12 Best Online Colleges That Provide Laptops

Online Colleges That Provide Laptops

If you are facing problems in college studies due to not having a reliable laptop, the good news is that there are many online colleges that provide laptops to students. Attending one of such online colleges can help with the cost of your coursework.

A laptop helps you streamline research, note-taking, and presentation creation. Access to a reliable laptop is often a prerequisite to attending virtual classes, submitting assignments, and engaging in online courses. 

Many online colleges have taken the initiative to provide laptops to their students to meet this need. This article provides information about some of the online colleges that provide laptops to their enrolled students, increasing their ability to access the tools needed for academic success. You can also check out our detailed article on Online schools that give refund checks and laptops both.

Key Takeaways

  • Many colleges give free laptops to students so they can do their schoolwork.
  • This helps students who cannot afford to buy their own laptops.
  • There are different ways to get a free laptop for college, like scholarships and grants.
  • When choosing a laptop, consider how you will use it, how much it costs, and how big and heavy it is.

List of Top 12 Online Colleges that Provide Laptops

UniversityLocationProgram Details
Full Sail UniversityWinter Park, FloridaFree Apple MacBook Pros for Software Development, Visualization, or Game Development majors
Dakota State UniversityMadison, South DakotaFree T series laptops with extra battery and warranty coverage to first-year, full-time students
Wake Forest UniversityWinston-Salem, North CarolinaDiscounted laptops with financial aid grants
Seton Hall UniversitySouth Orange, New JerseyFree laptops for all enrolled students (keep after graduation)
Chatham UniversityPittsburgh, PennsylvaniaFree Apple MacBook Air laptops to all first-year and some transfer students
Oklahoma Christian UniversityOklahoma City, OklahomaOwnership transfer programs for MacBook laptops
University of Minnesota, CrookstonCrookston, MinnesotaFree HP laptops to all on-campus students
California State University, BakersfieldBakersfield, CaliforniaFree laptops and tablets to enrolled students
Indiana State UniversityTerre Haute, IndianaFree Microsoft Surface Laptop Go with a touch screen to new students
Alabama State UniversityMontgomery, AlabamaFree MacBook Pro laptops (Business and Administration majors)
Auburn UniversityAuburn, AlabamaDiscounted laptops (Apple, HP, IBM, Dell)
Davenport UniversityGrand Rapids, MichiganDiscounted laptops through participating vendors

1. Full Sail University

Full Sail University
Full Sail University

Location: Winter Park, Florida, US

Full Sail University is one of the top online colleges that provide laptops to enrolled students. College students have access to Apple MacBook Pros laptops via Apple’s Project Launchbox. 

Students who enroll in this institution to pursue a degree in Software Development, Visualization, or Game Development are eligible to get a free HP laptop from Full Sail University

2. Dakota State University (DSU)

Dakota State University
Dakota State University

Location: Madison, South Dakota, US

Dakota State University is a renowned institution among Online Colleges that Provide Laptops. Since 2004, they have been a pioneer in supplying brand-new T series laptops to their first-year, full-time students.

Additionally, these T series laptops come with extra battery and warranty coverage. On campus, you can also use the help desk and laptop repair services.

3. Wake Forest University

Location: Winston-Salem, North Carolina, US

Wake Forest University offers discounted laptops to their enrolled students, provided via the WakeWare program. Students who receive financial aid for college are eligible for a technology grant that pays the cost of a typical WakeWare laptop. Adobe Creative Cloud and Office 365 are free learning programs available on institute laptops. 

Online Colleges that Provide Laptops offer laptops with a four-year guarantee and insurance coverage for accidental damage.

4. Seton Hall University

Seton Hall University
Seton Hall University

Location: South Orange, New Jersey, US

The private Seton Hall University is renowned for its top-tier academics. This university provides free laptops to their enrolled students. You can participate in Seton Hall’s Mobile Computing Program, which offers enrolled students a free laptop for college studies. 

You will receive your laptop before the beginning of the fall semester of your first year, and this online college that provides laptops will give it to you free of charge for the remainder of the academic year. After you graduate from Seton Hall, you are allowed to keep the school-provided laptop.

5. Chatham University

Chatham University
Chatham University

Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, US

Chatham University is among the notable Online Colleges that Provide Laptops. Upon enrollment, every first-year student is furnished with an Apple MacBook Air laptop. Additionally, transfer students may also be eligible for a free laptop, depending on the number of credits they have earned, thanks to this laptop-providing online institution.

Each laptop is running the latest version of the MacOS operating system. Under Chatham University’s program, you get a free laptop with all the accessories you need to use it for your educational purposes.

6. Oklahoma Christian University (OCU)

Oklahoma Christian University (OCU)
Oklahoma Christian University (OCU)

Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, US

With approximately 1,700 undergraduate students, Oklahoma Christian University is a private theological institution. This institution has ownership transfer programs that let students own a school-issued MacBook laptop to help them acquire the necessary technologies. The MacBook is a wonderful laptop for college students studying online. 

To qualify for a complimentary college laptop, you need to meet OCU’s stipulated criteria. At Online Colleges that Provide Laptops, you can explore a diverse range of educational programs and benefit from the laptops they furnish at no cost.

7. University of Minnesota, Crookston

Location: Crookston, Minnesota, US

The University of Minnesota, a prestigious institution, offers free laptops for college programs, in which all on-campus students are provided with an HP laptop. The initiative aims to help students achieve academic success by providing them access to cutting-edge technology. 

Online Colleges that Provide Laptops equip their students with essential software necessary for their coursework, bundled with a one-year subscription to Microsoft Office 365. This program is particularly advantageous for UMC students, especially those pursuing online courses.

8. California State University, Bakersfield

California State University Bakersfield
California State University Bakersfield

Location: Bakersfield, California, US

The STEP program at California State University Bakersfield is a pioneering effort aimed at enhancing student achievement and promoting equity within the CSUB community through the provision of cutting-edge technology. The initiative provides free laptops and tablets to enrolled students, ensuring that every learner, regardless of their financial circumstances, has access to the essential devices needed for academic progress. 

This online college that provides laptops approach levels the playing field and ensures that all students are well-equipped to succeed academically.

9. Indiana State University (ISU)

Location: Terre Haute, Indiana, US

This prestigious institution is another top online college that provides laptops. It offers new students a complimentary laptop upon enrollment. 

Indiana State University offers the Microsoft Surface Laptop Go with a touch screen, which comes with a three-year product warranty and three-year accidental damage protection. 

To qualify for this laptop program, you must be admitted to ISU, be Pell-eligible, enroll as a full-time student, and reside in Indiana or another state.

10. Alabama State University 

Location: Montgomery, Alabama, US

Alabama State University provides free laptops to its enrolled students for their educational purposes. The laptops from this online college that provides laptops are MacBook Pro laptops which are provided via the Apple Loan Program. 

People enrolled in this institute for studying business and administration are eligible for a free laptop.

11. Auburn University

Auburn University
Auburn University

Location: Auburn, Alabama, US

Auburn University provides discounted laptops to all students who are enrolled in this online college that provides laptops. The laptops provided by the institution are Apple, HP, IBM, and Dell brands. With a laptop, you can access various study programs at this institute.

12. Davenport University 

Davenport University
Davenport University

Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan, US

On the list of 12, Davenport University is the last online college that provides laptops to students. You can purchase discounted laptops from this institution via participating vendors. 

Laptops are provided to all students enrolled in this institution. For all students, especially online learners, laptops are a valuable resource for distance college education.

Advantages of Free Laptop Programs for Students 

Free laptop programs for students offer several benefits. They include:

  • Access to Learning Resources: These initiatives provide students with access to online educational resources, ranging from digital textbooks to specialized software. This enriches their educational experience.
  • Digital Proficiency: Equipping students with laptops promotes digital literacy, a fundamental skill in today’s technology-driven world.
  • Efficient Academic Work: Laptops enable students to complete assignments, research, and projects with greater efficiency while saving time and effort.
  • Enhanced Communication: Students can connect with teachers, peers, and educational materials online, facilitating collaboration and honing communication skills.
  • Financial Relief: Providing free laptops reduces the financial burden on students and their families, making education more affordable.
  • Equal Educational Access: These programs bridge the digital divide, ensuring that all students, regardless of their economic background, have equal access to the necessary educational tools.
  • Workforce Readiness: Familiarity with technology prepares students for future careers in which digital skills are increasingly in demand.
  • Tailored Learning: Laptops enable personalized learning, allowing students to explore subjects at their own pace and to suit their learning style.
  • Environmental Sustainability: Going digital reduces the need for physical textbooks, contributing to a more sustainable approach to education.
  • Remote Learning Support: Laptops play a vital role in facilitating remote and online learning, especially during unexpected situations like the COVID-19 pandemic.

How to Get a Free Laptop for College?

Getting a free laptop for college can be a challenge, but there are several avenues to explore:

  • Scholarships and Grants: Look for scholarships and grants that include money for educational expenses, including laptops.
  • Financial Aid Office: Contact your college’s financial aid office to inquire about laptop assistance or technology assistance for students in need.
  • Nonprofit Organizations: Search for non-profit organizations that provide laptops to students in need, either locally or nationally.
  • College or Departmental Assistance: Check if your college or specific departments have programs that provide laptops or discounts through partnerships with tech companies.
  • Online Contests and Giveaways: Keep an eye out for online contests, giveaways, or social media promotions that offer laptops as prizes.
  • Library Lending: Find out if your college library offers laptop lending services for short-term use.
  • Refurbished or second-hand Options: Consider purchasing a refurbished or second-hand laptop, which is often more affordable than a new laptop.
  • Crowdfunding: You can create a crowdfunding campaign explaining your laptop needs, and people can contribute to help you.

Remember that eligibility for these options to get a free laptop depends on your financial situation and the policies of your college or the organizations you contact. 

It is important to be transparent about your needs and explore multiple options to increase your chances of securing a free or discounted laptop for college.

Key Factors to Take Into Account When Selecting a Laptop

When choosing a laptop, it’s important to keep these 5 factors in mind:

  • Purpose: Start by defining the primary function of your laptop, whether it’s gaming, professional work, content creation, or general use. This will determine your hardware needs.
  • Performance: Evaluate the laptop’s processor, RAM, storage capabilities, and battery life to make sure they meet your needs for speed and multitasking.
  • Size: Laptops come in a variety of sizes, ranging from ultraportable 11-inch models to large 17-inch models. The screen size you choose should suit your use case but remember that larger screens may hinder portability.
  • Weight: The weight of the laptop is another important aspect when it comes to choosing a laptop. If you need a laptop for frequent travel, a lighter option will be better for you.
  • Display: Choose a screen size, resolution, and panel type that suits your work or entertainment preferences. And it provides a satisfactory viewing experience.
  • Budget: Establish a budget and look for a laptop that strikes the right balance between features and performance within your specified price range.


1. When do I receive laptops for college?

Many educational institutions provide laptops to students upon their enrollment as college students. Some colleges may establish criteria for laptop eligibility, such as full-time enrollment or on-campus residence. To determine your eligibility for a particular college, it is advisable to contact the institution directly.

2. Do I get to keep the laptop after graduation?

Whether you can keep your laptop after graduation depends on your school’s policies. Some institutions give laptops to students to keep, while others make it mandatory to return them. So, It is advisable to consult your school for accurate information about your institution’s policy.

3. Are free laptops for college tied to financial aid?

Free college laptops can be tied to financial aid. Some educational institutions offer laptops as a component of financial aid packages, particularly for students with financial need. These laptops serve educational purposes and are either loaned or given to eligible students.

4. Does the FAFSA include laptops for college?

The FAFSA does not specifically allocate funds for laptops. However, you can use federal student aid received through FAFSA to purchase a laptop. Federal funds can be applied to a wide range of student-related expenses.

5. Do online colleges give you a laptop?

You may get a fre­e laptop from some online schools. But, the­ schools may say you must go to school full-time to get the fre­e laptop. Some schools include the­ cost of the laptop in your tuition’s tech fee­.

6. What online college gives you a free MacBook?

The California State­ University in Bakersfield give­s students a chance to earn bache­lor’s and master’s degree­s. The school also offers professional ce­rtificates through distance learning. The­ Student Technology Equity Program (STEP) helps stude­nts who qualify. They can get a free­ laptop, tablet, or Wi-Fi hotspot to use while e­nrolled. This helps all students have access to the­ tools needed for online­ classes.

7. Do colleges provide students with laptops?

You may get laptops at no cost from some­ schools if you show that you need them. A fe­w schools even give e­very student the te­ch tools required for class. You must look into the­ programs and rules of any college you want to go to. You must se­e if you qualify for help with technology.


Online colleges that provide laptops are pioneers in facilitating education in the digital age. These institutions understand the importance of providing students access to contemporary technology, eliminating the need to acquire their own devices. 

They prioritize accessibility, convenience, and ensuring students have the resources they need to succeed. As technology is redefining the way we learn and work, these institutions play a vital role in preparing students for a promising and digitally interconnected future.

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