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The Arizona Education News Service is a resource for essential data and reports on education topics including achievement, funding, policy and reform, and legislative and legal issues. Use the filter tool to sort by topic or view reports chronologically from most recent.

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Culturally Responsive Mathematics Teaching

Culturally Responsive Mathematics Teaching requires teachers to (re)consider the mathematics learning environment they’ve created and how well it reflects these four elements – supporting deep learning, engaging and valuing identities, sharing authority, and applying mathematics.

Developing Leaders to Transform Troubled Schools

In 2010, when the federal government required states to make drastic changes to turn around their lowest-performing schools, the need for effective and resourceful school leaders became urgent. Realizing they had a dearth of education leaders capable of guiding such…
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Congress set aside $1 billion after Parkland. Now schools are starting to use it podcasts
This podcast, voiced by Education Reporter Lisa Irish, features guests with visions, perspectives, and stories relevant to K-12 education in Arizona. Choose your platform and listen anywhere!
Congress set aside $1 billion after Parkland. Now schools are starting to use it share-photos-stories

We want to tell your stories that reflect what’s going on in your schools across Arizona. Stories are powerful. Good stories about what's happening on the ground help keep people informed and raise awareness about public education initiatives and issues across the state.