Free Laptops For College Students from the Government 2024

Free Laptops For College Students

Are you a college student in search of free laptops for college students? You’ve come to the right place!

In the early decade, it has been predicted that the traditional education system will be replaced by the digital education era. But no one had taken it seriously. However, the COVID-19 pandemic established the digital era of education.

For almost two years, every school, college, or institution has gone online and offers online learning platforms. The pandemic has gone but leaves the remark of online education behind. Educational institutions provide an affordable and convenient way of teaching their students.

Even the students also get the benefit from digitalization of the education system. However, it requests some equipment like a laptop to carry out online learning. However, some students may not afford laptops due to their low financial background. Here the article helps to get free laptops for college students.

Key Takeaways

  • Many colleges and organizations give away free laptops to college students.
  • Financial aid offices at colleges often have information on free laptop programs for students in need.
  • Some colleges give free laptops to all incoming freshmen.
  • There are scholarships that give money specifically for laptops.
  • You can win a free laptop by writing an essay or competing in a contest.
  • Organizations like Dell, Intel, and Microsoft sometimes offer free laptops to students.

How to Get Free Laptops for College Students?

The free laptop schemes and programs are organized by different institutions, schools, colleges, companies, corporations, multinationals, and others to provide the opportunity of online learning to financially deprived students. As the education system is slowly shifting towards the online era, everyone needs equipment like laptops to carry out their studies and other research work. Even the projects and assignments are to be submitted online. Here, those who have no  laptop facility face a lot of issues.

They need to borrow laptops for their friends, and relatives or rent laptops from service providers. This is annoying and disrespectful. To aid such students in their studies, various programs and schemes are offered by several institutions. Under the program free laptops are distributed or given as a reward to the deserving students. The students need to meet some needs and eligibility requirements to get the reward under the free laptop scheme. 

Some of the most common eligibility requirements are having a good academic record and minimum GPA score, any achievement during high school or under graduation, a poor financial situation, belonging to a ministry or a particular race, and many more. Some of the programs also organize competitions or contests to find winners. 

These include essay writing competitions, quizzes, examinations, and many more. The candidates who have met their requirements to win in the contest will likely receive the rewards. 

The main objective of these programs is to provide the tools and equipment to the students to carry out their academics and research work. Here in this article, you will find the programs and schemes to apply for to get free laptops. Some of these programs are offered by colleges or universities to attract students and for promotional purposes, while some are offered by the government or other non-profit organizations.

Why Do Students Need Free Laptops for College?

Going to college­ can be expensive­. The cost of tuition and fees diffe­rs based on whether the­ school is public or private, and if the student live­s in or out of state. Even students at low-cost colle­ges typically require­ financial aid, especially with rising inflation impacting daily expe­nses.

Creating a budget while­ in college helps manage­ costs. Additionally, programs offering free re­sources like laptops can provide assistance to such students­.

7 Strategies for Obtaining Laptops at No Cost for College Students

1. Laptop from colleges

Any college student who is willing to get a free  laptop to carry out studies and other research work will get the same through several resources. This can be achieved by contacting the financial aid branch of your college. Every college supports the needy child by offering them financial aid, which may include a laptop or other tools and equipment.

There are a lot of benefits you enjoy if you get the laptop from your college financial aid branch. Below, you can find some of these benefits:

  1. You will save your money and invest it in other textbooks and educational resources. 
  2. The laptop helps you to stay in touch with your faculties and teachers. 
  3. Establish bonds with the college authorities.  
  4. The laptop will support you in your research work which directly improves your grades. 
  5. A laptop helps you to achieve good grades in your graduation. 

2. University Initiatives 

Every year most of the universities help needy and deserving students get educational full ride scholarships. The scholarship includes tuition fees, low-interest education loans, monthly spending, and laptops as well. Under these programs, free laptops are offered to students based on various eligibility requirements. The eligibility criteria are determined by the University, this may include demonstrated financial needs. 

The students who applied for the free laptops may need to present the documents displaying their poor financial situation. The academic achievers can also get free laptops, there might be any minimum GPA score requirement students need to fulfill to get the reward. Contests can be organized to find deserving candidates like essay writing competitions or debates. 

A personal interview round can also be conducted at the last to shortlist the finalists and distribute free laptops to college students. 

3. Non-Profit Organizations

There are several charitable institutions and non-profit organizations that have a massive amount of funds and want to use the same for the welfare of society. To do so, free laptops and other scholarships are offered by these institutions to deserving students. 

Most of these programs organize any contest and the award is awarded to the winners. For example, the candidates can be asked to write an essay explaining their academic experience and why they need a laptop. The candidate with the boldest essay is likely to get the reward. 

Other than that, students with a good academic record and financial needs can contact these organizations and ask for help. After a verification process from the University, you will be rewarded with a free laptop. These non-profit organizations include churches, foundations, religious centers, trusts, and many more. These are running on state and national level to work for the society’s welfare. 

4. Corporate Sponsorship 

The government provides relief and tax relaxation for the corporates and technological compares who actively perform welfare work in the USA. These corporations need to sponsor the educational expenses of college students who belong to poor financial backgrounds or students who have impressive academic records. 

The free laptops for college students offered by these non-corporations also help them find deserving employees for their companies. 

The students who get a free laptop will also get the opportunity to work as an intern in the company and is paid with the relevant stipend. Based on their performance, they can be selected as a permanent employee with a good salary package and other perks. To get these scholarships for free laptops, make sure to maintain a good academic record and establish achievements in any field in your university. 

5. Online Scholarships 

Other than the free laptops for college students offered by universities and organizations, there are also schemes and programs online that aid students with free laptops. These online scholarships can be applied by anyone after meeting their eligibility criteria. 

The winners are selected based on the remarks set by these online scholarships. For example, the applicant can be asked for their poor financial situation proof, academic score or minimum GPA, any essay, or other contests. 

In case of an essay writing contest, the applicant can be asked to explain their academic experience, why they need a free laptop, or what they are going to do with the laptop. The applicant with the boldest essay is likely to get the reward. 

6. Computers With Causes

Giving Ce­nter is a group that helps people­. Computers with Causes works with Giving Cente­r. They give away free­ laptops to people who nee­d them for school or learning. Computers with Cause­s is for disabled veterans, familie­s without much money, and schools. They give re­furbished computers and device­s to these groups for free­.

7. On It Foundation

The On It Foundation give­s laptops at no cost to students in grades K-12 who attend public schools in the­ United States. To get a fre­e computer, a student must show the­y qualify for free or reduce­d-price lunch. 

The On It Foundation does not make­ money. It depends on donations of laptops. Stude­nts who qualify may have to wait until enough computers are­ donated.

Students who rece­ive a laptop from the On It Foundation can take it with the­m when they go to college­ after finishing high school.

11 Organizations that Offers Free Laptops for College Students Programs 

The college students are offered free laptops from multiple sources. If you are a college student and looking for these programs but found the scams and fake schemes. No need to worry, we have researched and short-lived the best and most authentic free laptops for college students schemes for you. A few of these schema and programs are mentioned below let’s have a look at them: 

1. The Dell Foundation:

The Dell Foundation
The Dell Foundation

The Dell Foundation is one of the well-known charitable foundations that works in the fields of education, health, and digital inclusion. There are several incentives and academic programs established by the Dell Foundation. Under these schemes, deserving college students are given free laptops and scholarship opportunities. Other than the free laptops, technical support is also given to the winning students. 

2. The Intel Foundation:

The Intel Foundation
The Intel Foundation

The Intel Foundation has several arms and one of them is the philanthropic arm. It is focused on technical and educational access. As a renowned technological beast, the intel offers various programs and schemes focused on the welfare of college students belonging to poor financial backgrounds. Free laptops are offered under these schemes to deserving candidates. The STEM (science, engineering, technology, and mathematics) students are more focused under these schemes. 

3. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation:

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

One of the well-known philanthropic foundations focused on education and global development. However, the foundation does not directly offer free laptops for college students and other programs. Instead, they used to fund other free laptop programs and indirectly contribute towards the welfare of society. There are hundreds of free laptop programs that are funded by the Bill and Melinda Foundation, you can check for the list on their official website. 

4. The Microsoft Philanthropies:

The Microsoft Philanthropies
The Microsoft Philanthropies

Like many other GOATs in the technical field, Microsoft also offers philanthropic initiatives to deserving candidates. Most of the programs and schemes offered to college students are offered for digital inclusion and technology access. From time to time they offer free laptops for college students under their philanthropy. Meet the eligibility requirements to get the chance to win laptops to improve your education quality. 

5. Laptops 4 Learning:

Laptops 4 Learning
Laptops 4 Learning

Laptops 4 Learning (L4L), established in 2015, aims to empower students by granting them computer access for academic success. Additionally, military veterans affiliated with this nonprofit may receive laptops. To obtain a free laptop, students are encouraged to solicit donations from their social circles and local communities, with laptops distributed once the necessary funds are raised.

6. The National Science Foundation:

The National Science Foundation
The National Science Foundation

Another foundation is focused on the global development of STEM (science technology engineering and mathematics). The main objective of the foundation is to provide funding for scientific research to college students, but sometimes they collaborate with educational institutions, colleges, and universities to offer free laptops as a part of their schemes. The students who have good academic scores and financial need are eligible for the reward of a free laptop. 

7. The William & Flora Hewlett Foundation:

The William & Flora Hewlett Foundation
The William & Flora Hewlett Foundation

The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation is forced towards educational, environmental, and social issues. The foundation funds other free laptop programs and scholarship schemes made for college students and helps them indirectly. The main objective of the foundation is to provide technical advancement to financially deprived students and help to achieve their future goals. The students who are studying environmental science are more preferred for the free laptop schemes.

8. The United Negro College Fund (UNCF):

The United Negro College Fund
The United Negro College Fund

One of the most popular schools made for minority students and other historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs). To get the free laptop under the scholarship program, the students need to be from any minority community with a certificate. The academic score can also be considered while shortlisting the winners, so make sure to maintain a good academic score. They offer many types of scholarships, so keep in mind to look for the one which offers free laptops. 

9. ConnectAll

ConnectAll he­lps students and workers with low incomes. The­y offer discounted laptops to those who ge­t housing aid, food stamps, Medicaid, disability benefits, or ve­terans’ assistance.

ConnectAll has thre­e laptop options for students. The “Everyday Basics” laptop costs $49. The “Everyday Essentials” mode­l costs $99. The “Premium” option is $149. These­ laptops are refurbished. Qualifie­d people can also get inte­rnet from T-Mobile for $14.95 monthly.

10. Notebooks for Students

Notebooks for Students
Notebooks for Students

Students can save­ money with Notebooks for Students. They­ offer deals on Apple MacBook, De­ll Latitude laptops, HP Chromebooks, and two-in-one table­t/laptop devices. 

These­ refurbished computers we­re only used by IT professionals be­fore. They look brand new. Colle­ge students, ele­mentary school kids, homeschoolers, and trade­ school learners qualify for this offer. 

11. PCs for People

PCs for People­ recovers old laptops and computers. The­ group makes them work again. They give­ low-cost laptops to students who need he­lp. To get a laptop, buyers must show an ID and papers. 

The­ papers show the buyer ge­ts help from the governme­nt. The laptops are from brands like HP, De­ll, and Lenovo. PCs for People offe­rs Probooks from HP. They also have Latitude laptops from De­ll. Lenovo laptops like the T480 are­ available too.

5 Colleges That Offer Free Laptops For College Students

Discover five colleges offering free laptops to students, easing the financial strain of education. Explore how these institutions prioritize technology accessibility for their student body.

1. Dakota State University

Dakota State University
Dakota State University

Dakota State University provides free Dell laptops to all full-time first-year students as part of their laptop policy, easing the burden of technology costs for incoming students.

2. Moravian University

Moravian University
Moravian University

Moravian University offers a tech-savvy advantage with free MacBook Pro laptops and iPads for all first-year students through their laptop policy, enhancing learning opportunities from day one.

3. Wake Forest University

Wake Forest University
Wake Forest University

Wake Forest University empowers undergraduate students with discounted laptops and cutting-edge technology via WakeWare, facilitating a seamless blend of academia and digital resources for enhanced learning experiences.

4. Harvard University

Harvard University
Harvard University

Harvard University extends tech affordability to all students by offering discounted laptops from Apple and Dell through its laptop policy, ensuring access to top-tier devices for academic excellence.

5. The Ohio State University

The Ohio State University
The Ohio State University

The Ohio State University ensures access to advanced technology for all students through its laptop policy, providing discounted laptops and tech solutions via Tech Hub to support academic success.

For more online colleges that provide free laptops, you can check out our detailed article, which can help you to get free laptops from colleges.


1. How to get a college laptop for free?

If you are a college student and belong to a family with a poor financial background, then you are eligible to get a free laptop. All you need to do is contact the financial aid branch of your college and check whether any scholarship schemes offer free laptops available for you or not. If any, then apply with fulfilling all the needs and requirements.

2. Can I get a free laptop as a college student?

Yes, you can get a free laptop for college students under several scholarship schemes. Many colleges and universities receive funds from different foundations to help financially deprived students with their educational expenses. You need to check for these scholarships and apply if you are eligible. Some of these are open to minorities, while some are open to all college students.

3. Is an academic score required to get a free laptop?

It depends upon the type of scholarship scheme you are applying for. Some scholarship schemes that offer free laptops ask for an academic score, while some consider other requirements to reward deserving applicants.

4. Which is the best free laptop scholarship?

There are hundreds of free laptop schemes available online by many organizations. You can consider any of them, including the William & Flora Hewlett Foundation. The reward of the free laptop is offered to deserving candidates under the program.


As a college student, you need various tools and resources to study more effectively. One of these tools includes Free Laptops For College Students. The article helps you to know all about the free laptop schemes and where to apply to get the one for you.

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