10 Best Nursing School Without Prerequisites

Nursing School Without Prerequisites

If you don’t have the typical prerequisite courses or qualifications for admission to a nursing program, then these Best Nursing School Without Prerequisites are a great fit for you.

The medical field contains several professionals and career options for students. One of the most popular and high-paying occupations in the medical field is nurse. In the recent few years, the demand for nurses has grown several times because of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Due to the higher demand for nurses, medical schools offer nurse courses with lower requirements and other formalities. Dedicated and hardworking students with prior qualifications can apply for nursing school without prerequisites. 

If you want to help the needy, a nursing career is the best option for you. In this article, we will help you to get the best nursing schools without prerequisites to achieve a nursing degree in two years. 

Key Takeaways

  • You can become a nurse in less time with a nursing school that does not require prerequisites.
  • These programs are ideal for those who already have a bachelor’s degree in another field.
  • The programs are faster than traditional nursing programs and can be completed in 12-18 months.
  • You will gain valuable clinical experience through rotations at nearby medical centers.
  • Some schools offering these programs include Georgetown University, Oklahoma City University, Regis College, and more.

What is a Nursing school without prerequisites?

The average nursing program takes time to accomplish while on the other hand no entrance nursing schools offer accelerated nursing courses like RN, BSN, or MSN degrees. 

These Nursing School Without Prerequisites programs are faster and take less time to complete as compared to the traditional nursing programs. Usually, these types of programs are made for students who have already pursued their graduate degrees in other fields and want to achieve a nursing degree as well. If you are male and want to pursue a career as a male nurse, you can check out our article on Male Nurse Scholarships, which can help you get scholarships easily.

The students can only attend these types of programs via on-campus mode, these courses are not delivered online. The ordinary programs and courses are organized in semesters, whereas the accelerated nursing programs are organized in quarters or sections. The biggest reason being their short tenure is the mid-breaks. There are no mid-breaks between semesters, and the program goes straight without breaks.

Other than the theoretical studies the programs also provide practical exposure and organize the clinical rotations for the enrolled students at the nearby medical centers.

If you’re considering a career in the medical field as a nurse and are interested in nursing schools that don’t require prerequisites, we’ve compiled a list of such schools below.

Do You Need Prerequisites for Nursing School?

To become­ a nurse, you need to take­ certain classes before­ nursing school. These classes are­ called prerequisite­s. The prerequisite­s for nursing school are different at e­ach school. However, all nursing schools require­ you to take prerequisite­s. These classes te­ach you the basics that you need to know for nursing school.

Nursing school ge­ts harder the further you go. Many classe­s cover science topics like­ chemistry. You cannot take classes like­ pharmacology without first learning basic chemistry. Prere­quisites make sure all stude­nts start nursing school with the same basic knowledge­.

Besides taking prere­quisites, there are­ other things you need to do to ge­t into nursing school. To become a nurse, you must:

  1. Have­ a high school diploma or GED
  2. Get a passing score on the nursing school e­ntrance exam (TEAS)

But there are certain nursing colleges in the USA that do not require prerequisites. Let’s take a look at them in the next section. 

Top 10 Best Nursing School Without Prerequisites

1. Georgetown University

Georgetown University
Georgetown University

Georgetown University offers a program of accelerated nursing for a tenure of 16 months. The Second Degree BSN is offered to the applicants, which will open the gateway to several employment opportunities in the medical field. The students who get enrolled go through a series of academic and clinical exposure. If you already have a grade degree in any other field, then you can also apply for the accelerated nursing program of 16 months with a tuition fee of around $14,148.

The university is located in Georgetown, Washington, D.C. All you need to keep in mind while pursuing the nursing program is to maintain your research and writing skills. You are required to go through a series of research-based assignments so make sure to improve your scholarly writing ability. The environment at the nursing school without prerequisites is student-centered and focuses on their overall growth in the nursing field. 

2. Oklahoma City University

Oklahoma City University
Oklahoma City University

The need for nursing staff is increasing all over the world which directly increases the number of nursing program applicants. To meet their needs Oklahoma City University offered various full-time nursing programs. One of these programs is the second bachelor’s degree in nursing. The tenure of the nursing program is about 16 months. The accelerated degree program for nursing is available in both full-time and part-time classes. The students can also get a nursing degree at a relaxed pace with an accelerated BSN program. 

The tuition fees for the program vary on different factors; the students from the same city need to pay only $31,026 while students from any different city need to pay $31,026 and additional housing, traveling, or other charges as well. To know the adequate fee structure you need to visit the official website or contact the campus facilities of Oklahoma University. 

3. Regis College

Regis College
Regis College

The Regis College is located in Boston, Massachusetts, and is known for quality education and high-paying placement opportunities. Medical students can apply for the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program from a private Catholic university. The duration of the degree is about 16 months and the student needs to pay the tuition fee of $75,000. While pushing for a bachelor’s degree, the students will get plenty of opportunities to work with renowned clinics and other medical experts.

The field exposure helps the students to build the experience required to excel as a nurse. As the program is offered by nursing school without prerequisites the student may need to attend both the morning and evening classes. Clinical experience opportunities and fellowships are also offered to the students who have achieved the accelerated degree in nursing from Regis College. 

4. Loyola University Chicago

Loyola University Chicago
Loyola University Chicago

For the Chicago students, the 16-month ABSN program for nursing is offered at a tuition fee of around $49548. Hundreds of colleges and schools are affiliated to Loyola University. One of these schools is the Marcella Niehoff School of Nursing. The nursing program offers several clinical rotations for the students under field experts and local clinics. The practical exposure aids them with valuable experience. 

The experience helps them to attain high-paying employment in the medical sector. The motive of Loyola University is not only to prepare future nurses but also to develop other skills including critical thinking, communication, and analysis skills. After the COVID-19 pandemic, the nursing field has rapidly changed and requires nurses to be perfect in the above skills. 

5. Metropolitan State University of Denver

Metropolitan State University of Denver
Metropolitan State University of Denver

The MSU (Metropolitan State University) is one of the most popular public research universities situated in Denver, Colorado. The university offers accelerated nursing courses for 17 months which helps the students to attain the BSN. The full-time course can be availed at the tuition fee of $45,500. prospective nurses who want to start their careers in the nursing field can get high-quality academic qualifications as well as field experience with fellowship and practice rotations in local clinics. 

The nursing school without prerequisites has higher NCLEX pass rates as compared to other schools or universities which makes it an ideal choice for medical or non-medical students. The university also organizes the placement drive where renowned hospitals and medical services hire the nursing staff at a good package, students have the good opportunity to get early employment even while pursuing the accelerated degree. 

6. Memphis University

Memphis University
Memphis University

The Loewenberg School of Nursing is affiliated with Memphis University and offers accelerated nursing programs for prospective nurses. The nursing school is located in Memphis, Tennessee, and offers the BSN degree to medical students. The accelerated classes for 18 months without mid breaks make it possible for the students to get a BSN degree in less than 2 years. The diverse area and locality of the university are loaded with medical institutions and clinics which help the students to get field exposure and earn valuable exposure. 

After graduation, the students who passed through the accelerated nursing course from Memphis University will easily get high-paying employment as they are well equipped with skills, experience, and other aspects required to excel in the nursing field. 

7. Purdue University

Purdue University
Purdue University

Individuals interested in pursuing the Second Degree Baccalaureate Program in Nursing can confidently apply to Purdue University, which offers an excellent Nursing School Without Prerequisites. Regardless of whether you have a degree in medicine or any other field, you are eligible to apply for their accelerated programs. There’s no need to worry about prerequisites. The program typically costs around $13,083.88 in tuition fees and can be completed in just 16 months to attain your nursing degree.

8. California Baptist University

California Baptist University
California Baptist University

All the entry-level nursing programs are offered by California Baptist University, after graduating the students can also apply for the MSN for further qualifications. The university is situated in Los Angeles, California. The accelerated program contains 64 credits of classes and the tuition fee of the programs is around $13500 and is followed by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing. It takes 12 to 16 months to achieve an entry-level nursing degree from California Baptist University. 

The skills and experience gained by the students during the programs help them to attain good entry-level nursing positions in the best and most renowned healthcare and medical facilities. The good salary package and other perks offered then make the degree worth achieving. 

9. Idaho State University

Idaho State University
Idaho State University

Idaho State University stands out as a remarkable Nursing School Without Prerequisites. They offer acclaimed nursing programs with a minimal fee of $3,978 for in-state students, while out-of-state students can expect to pay $12,967. Located in Pocatello, Idaho, the School of Nursing at Idaho State University provides accelerated nursing programs that can be completed in just 12 months.

While pursuing a medical degree the faculty at the university makes sure to allow the studies to work closely with expert clinicians. This will enhance their practical skills and open the gateway to hundreds of employment opportunities. However, only 30 students are taken in the nursing program so enroll as soon as possible before the seats get full. 

10. Montana State University

Montana State University
Montana State University

Montana State University offers nursing accelerated BSN degrees to students within the time frame of 15 months or less. On the other hand, the traditional degree takes around 29 months to accomplish. There are 4 semesters in the degree where the students go through both academic and practical exposure to the nursing profession. The fourth semester is the last as students get to graduate. 

The tuition fee for students in the same state is around $7,371 and for students belonging to other states, they get around $27,101. 


1. Are accelerated nursing programs worth it?

The nursing accelerated programs are designed to provide nursing degrees in less time and effort. Choosing nursing as a career is the best choice as the demand for nurse staff has increased many times in recent years. The rewarding career offers a competitive salary package to the pass-out students. 
After getting graduated you will be in high demand and can easily get a high-paying job in the medical sector. The biggest benefit of pursuing an accelerated program is the time and effort you save. The traditional nursing degree takes three to five years whereas the accelerated degree only takes less than 2 years. 

2. What are the best-accelerated nurse practitioner schools?

Various nursing school without prerequisites offer accelerated nursing programs. Some of the best schools are Georgetown University, University of San Diego, Oklahoma City University, Fairfield University, Regis College, South Alabama University, and many more. You can easily get enrolled in any of the schools and achieve the BSN degree in less than 2 years. 

3. What is an accelerated nursing program like?

The traditional nursing programs take years to get accomplished as they include a series of academic qualifications, lab practices, assignments, classes, and clinic experiences. The comprehensive ABSN programs are altered and converted into accelerated nursing programs. The program allows the students to get valuable experience in the real-world nursing setting. Both the comprehensive and accelerated nursing degrees are similar to each other with a minor difference in tenure and academics. 

4. How much is the tuition fee for nursing school without prerequisites?

The fee structure of the nursing schools depends upon various factors including the affiliated university, infrastructure, level of education, and many more. However, it takes around $20000 to $100000 to get the BSN degree with the accelerated nursing program. Other expenses like the books, travel costs, campus charges, and housing are not included. The above-mentioned accelerated nursing program schools help to get better ideas about the money required to achieve the accelerated nursing degree in the USA. 


Nursing School Without Prerequisites is an excellent option for those seeking an accelerated nursing degree. These programs offer a streamlined path to becoming a registered nurse, hands-on clinical experience, and the opportunity to learn from expert clinicians. 

Many universities and nursing school without prerequisites in the USA provide such programs, making it accessible for students to pursue their nursing careers without the need for prerequisites. Enroll in one of these programs to pave the way for a high-paying job in medical facilities.

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