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This podcast, voiced by Education Reporter Lisa Irish, features guests with visions, perspectives, and stories relevant to K-12 education in Arizona.

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The Pre-K-8 School Leader in 2018: A 10-Year Study

Elementary principals' main concerns are students' emotional problems, mental health issues, poverty, and other factors connected to well-being. Many of those issues did not crack the top 10 concerns of principals just a decade ago.

Are Washington Charter Public Schools serving students with disabilities?

Charter schools in Washington are serving students with disabilities, and almost all of them are doing so at rates higher than the state average, and the district in which they are located. It is important to note that Washington state only provides special education funding for up to 13.5 percent…

Reading and Writing Instruction in America’s Schools

Reading and Writing Instruction in America’s Schools, authored by Fordham’s senior research and policy associate David Griffith and FDR Group’s Ann Duffett, suggests real progress in implementing state ELA standards, but also—like the baseline 2013 report—real cause for concern. For example, middle and high school teachers are asking more text-dependent…