12 Best Scholarships for Black Women

Scholarships for Black Women

Are you a Black woman seeking scholarships for black women specifically designed to support your educational pursuits? You’re in the right place. Scholarships for Black Women are essential resources designed to empower and support individuals of sub-Saharan African, Afro-diasporic, Australian Aboriginal, and Melanesian descent in their educational pursuits. 

These scholarships play a pivotal role in facilitating access to higher education, including undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral studies. Countless organizations, universities, and foundations are dedicated to offering Scholarships for Black Women, with a strong commitment to diversity and inclusion. Also you can checkout scholarships for blue eyes which can help students with blue eyes to avail scholarship for their higher studies.

Explore this curated selection of Scholarships for Black Women to discover valuable opportunities that can help Black women pursue higher education and achieve their aspirations in society.

List of Best 12 Scholarships for Black Women 

1. Dr. Gussie M. Ware Memorial Scholarship

Dr. Gussie M. Ware Memorial Scholarship
Dr. Gussie M. Ware Memorial Scholarship

The Dr. Gussie M. Ware Memorial Scholarship is a scholarship program named in honor of Dr. Gussie M. Ware, presumably in recognition of her contributions or achievements. These scholarships are generally awarded to deserving students to support their educational pursuits.

This top scholarship is available to Black women pursuing their first undergraduate degree. To qualify for this Scholarship for Black Women, candidates must either be high school seniors with a minimum 2.5 GPA or hold a GED. Additionally, they must reside in Winnebago County or Illinois. Also, if you have a family relationship with Dr. Ware, you can get this scholarship. 

As part of the application process, applicants must demonstrate their creativity by writing an essay detailing their achievements, and leadership qualities, and demonstrating that they are strong claimants for this Scholarship for Black Women.

2. UNCF Healthcare Workforce Diversity Program

UNCF Healthcare Workforce Diversity Program
UNCF Healthcare Workforce Diversity Program

The UNCF Healthcare Workforce Diversity Program is an initiative aimed at increasing diversity in the healthcare workforce. It provides scholarships, mentorship, and support to underrepresented minority students pursuing careers in health care, to eliminate health care disparities and improve access to quality care for underserved communities.

This program, supported by the AbbVie Foundation, strives to address the racial disparities within the healthcare sector by offering financial, educational, and career assistance to Black female students who are pursuing healthcare-related studies. This scholarship opportunity is available to both high school seniors and college students.

To be eligible for this Scholarship for Black Women, you should be currently enrolled in a certificate program or an associate degree program at a recognized institution. Also, you must state a clear intention to pursue a STEM career in healthcare. Furthermore, you are required to complete the FAFSA, satisfy specific financial criteria unrelated to your school, and maintain a satisfactory academic record.

3. Judith McManus Price Scholarship

The Judith McManus Price Scholarship is a scholarship program that supports students pursuing a degree in transportation-related fields. It is named in honor of Judith McManus Price, who was a prominent figure in the transportation industry. The objective of this scholarship is to encourage and assist students to pursue careers in transportation planning, engineering, and related disciplines. 

The Judith McManus Price Scholarship, awarded by the American Planning Association, supports economically disadvantaged Black women who aim to pursue successful careers in transportation planning. To be eligible for the Scholarship for Black Women, students must be enrolled in a program recognized by a recognized board. 

As part of the application process, candidates are required to submit a two-page personal statement describing their passion for planning and how their educational path aligns with their professional aspirations.

4. The Gates Scholarship

The Gates Scholarship
The Gates Scholarship

Gates Scholarship is a highly competitive and prestigious scholarship program established by Bill and Melinda Gates. It provides full financial aid to outstanding minority high school seniors in the United States who have demonstrated academic excellence, leadership, and a commitment to community service. 

The scholarship covers the full cost of attendance at the recipient’s chosen college or university and provides additional support for personal and professional development. The Gates Scholarship provides an excellent opportunity for Black women and those from low-income backgrounds to fully cover their entire expenses, such as tuition, fees, books, accommodation, and transportation. 

Since it is a highly competitive scholarship, only 300 senior students are selected annually. To be eligible for this Scholarship for Black women, you need to have a minimum GPA of 3.3, be working toward a bachelor’s degree, and provide evidence of your leadership abilities.

5. Jackie Robinson Foundation Scholarship

Jackie Robinson Foundation Scholarship
Jackie Robinson Foundation Scholarship

The Jackie Robinson Foundation Scholarship is a prestigious scholarship program that provides financial aid and assistance to minority students pursuing higher education. It was established in honor of Jackie Robinson, the first African American to play in Major League Baseball. 

The scholarship provides a great opportunity for Black women to ease the burden of student loan payments. This Scholarship for Black women provides financial assistance of up to $35,000 during a four-year undergraduate program.

To qualify for the Jackie Robinson Foundation Scholarship, you must provide your official SAT or ACT scores, and your chosen college must be recognized as a four-year institution. Additionally, you are required to demonstrate excellent academic performance, leadership qualities, and a strong dedication to community service.

Furthermore, the Jackie Robinson Foundation Scholarship program includes valuable benefits, such as guidance and assistance in job placement.  

6. Geoscience IDEA Scholarship

Black women pursuing in geology or earth science have the opportunity to apply for the Geoscience IDEA Scholarship, which provides up to $5,000 in financial aid. Administered by the Association for Women Geoscientists (AWG), this scholarship aims to increase diversity in the field of geoscience and connect recipients with AWG mentors.

To avail of this scholarship, students need to fill out a specific application form and submit a statement describing their financial need. Along with this, they will also have to submit recommendation letters from eminent persons of the state. US citizens are eligible for this Scholarship for Black women.

7. James W. Stoudt Memorial Scholarship

The Pennsylvania Bar Association offers the James W. Stoudt Memorial Scholarship, which offers $3,000 each year to support minority law students. To qualify, you must be a Black, Hispanic, or Native American student enrolled in one of Pennsylvania’s nine accredited law schools. You must also maintain a strong academic record. 

Furthermore, you must submit an essay outlining your aspirations to make a meaningful impact on the legal field or your community. You should provide references that can confirm your qualifications.

8. Johnson Dale Women’s Empowerment Scholarship

The Johnson Dale Women’s Empowerment Scholarship is a prestigious award designed to assist Black women living in New York who are dedicated to philanthropy. Established in honor of Johnson Dale, this scholarship encourages eligible candidates to showcase their philanthropic efforts through a video presentation.

In their application, applicants are expected to detail their experiences in philanthropy, share lessons they have learned, and outline their future philanthropic aspirations.

9. American Meteorological Society Scholarship

American Meteorological Society Scholarship
American Meteorological Society Scholarship

The American Meteorological Society (AMS) offers several scholarships and grants to support students pursuing careers in atmospheric and related sciences. These scholarships are generally awarded to undergraduate and graduate students studying meteorology, atmospheric science, or related fields. 

Scholarships are available for Black women studying meteorology, which offer a stipend of $6,000 over two years. Eligibility requires you to be a Black, Hispanic, or Native American student with aspirations in atmospheric, hydrological, or marine sciences. Additionally, to be eligible, your GPA must be at least 3.0.

10. Brown and Caldwell Minority Scholarship

Brown and Caldwell Minority Scholarship
Brown and Caldwell Minority Scholarship

The Brown and Caldwell Minority Scholarship is an annual scholarship program offered by the environmental engineering and consulting firm, Brown and Caldwell. The purpose of this scholarship is to support underrepresented minority students pursuing careers in the environmental field.  

Brown and Caldwell offer $5,000 scholarships aimed at supporting minority students who are pursuing careers in the environmental field. Eligible applicants must belong to a minority group, such as Black individuals. Additionally, candidates must be in their junior, senior, or graduate years of study and maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0 to qualify for this Scholarship for Black women.

11. Dashanna K. McNeil Memorial Scholarship

If you are a Black woman and your dream is to become a nurse, Dashanna K. McNeil Memorial Scholarship can help you pursue a career in nursing. This scholarship provides support to Black women with aspirations for nursing careers. It is open to students at all education levels. Applicants must submit an essay detailing their nursing ambitions. 

Eligibility includes enrollment or planning to enroll in a nursing program at a recognized institution. Students can receive awards of up to $1120 through this scholarship opportunity.

12. Goodnewsletter Scholarship

The GoodNewsletter Scholarship is available to all students. Black women can apply for this scholarship. Those who meet the scholarship criteria may receive a scholarship award. Upon applying for the scholarship, applicants will receive the GoodNewsletter. Finalists who actively engage with the newsletter will get an opportunity to be interviewed for their insights. 

Why are College Scholarships for Black Women Important?

College scholarships for Black women are important for several reasons. Some of them include: 

  • Addressing Historical Inequities: Black women have faced historical and systemic disadvantages in education and employment.  The scholarships for black women aims to reduce these disparities by providing opportunities for higher education to Black women.
  • Promoting Diversity: Scholarships for Black women contribute to diversity in academic institutions and across fields. This ensures that diverse perspectives and voices are heard.
  • Economic Empowerment: Higher education can lead to better job opportunities and higher earning potential, which can have a positive impact on the economic well-being of Black women and their communities.
  • Addressing the Gender and Racial Gap: Scholarships specifically for women of color acknowledge and address the unique challenges they face because of their intersectional identities. It helps reduce gender and racial gap.  
  • Community Benefits: An educated Black female workforce can contribute to the betterment of their communities through leadership, mentorship, and advocacy.

Are More Black Females Earning a College Degree?

There has been a trend of increasing college enrollment and degree attainment among Black females in the United States. In higher education, Black women outperform Black men in degree attainment. In terms of undergraduate degrees, Black women earn 64.1%, graduate degrees 71.5%, and doctoral and medical degrees  65.9%.

5 Tips to Help You Win Scholarships for Black Women

We provide 5 effective tips to help you win scholarships for Black Women. By following these you can get scholarships to fulfill your aspirations of higher education.

  • Do Thorough Research: Spend time researching scholarships designed specifically for Black women.  Look into both national and local opportunities, as there may be smaller, less competitive scholarships available in your community.
  • Customize Your Applications: Customize your scholarship applications to match each scholarship’s specific criteria and requirements.  Highlight your accomplishments, community involvement, and personal experiences that align with the mission of the scholarship.
  • Maintain Strong Academic Standing: Many scholarships may consider your academic performance. So, Keep your grades high and aim for excellence in your studies, as this can make you a more competitive applicant.
  • Demonstrate Leadership and Community Involvement: Highlight your leadership roles, extracurricular activities, and volunteer work.  Scholarship committees often look for applicants who are actively engaged in their communities.
  • Write Excellent Essays: Create a compelling and well-written scholarship essay.  Address the essay prompt thoughtfully and reflect on your unique experiences and aspirations.  You can get your essays proofread by someone for clarity and coherence.


1. What scholarships are available for Black women?

Scholarships available for Black women include the Dr. Gussie M. Ware Memorial Scholarship, the James W. Stoudt Memorial Scholarship, the Judith McManus Price Scholarship, The Gates Scholarship, the Johnson Dale Women’s Empowerment Scholarship, and more. These scholarships are offered by universities, foundations, and organizations.

Scholarships are available for both undergraduate and master’s students. Some scholarships are specifically designed for high school seniors, while others target women pursuing advanced degrees.

2. How can I find scholarships specifically for Black women?

To find scholarships, you can check with your college’s financial aid office by visiting scholarship search engines. Scholarship search engines are excellent resources for searching for scholarships tailored to Black women.

These platforms aggregate multiple scholarship opportunities, categorize them based on various factors, such as deadlines and awards, and allow specific criteria filtering.  Some of the top-tier scholarship search engines include Fastweb, Cappex,, Unigo, etc. 

3. What are the eligibility criteria for scholarships for Black women?

Eligibility criteria for scholarships vary but generally include factors, such as academic achievement, community involvement, leadership, and financial need. Some may have specific requirements related to career goals.

4. How can I improve my chances of winning a scholarship for Black women?

To increase your chances, focus on maintaining a strong academic record, getting involved in extracurricular activities, volunteering, and writing a compelling scholarship essay that showcases your achievements and goals. Additionally, you should meet all application deadlines and apply for multiple scholarships to broaden your opportunities.


Scholarships for Black women play an important role in addressing systemic inequities in higher education. These opportunities not only empower Black women to pursue their educational dreams but also contribute to a diverse and inclusive learning environment. Scholarships provide financial relief, reduce the burden of student loans, and allow recipients to focus on their studies.  

Additionally, scholarships foster a sense of community and support, thereby encouraging Black women to excel academically and professionally. As we strive for a more equitable society, investing in scholarships for Black women is a powerful way to remove barriers and build a brighter, more inclusive future for all.

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