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This podcast, voiced by Education Reporter Lisa Irish, features guests with visions, perspectives, and stories relevant to K-12 education in Arizona.

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‘Homework Gap’ Hits Minority, Impoverished Students Hardest, Survey Finds

The lack of access to technology and internet connectivity at home is especially severe among poor, rural, and minority students, according to a new survey from ACT that sheds light on the vast disparities in digital access among K-12 populations.  Fourteen percent of students have access to only one device…

Co-Designing Learning with Students: A Snapshot at Souhegan High School

The team behind New Hampshire's Assessment for Learning Project (ALP) continues to provide greater opportunities for students to lead their learning through a personalized, competency-based approach.  The state's ALP effort has evolved significantly based upon our first two years of work. The New Hampshire Learning Initiative, partnering with the National Center for the Improvement…