Free Nursing Programs in Georgia

Free Nursing Programs in Georgia

There are several ways of getting free nursing programs in Georgia or at a heavily discounted price. Help with some of the costs of becoming an LPN may be available from the American Red Cross, especially for people who have worked with them.

Scholarships from the Red Cross could help with money problems, especially for people who want to become nurses and do a lot of community work. You can find out if these kinds of grants are available by calling the Red Cross group in your area. 

This is just one way to lower the cost of education; using more than one could mean getting LPN training for free. You should set up a meeting with a financial aid officer at the college you want to go to. They can help you find financial choices that are right for your program. It is very important to fill out all the forms needed to see if you are eligible for federal and state programs. 

Also, applying for grants is a good idea because even small ones can add up to a big sum when added together. Work-study programs are another option to look into because they can help you get extra money for school.

List of Grants for Free Nursing Programs in Georgia 

In Georgia, aspiring nurses can pursue their career goals through various grants that support free nursing programs. These grants aim to alleviate financial barriers and empower individuals to enter the nursing profession without the burden of tuition costs. By providing financial assistance, these programs enable students to focus on their education and training, ultimately contributing to the healthcare workforce in Georgia. 

From scholarships offered by institutions like Dalton State College to grants facilitated by organizations such as the American Legion Auxiliary, numerous opportunities exist for individuals to access free nursing education. 

Discover the array of scholarships and grants available for free nursing programs in Georgia through our comprehensive research. Explore opportunities that align with your goals and aspirations, including nursing schools in Georgia that offer alternative pathways for admission, bypassing the TEAS test. If you are also looking for a nursing school that don’t require teas test in Georgia checkout our detailed article. Lets checkout some of the free nursing programs in Georgia

1. American Legion Auxiliary: Department of Georgia, State Nursing School Scholarships

Veterans and their children or grandchildren can apply for State Nursing School Scholarships from the American Legion Auxiliary: Department of Georgia, Past Presidents’ Parley. soldiers, as well as the children and grandkids of soldiers who served in wars, can apply. 

For each school year, applications are taken until May. People who want to apply must get support from their local American Legion. The amount of the award may change from year to year, and this grant is only for people who are going to nursing school.

2. College of Coastal Georgia-HOPE Scholarship

College of Coastal Georgia’s is known for its state-approved LPN program, which makes it easy for people who want to become nurses to start their careers without having to spend a lot of time in school. 

The HOPE Scholarship is one of the ways that students can get financial aid at the school. Its goal is to help students pay for fees, books, and other college costs. To be eligible for this grant, applicants must show that they have done well in school in the past.

3. Dalton State College

Dalton State College
Dalton State College

Dalton State College has a wide range of Associate and Certification programs that are designed to meet the needs of all of its students. The school has both an RN program and a certificate program for practical nursing. The RN program is for nurses who want to move up in their jobs. Freshmen starting college can apply for funds that are just for them. 

The Dalton State Foundation Funds give freshmen more scholarship possibilities, no matter if they get financial help or not. Potential students who want to apply for this grant can get more information from the school.

4. WIA (Workforce Investment Act) options

WIA means for the Workforce Investment Act. It is a government law that was passed in 1998 to make workforce development programs across the US more efficient and better. The main goal of the WIA is to make people more employable by giving them access to job training, education, and employment services, especially those who are having trouble with money. 

People who are qualified for WIA programs can get help learning new skills, getting certifications, and finding useful work. At the state and local levels, WIA programs are run, and they offer a wide range of services to meet the needs of both job hunters and businesses. 

Several colleges and nursing schools come under the WIA and offer free nursing programs in Georgia. Some of these institutions and nursing schools are mentioned below, let’s have a look: 

5. Georgia Northwestern Technical College

Georgia Northwestern Technical College
Georgia Northwestern Technical College

As part of its pledge to build up the Georgian workforce, Georgia Northwestern Technical College is proud to offer free nursing classes. To get students ready for success in the healthcare field, the college offers full LPN training that includes both classroom and hands-on experience. 

Students get the skills they need to do well in the field of nursing through hard classroom work and hands-on clinical experience. Georgia Northwestern Technical College is a leader in providing high-quality education that helps people get satisfying jobs in healthcare and improve the health of their communities.

6. Athens Technical College

Athens Technical College is a bright spot of possibility because it has a wide range of technical and related health programs, as well as diploma and certificate programs. The college is committed to giving students the skills they need to get a job, so it takes part in the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) program, which helps people get back into the workforce. 

The Practical Nursing Program is one of its well-known and respected programs. It is meant to be finished in about a year by combining classroom, clinical, and lab work, making sure that students get all the training they need for their nursing jobs.

7. Columbus Technical College

With its well-known training and degree programs, Columbus Technical College is a key part of helping people who have lost their jobs get back to work. The college is a Workforce Investment Act (WIA) school in Georgia, and it has a great LPN program with strict standards and testing procedures for applicants. 

As part of the program, students are expected to keep high academic standards and finish all required classes and clinical rotations. This makes sure that they are prepared to work as nurses.

8. Atlanta Technical College

Atlanta Technical College
Atlanta Technical College

Atlanta Technical College is happy to be a part of the Workforce Investment Act Program, which helps LPN students by possibly covering some of the costs they face. The LPN program gives students the skills they need to start successful nursing careers by giving them intense job training along with required classroom work. 

As a diploma-based program, it provides a complete education that includes practicums and in-depth classroom lessons to make sure students are ready for the challenges of the nursing field.

9. Southwest Georgia Technical College

Southwest Georgia Technical College wants to make education easy for people who want to work in healthcare by offering free nursing classes and other programs. The college gives complete LPN training that meets the needs of the business as part of Georgia’s efforts to improve the state’s workforce.

Students get tough teaching in both hospital and classroom settings, with a focus on learning by doing and doing well in school. Southwest Georgia Technical College is a bright spot for people who want to start rewarding jobs as nurses. It gives students the skills and information they need to do well in today’s changing healthcare system.

List of Top 6 Nursing Schools in Georgia That Accept Scholarships

Some of the scholarships and grants are offered by institutions and nursing schools whereas a few of them are independent grants. You need to choose the nursing school that accepts these grants. We have researched and mentioned some of these grants below, let’s have a look:

1. Technical College, Savannah

Many people want to become nurses, and Savannah Technical College has a great program for them called the Practical Nursing Diploma. With a program that focuses on getting students ready for the NC-PLEX, they get a good mix of clinical and classroom practice. With two sites, the school gives students choices so they can choose the one that best fits their needs and makes sure they can get a good education.

2. Coastal Pines Technical College

The Practical Nursing program at Coastal Pines Technical College is fully covered by the HOPE Career Grant and is part of the college’s full LPN program. Students get thorough training in NC-PLEX-PN topics, and they can also choose from classes during the day, at night, on the weekends, or online. This makes education more available and meets the needs of a wide range of students.

3. Piedmont Technical College, Georgia

The nursing program at Georgia Piedmont Technical College focuses on making sure that students are skilled at providing care in a range of places, from hospitals to people’s own homes. By combining theory learned in the classroom with hands-on practice, the program gives students the skills they need to get jobs right away in nursing homes, hospitals, or doctors’ offices after they graduate and get their licenses.

4. Southern Crescent Technical College

The LPN program at Southern Crescent Technical College is carefully planned to help students do well on the NCLEX-PN test. The program lasts for five semesters and includes both academic and practical classes. This makes sure that learners are fully prepared to start their nursing jobs with confidence.

5. Lanier Technical College

The LPN program at Lanier Technical College stands out because it is one of the only ones that lets students also take the Healthcare Assistant Certificate program. Students learn everything they need to know to become good practical nurses with the help of Allied Health Care Core Advisors. Graduates get a real nursing license and learn the skills they need to do well on the NCLEX-PN.

6. Ogeechee Technical College

The LPN program at Ogeechee Technical College trains students to be good nurses in a range of healthcare situations. Through a mix of academic and practical classes, students learn the information and abilities they need to become entry-level nurses. This prepares them to do well on the NCLEX-PN test and then find work in a variety of healthcare settings. 


1. How can I attend college for free in Georgia?

Georgia residents aged 62 or older can take advantage of Georgia College’s Amendment 23 program, offering tuition-free enrollment in undergraduate-level courses, subject to availability. This opportunity allows older residents to pursue educational interests without tuition fees, although textbook and lab fees may still apply.

2. What is the quickest route to becoming a nurse in Georgia?

One of the swiftest paths to becoming a nurse in Georgia is through an Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) program. ADN programs streamline coursework, focusing solely on nursing essentials. However, it’s important to note potential career growth limitations associated with an ADN compared to higher-level degrees.

3. Is studying in Georgia affordable?

Georgia offers a remarkably affordable cost of living for many students, both domestic and international. Whether from Europe, the US, China, or elsewhere, students often find Georgia to be budget-friendly. The cost of living in Georgia is notably economical, catering to the financial needs of numerous international students.

4. What is the average RN salary in Georgia?

Registered nurses (RNs) in Georgia typically earn an average annual salary of $75,380, equivalent to approximately $36.24 per hour. However, this figure is slightly lower than the national average RN salary, which stands at $82,750 annually or $39.78 per hour. Despite the slight variance, nursing remains a financially rewarding career in Georgia.


Free nursing programs in Georgia are great ways for people who want to become nurses to further their careers without having to worry about money. This encourages them to keep learning and improve their skills throughout their lives. Pathways like the Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) also make it easier to become a nurse faster, though they do take job growth into account. 

Even though Georgia’s average RN rates aren’t always the same as national standards, the state’s low cost of living makes going to nursing school more possible. The free nursing programs in Georgia give people the tools they need to start a fulfilling career and improve healthcare across the state.

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