8 Best Arizona RN to BSN Programs in 2024

Best Arizona RN to BSN Programs

For RNs living in Arizona who want to advance their nursing careers, the Best Arizona RN to BSN programs are excellent pathways to sharpening their skills. These programs open up opportunities for them in the healthcare field.

RN to BSN programs are a great opportunity for current RNs seeking career advancement in healthcare. These programs provide advanced training to nurses to rapidly enhance their skills and knowledge. 

With your existing experience, you can complete the RN to BSN program in 1 to 2 years. The best Arizona ARN to BSN programs equip nurses with all the advanced training and practical experience and prepare them for significant roles in the constantly evolving healthcare landscape.

Explore the 8 best Arizona RN to BSN programs that promise growth and success in a nursing career as an advanced RN. You can also check our detailed article on Fast-Track RN to BSN Online Programs.

What is an RN to BSN Program?

RN to BSN programs are a means for registered nurses (RNs) to earn a bachelor of science degree in nursing (BSN). Programs that are specifically designed for RNs are known as RN to BSN programs. These programs offer in-depth study in subjects including the social and physical sciences. They build on the knowledge and expertise all RNs already have. 

As an RN you can expand your education and develop your abilities through RN to BSN programs, which creates possibilities for career advancement and specialization in the nursing field. If you aim to enhance your career as a registered nurse, you might want to consider obtaining your BSN, even as you complete your nursing education and prepare for the licensure exam administered by the National Council.

Benefits of Earning a BSN Degree

  • Expands Your Knowledge: The BSN program provides a comprehensive nursing education that deeply deepens your understanding of nursing theory and practice.
  • Develops Clinical Skills: BSN programs include more extensive clinical experiences that develop the skills of nurses. In terms of patient care, a nurse must have these skills.
  • Great Career Opportunities: Many nursing roles, especially leadership positions in various healthcare facilities, require a BSN degree as a minimum qualification for RNs. Thus, a BSN degree increases job prospects.
  • Provides Evidence-based Practice: The BSN program emphasizes research and evidence-based decision-making, which promotes a more informed and effective approach to patient care.
  • Preparation for Leadership Roles: BSN graduates are better prepared for leadership roles because they are equipped with managerial and communication skills. And these are needed in healthcare settings.
  • Ensures Higher Earning Potential: Generally, individuals with a BSN degree have higher earning potential than those with an ADN degree.
  • Patient Outcomes: Research shows that hospitals with a higher proportion of BSN-holder nurses often have better patient outcomes and lower mortality rates.
  • Preparing for Advanced Degrees: The BSN is an important stepping stone for those who are considering an advanced nursing degree, such as a master’s or doctoral program.
  • Professional Advancement: BSN graduates may have more opportunities for career advancement and specialization in nursing than ADNs.
  • Adaptability in Health Care: With the dynamic nature of health care, the BSN degree equips nurses with versatile skills to adapt to changing healthcare industry demands.

Professional Opportunities for ADN Holding Nurses

  • ADN-holding nurses may face difficulties finding jobs in acute-care settings, such as Magnet hospitals, because of the increased competition and demand for nurses with a BSN.
  • ADN holders may have limited opportunities for career advancement in administration, education, and specialty occupations if they do not have additional certifications or specialized training.

Professional Opportunities for BSN Holding Nurses

  • BSN holders can set themselves up for advancement up the clinical ladder with wide-ranging possibilities in the healthcare environment by completing employer-specific requirements.
  • A bachelor’s degree gives you access to a larger range of non-clinical positions, giving BSN nurses more career opportunities outside of typical clinical settings.
  • BSN holders can earn a master’s degree and specialize in higher-level nursing roles. They can expand their scope of practice and professional influence, provided they meet the requirements of postgraduate practicing registered nurse (APRN) programs.

List of Best Arizona RN to BSN Programs

1. Arizona State University

Arizona State University
Arizona State University
  • Location: Tempe, Arizona, US

One of the best Arizona RN to BSN programs is offered by Arizona State University, where you can advance your career and sharpen your professional abilities. Ideal candidates for this online RN to BSN program in Arizona are practicing RNs with an ADN or nursing diploma. You must enroll in and complete 10 core nursing courses, each lasting 7.5 weeks, in order to earn at least 39 credits. 

These nursing courses cover community and public health nursing in the USA, public and worldwide nursing, health promotion throughout the lifespan, and innovation in nursing. In addition, you will study professional nursing theory, writing for healthcare management, research and evidence translation, and nurse management.

Without the integration of professional nursing via the final capstone project, the education isn’t complete.

2. Northern Arizona University

Northern Arizona University
Northern Arizona University
  • Location: Flagstaff, Arizona, US

There are two versions available for this RN to BSN program offered by Northern Arizona University – the customized track and the standard online pathway. The classic online option can be the best fit for you if you want to study whenever it’s convenient for you and from the comfort of your home.

However, if you are the type of person who learns best in person, signing up for the customized track can get you the necessary one-on-one instruction on campus.

You can complete a minimum of 24 credits of nursing courses in health assessment, public health nursing, nursing leadership, nursing family responsibilities, and the principles of palliative care, regardless of the route you select. This Arizona RN to BSN program also incorporates a nursing leadership capstone, research, and evidence-based practice.

3. Pima Medical Institute

Pima Medical Institute – Tucson
Pima Medical Institute – Tucson
  • Location: Tucson, Arizona, US

Pima Medical Institute offers the most challenging curriculum of any online RN to BSN program in Arizona. Its emphasis on the ideas and methods that are essential to patient-care management sets it apart from the competition. This Arizona RN to BSN program online requires 16 months to complete. You must finish 50 credits worth of core nursing to fulfill the requirements of the program.

Your learning in technical writing, computer applications, nursing informatics, health assessment, and critical thinking will be the main focus of the first 2 semesters. You will be directed through courses in community-oriented nursing, culture and human diversity, statistical principles, nursing leadership and management, and transcultural nursing practice in the last 2 semesters.

4. Grand Canyon University

Grand Canyon University
Grand Canyon University
  • Location: Phoenix, Arizona, US

This is another best Arizona RN to BSN programs. You can effortlessly study didactic courses through this online program from any location, and you can complete the course in your place of employment or any other nearby healthcare facility.

Professional dynamics, nursing research, family-centric health promotion, statistics, nursing leadership, and management, and current trends and concerns in the healthcare sector are a few of the theoretical themes you study in this program offered by Grand Canyon University.

Additionally, this program, like the majority of other top RN to BSN programs in Arizona, offers a number of scholarship alternatives that can help you reduce some of your tuition costs. To be eligible to enroll in this Arizona ARN to BSN program, you must have a strong RN status and achieve the minimum GPA criteria.

5. Brookline College 

  • Location: Phoenix, Arizona, US

A thorough RN to BSN curriculum is available at Brookline College for registered nurses who want to further their studies. The main objectives of this curriculum are to improve leadership, evidence-based practice, and critical thinking abilities. The program’s accessible and adaptable style makes it suitable for working professionals, enabling them to manage their academic and professional commitments.

Numerous nursing topics are covered in this Arizona ARN to BSN program, such as healthcare policy, nursing research, and community health. Prioritizing practical experience, Brookline College works to equip nurses for the changing healthcare sector. The program’s goal is to produce well-rounded nurses who are prepared to take on the demands of the contemporary healthcare environment. 

6. University of Arizona

University of Arizona
University of Arizona
  • Location: Tucson, Arizona, US

The RN to BSN program at the University of Arizona is intended for RNs who want to progress in their education and profession. The main goals of this program are to improve leadership, critical thinking, and nursing skills. Coursework on evidence-based practice, community health, and nursing theory are usually included. 

This Arizona ARN to BSN program is designed with working professionals in mind, and in order to make it more accessible, it is frequently provided in a flexible online format. The program’s objectives are to equip nurses to meet the growing needs of the healthcare industry and to take on more responsibility in the field. An associate’s or diploma in nursing and a valid RN license are normally prerequisites for admission to this program.

7. University of Phoenix

University of Phoenix
University of Phoenix
  • Location: Phoenix, Arizona, US

The goal of the University of Phoenix RN to BSN program is to advance the knowledge and abilities of nurses gained from earlier nursing education and training. Numerous topics of community health, leadership, and nursing practice are covered in this Arizona RN to BSN program. Topics including nursing research, healthcare policy, and evidence-based practice are frequently studied by students. 

The program places a strong emphasis on critical thinking and equips nurses for more advanced positions in the medical field. To be sure that a program is in line with their academic and professional objectives, students should check its specifics, accreditation, and entrance requirements.

8. The University of Arizona Global Campus

  • Location: Chandler, Arizona, US

The University of Arizona Global Campus is another renowned institution that offers RN to BSN programs. Its program is excellent for RNs who wish to optimize their nursing education. They have the option of emphasizing either health and wellness or business economics.

In order to graduate, students must complete 120 credit hours, of which 35 are elective credits. This comprehensive Arizona RN to BSN program includes a wide range of courses, such as nursing research and family health nursing, and provides a comprehensive learning experience.

The goal of the RN-BSN program of this college is to further equip RNs with evidence-based practice, so they can lead and deliver competent, compassionate patient care to a variety of people throughout their lifetime.


1. What steps should I take to get ready for RN to BSN programs?

Because RN to BSN programs go quickly, you should plan to be able to focus and study while managing your other commitments. There may be prerequisites for some Arizona RN to BSN programs. So, find out what additional coursework you might need to take.

2. What is covered in RN to BSN programs?

RN to BSN programs delve deeper into nursing issues and are based on the topics of the ADN. In addition to offering ADN programs, emphasis is also placed on theoretical components and honing nursing leadership skills.

Graduates from the program are equipped with a thorough understanding of nursing. This advanced knowledge improves their professional abilities.

3. How long are most RN to BSN programs?

RN to BSN programs can be finished in 1 to 2 years, in contrast to traditional bachelor’s degree programs, which last 4 years.

4. What is the shortest RN to BSN program?

You can complete the online RN to BSN program at the University of North Florida in just 12 months. It is considered to be the shortest RN to BSN program.

5. Which course is best after BSN?

MSN is best after BSN. For BSN holders who wish to specialize in nursing and pursue more advanced education in nursing, obtaining an MSN degree is an appropriate next step. It can also prepare them for future employment prospects.


RN to BSN programs provide a thorough curriculum to improve skills and knowledge, allowing registered nurses to transition with ease. For nurses looking to obtain a BSN, Arizona offers a variety of opportunities, from prestigious universities to flexible online options.

To help nursing professionals make well-informed decisions about pursuing their professional journey in the exciting field of nursing, we have explored the distinctive features and prerequisites of the best Arizona RN to BSN programs in this article. Hope this article will be useful for you!

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