Best Online ADN Programs in Georgia 2024

Online ADN Programs in Georgia

Online ADN Programs in Georgia provide a convenient and cost-effective means of obtaining the education required to work as a nurse. These programs prepare you for employment in a variety of medical settings, from emergency rooms to doctor’s offices, with plenty of opportunities for practical clinical practice.

At present, there is a particularly great demand for qualified nurses. This guide covers some of the top online nursing programs available in Georgia, looks at their main benefits, and addresses frequently asked issues regarding online learning opportunities, financial aid, and earning potential.

Key Takeaway:

  • The major number of online ADN programs in Georgia offer quality nursing education to interested students.
  • Pursuing an Online ADN Programs in Georgia enables students to establish a career in the field of nursing.
  • Some of the top Online ADN Programs in Georgia are offered by the University of North Georgia, Georgia Southern University, and Clayton State University. 
  • The benefits of studying Online ADN Programs in Georgia are increased reach, it encourages a dynamic learning environment, and increased possibility of involvement. 
  • Some disadvantages of pursuing Online ADN Programs in Georgia are it leaves students feeling disconnected and requires a ton of self-motivation and independence among many others.  

How does an Online ADN Programs in Georgia work?

The majority of online nursing programs are built on virtual learning environments that let you attend sessions whenever it’s most convenient for you. Generally speaking, all you’ll need is a computer with internet connectivity.

That’s not to argue that distance learning and traditional learning aren’t different. While every approach has advantages and disadvantages, taking classes online has many advantages, especially during these difficult times. 

Above all, more people can find better employment possibilities as a result of online education.

Can students get a degree from Online ADN Programs in Georgia?

It is possible to begin your nursing career online. Pre-licensure nursing programs may include virtual components under regular circumstances. There are some fully online post-licensure nursing programs.

Online nursing programs, however, can differ significantly between universities. They frequently consist of many of the same components as a traditional classroom, such as group discussions, assignments, quizzes, and regular attendance.

You can video conference with your lecturers or program directors in many online nursing courses. To facilitate student communication, the majority of professors make their contact details available online during regular business hours.

Students can also enroll in free nursing programs in Georgia if they are facing severe financial difficulties that could potentially affect their academics. 

Top 7 Best Online ADN Programs in Georgia:

Finding the ideal nursing program can be challenging, but Georgia offers several fantastic options for online nursing degrees. We have listed some of the best online nursing schools in the state below to help prospective students with their educational journey.

1. University of North Georgia:

University of North Georgia
University of North Georgia

The University of North Georgia offers a unique Master of Science in Nursing curriculum that emphasizes nursing education heavily. What makes this program more appealing is the freedom it offers. 

Students can choose to complete their studies in two or three years, depending on what works best for them. The 35-credit program has an online learning curriculum. For those who worry about entrance examinations, there’s further good news: none of them are required for admission.

2. Georgia Southern University:

Georgia Southern University
Georgia Southern University

Prospective students interested in pursuing an advanced nursing degree have the opportunity to enroll in Georgia State University’s online Master of Science in Nursing program. 

As part of the rigorous application process, candidates for this program are required to submit a two-page writing sample, two recommendation letters, and a CV. To obtain their degree, enrolled students must complete 48 semester hours in total.

3. Georgia Southwestern State University:

Georgia Southwestern State University
Georgia Southwestern State University

A Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from Georgia Southwestern State University provides a flexible approach to higher education. The program typically lasts between one and two years. 

Alternatively, if they would want to proceed more slowly, students have the option to complete their degree in three years. Every academic year, a minimum of one course must be taken by students.

4. Columbus State University:

Columbus State University
Columbus State University

Columbus State University offers two excellent online nursing programs. First, there’s the online RN-to-BSN program designed specifically for nursing practitioners. It is unique because of its quick design, which enables students to graduate in just one year. 

Alternatively, the Master of Science in Nursing offers flexibility with up to nine transferable credit hours. It should be mentioned that to be qualified for the RN-to-BSN program, one must hold a nursing license.

5. Georgia College & State University:

Georgia College & State University
Georgia College & State University

The first step to becoming an advanced nurse is to look into the online Master of Science in Nursing degree offered by Georgia College & State University. In addition to the core curriculum, this program offers four specialty areas, one of which is the highly sought-after women’s health nurse practitioner concentration. 

To guarantee that coursework is turned in on time, registration requires fluency with Microsoft Office. Additionally, the university has set a maximum seven-year time limit for students to complete this degree.

6. Albany State University:

Albany State University
Albany State University

Albany State University is happy to offer the RN-to-BSN completion program for the online Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. For individuals who already possess an associate degree in nursing and a registered nurse license, it provides a way to further their nursing qualifications. Costs per credit hour for students could be expected to range from $170 to $199.

7. Clayton State University:

Clayton State University
Clayton State University

There are two top-notch online nursing programs available to Clayton State University students. The faster completion route for the Bachelor of Science in Nursing—RN makes it appealing. 

Students can finish it in as little as three semesters due to the accelerated eight-week course plan. For individuals who are inclined toward a more specialized degree, there is the Master of Science in Family Nurse Practitioner program. 

Two to three years may be needed to complete the master’s degree, depending on individual progress and commitment.

Benefits of Online ADN Programs in Georgia:

1. Convenience and flexibility:

One of the more evident advantages of online learning for nurses is this. Getting a good education is no longer hampered by time or location. You may take care of your family or work remotely and yet pursue your aspirations.

From the comfort and safety of your home, you can virtually attend classes after work hours. 

When your kids are asleep or working on their homework, you can join discussion boards. After supper, you can even have a video chat with your professor.

When you have the freedom to work and learn at your own pace, the opportunities are unlimited.

2. Increased reach:

More people can receive an education thanks to online courses. Communities that have greater access to education tend to be happier, healthier, and safer.

Online learning can also result in higher-paying employment, better careers, and other advantages like health insurance. Additionally, it might result in a stronger sense of personal fulfillment.

It is imperative to take into account the scarcity of nurses in the United States. The need for the next generation of nurses will grow as current nurses approach retirement age.

The present pandemic is causing a sharp increase in the need for licensed nurses. Online learning can assist close the gap in this admirable profession because it can reach a larger audience.

3. Encourages a Dynamic Learning Environment:

You take a more active part in your educational process when you enroll in an online nursing program. You can take control of the situation thanks to technology. Although they will still provide guidance, you, as an online learner, will have more autonomy and accountability for mastering the course material. 

You, not the teacher, are in control of how you study online in nursing. Studies show that students who participate more actively in their education are more likely to remember more of the knowledge they acquire and to develop an emotional stake in the outcome.

4. Increased Possibility of Involvement:

One more advantage of taking nursing school online is that there is no “back row.” It’s simple to sit in the back of the room and avoid participating in many typical courses. Some students may shy away from classroom participation in a traditional environment because they are self-conscious or uneasy speaking in front of their peers. 

On the other hand, a virtual platform presents a special chance for students to arrange their ideas and interact with their teachers and peers from the comfort of their own homes.

What are the disadvantages of Online ADN Programs in Georgia?

1. It requires a lot of self-motivation and independence:

Enrollment in and successful completion of an online nursing program requires self-discipline from students. If you struggle with time management and self-motivation, there might be other options available besides an online learning program. 

Since self-starters and self-motivated students are the ideal candidates for online programs, individuals who have trouble maintaining self-control or staying on track with deadlines may find it difficult to succeed in this type of learning environment.

2. Feeling disconnected:

Because of its very nature, online learning frequently causes students to feel cut off from their teachers and fellow students. Feelings of alienation from peers and the program can be the largest drawback. Students who attend classes online may quickly feel alone. 

Even with remote learning, students can look for and discover methods to interact with other students. Students can locate other students in comparable or related nursing programs locally or interact with other students virtually. 

On the other hand, some students might not succeed in an all-online nursing degree if they prefer an in-person connection.

3. Access to technology:

Even though many people take technology for granted, you need to have access to the required hardware and software to finish an online nursing degree. Students enrolled in nursing programs usually receive a list of computers required to finish the course. 

Before classes begin, students who are not tech-savvy can get assistance in their community to learn how to utilize the applications. The online nursing program is also required to use acceptable technologies. 

The course materials have to be created by the program in a way that facilitates online learning and provides students with the required technological assistance.

What is the average salary for nurses in Georgia?

Mean Hourly Pay in GeorgiaMean Annual Pay in Georgia
Registered Nurse (RN)$34.38$71,510
Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)$21.48$44,690
Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)$14.88$30,950

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the online RN program in Georgia?

The only nursing school in Georgia that provides associate, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degrees, six of which are offered online, is Georgia State’s School of Nursing.

2. What is the fastest way to become a nurse in Georgia?

Nursing Associate Degree (ADN) Obtaining an associate degree in nursing is the quickest route to becoming a licensed professional nurse. You can complete your required clinical hours at a local hospital or clinic while enrolled in nursing school in person or online.

3. How much do ADN programs cost in Georgia?

Program specifics, the school, individual circumstances, extra fees, the number of courses taken each term, possible travel, etc. all affect the overall cost. Nevertheless, the majority of Georgia’s two-year nursing schools have very comparable tuition costs. An idea of what to expect can be found in the table below. These Georgia ADN nursing schools, as you will see, provide a low-cost means of beginning your nursing career.

4. How can students get financial aid to pay for an online ADN program in Georgia?

Grants, scholarships, and other financial aid programs assist in lowering the total cost of your education. In Georgia, ADN nursing schools are already reasonably priced; nevertheless, by seizing opportunities, you can prevent additional costs or debt. Most universities provide financial aid to both new and returning students, and some may even reserve particular scholarships for those who want to become nurses.

5. How many nursing schools are there in Georgia?

Georgia is home to 63 institutions offering recognized nursing programs. However, some only offer an Associate of Science (ASN) or Master of Science (MSN), so find out more about the individual programs offered by the universities that appeal to you.


In Georgia, students can complete recognized traditional, bridge, and accelerated online nursing degrees. While RN-BSN or RN-MSN bridge programs may take three years to complete, traditional online bachelor of science in nursing (BSN) programs might take full-time students up to four years to complete. 

Accelerated online BSN programs can be finished in as little as a year by students. Students enrolled part-time will probably take longer to finish any program. 

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