10 Free Computer For College Students From the Government

Free Computer For College Students

Are you looking for the free computer for college students programs then you are at the right place. If your college studies or online classes are getting hampered due to the lack of a modern laptop or computer , now you can apply for a free computer for college students from the government.

While there are no programs that provide free computers, but there are programs that offer free laptops for College students. For more information, please read our in-depth article.

The government’s free laptop initiative aims to ease access to a technology-driven education system for all students.

Many college students struggle to pay for new laptops, which are essential in the contemporary education system. Students can easily research and prepare the assignment with the help of laptops. Students can continue their college studies online using various digital platforms. Many texts are accessible online. Well, the good news is that the US government is allowing students to get free laptops.

Many organizations provide government laptops free of charge, ensuring that students have access to the technology required for their educational activities. We provide you with details about organizations that offer free computers for college students

What is a Free Laptop Program?

Free laptop programs are dedicated to providing laptops to students at no cost. Supported by educational charities, universities/colleges, and leading technology companies, these initiatives aim to reduce the digital divide, guaranteeing access to essential technology for educational, employment, and general purposes.  

The goal of giving free laptops to college students from government programs is to help them succeed in school and future jobs. These programs make sure everyone has the right technical tools for learning. Online colleges also help by giving students laptops, making learning easier, and getting them ready for jobs in a tech-focused world. Learn more about how Online Colleges that Provide Laptops support students in their education and future careers!

How Does Free Government Laptop Program Work?

Students have the opportunity to get free computer for college students from the government through various government initiatives aimed at supporting education. These programs, run by colleges, scholarships, and nonprofits, provide students enrolled in accredited degree programs with the technology needed to excel in both education and future careers.  

Eligibility criteria usually require enrollment in accredited degree programs. The impact of these free computer for college students from government programs is especially significant for disadvantaged students, providing a valuable resource that boosts technical skills. 

Students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds will benefit most from bridging the digital divide and compensating for limited computer experience outside the classroom. These initiatives play a vital role in creating equal opportunities for academic success and preparing students for a technology-driven world.

10 Free Computer for College Students from Government 

1. Computers with Causes

Computers with Causes is a charitable organization. The only products this group gives to needy persons are computers and free computer for college students. As part of their application process, reference and background checks are conducted. Doing this ensures that those who need help the most receive assistance.

You can begin the application process online. Before applying, it is important to provide your basic contact information and the reason you need a laptop. You will hear from a company official. They receive a lot of computer requests from a small group of volunteers, which can take several times.

2. Dell Scholars Program

This is another best platforms for free computer for college students. Under the Dell Scholars Program, the company provides recent high school graduates with a $20,000 scholarship, a complimentary laptop, Chegg textbook credit, and personal and professional support throughout their college careers.

The application deadline for high school seniors is October. For students to be eligible for a Pell Grant, they must have a 2.4 average. 

3. With Causes Charitable Organization

With Causes Charitable Organization helps needy people in several ways. The main project of this organization is to provide computers and free computer for college students to those people who are not able to buy them. They achieve this by giving students free laptops provided by the government. To learn more about their program, you will need to fill out an online form.

4. Smartriverside

Smartriverside is a government program offered by many states. Free laptops for college students from government programs will remain the same even though they will be provided under other headings. Through these programs, low-income families receive free laptops. States vary in terms of what constitutes eligibility. Californians who earn less than $45,000 per year can apply for this program.

5. Laptops 4 Learning

In order to offer students computer access and support for their success, Laptops 4 Learning was formed in 2015 Members of the purpose-driven nonprofit organization who have served in the military can also receive a laptop. Students can then solicit donations from their local communities and social networks to help with expenses. Students receive free computer for college students from the government if enough money is raised.

6. World Computer Exchange

Global Computer Exchange works with governments, NGOs, educational institutions, and libraries to donate free computers and laptops to individuals in need. This organization contacts people and submits requests to the government to offer free computer for college students from the government on behalf of college students.

When you ask for a laptop from the organization, explain your position and the reason you need the laptop. If the charity determines that you are truly in need, they will send you a complimentary laptop. For more information, you can contact any of their partners.

7. MDRC Laptop Program

MDRC’s Los Angeles College Promise program provides free computers to students. It aims to provide students with full tuition and fee reimbursement for the first two years of their studies, as well as on-campus support services.

The free computer for college students from the government program are open to all Los Angeles Unified School District high school graduates and run at all nine LACCD community colleges, reaching approximately 200,000 students. Through student involvement and the use of tools and insights from the behavioral sciences, the program has developed a cycle of ongoing program improvements.

8. AFTRR Map for Laptop Distributors

A map locator listing several organizations engaged in computer refurbishing and distribution is provided by the Alliance for Technology Refurbishing and Reuse (AFTR). You can use this locator to identify your local government’s free computer for college students from the government programs. 

These organizations are spread across the country and include companies, such as Assistive Technology of Ohio, and A+ Tutoring Services, Inc., among many others. Each organization offers a unique range of services and initiatives designed to provide access to technology to individuals in need.

9. Microsoft Student Discount

With Microsoft’s student discount program, teachers, parents, students, and members of the armed forces can save five to ten percent on various Microsoft Store items. It offers free Office 365, 5% off Surface Go, and up to 10% off eligible PCs and accessories. 

Your cart will be instantly updated with the best price, which could be the sale price or your student discount. It is possible that the discount cannot be combined with other deals. You will need to enter the email address associated with your personal Microsoft account to verify your eligibility. If you qualify you will receive instant approval.

10. PCS for People

A non-profit group called PCS for People is dedicated to providing those who most need access to affordable technology and internet services. Since they also obtain their computers from the government, they provide free laptops to students.

Customers must have a qualifying household income or be enrolled in a government-based assistance program to get a free computer for college students from the government. The organization verifies that clients fit their eligibility requirements by requesting proof of identity and income. There are two types of acceptable documentation for income eligibility – documentation for qualifying income and documentation from qualified income-based assistance programs.

How to get a free computer for college?

If you don’t qualify for specific programs, explore different avenues for free student laptops. Options abound; you can choose from many sources to secure your laptop without getting disappointed!

  • Secure a government-provided laptop through official programs or non-profit organizations. There are accessible options for obtaining laptops directly from government initiatives or non-profit organizations to meet various needs.
  • Connect with government agencies for free laptops. Establish communication channels with relevant authorities to secure laptops at no cost.
  • Compile a list of colleges or universities that offer free laptops for new students. Gather information about educational institutions that provide free laptops as assistance to incoming students.

Eligibility Criteria to Get Free Government Computers 

To access free government laptops for schools, applicants must meet certain eligibility criteria aimed at helping vulnerable low-income families. Essential requirements for free computer for college students from government include: 

  • US citizenship
  • Supported by documents confirming identity and address  
  • Applicants must submit a copy of their tax return or salary slip as proof of low-income

This careful verification process ensures that aid reaches those who need it most, in line with the Government’s commitment to supporting families facing financial challenges. By prioritizing citizens with limited financial resources, the initiative seeks to bridge the digital divide in education and empower students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds with the tools needed for academic success.

Colleges That Offer Free Laptops For Student

What are the Typical Specifications and Features of the Laptops Provided to College Students Government?

Government-provided laptops for college students generally boast mid-range specifications tailored to academic needs. Equipped with Intel or AMD processors, these laptops provide enough processing power for multitasking. With a minimum of 8 GB RAM, smooth operation of applications is ensured, with storage options ranging from 128 GB to 256 GB.  

The 13 to 15-inch display has a resolution suitable for academic work and multimedia consumption. Integrated webcam and microphone facilitate virtual classes and collaboration. Connectivity options including USB ports, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth are standard. These laptops come preloaded with essential software, ensuring students have the tools they need for productivity and academic success.


1. How can I get a free laptop from the US government?

Apply for a complimentary laptop through government initiatives like the Affordable Connectivity Program or the Alliance for Technology Refurbishing and Reuse. Accessing these programs can help individuals gain access to needed technology for free, promote digital inclusion, and bridge the technology gap for those in need.

2. What documents are required during the application process for free laptops in the USA?

Documents required typically include proof of enrollment, financial information, and sometimes academic records. Make sure to have all the necessary paperwork before applying for a free computer for college students from the government.

3. Do college students get a free MacBook?

Many colleges offer access to student laptop discounts from tech giants like Apple and Dell. Some universities go one step further and offer incoming students a complimentary laptop that remains theirs after graduation.

This ensures that students get the technology support they need in their academic journey and beyond.

4. Can you get a free iPad as a college student?

Through initiatives like Connected, Apple generously provides iPads to students to enhance their learning experience. If your school is part of the program, you may be eligible for an iPad. Although you may not have it permanently, you can use it during school hours and possibly even borrow it overnight for extended learning opportunities.

5. Does Amazon provide free laptops for students?

Amazon Prime Student occasionally hosts giveaways for students with chances to win a free laptop. Additionally, they also run a promotion to allow students to receive a complimentary laptop by purchasing a laptop and trading in an eligible used device. Keep an eye out for these deals to potentially get a free or discounted laptop as a student.


The initiative to provide free computers for college students from government programs is an important step toward promoting equal educational opportunities. By bridging the digital divide, these initiatives empower students to access online resources, enhancing their learning experience, and preparing them for the challenges of a technology-driven world.  

The US government’s commitment to supporting education is evident in these efforts, which emphasize the importance of inclusivity and providing equal opportunities for all students. As we move forward, it is imperative to sustain and expand such programs to ensure a brighter and more equitable future for the country’s aspiring scholars.

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