Best Government Scholarships in Germany 2024

Best Government Scholarships in Germany

Are you searching for the Best Government Scholarships in Germany? then you have landed on right article. In terms of the cost of education, Germany is among the most accessible nations in Europe for overseas students. Germany is renowned for its first-rate universities, first-rate infrastructure, and reliable, reasonably priced educational system. Approximately 3,50,000 international students desire to study in Germany each year. Studying in Germany is quite reasonably priced.

It might be difficult for overseas students to pay for their living expenses in Germany, which can reach up to EUR 1200 a month. Scholarships are just one of the many financial aid options available to overseas students to help them with their living expenses. 

We assist you in exploring your alternatives for scholarships to study in Germany in this blog.

Key Takeaways:

  • Scholarships are just one of the many financial aid options available to overseas students in Germany to help them with their living expenses. 
  • The types of scholarships in Germany are government scholarships, university scholarships, and foundation scholarships.
  • Some of the documents required for applying for the best government scholarships in Germany are proof of English German, a Diploma supplement, and a letter of motivation among many others.
  • DAAD scholarship and Erasmus scholarship are the best government scholarships in Germany for international students.
  • In Germany, the non-government scholarships offered are the Heinrich Boll Foundation Scholarship and the Deutschland Stipendium National Scholarship among many others.

What are the types of scholarships in Germany?

There are many scholarships available in Germany for overseas students, as the country is known for its top-notch education. These are the three categories of scholarships you ought to think about before you begin your application process for the best scholarships in Germany: 

1. Government Scholarships in Germany:

Under the auspices of these German scholarships for international students are the fully financed DAAD and Erasmus scholarships, which are available to undergraduate students in Germany. While tuition is covered by both of these scholarships, some DAAD scholarships for Germany also pay travel expenses. 

2. University Scholarships for Germany:

Scholarships for overseas students are offered by several notable colleges in Germany. Certain programs are need-based, merit-based, and subject-specific. Applying to any of these fully funded scholarships in Germany entitles you to reimbursement for living expenses, educational costs, and tuition. These scholarships help students who are looking for how to get a student visa for Germany

3. Foundation Scholarships in Germany:

The government does not provide funding for these German scholarships available to international students. These scholarships are awarded by the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, the Heinrich Böll Foundation, and other private organizations based on merit or social activity. A portion of these grants for studying in Germany also include networking opportunities and full tuition reimbursement. 

What are the documents needed for scholarships in Germany?

There is paperwork required when applying for a scholarship in Germany. Always keep in mind to build separate files for each scholarship and to have numerous copies of your documentation. The following paperwork is required when submitting a scholarship application in Germany: 

  • Proof of English or German language proficiency
  • Proof of university entrance qualification or your school leaving certificates 
  • Graduation certificate  
  • Diploma certificate, which must show your degree, such as a Master’s or Bachelor’s 
  • Diploma supplement
  • additional certificates showing your educational background, extracurricular training, professional training, work experience, etc.
  • Research proposal  
  • Letter of motivation
  • Statement of purpose
  • Letter of recommendation 

List of Best Government Scholarships in Germany:

1. DAAD Scholarship Germany:

German higher education institutions jointly operate the German Academic Exchange Service, or DAAD Scholarships in Germany (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst). 

The cultivation of international academic relationships between German educational institutions and universities worldwide is their responsibility. The DAAD scholarships are given to students who want to study full-time in Germany and are required to finish their degrees in six years. 

For you to be eligible for one of the top scholarships in Germany, you must have completed two years of legitimate job experience. 

  • Who Can Apply: Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD Students‍
  • Scholarship Type: Fully funded (at public universities); merit-based 
  • Offering Universities: University of Heidelberg, University of Humboldt
  • Scholarship Amount: €850-934/month for graduation & postgraduation, €1200/month for PhD 

2. Erasmus Scholarship Programs in Germany:

The Erasmus fellowship is a notable government scholarship available to students studying doctoral and master’s degrees in Germany. With tuition included, this foreign student grant provides a monthly stipend for living expenses that covers a variety of expenses, such as health care, travel, and installation charges. 

You can find out if this scholarship is accepted at the most accessible German universities. Your journey can be smoother if you hold a B1 diploma in addition to a bachelor’s degree. 

  • Who Can Apply: Masters and Doctorate Students‍
  • Scholarship Type: Fully funded; merit-based 
  • Offering Universities: All top universities in Germany
  • Scholarship Amount: €1100 to €1500/month for living costs and other expenses 

What are the Top Non-Government Scholarships in Germany?

1. Heinrich Boll Foundation Scholarships:

Each year, the Heinrich Boll Foundation grants 1200 scholarships to students pursuing doctoral and postgraduate studies. To be eligible for one of the highly sought-after foreign scholarships in Germany, students must also have outstanding academic records and a passion for subjects like environment, sustainability, democracy, human rights, and justice. 

For students to be eligible for these scholarships in Germany, they must also be politically and socially active. Non-EU students pursuing postgraduate degrees may also be eligible to earn €100 per month to help with their mobility expenses under this program.  

  • Who Can Apply: Masters, PhD Students‍
  • Scholarship Type: Fully funded; merit-based 
  • Offering Universities: Universität Gottingen 
  • Scholarship Amount (for non-EU students): €850/month for graduate studies, €1,200/month for PhD

2. Deutschland Stipendium National Scholarship Programme:

One of the greatest German scholarships available to foreign students is the Deutschland Stipendium National Scholarship Program. This award for international students is yours if you can demonstrate remarkable achievement in academics, athletics, and general life skills. 

Even if thousands of people apply, you can remain ahead of the competition by learning the entire LOR writing tutorial by heart! Recall that after two semesters, you are evaluated, and the worthy applicants are awarded the scholarship once more.

  • Who Can Apply: Bachelors, Masters, PhD Students‍
  • Scholarship Type: Partially funded; need-based  
  • Offering Universities: University of Humboldt
  • Scholarship Amount: €300/month to every recipient 

3. RWTH Aachen University Scholarships:

Scholarships from RWTH Aachen University in Germany assist students at various phases of their academic careers. Since the scholarship’s financing fluctuates according to the program you’re applying to, there are no set requirements for eligibility. On the other hand, applicants for the M.Sc. Applied Health Informatics & Digital Medicine Program may be eligible for a tuition reduction of up to 25%. 

  • Who Can Apply: Master’s Students 
  • Scholarship Type: Fully funded; merit-based 
  • Offering Universities: RWTH Aachen University  
  • Scholarship Amount: 50% reduction of tuition fees or €500/per month 

4. Universität Hamburg Merit Scholarships:

The Universität Hamburg Merit Scholarships are among the best scholarships offered in Germany, and you are eligible to apply if you want to pursue a degree while attending Universität Hamburg for more than two semesters. No one who is qualified for federal student loan programs is accepted for this award for overseas students in Germany. By submitting an application for this scholarship, you can enhance your academic and career potential while studying in Germany.

  • Who Can Apply: Bachelors, Masters, PhD Students‍
  • Scholarship Type: Partially funded; merit-based 
  • Offering Universities: University of Hamburg
  • Scholarship Amount: €850/month for bachelor’s & master’s, €1,000/month for PhD 

5. Einstein International Postdoctoral Fellowship:

A fellowship program for leaders of junior research groups that can form and launch their own junior research groups is the Einstein International Postdoctoral Fellowship. A starting grant from the ERC or financing from the DFG is required for a leader of a junior research group.

Only postdoctoral researchers are eligible for financing, and the state of Berlin will determine their pay based on the wage agreement. The funding is granted to the researcher for a maximum of five years, during which time it may only be used for study.  

  • Who Can Apply: Junior Research Group Leaders‍
  • Scholarship Type: Partially funded, merit-Based 
  • Offering Universities: Berlin University
  • Scholarship Amount: €20,000/year for material resources 

6. Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung Scholarships:

One of the most sought-after scholarships in Germany, the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung Scholarship is given to students pursuing master’s and doctoral degrees in any field, with the exception of medicine, dentistry, and veterinary medicine. This award is offered by the Federal Foreign Office, and recipients receive stipends till the end of their degree. Nonetheless, during the first year, pupils will be observed to assess their development and performance. 

  • Who Can Apply: Masters and Doctorate Students‍
  • Scholarship Type: Fully funded; partially merit-based 
  • Offering Universities: Universitat Gottingen
  • Scholarship Amount: €850/month for postgraduation, €1,350/month for doctoral 

7. Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Scholarships:

This scholarship for international students studying in Germany is a must-have on this list since it comes with an outstanding record and a degree from an international university. This stands out among the many merit-based scholarships since it considers both your personal traits and how your academic accomplishments relate to the course you are applying to. Being one of the most important scholarships for studying in Germany, the program also pays for health insurance, tuition, and living expenses.

  • Who Can Apply:  Master’s, Postgraduate, PhD Students 
  • Scholarship Type: Fully funded; merit-based 
  • Offering Organisation: Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung
  • Scholarship Amount: €850/month for two years for postgraduation, €1,200/month for up to three years for PhD 

8. The Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Scholarships:

Students with an aptitude for social and political participation are encouraged to apply, even though this prize is among the most prestigious in Germany and has no set funding amount. You can get the necessary financial support from the scholarship if you have outstanding marks and a well-written cover letter. You must apply to a public or state-aided university in Germany to be considered for this scholarship for international students. 

  • Who Can Apply: Undergraduates, Postgraduates Students 
  • Scholarship Type: Fully funded; merit-based 
  • Offering Organisation: Friedrich Ebert Stiftung
  • Scholarship Amount: Not available 

9. Hamburg University of Applied Sciences Masters Scholarship:

Anyone searching for scholarships in Germany based on merit should give this program serious consideration. The program assists you in realizing your full potential by easing your financial worries. This international student fellowship in Germany encourages more equity and offers exceptional chances to interact with seasoned graduates. 

  • Who Can Apply: Bachelor’s, Master’s, PhD Students
  • Scholarship Type: Partially funded; merit-based 
  • Offering University: Hamburg University of Applied Sciences Masters  
  • Scholarship Amount: €850/month for graduate studies, €1,000/month for doctoral studies 

10. Kurt Hansen Science Scholarships:

Students from other nations as well as those who speak German are eligible to apply for this grant. Study projects, internships, summer expenses, and postgraduate courses in Germany are all covered by the scholarships. The applicants of this grant must be enrolled in biology and chemistry programs for teacher preparation. 

  • Who Can Apply: Master’s students from Biology and Chemistry
  • Scholarship Type: Fully funded; merit-based 
  • Offering Organisation: The Bayer Science and Education Foundation 
  • Scholarship Amount: €500 to €1,000/month, depending on the program duration

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How can I get a full scholarship in Germany?

– DAAD Scholarship Germany
– Erasmus Scholarship Programs in Germany
– Heinrich Boll Scholarships for International Students
– Bayer Foundations
– Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) Scholarships
– The Friedrich Ebert Stiftung
– Mawista Scholarship

2. How much CGPA is needed for a scholarship in Germany?

A level B1 certificate is required at the time of application. Furthermore, depending on the applied degree, applicants must have a minimum CGPA of 8.5 or 85% or equivalent. 

3. Which scholarship is easy to get in Germany?

The requirements for DAAD scholarships in Germany aren’t too hard to fulfill. Applicants must be in their final year of study or have finished a bachelor’s degree to be eligible for DAAD support. Although there can be a limited amount of time between completing your bachelor’s degree and applying for a DAAD award, there is no upper age limit.

4. Who qualifies for free college in Germany?

Everyone, regardless of nationality, is eligible to study in Germany without paying tuition. You can study in Germany without having to pay tuition if you’re German, from another European country, or any non-European country. Almost all of the study programs that public colleges offer are covered by this advantage.

5. Is IELTS required in Germany?

The IELTS exam is required for international students who want to study in Germany in order to be admitted. For the majority of undergraduate and graduate courses, a score of 6.0 or above is normally necessary.


Studying in Germany provides a unique experience that combines the benefits of a friendly, multicultural environment, world-class academic institutions, and the chance to gain knowledge from multinational corporations.

The nation provides international students with university scholarships that are both government- and non-funded.

Among the scholarships provided by the government are the Erasmus and DAAD scholarships. Other scholarships available in Germany include those from Heidelberg University, Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, and Bayer Foundations.

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