Best Full Ride Scholarships To Apply In 2024

Full Ride scholarships

If you’re a student aiming for higher education, Full Ride Scholarships are designed just for you!

You may have heard about different scholarships, like ones for good grades, sports, left-handed, or culture. But the full ride scholarship is one of the most popular and, honestly, the toughest to get.

Many different groups and organizations, like schools, churches, or even the government, offer these scholarships to students. If you’re interested in getting full ride scholarships that are not too hard to secure, you’re in the right place. Keep reading to learn more!

What are Full Ride Scholarships?

When it comes to student scholarships, the full ride scholarships are the unicorn of them all. You might have heard of the scholarships that cover your tuition fees, provide discounts, low-interest loan scholarships, and many more. But the full ride scholarship will cover all your educational expenses. Whether it is your tuition fees, travel costs, hostel, food, textbooks, or even a small pen. 

Everything that causes any expenses while your higher education will be covered by the full ride scholarship. However it is very difficult to get a full ride scholarship, on average only 1% of the total students who get scholarships get the chance to receive the full ride scholarship. 

The majority of the ordinary scholarships are offered by universities, high schools, or institutions to attract students to take admission. But the full ride scholarships are quite different; they can only be achieved on special achievement. Government, private institutions, companies, and multinationals offer them, 

What are the Qualifications for a Full Ride Scholarships?

Any student who is enrolled in any US-based university or high school or wants to be admitted to any can apply for the scholarship and get all the educational expenses covered by the free cash revived under the scholarship program. Regarding eligibility, each of the scholarships has its eligibility criteria, which include race, location, nationality, and many more. 

If you want to get any of the full ride scholarships make sure to be on the list of top academic qualifiers in your batch as these scholarships are always looking for the top 10% of students. That is why maintain good GPA scores and actively take part in other academic activities. 

Moreover, some scholarships are competition-based. They organize a contest and the top students or winners will be awarded the rewards. These may include essay writing competitions, photography contests, sports events, and many more depending upon the scholarship organizers. 

Also, some of these scholarships have direct links or collaborations with schools and universities. So, the selection process for the scholarship scheme will be done based on the high school or university recommendation. That is why make sure to establish good relations or academic excellence in your school or university to get easily recommended. 

List Of Top 7 Full Ride Scholarships 

There are hundreds of scholarship claims to cover all the educational expenses of the deserving students but only a few did so. If you are looking for the best full ride scholarships to apply for in the USA, we have found some of them for you.

Here’s a list of 7 Scholarships what’s mentioned below. Take a look:

1. JPMorgan — Thomas G. Labrecque Smart Start Program

JPMorgan — Thomas G. Labrecque Smart Start Program
JPMorgan — Thomas G. Labrecque Smart Start Program

This scholarship will not only offer the full expenses of your education but also provide an internship opportunity at JPMorgan Chase. The reward will be offered to any 10 students every year and take the responsibility for their education. All the students high school, or undergraduate can avail of the scholarship program after completion of some eligibility criteria for the scholarship. 

Only the students of New York City are eligible for the scholarship and it is available only for some selected institutions or colleges. Some of these institutions are Barnard College, Baruch College, Brooklyn College, City College, Columbia University, etc. Also, you must be part of some selected fields, like Business, Computer Science, Engineering, Social Science and Liberal arts. 

An applicant needs to provide the full financial details of their family and explain the economic circumstances as well. In addition, there is a need to submit a full resume that must have academic excellence, GPA score, volunteer work, community service, and many more things. You will also be asked for an essay writing on any moral trending topic. 

2. Microsoft Tuition Scholarship

Microsoft Tuition Scholarship
Microsoft Tuition Scholarship

The student who enrolled in any undergraduate program currently can apply for the Microsoft Tuition Scholarship. The students who are in higher schools and have not enrolled in any college or university are ineligible for the scholarship program. There are some needs and requirements to get the reward, this includes the qualifying GPA score i.e. minimum GPA score of 3.0 for category 1, 4.0 for category 2, and 5.0 for category 4 of the full ride scholarship. 

When it comes to the perks and benefits of the scholarship, it will cover all the education expenses for the current year. The students who are enrolled in Computer science, STEM, and 

Computer engineering only is eligible to apply for the scholarship.STEM is an acronym that represents science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The winners of the financial aid are selected based on their application, contribution to the field, financial instability, and interest in the science field. 

The applications for the Microsoft scholarship open between October to January every year. There is one more eligibility criteria for the scholarship, the students need to enroll for the Microsoft internship and then can only apply for the full ride scholarship program. 

Regeneron Science Talent Search
Regeneron Science Talent Search

Another scholarship is given to students with science and technical backgrounds. As the name suggests, the rewards are offered to the students who have an interest in science and research. The students need to submit long-term research projects based on mathematics and schemes. The winners are eligible to get the reward money. 

The eligibility criteria for the scholarship are quite complex and it is impossible to get the financial aid quickly. The students need to submit the research papers which are prepared after the individual research on any science or mathematics-related field for six months or more than six months. 

There are a lot of fields including on which students can conduct the research and submit the report of research. These include Chemistry, Engineering, Mathematics, Biochemistry, Environmental Science, Computer Science, Genomics, and Planetary Science. After submitting the research papers the shortlisted students are called for the one-week science event at Washington DC where they need to elaborate their research. 

The selected ones will get the prize money as per their positions. The first position holder will receive the amazing cash prize of $250000, the second position holder will get the cash prize of $175000, and the third position holder will get the cash prize of $150000. The amount is sufficient to bear all the educational expenses and other expenses for the whole degree. 

4. Flinn Foundation Scholarships

Flinn Foundation Scholarships
Flinn Foundation Scholarships

This scholarship is open for the students of Arizona who are planning to get admission for their higher studies in any renowned Arizona university or institution. Here are some of the eligible Universities for the scholarship, (Arizona public universities (including Arizona State University, Northern Arizona University, and the University of Arizona). This is one of the best full ride scholarships as it will cover all the educational expenses. 

Only 20 students each year get the chance to win the scholarship rewards of financial aid. All the educational expenses including tuition fees, room and board, books, and traveling. Some more perks are also awarded like internship opportunities, a summer seminar in China, an additional study-abroad experience for the winners, mentorship, and many more. 

The 20 students who get shortlisted will also get the chance to research with the senior researchers, meet with the business and community leaders, and comment with the alumni and faculty members. But the competition for the scholarship is quite high as more than 1500 applicants are applying for the scholarship program of which only 20 will get the rewards. As we stated earlier some eligibility criteria need to be fulfilled.  

A student must be an Arizona resident for two years and also a US citizen to apply for the scholarship program. For academic qualification, a student needs to score a 3.5 GPA in academics and must be in the top 4% of students in the batch. It depicts that academic performance matters a lot in this scholarship. The leadership qualities and contribution to community services are also considered during the selection procedures. 

5. Air Force ROTC Scholarships

Air Force ROTC Scholarships
Air Force ROTC Scholarships

One of the best government scholarships offered by the US Air Force. The American military always offers several funds and rewards to aid the education expenses of high school and college students. The top students selected for the scholarship will receive the reward which gives their full educational expenses including tuition fees, books, travel charges, and many more for 4 years of the degree. In addition, the winner will be rewarded with $500 every month. 

There are some eligibility criteria for the scholarship the student must commit to a 4-year service with the US Air Force after completing his degree for 4 years in academics, and the minimum GPA qualification is 3.0 in high school. The candidate needs to be fit to join the military and must meet all the physical standards as well. The SAT and CAT score is also considered, the minimum CAT score should be 26 and the SAT score should be 1240. 

6. SMART — Science, Mathematics & Research for Transformation

SMART — Science, Mathematics & Research for Transformation
SMART — Science, Mathematics & Research for Transformation

Another scholarship program that provides the have to work with the National Defense Technical line. The science field and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths) background students are eligible for the scholarship and it will cover all the educational expense and offers other benefits as well. All these perks and benefits make this program one is the best full ride scholarships in the USA. 

Financial aid is offered which will cover tuition fees, traveling, books, food, and many more. Other perks and benefits include mentoring, health insurance, summer research internship opportunities, and a stapined of $25000 offered annually to the winners. The scholarship will not only offer the educational expenses but also guarantee job placement after achieving the degree. 

There are some eligibility requirements the student must be a citizen of the US, Canada, Australia, UK, or New Zealand and have passed the security clearance and other phaucal standards. The age must be at least 18 years and the minimum academic score limit is a 3.0 GPA. The financial situation of the family is also considered while shortlisting the winners. 

7. Evans Caddie Scholarship

Evans Caddie Scholarship
Evans Caddie Scholarship

This is one of the weirdest scholarships with some weird eligibility requirements. Only the good caddies students are eligible to apply for the scholarship. That means you must be a part of Golf for the previous two years. The rewards offered to the winners will cover all the study expenses of the winner including tuition fees, books, traveling, housing expenses, and many more. 

Both high school students and undergraduate students can apply for the scholarship with an academic score of B grade. The ACT and SAT scores are also considered. So make sure to score good marks and maintain academic excellence. considered while shortlisting the winners, these include economic needs, volunteering, community services, leadership qualities, and moral character. 


1. What are the full ride scholarships?

Full ride scholarships are the uniform of all student scholarships. They cover all the education expenses as well as other expenses like health insurance, traveling, food, and many more. Some also offer internship opportunities and job placement after graduation. 

2. Who offers full ride scholarships?

The full ride scholarships are usually offered by Private institutions, the government, the military, charities, foundations, and religious institutions. The scholarships offered by colleges are just to attract the students. 

3. Who can get full ride scholarships?

The ride scholarships are offered to students who have poor economic status, good academic scores, leadership qualities, community service records, and many more requirements are considered. It depends upon the type of scholarship. Some also ask for citizenship and other qualifications. 

4. How much do full ride scholarships cover?

The full ride scholarship covers all the educational expenses including your tuition fees, traveling expenses, campus charges, books, stationary, and housing charges, and offers other perks as well. This includes the monthly or annual stipend, internship opportunities, job placements, trips, event passes, and many more. 


The students who are having economic issues and are unable to get affordable higher education can apply for full ride scholarships and receive financial aid. These scholarships will not only provide educational expenses but also offer other perks like a monthly stipend, internship opportunities, job placement, and many more. Have a look at above mentioned full ride scholarships and apply if you qualify for their needs.

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