10 Month LPN Program In 2024

10 Month LPN Program

You can become a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) faster by going through a 10 Month LPN Program. This program condenses learning and practice experiences into a shorter period so that prospective nurses can start working sooner.

Its goal is to give complete training in practical nursing skills. Under the direction of experienced teachers, these intensive programs teach students the most important nursing skills, patient care principles, and medical processes. 

The 10 month LPN program gives people the information and skills they need to do well in a variety of healthcare situations, such as hospitals and long-term care centers. 

Begin your nursing journey with the efficient 10 month LPN program. If you live in NYC and want to start your nursing career quickly, consider the half-year LPN program.

List of Top 10 Best 10 Month LPN Program 

The top 10 best 10 month LPN programs are mentioned below. Let’s have a look: 

1. LIC LaGuardia Community College

LaGuardia Community College
LaGuardia Community College

Program length: 10 Months

LaGuardia Community College provides a great expedited LPN program that may be finished in 10 months if you want to enter the nursing field quickly.

LaGuardia Community College’s LPN program is another top fast-track LPN program that trains you to be an essential healthcare team member. After graduation, you can apply for entry-level nursing jobs and pursue additional nursing studies to improve your career. This LPN covers practical nursing, pharmacology & nutrition, mental health nursing, parent-child nursing, med-surgical nursing, and developmental psychology.

Admission: LaGuardia Community College’s accelerated LPN program requires a high school diploma and a 2.5 GPA. To apply, applicants must present official transcripts and TEAS scores.

Why choose the LaGuardia Community College Accelerated LPN Program?

  • Hispanic-serving LaGuardia Community College embraces cultural diversity and inclusion for LPN students.
  • You may find your practical nursing training at LaGuardia Community College with cheap tuition.
  • LaGuardia Community College’s accelerated LPN program provides financial aid and scholarships to lower tuition. You should know that roughly 99% of students obtain financial aid here.

2. Montgomery Community College, NC

Program length: 9 Months

Montgomery Community College’s accelerated LPN program may be finished in nine months, making it one of the fastest methods to acquire an LPN credential.

Program Details: Montgomery Community College’s 34-semester LPN program prepares graduates for entry-level nursing jobs in hospitals, home health institutions, clinics, long-term facilities, etc. The curriculum begins with anatomy & physiology, caring interventions, communication, teamwork, informatics, and evidence-based practice in the autumn. Health quality improvement, policy, and safe nursing care across the lifespan are also taught. Graduates are ready for the NCLEX-PN.

Admission: Montgomery Community College’s accelerated LPN program requires a completed application and official transcripts. The program accepts high school graduates. Applicants must also submit TEAS scores.

Why choose the Montgomery Community College Accelerated LPN Program?

  • Montgomery Community College’s 8:1 student-to-faculty ratio provides for customized attention in small courses where students engage and form lasting bonds.
  • Montgomery Community College offers financial help to make LPN school accessible.
  • Montgomery Community College’s LPN faculty works hard to help students succeed.

3. Kansas Community College, Highland

Program length: 9 Months

Do you know Highland Community College’s LPN program may be completed in nine months? In a short time of full-time education, you learn how to give direct patient care in many situations.

Program Details: Highland Community College is a nationally renowned quick LPN program. The curriculum has 32 to 46 credits, depending on requirements. Foundations of nursing, pharmacology, adult nursing care, mental health nursing, maternal child nursing, leadership, and nursing care are addressed. You’ll be NCLEX-PN-ready after the program.

Highland Community College’s quick LPN program needs a high school diploma and a 3.0 GPA. Prerequisite courses in human growth & development, anatomy, and physiology are also required. Additionally, admittance requires a CNA certification. The program needs transcripts, letters of reference, and a personal goal statement for admission.

Why choose the Highland Community College Accelerated LPN Program?

  • Highland Community College’s accelerated LPN curriculum prioritizes practical skills, equipping graduates for immediate employment.
  • Highland Community College’s accelerated LPN curriculum is affordable.
  • Highland Community College’s small, caring classes foster learning. Because the program is expedited, LPN students get extra help to achieve.

4. Illinois Valley Community College, Oglesby

Program length: 9 Months

How Fast Can You Complete Illinois Valley Community College LPN Program: Illinois Valley Community College’s LPN program is an economical, fast-track LPN program. You may earn your LPN in nine months and save a lot of money here.

Program Details: Illinois Valley Community College has far lower LPN tuition than typical Illinois colleges. The institution also offers financial help to lower tuition. An expedited LPN curriculum that leads to NCLEX-PN certification prepares graduates for comprehensive patient care in many clinical settings. Human growth development, anatomy & physiology, microbiology, pharmacology, general psychology, mental health nursing, and holistic med-surgical nursing are included in the 49-credit curriculum.

The LPN admissions at Illinois Valley Community College are tough. Also, the Students must provide transcripts while applying and applicants must additionally fulfill program requirements.

Why choose Illinois Valley Community College?

  • Economical LPN program with fast-track certification.
  • Lower tuition and financial aid options are available.
  • Rigorous curriculum preparing for NCLEX-PN certification.

5. Massachusetts Bay Community College, Wellesley Hills

Massachusetts Bay Community College
Massachusetts Bay Community College

Program length: 10 Months

Program Details: Massachusetts Bay Community College provides another popular accelerated LPN Program that blends classroom lectures, clinical practice, and lab instruction. Despite the brief program, graduates are ready to provide direct patient care in many healthcare settings. The 35-credit LPN program covers medical terminology, foundations of practical nursing, problems & trends, pharmacology, med-surgical nursing, and nursing care of people and families across the lifespan.

Admission: Massachusetts Bay Community College’s accelerated LPN program accepts high school graduates with a 3.0 GPA. Admission also requires anatomy and physiology courses. Applicants must provide TEAS scores, CPR certification, and valid transcripts.

Why choose Massachusetts Bay Community College?

  • Accelerated LPN program prepares grads for diverse healthcare settings.
  • A blend of classroom, lab, and clinical practice ensures comprehensive training.
  • Accepts high school graduates with a 3.0 GPA, emphasizing accessibility.

6. Johnson County Community College, Overland Park

Program length: 9 Months

One of the fastest-track LPN programs, Johnson County Community College, may be finished in nine months. Part-time coursework may be finished in 14 months, while the nine-month route is full-time.

Program Details: Johnson County Community College’s quick LPN program prepares students for nursing in small classrooms with customized attention. Through intensive didactic courses and clinical training at its advanced simulation center, students gain expertise. It’s no surprise that the software scored well on the NCLEX-PN. 

The 42-credit curriculum covers nursing foundations, adult nursing care, pharmacology, safe drug administration, maternal child nursing, mental health nursing, and young and aging adult nursing. Additionally, students study nursing leadership responsibilities and concerns.

Johnson County Community College’s LPN program accepts high school graduates with a 3.0 GPA. At least a C is required for preparatory courses such as human anatomy, physiology, psychology, and medical terminology. The program needs CNA certification and proper transcripts for enrollment.

Why choose Johnson County Community College?

7. Blinn College District, Brenham

Program length: 10 Months

Blinn College District’s LPN program includes 10 months of full-time study. The quickest LPN program is also one of the cheapest, saving you money on tuition expenses. 

Blinn College District has a great LPN program with in-person and online coursework. Graduates score highly on the NCLEX-PN and are sought after by local businesses. Blinn’s 39-credit fast LPN program covers growth & development, mental health, pharmacology, pediatrics, maternity, medical-surgical nursing, and leadership & professional development.

Admission: Blinn College District’s LPN program accepts high school graduates with a 3.0 GPA. Applicants must additionally submit a TEAS score and pass all necessary courses with a C. Transcripts are needed to complete the application.

Why choose Blinn College?

  • Affordable tuition compared to other LPN programs
  • Strong reputation with high NCLEX-PN pass rates
  • Comprehensive curriculum covering essential nursing topics

8. Emily Griffith Technical College, Denver

Emily Griffith Technical College
Emily Griffith Technical College

Program length: 11 Months

Emily Griffith Technical College’s LPN program is a great way to start your nursing profession quickly. Emily Griffith has one of the fastest accelerated LPN programs, finishing in 11 months. Full-time 10-month coursework is available for the students. 

Program Details: Emily Griffith Technical College’s LPN program prepares graduates for direct patient care in ambulatory care centers, hospitals, and long-term institutions. The program emphasizes practical nursing skills and knowledge with 35–50 credits. You’ll learn maternal neonatal, pediatric, mental health, and geriatric nursing basics. The curriculum involves 400 clinical hours from four courses.

Admission: Emily Griffith Technical College’s fast LPN program accepts CNAs and medical assistants who have taken biology, anatomy, physiology, chemistry, or arithmetic. Submit TEAS or HESI scores.

Why choose the Emily Griffith Technical College Accelerated LPN Program?

  • Emily Griffith Technical College’s accelerated LPN program is proud of its high NCLEX-PN pass rates. Most alumni find jobs within a year after graduating from the program.
  • Emily Griffith Technical College is one of Colorado’s cheapest accelerated LPN programs.
  • Emily Griffith Technical College’s expedited LPN program provides applicable training. 

9. North Central Missouri College, Trenton

North Central Missouri College
North Central Missouri College

Program length: 11 Months

North Central Missouri College is one of the fastest LPN programs, allowing you to enter the nursing sector quickly. North Central Missouri College’s LPN program takes 11 months.

NCLEEX-PN test preparation at North Central Missouri College prepares students for entry-level nursing jobs as certified licensed practical nurses. The fast-track LPN program requires 35 credits in didactic, simulation, and clinical courses. 

The program covers nursing foundations, pharmacology, personal vocational ideas, maternity & child health nursing, and mental health. Students must pass all courses with a C in the sequential program. Graduates will be skilled in patient-centered care, teamwork, evidence-based practice, quality improvement, safety, communication, leadership, and professionalism.

North Central Missouri College’s LPN program accepts high school graduates with a 2.0 GPA. Applicants must also pass anatomy, physiology, algebra, and introductory statistics with a C. Your application requires certified transcripts, a TEAS score, and an online nursing application.

Why choose the North Central Missouri College Accelerated LPN program?

  • LPN students receive customized attention at North Central Missouri College. 
  • Over 97% of North Central Missouri College graduates find jobs within six months.
  • No.1 Leading Missouri LPN school North Central Missouri College has been teaching practical nurses since 1963.

10. Community College of Somerset, KY

Program length: 11 Months

How Fast Can You Complete Somerset Community College LPN Program: If you love nursing and want to start your career with one of the finest fast-track LPN programs, Somerset Community College is a great choice. You may finish training in 11 months here.

Program Details: Somerset Community College’s LPN program provides a great start to a rewarding nursing profession. 

The 45–53-credit curriculum blends theory and practice. This accelerated LPN curriculum prepares students for the NCLEX-PN test by covering nursing fundamentals, pharmacology, mental health, med-surgical nursing, childbearing family care, and nursing leadership and management.

Somerset Community College’s LPN needs a high school diploma or GED and a 3.0 GPA. Official transcripts, ACT scores, letter of intent, and CNA certification are also required.

Why choose the Somerset Community College Accelerated LPN Program?

  • Top online sources consider Somerset Community College’s expedited LPN program among the finest in the nation.
  • Somerset Community College LPN students can join student clubs and activities to develop leadership and networking abilities.
  • Somerset Community College works with area colleges and universities to help students transfer to four-year nursing programs.
  • Small classrooms for personalized attention enhance learning.
  • Advanced simulation center enriches clinical training experience.
  • High NCLEX-PN scores reflect the program’s effectiveness and quality.


1. What is the shortest duration to become an LPN?

To become an LPN, you need to complete a diploma in practical nursing through an approved educational program. These programs usually last around one year, combining coursework with clinical experiences to teach basic nursing skills.

2. How much time does it take to become an LPN in New York?

Becoming an LPN in New York follows a certificate/non-degree pathway, which typically takes 10 months to complete after finishing prerequisite courses. This duration is shorter compared to the path to becoming an RN. LPNs primarily work in long-term care settings, under the supervision of an RN, NP, physician, or midwife.

3. Which state offers the highest LPN salaries?

In the Northeast, Massachusetts boasts the highest average LPN salary at $76,600, while California leads in the West with an average LPN salary of $73,220. Maryland holds the highest average LPN salary in the South at $69,750.

4. Is a $100,000 salary considered good in the United States?

A $100,000 salary is generally regarded as good in most regions of the United States. It can cover typical expenses, help pay down debt, build savings, and allow for leisure activities. According to the U.S. Census, only 15.3% of American households earn more than $100,000 annually.


For those who want to become Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) quickly, the 10 month LPN program is a good option. This fast-tracked program, which usually requires taking prerequisite classes, focuses on teaching real nursing skills. it gives students the information they need for entry-level jobs in healthcare. 

The shorter length of time than other nursing schools makes it easier to get into the job market faster, meeting the need for skilled healthcare workers. 

The above-mentioned best 10 month LPN program not only helps people quickly change careers, but it also fills urgent needs for trained nurses in many healthcare settings. The 10 month LPN programs are a great way for people who want to work in healthcare to start rewarding jobs as LPNs.

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