10 Best LPN Programs in NYC [2024 Guide]

LPN Programs in NYC

The LPN programs in NYC are a great resource for individuals in NYC who want to become LPNs. Offered by NYC’s top institutions, these nursing programs provide practical nursing training that will help prospective nurses build a bright nursing career in the New York healthcare industry.

Healthcare stands out as one of the rapidly growing career fields in the United States, offering promising opportunities. Licensed Practical Nursing (LPN) emerges as a top choice among various nursing roles. LPNs are in high demand in the New York healthcare industry. LPN programs in NYC provide a comprehensive learning experience, equipping aspiring nurses with the clinical and laboratory skills necessary for a successful career as an LPN. There are free LPN programs available in NYC. We have written a detailed article about LPN programs in Nyc for free.

We have compiled a list of the best LPN programs in NYC, ensuring access to a high-quality nursing education that is tailored to the demands of today’s dynamic nursing profession.

List of 10 Best LPN Programs in NYC

1. LaGuardia Community College

LaGuardia Community College
LaGuardia Community College

Location: New York City, New York, US 

LaGuardia Community College is a renowned institution in New York known for its high-quality LPN program. This LPN programs in NYC emphasizes critical education and social accountability in nursing education. The 48-credit Practical Nursing Certificate, launching each fall, equips students with a broad set of skills for the evolving healthcare landscape.  

The 54-week program combines classroom and clinical training, guided by a dedicated faculty. The rigorous curriculum covers basic and advanced nursing concepts, promoting English communication proficiency. Before moving on to the core practical nursing courses, you must complete 16 credits in subjects, such as psychology, English, anatomy, and mathematics, ensuring a good foundation for success in the nursing field.

2. Maria College 

Location: Albany, New York, US

Maria College is known for its affordability, flexibility, and commitment to preparing students for success in the healthcare field. It offers comprehensive student support, including career guidance, and counseling. The 16-month LPN program at this college offers weekend classes that meet the schedules of working professionals. 

Starting in the spring semester, the LPL program in NYC prepares students for entry-level nursing roles through a mix of theoretical classes and practical sessions, ensuring a well-rounded learning experience. This 44-credit course not only prepares you for a nursing career but also allows you to leverage these credits to pursue an advanced nursing degree.  

3. Niagara County Community College 

Location: Sanborn, New York, US

Dedicated to excellence and community impact, Niagara County Community College’s LPN program is an ideal gateway to start your healthcare career. This one-year, 45-credit certificate LPN program, beginning each fall, prioritizes student-centric learning methods to equip nursing enthusiasts with the skills to provide skilled care to diverse populations.  

This LPL program in NYC includes nursing care, human anatomy, and social sciences. Upon successful completion, you can begin a full-fledged career as a Licensed Practical Nurse in New York hospitals/nursing homes/physician offices/clinics. Additionally, this renowned college offers the option to seamlessly transition into an NR program for those wishing to further their studies beyond the LPN program.

4. Mildred Elley College 

Location: Albany, New York, US

Mildred Elley’s LPN program prepares students for roles in a variety of healthcare settings, such as hospitals, nursing homes, residential care facilities, and home health services. This LPL program in NYC covers essential subjects including physiology, biology, anatomy, and medical terminology. Taught by experienced faculties with diverse medical backgrounds, the program lasts 1,200 hours, preparing graduates for LPN licensure in New York. 

In addition to the quality education in this LPN programs in NYC, students benefit from scholarships, job placement assistance, and a flexible class schedule. The college provides education benefits to veterans, offers free career assessments, and warmly welcomes international students.

5. Monroe College

Location: New York, US

The LPL program offered by Monroe College is a full-time on-campus program that can be completed in three semesters. This LPN programs in NYC emphasizes fundamental nursing skills in a supportive learning environment, preparing students for the NCLEX-PN licensing exam.  

Admission requirements for this LPN program include a high school transcript or GED, and a score of 75% or higher in high school biology, algebra, and chemistry. The program consists of 40 credits, including nursing classes, physiology, human anatomy, and microbiology, providing practical experience through clinical and simulation laboratories.

6. Curtis High School

Location: Staten Island, New York City, New York, US

Curtis High School’s LPN program equips students with the knowledge and clinical skills necessary for entry-level nursing careers. This comprehensive 2-year course prepares individuals for NYS certification as Licensed Practical Nurses. With a focus on promoting wellness and meeting patients’ basic needs, this LPN programs in NYC spans 1,500 hours of combined classroom and clinical training.  

Major courses include Nursing Assistant, Fundamentals of Nursing, Medical Surgical Nursing, and Pharmacology. Students have the opportunity to take the CNA exam for Certified Nursing Assistant certification within the LPN program. A score of 50 percent or above in the P-NAT entrance exam is required for admission to the Nursing program.

7. Cochran School of Nursing

Location: New York, US

The Cochran School of Nursing offers a comprehensive LPN program. Emphasizing practical clinical experiences, the program covers critical nursing skills, including anatomy, pharmacology, and fundamental nursing practices. Through a blend of classroom instruction, and supervised clinical rotations, students receive a well-rounded education in this LPN program in NYC.

The school’s nursing program prioritizes preparing competent and compassionate LPNs, preparing them to contribute effectively to the healthcare field. Prospective nurses can look forward to a nurturing learning environment, with a curriculum in line with industry standards. Successful completion of the program opens the door to a variety of employment opportunities for LPNs in the New York healthcare field.

8. Bronx Community College (BCC)

Location: Bronx, New York City, New York, US

The nursing program at Bronx Community College is designed to equip students with the skills needed for entry-level nursing roles. The program includes theoretical instruction and practical clinical experience, emphasizing critical thinking in healthcare contexts. The goal of this LPN program in NYC is to prepare students for the NCLEX-PN exam, an important step toward licensure.  

The curriculum covers key areas, such as anatomy, pharmacology, and nursing care across the lifespan. Focusing on practical application, BCC strives to prepare competent and compassionate LPNs to contribute to the healthcare field.  

9. AMG School of Nursing

Location: New York, US

AMG School of Nursing’s LPN program prepares students for licensure and employment as practical nurses. Participants will gain important interpersonal and medical industry skills highly sought after by employers. This LPN program in NYC includes liberal arts courses like microbiology, anatomy, and physiology with laboratory, mathematics, English, allied health sciences, and psychology.  

Nursing-focused subjects include fundamentals of nursing, pharmacology, medical-surgical nursing, and geriatric nursing. During the clinical phase, students apply their acquired skills. Successful graduates are eligible to take the NCLEX for LPN licensure. Those who meet AMG’s minimum GPA requirements can opt for an intensive 2-year RN program after graduation.

10. Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC)

Location: New York City, New York, US 

The LPN program at BMCC is designed to train aspiring Licensed Practical Nurses. This comprehensive program equips students with the skills needed to provide basic nursing care in a variety of healthcare settings. The curriculum covers fundamental nursing concepts, incorporates clinical experiences, and prepares students for the NCLEX-PN exam. This LPN program in NYC strives to prepare competent and compassionate healthcare professionals while meeting the growing demand for skilled nurses.  

How Can You Get Your LPN License in New York?

To become licensed to practice practical nursing in New York, you must meet several requirements. These requirements include:

  • Successfully completed a state-approved LPN program, meeting educational requirements set by the New York Board of Nursing. This program equips you with the skills and knowledge required for practical nursing.
  • Begin the licensure process by filing an application with the New York Board for Nursing. Be sure that all necessary documentation demonstrating your educational achievements and preparation for practical nursing is provided.
  • Register with Pearson VUE, the authorized testing service, to schedule your NCLEX-PN exam. This step involves creating an account, choosing your preferred testing location, and paying the required fees.
  • Once you receive the ATT from Pearson VUE, schedule and complete the NCLEX-PN exam, which is an important step toward demonstrating your competency in practical nursing.
  • Meet additional requirements by completing a background check. This step ensures compliance with regulatory standards, thereby ensuring patient safety. Additionally, obtain a CPR card highlighting your ability to respond effectively in emergency situations.
  • Upon successful completion of the NCLEX-PN and meeting all regulatory requirements, receive your practical nursing license from the New York Board of Nursing. This gives you the legal right to practice as a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) in New York State.

Why is the NCLEX-PN Pass Rate an Important Factor While Selecting an LPN Program in New York?

The NCLEX-PN pass rate significantly influences the selection of an LPN program in New York due to its multifaceted effects. This rate serves as a key indicator of the program’s efficacy in preparing students for the licensure examination, offering a solid measure of educational quality. The high passing rate reflects the success of the program in equipping students with the knowledge and skills needed for the exam.  

Furthermore, the NCLEX-PN pass rate directly impacts graduates’ ability to obtain licensure, which is a fundamental prerequisite to practicing as an LPN. A program with a low passing rate raises concerns about the preparedness of its graduates for the challenges they will face in their nursing careers. Beyond academic considerations, employers often take the NCLEX-PN pass rate into account when evaluating potential hires. 


1. How long does it take to become a LPN in New York?

The LPN program in New York typically lasts 1 year, covering a variety of courses, such as liberal arts and sciences along with specialized nursing subjects, such as physiology, human anatomy, medical surgical nursing, and microbiology. The comprehensive curriculum equips students with the essential skills required to be a Licensed Practical Nurse, promoting a well-rounded education in health care.

2. How much are LPN fees in the USA?

As of 2023, the average tuition for LPN programs is between $10,000 and $15,000, but costs can vary significantly. Some programs are more affordable at $4,000 or $5,000, while others can exceed $30,000. The prospect of covering such expenses out of pocket can be daunting, which underlines the financial considerations associated with pursuing an LPN education.

3. What type of LPN makes the most money?

Licensed Practical Nurses who specialize in areas, such as surgical hospitals or outpatient care centers typically earn higher salaries. Those with certifications in gerontology or critical care often receive increased salaries. Earning potential is influenced by factors, such as geographic location, experience, and demand for specific nursing skills.

4. What are the best jobs for a LPN?

LPNs thrive in a variety of healthcare settings, including hospitals, nursing homes, physician offices, and outpatient care centers. Specialization in areas, such as surgical or pediatric nursing can enhance career opportunities. Home health care and community clinics also value the expertise of LPNs. Pursuing roles that align with personal interests and certifications can lead to fulfilling and well-compensated careers in practical nursing.

5. Which nursing course is the hardest?

Determining the hardest nursing course may vary depending on individual strengths and interests. However, courses such as pharmacology, pathophysiology, and advanced medical-surgical nursing are often considered challenging due to the complex content and critical thinking requirements. Practical experience and personal study habits also influence the perceived difficulty of each course.


LPN programs in NYC are essential to meet the healthcare demands of the city. These programs serve as a vital link to rapidly integrate health professionals into the workforce. In the bustling environment of New York, where healthcare needs are high, LPNs play a vital role in patient care. Their specialized training enables them to perform essential nursing tasks, reducing the workload on registered nurses and enhancing overall healthcare delivery.

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