Top 5 Free Online Summer Courses for High School Credit

Free Online Summer Courses for High School Credit

If you are a high school student aiming to earn academic credits during your summer break, free online summer courses for high school credit are typically designed to meet your needs.

Students need to maintain a good credit score and GPA to achieve merit in their academics. However, some students are unable to maintain their credit scores due to their excess absence from classes and do not actively take part in additional activities. 

But there is a way to get credits and many other benefits during summer. The free online summer courses for school credit are offered by various institutions. The students can attend these summer school programs during their summer vacations. 

Additionally, these types of courses offer a certificate of completion and allow the students to learn new skills that can be very helpful for them in their academics and other places. Here in this article, you will find some of the best free online summer courses for high school credit. 

What are summer school courses?

The summer school program is the way to complete the whole school work during the summer holidays. The students who pursue summer school do not need to attend school in other months to earn enough credits to grab a good score through the summer school courses.

The main motive of summer schools is not only for crests but some students also want to make their holidays productive and learn some new skills. Hundreds of institutions and schools offer online summer school courses for all students. 

Free online summer courses for high school credit offer flexibility to students from various schools who can participate and then transfer their credits to their respective institutions upon course completion. 

Opting for online summer school programs is a more convenient choice compared to traditional in-person classes, especially since students might otherwise face the inconvenience of extensive travel. Additionally, for those residing in remote areas, finding nearby institutions offering summer school courses can be challenging, making online summer school courses the ideal solution.

However, it will be difficult for you to find free summer school courses, as all the big institutions only offer these courses for a specific amount. No need to worry, many institutions also offer them for free. We have researched and short-listed these free online summer school courses for you. These are mentioned below: 

5 Best free online summer courses for high school credit

1. Husson University: Early College Access Program (ECAP)

Husson University: Early College Access Program (ECAP)
Husson University: Early College Access Program (ECAP)

The free summer school program is open to all students. For the ECAP (Early College Access Program) students who want to start their college preparation earlier can apply for the program and get the chance to earn the credits that can be added to their graduation degree. As the program is free, anyone can apply if they meet some eligibility requirements of the program. These include the applicants must be high school juniors and seniors, must have crossed the age of 16 years, and many more. 

There are a lot more needs and requirements that must be satisfied by the student to get admission in the online summer school program, these include a cumulative GPA of at least 80 in academics, and the approval or letter of recommendation is compulsory from the High School principal or school counselor. 

The course is free but students need to send money for other things like textbooks, transportation (the course is online but sometimes need to visit the campus), and need to meet the policies of Hudson University. 

2. K12 Tuition-Free Online Summer School Programs

K12 Tuition-Free Online Summer School Programs
K12 Tuition-Free Online Summer School Programs

The summer season presents an excellent opportunity for students to acquire new skills, make productive use of their time, and enhance their learning journey. One exceptional option during this period is enrolling in free online summer courses for high school credit, such as the K12-powered online summer school program. This program is exclusively available to students in grades K-5. Students in grades 6 through 12 can alternatively opt for the course provided by the K-12 Private Academy, which enables them to recover any lost credits resulting from extended holidays.

The online mode of the program makes it more reliable for all the students in the USA. The course allows the students to make their summer holidays more productive by learning a new language. The skills are very helpful for the students to meet the competition of highly demanded careers in the future. 

3. Khan Academy

Khan Academy
Khan Academy

One of the best free online summer courses for high school credit is offered by the Khan Academy. The program is free and offers various benefits including online practice exercises, instructional videos, a personalized learning dashboard, and many more. 

The online mode of the program allows the students to learn and study at their own pace without visiting the campus. World-class education from Khan Academy can be taken from anywhere by anyone. There is no restriction to enroll in the program if the applicant meets all the needs and requirements. 

In academics, several subjects are covered in the course. For example math’s, science, computing, history, art history, economics, and many more. Along with the school studies, the students are also prepared for the K-14 examinations, and entrance tests (SAT, Praxis, LSAT). Each student who enrolled in the free course will learn a skill and establish a strong foundation. 

There are a lot more benefits and courses from Khan Academy, these are College Admission, Career Exploration, Personal Finance, and Entrepreneurship. Some of them are free while some are available at minimal fees. 

4. National History Academy Online Pre-College Camps for High School Students

The high school students who do not want to waste their summertime and want to earn some additional credits as well as learn something can go for the National History Academy. 

The summer school course is available in online mode and is open to all students, especially those who are interested in history, law, and government. The students get the chance to develop themselves from Harvard Business School Professor David Moss. The opportunity can be very beneficial for the senior students of high school, especially 11th and 12th grade. 

The immense educational experience is also offered to the students where they get the chance to take historical site visits, Harvard Business School case method discussions, guest speakers, parliamentary debate, and many more for free. The virtual program is free and open to all students. 

The credit score earned during the program can be transferred to your high school credit and improve the overall score as well and the additional studies aid you with better grades and GPA. 

5. Norwich University of the Arts FREE Creative Summer Workshops

The Norwich University of the Arts alumni offers one of the best free online summer courses for high school credit. The program covers a wider approach to creative disciplines from photography to illustration, textiles to animation. 

There are a lot of benefits and perks that come along with the free course; these include a free certificate of attendance and the skills earned during the program can be used to demonstrate in your portfolio. There are some needs and requirements you need to fulfill to get the certificate of completion. 

These requirements include attending the minimum 3 workshops during the summer school course and submitting the report and experience essay within the provided time frame. The course is free and online but the applicant needs to invest some of their funds on additional resources depending on the type of course they are pursuing. 

For photography you need a DSLR, for painting, you need colors and sheets. From fashion to character design, there are several programs offered under the summer school course. 

Benefits of attending summer school courses

Participating in free online summer courses for high school credit offers students a host of advantages and rewards. Let’s explore some of these benefits:

  • Free credits:

As a high school student, you may need to maintain good credits to achieve merit in your academics and develop an overall good score. The summer courses help you to earn these credit scores that can be transferred to your school. Even most students pursue these free online summer school courses for high school credit scores. 

  • Productivity:

Throughout the summer break, many students often find themselves with much free time, which they typically invest in activities like playing mobile games and more. 

However, opting for free online summer courses for high school credit provides a valuable opportunity to transform these holidays into a period of productivity and skill development. Enrolling in these courses not only enhances productivity but also fosters the maintenance of a consistent daily study routine.

  • Good score:

However the tests and scores earned during the course will not included in your high school academic score but the additional practice and study accomplished by you during the course help you to score better in your academics and improve your GPA score by several percentages. 

  • Entrance tests:

Some of these courses offer students introductory sessions that help them crack the exuberance examination of the undergraduate level. This will allow the students to get admission to any renowned university or college for their graduation degree. Some of these examinations include SAT, Praxis, and LSAT. 

  • Online and free:

One of the biggest advantages of taking these free online summer school courses for high school credit is that they are free, open for all students are most importantly available in online mode. The virtual classes and other study material is offered to the students and the applicant does not need to attend any offline classes which saves their traveling costs as well. 


1. What are the consequences of not attending summer school?

Attending summer school is considered one of the most important factors that determines your academic and other records. If someone does not attend the summer school it can lead to a lower academic score, GPA, and many other consequences. 

Also, the student may be required to pay the fees back to the school in case he does not attend the summer school. Moreover, attending summer school gives you additional credits that help you score much more than your classmates and stand out from the competition. 

2. Does summer school lower your GPA?

There are a lot of myths and rumors among students that attending summer school is a waste of time and can affect their GPA. Well! Attending summer school helps you to score a higher GPA than the other students who have not attended summer school. 
The summer school programs can be attended in other institutions as well. The credit scores will be transferred to your schools. But in the case of GPA, it varies from school to school. Some schools accept the scores whereas some do not. 

3. Do colleges care if you take summer school?

There is no need to worry about whether your school accepts you to take the summer school or not. As most of the schools are well aware the students are taking summer school programs just to make their summers more productive and learn any new skills. They have no issue, you can freely take the summer school programs from other institutions. Moreover, the credit score will also be transferred to your school which will help you to make a good all-over score in your academics. 

4. Who is eligible for Yale summer school?

Yale is one of the most popular and renowned educational institutions in the USA. However, the students who are willing to pursue the summer school programs at Yale need to satisfy some of their eligibility requirements. 
These needs and requirements include, the applicant must be a senior high school student, must have crossed the age of 16 years and the freshman college students can also apply for the summer programs at Yale. 


Summer is the time when students are free and invest their time in unusual activities like playing games and other stuff. Whereas some smart students used to pursue summer school programs during the summer vacations and nearby months. 

These students receive additional credits, higher GPA scores, and get to learn new skills. The above-mentioned free online summer courses for high school credit are offered by renowned institutions. They help you to get more credit scores and numerous other benefits. 

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