11 Top Photography Scholarships For Students

Photography Scholarships
Photography Scholarships

Are you seeking for photography scholarships to fund your photography education? If you’re a passionate photographer with a love for capturing the beauty of nature, surroundings, and animals, consider exploring photography scholarships available to students in the USA. 

Numerous companies and institutions provide these scholarships to nurture and encourage the talent and creativity of aspiring photographers.

These scholarships are designed to support and nurture the talent and creativity of aspiring photographers, allowing you to pursue your educational goals while following your passion. You can also checkout our article male nurses scholarship which is designed for male nurses to pursue and inspire to make the most of their nursing career.

In this article, we’ll guide you through some of the best photography scholarships, highlighting the significance of these opportunities for photography enthusiasts like you. Discover how you can turn your love for photography into a pathway for your academic journey.

Photography Scholarships: A Lifeline for Undergraduate Students

Financial Assistance for Aspiring Photographers

For undergraduate students who have poor financial status, the photography scholarship comes into existence. Under this scholarship, students who are good at photography and can click creative photos are rewarded with a certain amount to carry out their graduation and higher studies from any renowned college or University in the USA. Some scholarships are open for US residents while a few are open to Asians, Africans, Europeans, and Americans as well. 

The Rising Popularity of Photography Degrees

As per the data around 2438 students have successfully earned an undergraduate degree in the field of photography in the academic year 2018-2019, Such a craze of photography has made This has turned it into a very popular choice among students in the United States. The craze of photography is growing day by day but still, there is a need for a sudden boom. 

That is why Universities and institutions prioritize photography and offer scholarships to students who are good at photography. Even the students who achieve a degree in photography have a bright future, they get easily placed in several occupations like photojournalism, nature photography, documentary photography, graphic design, outdoor communications, etc. 

Bright Futures Await Photography Graduates

When it comes to the employment rate, more than 100,000 people are employed as professional photographers in different fields in the USA. Offering such scholarships will result in the growth of photography as a passion among youngsters. Photography is the best option for those who want to explore nature and biodiversity, they can pursue their career in wildlife photography. 

Can we get a photography scholarship?

Whether you want to pursue your photography career or is just your passion. You can get a scholarship in photography as a student which covers all your educational expenses including your tuition fee, campus charges, book bank, traveling charges, hostel, mess, and many more. It is easy to apply for the scholarship once you meet all the eligibility criteria and requirements for the scholarship. 

The amount received under the photography scholarship is a financial aid that makes higher education more affordable for students who belong to poor financial backgrounds. Many universities and colleges used to release millions under the photography scholarship programs to students who have either creativity in photography or have a low financial background. 

If you have a passion for photography and want to pursue higher studies in the same field. Then you can get the free scholarship rewards to cover up your study expenses. We have researched and found some of the best-valued scholarships for photography students. 

Best 11 Photography Scholarships 2023

1. Alexia Foundation Professional & Student Grant (Syracuse University)

Alexia Foundation Professional & Student Grant (Syracuse University)
Alexia Foundation Professional & Student Grant (Syracuse University)

Alexia Foundation Professional & Student Grant offers a total amount of $ 20,000 for professional photographers with tuition fees and a $ 1,000 stipend for the students. This scholarship is open to all students who are legal residents of the USA, for progression photographers the application fee is $50 whereas it is free for students. You need to submit the required details and the project requested. 

Some eligibility criteria need to be fulfilled by the candidates to get the scholarship, these include citizenship in the US, poor financial background, and good academic scores. 

2. Creativity Takes Courage Scholarship for Art Students

Students from an arts background or visual arts can benefit from the scholarship and get a more affordable education. All you need to do is write an essay expressing your views on the arts, creativity, and photography. The applicants whose essays get selected are subjected to getting a scholarship for their higher studies. 

All the photography students of High School Seniors, College, and graduate are eligible for the scholarship. But you need to be a permanent citizen of the US and have an academic interest in some selected categories. These categories are photography, graphic designing, music, dance, visual arts, broadcasting, and other arts-related categories. 

3. Ocean Awareness Art Contest

Minor students from the age group between 12 to 18 years are eligible for the scholarship. The scholarship is themed on the environment and nature. The candidates need to present their views related to the environment in the form of artwork, writing, or visual arts. The main motive of the scholarship is to develop the concern of ocean conversation among youngsters. 

To apply for the scholarship there are some eligibility criteria, the candidates must be a citizen of the US, Canadian, Permanent Residents, DACA, and others. The scholarship program is presented every year on different themes each year. High school students can apply for the scholarship with no academic qualifications required. 

4. Niche $25,000 No Essay Scholarship

Niche $25,000 No Essay Scholarship
Niche $25,000 No Essay Scholarship

The scholarship is for high school and college students who are willing to get financial aid for their educational expenses. There is no need to qualify for any academic score or GPA requirement to avail of the scholarship amount. An amount of $25000 is awarded to the students which covers all the expenses including tuition, housing, books, and other high school expenses. 

Many colleges and high schools are partnered with the scholarship program and help to select deserving candidates. You need to have a strong profile and a deserving application, US citizenship, and be admitted to a renowned US-based school or college to get financial aid. 

5. Philadelphia Association of Black Journalists College Multimedia Scholarship Challenge

Philadelphia Association of Black Journalists College Multimedia Scholarship Challenge
Philadelphia Association of Black Journalists College Multimedia Scholarship Challenge

The Philadelphia college students have this opportunity to get financial support of $ 1000 to $2500 for study expenses. The students who are legal residents of the USA and are admired in a 4-year degree program in any US-based school or college are eligible for the scholarship. The scholarship is specially made for the students of mass communication and generalism. 

Different contests and theme-based competitions are organized each year to select deserving candidates. Sometimes it can be photography, essay writing, or visual arts which is why this scheme contributes to the photography scholarships. 

6. Jillian Ellis Pathway Scholarship

Most of the photography scholarships are open only for US students whereas this is open for both Africans and Americans. Students who have big dreams and goals in their lives are eligible for financial aid under the scholarship scheme. An amount of $1000 is provided to the students who get selected for the scholarship. 

Higher school or college students can get the scholarship if they have good academic scores and creativity in the field of arts. Black students are especially preferred in this scholarship to uplift their status and provide equality. 

7. CardsDirect Future Designer Scholarship

The students need to submit their unique image to get the scholarship amount of $2000 from Cardsdirect. The images that are perfect to use on the holiday card are the winner of the scholarship program and the financial aid to get a more affordable higher education at school or college. 

The eligibility criteria are simple. The applicant must be a big 17 years of age and must be admitted to any US-based college or university. Each application can submit a single self-clicked photograph based on a given theme. 

8. Belin Arts Scholarship

One of the best value photography scholarships offered to the students of Northeastern Pennsylvania. The amount given to the selected candidate is around $ 10,000 which covers all the educational expenses of school or college. Both the formal studies and informal studies are included in the scholarship. That means getting enrolled in any school or college is not a compulsion for the applicant. 

However some eligibility requirements need to be fulfilled like the applicant having to present a letter of recommendation from college or school authorities, artists, judges, recognized experts in the selected field, or other known officials. Anyone can apply but the students of Northeastern Pennsylvania are highly preferred. 

9. The College Photographer of the Year Award

Under this scholarship program, financial aid of $1000 is given to students who are newbies in the field of photography and want to pursue their higher studies or are under-graduating from any US-based college or school. The scholarship is more like an annual contest of photography. The selected photos get a reward of $1000 which can be used for educational expenses. 

The requirements for the scholarship are simple: The candidates must be citizens of India, not professional photographers, and be admitted to any US-based renowned high school or university. There are three categories under the scholarship i.e. Division I, Still Division II, and Multimedia Division. 

10. The Ocho Cares Artistry Scholarship

This scholarship is all about the creativity of photography. The more creative you are, the higher your chances of getting financial aid of $548. This scheme is open for students of art backgrounds, including photography, dancing, painting, singing, and many more. Undergraduate students and higher school photography students can apply for the program and get financial support. 

There is a contest where the applicants need to submit an essay where they need to explain some statements like what derived them from the photograph, what does crater means to them, their bond with their passion, and many more. The most innovative essays are supposed to get the reward which can be used to make education more affordable. 

11. The James Alan Cox Foundation Scholarship

The James Alan Cox Foundation Scholarship
The James Alan Cox Foundation Scholarship

James Alan Cox is one of the most popular television photojournalists, the scholarship is offered in memory of James Alan Cox. In this, a reward of $2500 is offered to the high school, college, or undergraduate students of US citizenship. The amount offered will cover all the major educational expenses including tuition fees, campus charges, dress, mess, or other charges. 


1. Are photography scholarships open for US citizens?

Most of the photography scholarships are only for legal US residents whereas a few of them are open for Africans, blacks, and Asians as well. You need to check for the eligibility criteria of the scholarship program before applying. 

2. How much are the photography scholarships?

Different types of photography scholarships offer different rewards to the students. On average, the scholarship rewards range from $50 to several thousand. You can check for the rewards from the official website of the scholarship program. 

3. Are there any photography scholarships?

There are many scholarship programs in the USA to help students with poor financial backgrounds to uplift their status and help them make their higher education more affordable. One such scholarship is the photography scholarship, where the students are offered financial aid based on their creativity and photography skills. 

4. Where to get the photography scholarships?

Most of the photography scholarships are available online and have a portal for applying. Anyone can apply for them when the letter of recommendation meets some eligibility criteria. But a few of them have direct collaboration with the high schools and universities, they help with annual contests and offer rewards to winners. 


Financial aid for students who belong to poor economic status is the best way to make their education more affordable. There are hundreds of scholarships available all over the USA which are used to release funds annually for these students. If you have good photography skills then apply for the above-mentioned scholarships and get the financial support to cover your educational expenses.

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