students must be­ at least 16 years old.


1. What are the benefits of doing a summer internship in high school?

There are many benefits to participating in a high school summer internship. It gives students real-world experience, a glimpse of potential career paths, and a chance to develop essential skills. Internships have abundant networking opportunities that can prove beneficial in the future. Overall, a summer internship is a transformative step toward the personal and professional development of students.

2. Can a 16-year-old do an internship?

There is no age limit for internships for all organizations. Some companies welcome interns aged 16 and older, while others require a minimum age of 18 years. In some areas, employing children may be extremely dangerous, and a company’s insurance provider may restrict workers under a specific age.

3. What skills are employers typically looking for in high school interns?

Employers look for high school interns with strong communication skills, adaptability, and a willingness to learn. Basic technical skills, organizational abilities, and a positive work ethic are also highly valued. Demonstrating these qualities increases the student’s appeal and effectiveness in contributing to the workplace during the internship.

4. How long do summer internships for high school students typically last? 

The length of summer internships for high school students varies but usually ranges from 10 to 12 weeks. Some programs may offer shorter or longer terms depending on the industry or organization. This time frame allows students to gain meaningful experience without significantly disrupting their academic schedule. Many students pursue summer internships during their undergraduate academic years.

5. Can high school students apply for internships in different fields?

Yes, high school students are encouraged to pursue internships in a variety of fields. Exploring diverse industries exposes students to different career paths, helping them discover individual interests and strengths. This adaptability not only enriches their skill set but also enhances the overall learning journey during their high school internship.

6. Does leaving an internship early look bad?

Leaving an internship early may raise questions about commitment and reliability. So, if you want to leave the internship early, communicate openly with your supervisor and give valid reasons for leaving the internship. You should consider the potential impact on your professional reputation and future opportunities before making any decisions.

7. Are internships always free?

Internships can be free or paid. Some companies offer compensation, stipends, or hourly wages to interns, while others may provide valuable experience without monetary compensation. It varies depending on the employer, industry, and local labor laws. Hence, it is advisable to always check the terms and conditions before accepting an internship to understand the compensation arrangements.


Summer internships for high school students play a vital role in equipping high school students with the practical skills, confidence, and insight needed for a successful transition into the professional field. High school students benefit greatly from summer internships. These experiences introduce students to the professional world, fostering essential qualities, such as effective communication and a strong work ethic.

By applying theoretical knowledge in real-world scenarios, students not only enhance their academic understanding but also gain a competitive advantage for future educational pursuits and careers.

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