4 Best Free Medical Billing And Coding Courses

Free Medical Billing And Coding Courses

Are you looking to pursue your career in medical billing and coding and searching for Free Medical Billing And Coding Courses? This article can serve as a detailed guide for you. Take advantage of these free courses and start a rewarding medical billing and coding career today.

If you are short on funds, then do avail the knowledge from these Free Medical Billing And Coding Courses. Using YouTube tutorials, Dr. Chrono’s insights, and Udemy’s resources, you can master the basics without experiencing any financial strain on your part.

If you are searching for additional free course but with certification program you can take a look at our article on free medical billing and coding certification programs.

Learn how to unlock the potential in this vital healthcare profession and discover the gateway to a lucrative career. Let’s explore the incredible opportunities these Free Medical Billing And Coding Courses offer you on your success journey as we discover their valuable tools. Anyone interested in online childcare training can check our detailed article on free online childcare training courses with certificates, which can help them earn a training certificate free of cost.

Key Takeaways

  • You can learn about medical billing and coding for free online.
  • This is a good way to get started in a healthcare career.
  • Free courses can teach you the basics of medical billing and coding.
  • Some courses are short and can be completed in just one hour.
  • There are also longer courses that go into more detail.
  • Free courses can help you decide if a career in medical billing and coding is right for you.

What are Medical Billing and Coding Courses?

A medical billing and coding course te­aches people how to assign code­s to medical services. It also shows the­m how to manage billing in healthcare se­ttings. These courses help pe­ople pursue a caree­r in healthcare without directly working with patie­nts. They prefer be­hind-the-scenes support role­s.

Medical billers and coders play a crucial role­. They ensure he­althcare providers get paid prope­rly for the services the­y provide. They also kee­p patient records organized and up-to-date­. Their work is essential for smooth he­althcare operations.

In these­ courses, students typically learn about:

  • Medical te­rms and vocabulary to communicate effective­ly
  • Basic human anatomy and how the body functions (to assign the correct code­s)
  • Coding systems and guidelines use­d in healthcare facilities
  • Te­chniques to get insurance companie­s to pay claims promptly
  • Using electronic health re­cord (EHR) systems efficiently
  • Hands-on practice­ coding diagnoses and procedures using ICD-10-CM and CPT code­s
  • Processing claims and following up when nece­ssary

Programs can vary in length and format, offering differe­nt levels of training:

  • Online course­s (no official certification, but provide an introduction)
  • Short certificate­ or diploma programs lasting 4-12 months
  • Two-year associate’s degre­e programs for comprehensive­ training

The program duration and format can be chosen base­d on an individual’s goals, schedule, and budget. Howe­ver, all programs aim to equip students with the­ knowledge and skills nee­ded to excel in me­dical billing and coding careers.

4 Benefits of Medical Billing and Coding Courses

The Free Medical Billing And Coding Course can offer you many opportunities for future employment and guide you in the right direction. Here are some of the most significant benefits you can expect:

1. Abundant career opportunities

Increasing healthcare costs and an escalating demand for healthcare services have increased the demand for skilled medical billing and coding professionals. After completing a course in this field, you can work remotely in various positions in hospitals, clinics, and insurance companies from the comfort of your home.

2. Job security

The healthcare industry has maintained a steady growth trajectory despite economic uncertainty. It is essential to establish a stable career in the medical field by acquiring expertise from medical billing and coding courses. This is regardless of the circumstances.

3. Continual learning

Medical billing and coding are constantly changing. Enrolling in a course would help you stay up-to-date with industry updates and regulations. It is essential to learn on the job because it ensures your competence and enhances your career growth prospects.

4. Personal fulfillment

It is gratifying to contribute to the healthcare sector as a means of personal satisfaction. You can ensure patients’ health needs are met and facilitate financial transactions for healthcare providers by accurately coding and billing medical procedures.

List of Top 4 Free Medical Billing and Coding Courses

The following is a list of Free Medical Billing And Coding Course that will introduce you to the captivating medical billing and coding world. This is in a way that you might not have experienced before. This course series offers a gateway to understanding and expertise in healthcare administration.

This is whether you are curious about the field, looking for a career change, or are intrigued by the intricacies of the field.

1. Basics of Medical Coding & Billing – Free Medical Billing Training

The first is the “Basics of Medical Coding & Billing” course from Free Medical Billing Training, a free online course. The course offers a simplified version of the comprehensive paid program, comprising over 50 video lessons viewed online. This course will develop your ability to resolve claim challenges, understand medical coding in detail, establish a patient/provider relationship, and grasp the intricacies of health insurance in ten concise modules.

Even though this course is text-based, it is a great starting point for those interested in coding and billing medical services. Consider purchasing the entire course if the content interests you enough and the price is reasonable. The best part is that you can create a free account to get a more immersive preview experience by creating an account on their platform.

2. Medical Billing in One Hour – YouTube and Dr. Chrono

Secondly, YouTube and Dr. Chrono have worked together to create a course called “Learn Medical Billing in One Hour,” which you can enjoy. The answer is yes – it takes less than an hour! Dr. Chrono demonstrates how easy it is to master medical billing and coding basics.

Using free online instructional videos, they aim to provide a crash course on the topic through a comprehensive selection of free video tutorials. Despite its conciseness, this course has many valuable insights about medical coding, which is extremely helpful. If you are looking for a quick and easy way to understand the subject, this course is what you need.

3. What is medical coding and billing? – Udemy

What is Medical Billing and Coding?
What is Medical Billing and Coding?

Udemy’s catalogue includes a course called “What is Medical Coding and Billing?” It is available. More than 2000+ students have rated this one-hour course 4.6 out of 5 stars. It has been highly acclaimed and praised by many. This offering from PPMC Academy is suitable for those considering becoming a medical coder and billing professional.

However, they still need to figure out how to get started. This course will provide insight into a medical coder’s and biller’s daily work. As well as learning about diagnostic and procedural coding, you will better understand educational pathways and work experience considerations. You will even learn about working from home.

There is no need to go elsewhere for your medical billing and coding needs! We are a one-stop shop!

4. Medical Coding ICD 10 CM – Udemy

Udemy offers a course titled “Medical Coding ICD 10 CM” that is included in our list of courses. This short but valuable course provides an overview of medical coding within ICD 10 CM. Certified inpatient coder Udaykumar Talloju has specially crafted. The course may be short – just 30 minutes – but it packs a punch in key medical coding insights despite its brevity. This course perfectly aligns with your ambitions if you have a medical background or Life Sciences degree.

How to Get the Most Out of a Free Medical Billing and Coding Course

It would help if you did not miss out on this golden opportunity to take a free medical billing and coding course – seize it in its entirety. If you want to get the most out of your experience, here are some tips

1. Design a Study Schedule

Make sure your schedule balances structure with flexibility in a way that works for you. Setting specific time slots is the best way to manage your time efficiently and keep consistent progress with your coursework. The proper schedule will enable you to stay on top of things and prevent procrastinating.

2. Complete Assigned Tasks

The assignment can be viewed as a golden ticket leading to deeper understanding. These exercises reinforce learned concepts and provide practical applications. A key component of success in this field is transforming theoretical knowledge into practical skills through assigned tasks.

3. Seek constructive feedback

Please ask if you would like feedback on your work. Instructors and students can form a valuable support network. Receiving constructive criticism is essential because it enhances your understanding, clarifies doubts, and points out areas for improvement that need to be addressed.

4. Engage in discussions

As an online community member for this course, you must actively participate in discussions. Participating in peer engagement broadens your perspective, fosters collaboration, and reveals a variety of viewpoints. Such interactions enhance engagement and comprehension.

5. Infuse Personal Touch

You can add your personality to the learning process by injecting it with it. Put humor or sarcasm into your writing, or use any style that resonates with you. Personalized learning keeps your engagement high and ensures an enjoyable, memorable learning experience.

6. Embrace Challenges

Take on challenges whenever you face them. Take on complex topics or tasks that initially appear daunting and embrace them. Confronting them head-on nurtures a growth mindset and strengthens skill sets as they take on challenges.

7. Collaborate Beyond the Course

Extend learning beyond the course boundaries to enhance the learning experience. Talk to your friends, family, and mentors about the topic to better understand it. Such conversations reinforce comprehension and keep you engaged with the material.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is medical billing and coding?

Medical billing and coding professionals translate complex medical procedures and diagnoses into codes that insurers understand. This is a crucial function in managing claims and payments for the healthcare system.

2. What are the benefits of medical billing and coding courses?

Choosing a medical billing and coding career guarantees job security, workplace flexibility, and the immense satisfaction of contributing to the healthcare industry. Make a wise decision and kickstart your career in medical billing and coding.

There are numerous opportunities for career advancement and continuous education available to you. Don’t miss out on this chance, and act now.

3. Are free medical billing and coding courses available?

Several free courses are available online. These courses will give you a deeper understanding of medical billing and coding without huge investments.

4. What is the “Basics of Medical Coding & Billing” course by Free Medical Billing Training?

A concise introduction to the basics of medical billing and coding, including how to resolve claim challenges, understanding health insurance basics, and creating a patient/provider relationship, is included in this crash course.

5. How can I learn medical billing in one hour?

A free instructional video series by Dr. Chrono and the ‘Learn Medical Billing in One Hour’ course are two resources that provide a glimpse of medical billing basics in a brief amount of time.


Free Medical billing and coding courses are available online to anyone interested in healthcare careers. This is an excellent opportunity for healthcare careers. As a result of these courses, students can learn at optimal convenience and cost-effectiveness, with a flexible environment to explore fundamental and advanced aspects of medical billing and coding at a pace that suits them.

This program has multiple advantages, including acquiring valuable knowledge, establishing a solid healthcare career foundation, and gaining practical skills applicable to various medical settings nationwide. Considering these benefits, there’s no need to wait just seize the opportunity to enroll in these complimentary courses today and start on a rewarding career path in the healthcare industry.

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