NFL Youtube TV Student Discount

NFL Youtube TV Student Discount

With the NFL YouTube TV Student Discount, eligible students can get access to out-of-market NFL games at a lower price. Let’s know the cost and eligibility requirements.

The NFL YouTube TV Student Discount, also known as the NFL Sunday Ticket Student Plan, is a program that enables eligible students to purchase NFL Sunday Ticket. Through the membership program, eligible students can gain access to NFL games played outside their region at a discounted price.

Student discount is only available for NFL Sunday Ticket packages.  It is not available for the YouTube TV base plan, which includes local channels and some sports networks.

You can watch your favorite team play from anywhere in the world for $199, which gives you access to NFL games every Sunday afternoon. This article outlines the eligibility requirements, limitations, and cost of the NFL YouTube TV Student Discount.

What You Get with the NFL Sunday Ticket?

  • You can watch Sunday afternoon games of the regular season on CBS and FOX on channels that are unavailable in your area by using NFL Sunday Ticket on YouTube. Hence, if you’re a Chicago resident who loves the New England Patriots, you can watch every Sunday “Pats” game that your local networks don’t broadcast.
  • NFL Sunday Ticket is available for streaming on YouTube or YouTube TV, giving you more viewing options.
  • NFL Sunday Ticket does not include local and national broadcast games, postseason games, or preseason games.
  • NFL Sunday Ticket Student Plan allows only one signed in device and one concurrent stream at a time.  Family Sharing is not included.

Eligibility Requirements for NFL YouTube TV Student Discount

To register for an NFL Sunday Ticket student membership you must meet specific requirements. NFL YouTube TV Student Discount eligibility requirements are shown below:

  • You must be minimum 18 years of age to be eligible for the NFL YouTube TV Student Discount
  • You must be a  student enrolled in an accredited college or university.
  • To watch and purchase, you must live in the United States.
  • The third-party verification service, SheerID, will need to confirm that you are enrolled in school.  Typically, this involves uploading documents, such as class schedules, tuition receipts, or a student ID card.

Family sharing is not allowed with the NFL YouTube TV Student Discount. One device at a time can only be used for streaming. To use the service, you must be in the US, even though you do not need to be enrolled in any US university. For the future season, you will need to re verify your eligibility.

NFL YouTube TV Student Discount Price

Students can get NFL Sunday Ticket at a discounted price from YouTube. The NFL YouTube TV Student Discount is available for eligible students for $199, which is a significant savings from the regular price of $299. For an additional $10, the student plan also offers access to NFL RedZone.

For the full season, regular prices start at $299 for YouTube TV subscribers and $399 for non-subscribers. Only YouTube Primetime Channels are offering the student plan for NFL Sunday Ticket. Once purchased NFL YouTube TV Student Discount, you can watch on YouTube or YouTube TV.

NFL Sunday Ticket Free Trial

A 7-day free trial of NFL Sunday Ticket is available on YouTube TV and YouTube Primetime Channels. During the trial time, it gives you access to all live out-of-market NFL games on Sundays, in addition to other services like live chats, highlight videos, and important plays.

A Brief Summary of the Free Trial is Given Below:

  • Availability: Through YouTube Primetime Channel and YouTube TV
  • Duration: 7 days
  • Access: Live chats, highlight videos, key plays and all out-of-market NFL games
  • Restrictions: Free trial is not accessible to existing or former NFL Sunday Ticket customers, monthly payment plans, or student plans.

How to Sign up for the Free Trial

There are two ways to sign up for a free trial of NFL Sunday Ticket:

Through YouTube TV

  • Visit the YouTube TV website:
  • Sign in with your Google Account. If you haven’t already signed up for YouTube TV, select the Start Free Trial option.
  • If you’re already a YouTube TV subscriber, go to Settings and then Subscriptions.
  • Find NFL Sunday Ticket and review pricing and package options
  • During checkout, you should be presented with the option to start your 7-day free trial.

Through YouTube Primetime Channels

  • Visit NFL YouTube Channel:
  • Locate the Get NFL Sunday Tickets option.
  • Click on the option and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • During checkout, you should see the option Start your 7-day free trial.

Remember that the free trial is not yet available on mobile browsers, so you’ll need to use a desktop computer or laptop to sign up. The free trial may be slow to start, so if you don’t see the option at first, try again soon. To avoid being charged you must cancel your subscription before the 7-day trial ends.

How to Buy the NFL Sunday Ticket Student Plan!

By following these steps you can successfully purchase the NFL Sunday Ticket Student Plan:

  • Visit the NFL Channel on YouTube: To access the official YouTube channel of the NFL, visit It may ask you to use your Google Account to log in.
  • Find the offer: Look for a “Get NFL Sunday Tickets” button or banner on the channel.
  • Proceed to Verification: To proceed with verification, click the button and follow the instructions.  You will be taken to SheerID to confirm your status as a student.  Give them the information they need and do what they say.
  • Choose your Plan: Once verification is successful, you will have one of the following two options:
    • NFL Sunday Ticket Only: For $199, watch every NFL Sunday afternoon out-of-market game.
    • NFL RedZone Plus NFL Sunday Ticket: For $209, you can get access to NFL RedZone (live highlights) in addition to the benefits of the base membership.
  • Finalize Purchase: Review the terms and conditions before buying the NFL YouTube TV student discount, and then complete the payment process. Choose your preferred payment method like credit or debit card to complete the transaction. After payment, you can watch the game on YouTube or YouTube TV.

Remember you can purchase the student plan only on YouTube Primetime Channel, not directly through YouTube TV. The NFL season typically runs from September to February (dates may vary).

How Much Do NFL Sunday Tickets Cost If You are Not a Student?

NFL Sunday Ticket package prices start at $299. If you’re not a student, the current cost of NFL Sunday Tickets is as follows:

1. Through YouTube TV

  • $349 for regular season
  • $389 for regular season with NFL RedZone

2. Through YouTube Primetime Channels

  • $449 for regular season
  • $489 for regular season with NFL RedZone

These are preseason prices, and may change closer to the start of the season in September. So, It is important to be aware of potential price fluctuations.

Can I Watch More Than One NFL Game at a Time?

Yes, it’s possible to watch multiple NFL games at a time. The easiest way to watch four games simultaneously in split screen mode is to subscribe to NFL Sunday Ticket with YouTube TV.

As an alternative, NFL RedZone quickly flips between the most exciting plays of every game, but using multiple streaming services and devices gives you more options but requires more screens and subscriptions. Unofficial multi-viewing websites are not recommended due to security and unreliability issues.

How Many People Can Watch Sunday Ticket on the Same YouTube TV Account?

With NFL Sunday Ticket on YouTube TV, you can become the perfect sports host at home as it provides unlimited streaming to your family simultaneously. This means that each person sharing a home can watch their favorite games on their personal devices, whether it’s a tablet in the kitchen, a smartphone on the go or a big screen in the living room. 

If you are hosting a football watching party outside your home then there is a restriction of two streams for your other football fans. Remember that the NFL YouTube TV Student Discount only allows you to watch one stream at a time and doesn’t include this family sharing feature.

Are There Blackout Restrictions for NFL Games on YouTube TV?

Blackout restrictions may still apply on YouTube TV for preseason NFL games in your location. This means that even if the game is not included in your YouTube TV plan, you will not be able to watch it on NFL network if it is being broadcast locally. 

Nevertheless, regular season games are exempt from this. With the disclaimer that they do use your location – either zip code or phone data to determine if a game has been blacked out locally due to unsold tickets, they also provide access to YouTube TV and additional  NFL Sunday Ticket is accessible through an add-on.

In such circumstances, the game will not be available on any channel, including YouTube TV. Remember that these limits are specific to local and preseason games.

Can International Students Benefit from the NFL YouTube TV Student Discount?

Unfortunately, the NFL YouTube TV student discount is not available to international students even if enrollment at a US institution is not required. Regardless of whether you are a student or not, you must be physically located in the United States to subscribe and watch NFL Sunday Ticket on YouTube TV. 

This limitation results from licensing agreements that limit broadcast rights to particular geographic areas. Even if international students can’t take advantage of the student discount, it’s still worth inquiring about any comparable offers for NFL content from your local cable or streaming providers.

Are There Any Upcoming Updates Regarding the Student Discount for NFL on YouTube TV?

As of February 2024, there have been no announced updates to the NFL YouTube TV student discount. However, it’s important to know that YouTube TV doesn’t actually offer this discount. 

Instead, eligible students can purchase a separate NFL Sunday Ticket student plan on YouTube primetime channels as stated above, at a discounted price of $199, or with NFL RedZone for $209.

If you want access for the upcoming season, you will need to purchase this subscription again as it does not automatically renew. It is generally recommended to watch YouTube TV and YouTube for updates on the upcoming NFL season, even if there is no news regarding changes.


1. How to get Sunday NFL tickets for free?

Visit the NFL YouTube website and sign up from a desktop or mobile to start your free trial of NFL Sunday Ticket. A 7-day free trial is available to you before checkout.

2. Can I get the NFL package with YouTube TV?

As an add-on to the NFL YouTube TV base plan subscription, Sunday Ticket provides access to regular season NFL games on Sunday afternoons that are not shown locally in your area. The YouTube TV base plan costs $72.99 monthly.

3. How much is YouTube TV for 1 year?

YouTube TV doesn’t offer any annual plans. This is just a monthly service. If you go with the base plan that comes to $875.88 over the course of a year. But, if you sign up for YouTube TV for the first time and get your first three months at a cost of $62.99 each, your first year will only cost $845.88.

4. Where can I watch the NFL for free?

 If you don’t have access to cable or paid streaming services, you can watch NFL games live by using an antenna for local stations like FOX, CBS, and NBC. These networks broadcast a lot of NFL games.


Although YouTube TV does not offer a direct student discount for the entire service, it provides users with discounted access to the NFL Sunday Ticket Student Plan. This plan is vital for students who have a strong interest in American football and want to watch out-of-market games during the regular season. With this coupon, students can watch every Sunday afternoon NFL game that broadcasts on Fox and CBS, which may not be accessible in their area for much less money than a regular plan.

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