Miracosta College Graduate Going to Stanford University

Miracosta College Graduate Going to Stanford University

A few years after graduating from Miracosta Community College, Kenneth Pilco applied to Stanford University and was accepted.

Kenneth Pilco earned an associate’s degree in Law, Public Policy and Society from Miracosta Community College in May. As Pilco prepares to embark on a new journey at Stanford University, he still cannot believe it.

According to Pilco, Stanford accepts 50 to 40 transfer students every year, but it’s so much harder for transfer students to get in.

During Kenneth’s community college years, he was involved in several organizations, including the Hispanic Serving Institution and the student government. Acceptance to Stanford University represents a major milestone for MiraCosta College, which has not been seen in decades.

“I have heard from colleagues who have been here for over twenty years that in the last 29 years, no one has transferred to Stanford. However, this year we have Kenneth and another student, making two students transfer to Stanford,” said Juan Carlos Reyna, Miracosta Interim Dean of Counseling and Student Development.

Kenneth tells Azednews that he has been accepted to several other universities. These include the University of California, Berkeley, Los Angeles, and the University of Southern California. 

Pilco was part of Miracosta’s Puente Program. This helps students get the support they need to transfer to a four-year university through counseling and mentoring on campus.

“When our students succeed in transferring and obtaining a career of their choice, you know that’s a success not only for the student but also for the family and the community,” Reyna said.

As Kenneth prepares to move to Stanford in September, he reflects on his gratitude for this opportunity. He also wants to inspire others.

“I have the opportunity, and it’s an awesome opportunity to inspire others and show them that it is possible,” Pilco said.

At Stanford, Kenneth majors in International Relations with an emphasis on World Trade and International Security.