Top Nursing Schools in Texas that Accept TEAS in 2023

Nursing Schools in Texas that Accept TEAS

if you’re an individual aspiring to become a registered nurse or licensed vocational nurse in Texas then, nursing schools in Texas that Accept TEAS tests are designed for you, but you need to meet the specific admission requirements of a nursing program. The TEAS test is a widely used prerequisite for gaining entry into these nursing programs.

Helping others is one of the most significant obligations of us as humans. Millions of people want to help the community but due to their professional lives, they are busy and unable to do so. However, some professions allow you to help others or contribute towards community services as well as earn money to live a livelihood. 

One of these processes is the nurse. Nurses are considered the right hand of doctors, being a nurse in a big city like Texas is a blessing. To become a certified nurse you need to pursue a graduation degree in nursing programs. 

Texas has several colleges and nursing schools that help you to achieve a graduation degree in nursing. To make the admission procedure short you can apply for admission based on the scores of TEAS. When exploring your options for nursing schools in Texas that accept TEAS, you may also be interested in learning about nursing schools in Texas with no waiting list.

Here in this article, we will let you all know about the TEAS and the best nursing schools in Texas that accept TEAS. 

What is TEAS in nursing schools? 

Nursing is one of the most demanding professions in Texas, thousands of students apply to pursue the nursing program and fill up the applications in nursing schools. But the seats are limited and there are more applicants. 

That is why it becomes difficult for colleges and universities to admit the delivering applicants. So, some of the nursing schools have accepted the TEAS scores to shortlist the students. Considering the scores makes it easy for the nursing schools to determine the deserving applicant. 

TEAS stands for Test of Essential Academic Skills, it is an examination that is conducted to get the overall scores of the students in major subjects including reading, math, science, and English and language usage. 

The score of each subject is rewarded differently in the score sheet. Many colleges and universities including nursing schools consider the TEAS scores to shortlist the applicants and the top scorers are eligible to get the admission. There are a lot of benefits to adopting the strategy of admission, as the time consumed in admission will be shorter and more reliable. However, not all the nursing schools in Texas consider the TEAS scores in the admission procedures. 

These schools used to consider merit-based admission lists. If you have good TEAS scores, many other nursing schools in Texas allow you to take admission without any hustle. We have researched and short-listed some of the best nursing schools in Texas that accept TEAS. Here’s a selection of them; now, let’s examine them:

List of the 6 Best Nursing schools in Texas that accept TEAS 

1. The University of Texas at Arlington

The University of Texas at Arlington
The University of Texas at Arlington

The University of Texas in Arlington is one of the top-notch educational institutions known for quality education and for impacting qualities. The Nursing school of the university offers the undergrad mutation and other nursing programs for the applicants. 

The faculty at the nursing school is qualified for advanced nursing courses and has the skills to teach the students in the best possible manner. Also, after achieving the decree the nursing schools take the responsibility of the placements and help the students to get the best employment opportunities in Texas. 

Moreover, the graduation degree from the University of Texas holds a significant value in the nation as well as other nations. The degree achieved can apply for employment in almost all the states of the USA as well as other nations. The tuition fee for the nursing program is around $11040 which is way cheaper than other nursing schools in the area. 

Also, the students who have good TEAS scores are likely to get admission with an acceptance rate of 83%. Some students who belong to the family with poor financial backgrounds also get financial support from different programs and financial aid societies of the university. 

Attending Nursing Schools in Texas that Accept TEAS provides students with valuable practical exposure to the field and nearby medical facilities. This exposure plays a crucial role in equipping students with the necessary skills to become successful nurses in the future.

2. Texas Woman’s University

Texas Woman's University
Texas Woman’s University

The university in Texas only allows female students to get admission based on their TEAS scores. The tuition fee for the nursing programs in the university is around $7926. Also, for women, some scholarships and programs offer financial support to cover all the educational expenses. 

The University will not only focus on theoretical concepts but also prepare future nurses with the required practical skills. The qualified teachers and cooperative faculty allow the students to gain medical skills and knowledge. For more, the university also focuses on extra-curricular activities and sports. 

When applying to nursing schools in Texas that accept TEAS, you’ll find an admission acceptance rate of approximately 93%. However, it’s imperative to have taken the TEAS examination and achieved high scores in all four sections of the test to secure your admission.

The students who belong to poor financial backgrounds will get 93% financial support from the financial aid branch of the university. Along with the course, the student also gets the opportunity to work with the nearby medical facilities under the supervision of professional medical personnel. 

3. Louise Herrington School of Nursing

Louise Herrington School of Nursing
Louise Herrington School of Nursing

The nursing school with the best favorable environment for leading, Louise Herrington School of Nursing offers the midwifery program. The nursing school is ranked among the top nursing schools in Texas due to the best quality education infrastructure and location at an accessible place. One of the oldest nursing schools in the world founded in 1909 for the diploma in nursing. Soon in 1952, the school started to offer baccalaureate degrees in nursing. 

The BSN programs allow the students to become certified nurses in the Texas-renowned medical facilities. The main principle of nursing schools is to offer nursing studies based on the Christian perspective. This will also contribute to the respect of Christianity. One of the stunning features of the nursing school in Texas that accepts TEAS is the Sim Lab. 

Nursing Schools in Texas that Accept TEAS are the ideal institutions for nurses at all experience levels and expertise to acquire the essential skills needed to provide professional nursing services.

4. University of Texas Health Science Center, Houston

University of Texas Health Science Center, Houston
University of Texas Health Science Center, Houston

The eight-story School of nursing is affiliated with the University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston. The classroom and campus are equipped with all the resources and things required to become a qualified nurse in Texas. The lab has hi-tech equipment to allow the students to explore the medical world. 

The simulation labs and research facilities of the schools are nominated for several rewards and national-level awards and even win some. The green architecture design of the campus is popular and aids the students with the learning environment. 

The school was established in 1980, which makes it one of the oldest nursing schools in the world. In early times the nursing schools only had the hospital training program but soon it allowed the students to pursue a bachelor’s and graduation in nursing. 

The nursing school has good relations with the renowned medical facilities in Texas, that help the students to complete their practicum requirements. Some of the local clinics in collaboration with the nursing school are Houston Methodist Hospital, St. Joseph Medical Center, and Texas Children’s Hospital. 

5. Texas A&M University, Corpus Christi

Texas A&M University, Corpus Christi
Texas A&M University, Corpus Christi

The university is situated on a semi-tropical island, which makes it unique of its kind and allows the students to study along with the beauty of nature and elements of nature all over. The college allows the students to get expertise in specific medical skills and contribute towards the healthcare infrastructure of the nation. 

For more, the nursing school also offers the innovative eLine Military Program. The main motive of the programs is to prepare the students with all military standards and practices to aid in the US military in the future.

Nursing Schools in Texas that Accept TEAS are primarily focused on offering students valuable hands-on experience in clinical practices. Under the guidance of skilled instructors and medical professionals, these schools prepare future nurses for their careers. Many nursing schools in the region have established collaborations with medical clinics and facilities, often leading to swift employment opportunities for their graduates.

Along with academics the students also get the opportunity of learning new skills through Clinical rotations at hospitals, ambulatory care centers, and community health agencies practicum. 

6. Texas Christian University, Fort Worth

Texas Christian University, Fort Worth
Texas Christian University, Fort Worth

The Christian university in Fort Worth adopts Christian healthcare practices and teaches the same to the students. The nursing school offers one-of-a-kind study-abroad nursing programs. Several nations are being studied by nursing schools and their nursing practices are adopted. 

These nations include Italy, Chile, and Argentina. Being a Christian university, students from all religions are allowed to take admission and achieve a degree in nursing. 

The nursing schools in Texas that accept TEAS are loaded with modern equipment labs, smart classrooms, and dual projection systems, which enhance the quality of the level of medical students. 

For practical exposure, there are various rooms including the medical/surgical, labor and delivery, pediatric, ICU, emergency room units, and many more. While pursuing the nursing programs, the students also get the opportunity to work with different hospitals, community organizations, clinics, and medical facilities for more practical exposure to the healthcare infrastructure. 

Even after achieving the degree, the students of Texas Christian University, get the employment opportunities to work with the world’s most renowned medical facilities as a nursing officer or medical nurse assistant with a good salary package. To make the admission process easier, make sure to attend the TEAS examination and score good grades. 


1. Is it worth taking the TEAS examination?

In the USA, most colleges and universities consider the TEAS scores for the admission process. This will allow them to select the deserving applicants reliably. So, if you have recently passed out from your high school and are going to apply for any graduation course like nursing then make sure to take the ATI TEAS examination and get the scorecard. 

While applying you can attach the award list of the TEAS (Test of Essential Academic Skills) and shorten your admission procedures. The college or university you are applying to will use the score as the base for your admission over other applicants. 

2. What are the subjects included in the TEAS examination?

The TEAS stands for Test of Essential Academic Skills and is an entry-level examination that allows students to get admission to the graduation programs in various colleges or universities. The TEAS contains the high school level difficulty and comprises four major sections, each containing different subjects. 

These are Math, Science, Reading, and English and Language Usage. If you have scored good marks in all the subjects, you can easily get admission to the colleges that accept the TEAS scores in their admission procedures. 

3. How to score well in the TEAS examination?

The TEAS examination comprises four sections including Math, Science, Reading, and English and Language Usage. To score good marks all you need to do is study for all these subjects. 

Make sure to implement the basic and comprehensive approval of each concept while studying for the examination. After getting fully prepared make sure to solve the recent year’s question papers of the TEAS examination. For more advanced preparations you can also take online coaching and video tutorials from different platforms. 

4. Can I get admission to nursing schools in Texas based on TEAS scores? 

Texas is home to hundreds of nursing schools and colleges. The main reason is the increasing number of nursing applicants. That is why you make a framework for shortlisting the applicants the nursing schools in Texas used to consider the TEAS scores. 

If you want to get admission as soon as possible to these nursing schools. Make sure to take the TEAS examination and score good marks. Attaching your TEAS scores along with the application form, will increase your chances of getting admission. 


All the above-mentioned nursing schools in Texas that accept TEAS and colleges adopt various frameworks to shortlist the applicants for admission. One of these frameworks includes the eligibility criteria for TEAS scores. 

The TEAS scores of the applicants are considered and compared during the time of admission. This will help the colleges and nursing schools to get the deserving applicants and release the list of selected students. We have mentioned some of the best nursing schools in Texas that accept TEAS scores. 

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