10 Best LPN Programs In Michigan In 2024

LPN Programs In Michigan

Do you want to become an LPN in the US state of Michigan? Enroll in LPN programs in Michigan that typically last 12 to 18 months. These accredited LPN programs prepare prospective LPNs for various healthcare settings.

When it comes to obtaining your Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) license, it makes a big difference which institution you completed your LPN program from. Accredited LPN programs offered by community colleges in Michigan provide high-quality education and practical experience. There are many opportunities for nurses in Michigan. LPNs have a significant impact on the standard of health care provided in Michigan. 

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects that the industry will have positive employment growth of approximately 11% by 2028. Explore the best LPN Programs In Michigan. After graduating from one of these LPN programs, you can find jobs providing patient care in a variety of healthcare settings. If you are from NYC and looking for LPN programs you can check our detailed article on LPN Program In NYC.

Admission Requirements for LPN Programs 

After finding the best LPN program, you need to make sure that you meet the requirements for admission to the institution. General requirements include educational credentials and required documents, although specific requirements may vary. Your chances of being accepted into the program increase if you meet these requirements. The general administration requirements for LPN programs include: 

  • A prerequisite for this position is either a high school diploma or an equivalent qualification, such as a GED.
  • LPN schools require a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 for admission.
  • A strong personal statement (essay) must be submitted as part of the application process.
  • A complete application must include letters of recommendation from reliable sources.
  • Admission requires that candidates pass the ATI TEAS exam.
  • Admission requirements include extensive criminal background checks and drug testing for candidates.

Overview of Michigan LPN Schools and Programs 

Accredited LPN programs are available at Michigan’s community colleges and technical schools. In terms of LPN programs in Michigan, you are free to choose the school of your choice.

These programs can be full-time or part-time and last on average 1 to 2 years. 

The LPN program is a good alternative to a more comprehensive 4-year bachelor’s degree in nursing. Michigan’s LPN programs provide prospective Licensed Practical Nurses with a well-rounded education that includes core nursing courses, electives, and practical laboratories. Common topics covered in LPN programs in Michigan include:

  • Pharmacology
  • Nutrition in Nursing
  • Geriatrics and Mental Health
  • Nursing of Adults
  • Maternal and Child Nursing
  • Foundations of Nursing and Critical Thinking

List of 10 Best LPN Programs in Michigan

1. West Shore Community College

West Shore Community College
  • Established: 1967
  • Institution Type: Public 
  • Acceptance Rate: 100%
  • Location: Scottville, Michigan, US

If you want to start your nursing career in Michigan, this LPN program could be an ideal choice. The 1-year competitive LPN program at West Shore Community College prepares you for the NCLEX-PN licensure exam. This counts as a prerequisite year for the Associate’s degree in Nursing. This LPN program in Michigan covers topics, including anatomy & physiology, pharmacology, and foundations of nursing practice. 

The admissions process for the program considers references, entrance exam results, and GPA. For fall starts, applications are accepted from January to March. Keep in mind that a 2.7 GPA is required for advancement in critical courses. If you want to choose this LPN program in Michigan, consider already completing the prerequisites like communication and English.

2. Muskegon Community College (MCC)

Muskegon Community College
  • Established: 1926
  • Institution Type: Public
  • Acceptance Rate: 100%
  • Location: Muskegon, Michigan, US

One of Michigan’s top-ranked LPN programs, Muskegon Community College LPN program trains students for jobs in health care fields in Michigan as Licensed Practical Nurses. 

Accredited by ACEN, this rigorous 1-year LPN program in Michigan combines clinical experience, laboratory work, and classroom instruction. ranked the MCC LPN program #1 in 2018. The passing rate for the NCLEX-PN licensing exam is 98% to 100%. MCC offers flexible scheduling, small class sizes, affordable tuition, and experienced faculty.

3. Schoolcraft College

Schoolcraft College
  • Established: 1961
  • Institution Type: Public
  • Acceptance Rate: 100%
  • Location: Livonia, Michigan, US

Schoolcraft College is a community-based, open-door institution, which offers a 1-year certificate program in practical nursing that prepares students for entry-level roles as licensed LPNs. The Michigan Board of Nursing approves this LPN program, and it is accredited by ACEN. 

To become a Licensed Practical Nurse, graduates of the LPN program in Michigan can sit for the National Council Licensure Examination-Practical Nurse (NCLEX-PN). The curriculum includes clinical practice in various healthcare settings, laboratory experience, and classroom education.

4. Alpena Community College

Alpena Community College
  • Established: 1952
  • Institution Type: Public
  • Acceptance Rate: 100%
  • Location: Alpena, Michigan, US

Those looking for a challenging and rewarding nursing career may consider the LPN program at Alpena Community College. With the flexible format of the LPN program, students can complete their coursework in as little as 1 year. Additionally, the program is very affordable, and eligible students can apply for financial aid.

Students who complete this LPN program in Michigan are prepared for entry-level jobs in a variety of healthcare settings. The curriculum includes clinical rotations, laboratory activities, and classroom instruction. To become a LPN, graduates of the program can sit for the National Council Licensure Examination for Practical Nurses (NCLEX-PN).

5. Davenport University

Davenport University
  • Established: 1866
  • Institution Type: Private
  • Acceptance Rate: 98%
  • Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan, US

The 46-credit LPN program at Davenport University aims to prepare students for Michigan licensure as a Licensed Practical Nurse. State board-approved and accredited by the National League for Nursing, this LPN program in Michigan provides you with the knowledge and skills to provide nursing care to patients of all ages. 

The nursing process, cultural awareness, teamwork, communication, and ethical practice are all highlighted in the LPN program. 

You can succeed with this program’s faculty support and guaranteed clinical placement. To be eligible for this LPN program in Michigan, you must complete the required coursework and the TEAS exam.

6. Gogebic Community College

Gogebic Community College
  • Established: 1932
  • Institution Type: Public
  • Acceptance Rate: 100%
  • Location: Ironwood, Michigan, US

The LPN program at Gogebic Community College can help you prepare for a fulfilling profession providing patient care. The program features interactive classrooms and laboratories where you can gain real-world experience through simulations and clinical rotations. You can earn an Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) with the LPN to RN track, or you can earn your LPN credential in 2 semesters with the LPN program in Michigan. 

Your LPN degree from this institution increases the chances of employment opportunities in many healthcare settings, such as hospitals, nursing homes, and other healthcare settings.

7. Northwestern Michigan College

Northwestern Michigan College
  • Established: 1951
  • Institution Type: Public
  • Acceptance Rate: 100%
  • Location: Traverse City, Michigan, US

Northwestern Michigan College’s LPN program is a certificate program that can be completed in 2 semesters after completing the required coursework. Accredited by ACEN, this LPN program in Michigan prepares students to deliver basic nursing care to patients in a variety of healthcare settings, including clinics, hospitals, and long-term care facilities. Graduates of this LPN program can become Licensed Practical Nurses by passing the National Council Licensure Examination for Practical Nurses (NCLEX-PN).

8. Delta College

Delta College
  • Established: 1961
  • Institution Type: Public
  • Acceptance Rate: 100%
  • Location: University Center, Michigan, US

A practical nursing certificate program is offered by Delta College, which requires 42 to 44 credit hours to complete. The program consists of classroom and clinical experience sessions. It takes 16 months to complete the day program and 24 months to complete the night program. The focus of this LPN program in Michigan is on finding work as an LPN in various healthcare settings.

The program covers many core topics, including mathematics, pharmacology, human anatomy, and medical terminology. After completing the program, you can begin working on the clinical component of your degree. In addition to nursing principles, emphasis is also placed on adult and child nursing.

9. Lansing Community College

Lansing Community College
  • Established: 1957
  • Institution Type: Public 
  • Acceptance Rate: 100%
  • Location: Lansing, Michigan, US

At Lansing Community College, the 2-year LPN program trains students to deliver basic nursing care to adults, children, and families. The program is accredited by the ACEN and approved by the Michigan Board of Nursing. For those interested in starting a career in nursing, this affordable LPN program in Michigan is a great option. Graduates of this program can find employment in a variety of healthcare settings.

The curriculum combines clinical practice, laboratory, work, and classroom teaching. In this LPN program in Michigan, students will learn about anatomy & physiology, pharmacology, nutrition, medical-surgical nursing, and mental health nursing. They will also develop skills in assessment, communication, and patient care.  

10. Jackson College

Jackson College
  • Established: 1928
  • Institution Type: Public
  • Acceptance Rate: 100%
  • Location: Jackson, Michigan, US

This certificate LPN program in Michigan provides you with the knowledge and skills you need to become a Licensed Practical Nurse. Through integrated lectures, laboratory, clinical, and simulation, you will gain practical experience providing direct nursing care. After passing, you will be eligible to sit for the NCLEX-PN exam and begin your perfect career as an LPN.

The LPN program at Jackson College requires you to go through a very rigorous admissions process. Your skills and abilities will determine your ranking. Once accepted, you will enroll in a 3-semester program that covers the fundamental aspects of nursing, such as medical terminology and practical nurse work.

Eligibility Requirements for Out-of-state LPNs to Apply for LPN Licensure in Michigan

LPNs from other states may be endorsed to obtain LPN licensure in Michigan if they meet certain eligibility requirements. These include:

  • Out-of-state nurses must have an active LPN license in another state.
  • If the nursing education was obtained outside the United States, it must be professionally evaluated by CFGNS’s Credentials Examination Service (CES).
  • They have to fill out the online application for LPN by endorsement license.
  • In Michigan, obtaining an LPN license requires completing a fingerprint report and a criminal background check.


1. What are the prerequisites for getting into an LPN program in Michigan?

In Michigan, there are no set requirements for enrollment in the LPN program. Still, most of them require a high school degree or GED. Additionally, some schools may require that you have experience working in the healthcare industry or that you have completed specific courses, such as anatomy and physiology.

2. How long do LPN programs in Michigan take?

In Michigan, LPN programs typically take between 12 and 18 months to complete. Depending on the specific program and whether you participate full- or part-time, the length of the program will change.

3. How much do LPN programs in Michigan cost?

The cost of LPN programs in Michigan varies, depending on the program and whether you attend a public or private school. Generally, public programs are less expensive than private programs. In Michigan, an LPN program typically costs between $10,000 and $20,000.

4. Where can I find more information about LPN programs in Michigan?

You can find additional information about LPN programs in Michigan using various resources. The Michigan Board of Nursing website is a good place to start. You can also inquire about LPN programs offered by your neighborhood community college or vocational school.

5. What are the different types of LPN programs in Michigan?

In Michigan, there are two primary types of LPN programs – accelerated and traditional. While accelerated programs can be completed in as little as 9 months, traditional programs typically take 12 to 18 months to complete.

6. What are the different ways to become a Licensed Practical Nurse in Michigan?

In Michigan, becoming a Licensed Practical Nurse can be accomplished in two ways – by earning an endorsement from another state, or by completing an LPN program and passing the NCLEX-PN exam. If you are currently licensed as an LPN in another state you may be able to transfer your license to Michigan by endorsement.


LPN programs in Michigan are beneficial to both patients and the health care system. In just 12 –18 months, these programs offer a faster path to becoming a nurse than RN schools. LPNs are essential in providing critical care in a variety of healthcare settings due to the aging population and increasing demand for health services. 

Furthermore, LPNs in Michigan earn good salaries along with a positive job outlook, making it an attractive career choice. Graduates of these programs are prepared to provide competent, compassionate care that directly impacts the well-being of patients.

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