Best Truck Dispatcher Course Online Free

Best Truck Dispatcher Course Online Free

Are you looking for Best Truck Dispatcher Course Online Free? then you are in the right place. Are you someone who enjoys making lists?  Are you someone who loves to work with other like-minded individuals? Do you ever think about how trucks get where they need to go? If yes then being a truck dispatcher might be the right job for you.  

Who are truck dispatchers?

Truck dispatchers are like managers of trucking. They plan where the trucks need to go, what the trucks would load and when they should reach the destination. Their main job is to talk to truck drivers and help them solve their issues. Their job is to ensure that the trucks keep running smoothly. It is a demanding job and really time consuming. But, if you enjoy what you are doing then this job can be fun too.

How To Become a Truck Dispatcher?

1. Finish your studies 

You need to have a high School Diploma or GED. This is the minimum requirement. It ensures you have the basic skills needed to excel in the program. Also, enroll yourself in a truck-dispatching course. This is an optional but it is really important. You should learn the basics, understand the industry, know the pros and cons of being a truck dispatcher. 

2. Get an associate degree

This is not mandatory. But, many employers favor candidates with relevant degrees. This can help you to showcase your commitment. It will also help you to learn more about the industry and expand your knowledge.

3. Get experience in the industry

Try to gain firsthand experience by working in trucking. These roles provide insights into the system you need to face as a truck dispatcher on a daily basis. Get used to local, state and federal regulations regarding truck transport, weight limits and its safety. 

4. Upgrade your skills

You should master communication in all forms: phone, written and face-to-face. You will be constantly interacting with drivers, clients and colleagues. Try to develop systems for record-keeping, phone call documentation and schedule management. Chaos can be your biggest enemy when it comes to the truck dispatching industry.

Learn to spot even the smallest detail. Accuracy is crucial in truck dispatching jobs. If you miss even a small detail, it can lead to major issues. Learn the technology used in dispatching. Get used to the relevant software and communication tools used in your industry. This will help you to secure a job with ease. 

What Are The Advantages and Disadvantages of a Career in Truck Dispatching?

A truck dispatcher job might sound cool at the start. But it’s very important to know the advantages and disadvantages that come with the job of being a truck dispatcher. So, let’s quickly see what are the advantages and disadvantages of being a truck dispatcher. Let’s start! 

The Advantages 

  • You can expect around $46,650 a year on average. This may vary and depends on the type of dispatcher you are!
  • Even though the field is not growing super fast. There are already so many dispatchers that even a small increase means lots of new jobs.
  • You get to help people and keep things moving smoothly. 

The Disadvantages

  • It is a demanding job with lots on your plate. Be prepared for pressure and the heat!
  • Sometimes you might need to be available 24/7 to handle emergencies. You can’t skip your work. 
  • You need to be organized to the core. Forget messy desks! You need to be super organized to juggle schedules, deliveries and drivers all at the same time with super efficiency. 

Why Free Online Truck Dispatcher Courses Are Important?

If truck dispatch is something that interests you then the best part is you don’t have to spend too much to learn about it. There are best truck dispatcher courses which can teach you that for free – 

  • Plan truck schedules 
  • Make sure trucks are in the right place at the right time
  • Talk to drivers and help them out if they have problems
  • Know the rules for trucks and how to keep everyone safe. 
  • Use special computer programs to track trucks and make things easier

Truck dispatching can be a great career with huge earning potential but before you sign up for those free courses, let’s set some things that you can look up to.

  • While finishing a truck dispatching course is not necessary, finding a job without any experience or training will be tough.
  • These courses go into the basic essential stuff – the trucking industry, its laws and regulations. This knowledge becomes your foundation making the whole process smoother for you. 
  • These courses are a great start but don’t underestimate the importance of experience. Keep looking for internships or shadowing opportunities. This will help you to gain practical skills. It will also help you to see if this career truly fits your personality.
  • These free courses are not curated to get you the job once you finish them. The free courses are there to give you a start you need. Once you learn the basics, you can look for some shadowing or training program to gather more experience. 

List of 7 Best Truck Dispatcher Course Online Free

If you are an organizer, problem solver then checking these free courses can take your career to the next level. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started! 

1. American Logistic Academy’s YouTube Course

This series of YouTube videos covers the basic essentials of truck dispatching. It gives you a clear picture of the job before you commit. Think of it as a free trial!

You are going to learn – 

  • How To discover the different types of cargo truckers from everyday goods to specialized materials?
  • How To become a map master by learning how to find the best routes for efficient deliveries?
  • How To Get comfortable with the tools of the trade by understanding dispatch software?
  • How To navigate the trucking world with confidence by learning the key legal requirements?

If you are unsure if dispatching aligns with your skills and interests? Please watch a few videos! This course can help you decide if the demanding and organized nature of this job fits your personality or not. 

While this course may give you a great foundation and hands-on experience,  consider internships or shadowing opportunities to gain practical skills. This will help you to solidify your career choice.

2. Truck Transportation Dispatcher (USA)

Truck Transportation Dispatcher
Truck Transportation Dispatcher

This free course is designed to help you gain a detailed understanding of the role and responsibilities of a truck dispatcher in the United States. In this course, you will learn how truck dispatchers influence company finances, manage drivers, build routes and control load delivery. This is a perfect course for someone who is just starting out. 

3. EdApp’s Truck Dispatcher Manual

EdApp’s truck dispatching courses are more like micro-lessons. It is perfect for supplementing existing knowledge or specific needs. These courses are like add-ons. They are not a complete introductory course.

Instead of focusing on core dispatching basics, these courses tackle things like defensive driving, handling COVID-19 situations and general driver safety. This knowledge is useful for sure but not enough to land you your first dispatcher job.

Despite not being a starting point, these courses can still be valuable. As a dispatcher, driver safety should be your top priority. Understanding their challenges and responsibilities can help you strengthen your communication and decision-making skills.

EdApp’s courses are great for existing dispatchers who are looking to brush up on specific areas. But, if you are a total beginner then you will need more detailed courses to truly kickstart your dispatching journey.

4. Courier Delivery Operations

This course will help you to dive into the world of courier delivery services. It will teach you about the importance of courier delivery services. It will shed light on the complexities of their operations. 

This course will also help you to learn about common logistical barriers that truck dispatchers face. It will provide you the resources to help you face any unexpected challenges during your truck dispatching job. 

5. Dispatcher 101 Training for Beginners

This Dispatcher 101 Training for Beginners course is designed to help you stay ahead of the competition with fresh content that is regularly added. It ensures you have access to the latest industry information. This course is free and can be accessed by anyone. You can learn without breaking the bank. It is a perfect course for budget-conscious aspiring truck dispatchers.

But on the flip side, not all videos are created equally. You might find gems on specific topics but other topics might fall short. The learning is unstructured. Learning the content might be tricky as the information won’t always be systematically organized.

It is definitely a free resource that is worth exploring! But remember, this is not the course designed to give you all the information at once. If you are serious about getting detailed knowledge then consider combining it with other options on this list.

Before diving in, look around to get a sense of the video quality and topics that are covered in the course. This will help you decide if it fits with your learning style and interests or not. 

6. Safe Handling of Large Goods Vehicles

This course is curated to equip yourself with the knowledge and skills to handle large goods vehicles (LGVs) safely and responsibly. In this course, you will learn about LGV driving fundamentals. You will also learn about the relevant laws and regulations and how to obtain your LVG certification.

7. Stocking

This Stocking course is not directly related to dispatching. But, it is important to understand stock management in certain situations. This course covers stock management fundamentals, receiving best practices and proper stock handling and holding procedures.

What Are The Pros and Cons of Free Online Truck Dispatcher Course?

There are definite pros and cons while using free courses for truck dispatcher training. It is important to understand both sides of the coin before deciding what best suits your needs.

Pros of Free Online Truck Dispatcher Courses

  • They are highly accessible. They come with no upfront costs They do not require any prior registration. 
  • It helps you to learn from different sources and gain different viewpoints from the industry experts or who are hustling in the field. 
  • You can easily set your own pace and choose topics that ignite your interests. You don’t need to follow a strict schedule. 

Cons of Free Online Truck Dispatcher Courses

  • The scope is limited. The course may not cover all necessary skills or dive deeply into complex topics that are required to get the truck dispatcher job.
  • The information provided in the free course might be outdated. They may not be specific to your region or industry. They may also not serve your current needs. 
  • The free courses offer a lack of support. You won’t find any instructors to answer your questions or provide personalized guidance when required.
  • When it comes to free online truck dispatcher courses, finding reliable and relevant information can be really tiring and time-consuming.

Free online courses can be a great starting point but they should not be your only learning source. You should consider – 

  • Building a base with introductory courses and videos
  • Then, invest in a detailed course to gain in-depth knowledge and certification
  • Try to connect with experienced truck dispatchers who are already in the industry for advice and support.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I become a good truck dispatcher?

You cannot become a good truck dispatcher in a single day. You need to learn to manage routes efficiently. You should consider factors like distance, traffic, regulations and driver needs. Be clear in your communication.

You should provide accurate instructions and address driver concerns effectively. You should know how to manage multiple requests, tasks and deadlines calmly and efficiently. You should be able to negotiate rates and contracts with shippers and carriers.

2. How do you pick a good dispatching course?

To pick a good dispatching course, you must ask yourself the following questions:

– Does the course align with your specific needs?
– Are the instructors experienced dispatchers or industry professionals?
– Does the course offer flexible learning options ?
– Does the course prepare you for any relevant industry certifications?

3. What are the prerequisites to take the National Certification Examination for truck dispatcher?

You must have either a high school diploma/GED and completed a dispatching school program or 1 year of truck dispatching experience.

4. How to get the training you need to succeed in dispatching?

Choose a course that covers essential areas like trucking fundamentals, load booking and negotiation, software operation, record-keeping, tracking documentation, load scheduling, routing and more.


When it comes to learning, free courses are the best when starting! They will help you understand the job, and its challenges and see if it matches with your skills. On the other hand, paid courses offer a deeper dive. It polishes your knowledge and makes you a more attractive and suitable candidate for the truck dispatching job. Paid courses offer you the required certification that you don’t get from a free course.

No matter the type of course you choose, practical experience is really important. If you are really serious about making a career in truck dispatching then consider working with a trucking company. If you have money, resources and confidence in your skills, you can also start working as an independent truck dispatcher. 

This is just the beginning. You should explore, learn and find your perfect path. Your dream of becoming a truck dispatcher is achievable. With the right amount of training and experience, you can become the best truck dispatcher. 

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