First 500 Scholarship at the University of Kent

First 500 Scholarship at the University of Kent

Are you looking for First 500 Scholarship at the University of Kent, then you are on the right place. If you are a student who has excelled academically and exhibits considerable potential in your chosen field of study, then the First 500 Scholarship at the University of Kent is tailored precisely for you.

Getting a Scholarship is the way to find educational expenses and pursue higher studies in renowned universities. The students who belong to the family with lower financial backgrounds seek scholarships offered by various institutions and organizations. 

The scholarships offered funds, resources, or sometimes low-interest loans to the selected students. Using the financial support provided by scholarships the students can cover their educational expenses including tuition fees, housing, traveling, books, and many more. There are various scholarships offered by different entities. 

Some are given by private institutions, federal or state governments, companies, educational institutions, corporations, multinationals, charitable trusts, foundations, and more. One such scholarship is the ‘First 500 scholarship at the University of Kent‘. Here in the article, we will provide all you need to know about the scholarship.  

What is the First 500 scholarship?

The University of Kent is one of the most renowned public research universities located in Canterbury, United Kingdom. The popular university was founded in 1965 and currently, more than 20,000 students are studying in the university from more than 150 countries. The university allows students to pursue a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs in various fields of study, such as arts, humanities, social sciences, sciences, engineering, law, business, medicine, and many more. 

The University extends financial aid packages to support students with financial constraints in pursuing higher education. Among the prominent scholarships available to undergraduate students is the First 500 Scholarship at the University of Kent.

The best part of the scholarship is that it was launched in 2017 by the first students who attended the university in 1965. The name of the university was adopted by the same, known as the First 500. The main motive of the scholarship is to support the next generation of Kent students to achieve their higher qualifications. The scholarship is the symbol of celebrating the milestones and achievements of the university. 

Eligibility Requirements for the First 500 Scholarship at the University of Kent

There are specific eligibility criteria that applicants must meet to qualify for the First 500 Scholarship at the University of Kent. This scholarship is available to all first-time undergraduate students applying to the University of Kent, emphasizing inclusivity for newcomers. 

However, it’s essential to note that this opportunity may not extend to students repeating their academic years. For those exploring scholarships tailored for particular student demographics, scholarships aimed at supporting first-generation students could provide additional avenues for academic assistance within a similar context.

Both full-time and part-time students can apply for the scholarship whether they are home, EU, or overseas students. Below are the needs and requirements students need to meet to achieve financial support, let’s have a look: 

  • The Applicants who apply for the scholarship must have attained the AAB from three A Levels or more. That will be 136 points or higher. 
  • The applying candidates must have entered the eligible stage of their undergraduate course before the deadline set by the institution. 
  • The application to the University of Kent must be made via UCAS. 
  • To get the financial aid the students must have made a firm acceptance to pursue higher study at Kent. 
  • The Applicants also need to make sure they have not attained any qualification higher than A Level of their course. 
  • The Applicants who are applying have not taken the financial aid from other programs and schemes. Only freshcomers are eligible. 
  • The Applicants must be new students and those who are already pursuing study at Kent are not eligible.

Benefits of Scholarship 

The First 500 Scholarship at the University of Kent is not included in the fully funded scholarship as it is a partial scholarship and covers a £2,000 annual award to cover minor educational expenses for the duration of the course the applicant is enrolled in. 

More importantly, the scholarship will be paid in installments of £1,000 each academic year for the students who are admitted to full-time courses. The scholarship can be used to pay off some of the tuition fees or living expenses of the applicant. There are a lot more benefits that come along with the scholarship, some of these are mentioned below, let’s have a look: 

  • The scholarship fund is sponsored by the first 500 scholarship at the University of Kent. The selected students will get appreciation from the First 500 alumni. 
  • The applicants will also get the opportunity to connect and interact with the First 500 alumni and all other scholarship recipients, they can enquire about academics and other things. 
  • Other than financial support the students will also get academic and career support from the university and the alumni.
  • You will also get the chance to enhance your academic performance and personal development. 

How do I apply for the First 500 Scholarship ?

To apply for the First 500 Scholarship at the University of Kent, several steps must be followed, which we have meticulously detailed in the article. Initially, aspiring candidates are required to apply for admission to the University of Kent through UCAS and secure a confirmed seat acceptance from the university. 

Subsequently, as indicated on the official website, applicants need to craft an essay of approximately 750 to 1,000 words centered around the given topic:

“When the first students arrived at the new University of Kent at Canterbury (as the University was then known) in 1965, there were no societies, no sports clubs, and no student representation. In 2018, a total of 20,000 students engaged in 67 sports clubs and 189 societies, with an additional presence of over 400 student representatives. Kent’s first students had the opportunity – and the responsibility – to start all of these from scratch. If you were part of the inaugural student intake at a new university opening in 2023, what initiative would you initiate and what would be your rationale behind it?

The applicant needs to save the essay in a Word document and include some basic details like your name and university identification number at the top. Then make sure to submit the essay on an application using KentVision. Every year there is a deadline for submitting the application which is usually in October. 

After applying all you need to do is wait for the results. Every year only one scholarship is offered to the winning student. Everything will be considered for choosing the winner including the profile, academic score of the applicant, attractive essay, and many more. 

Pros and Cons

The First 500 Scholarship at the University of Kent students is a promising scholarship that makes it possible for students to achieve their academic goals at the University of Kent. However, similar to all other scholarships it comes with some pros and cons that applicants need to face. We have reserved and here are some of the possible advantages and disadvantages of the scholarship:


The advantages of the scholarship offered to the students pursuing their higher studies in Kent are mentioned below, let’s have a look: 

  • The scholarship is open to all undergraduate students admitted to the university; there is no barrier to their nationality, subject, or mode of study.
  • The scholarship is based on the academic excellence of the applicants not on financial need. This means that applicants do not need to provide any proof of income or financial hardship while submitting their application. 
  • The best part of the scholarship is that it is renewable for the duration of the degree program, however, you need to maintain satisfactory academic progress as per qualifications criteria. 
  • The scholarship is flexible and can be used for all kinds of educational expenses. This includes tuition fees, books, accommodation, travel, or personal expenses.


There are some disadvantages of the scholarship which are its major drawbacks. Presenting these, take a look:

  • There are thousands of students in the university which is why the scholarship is highly competitive. This is also because only one scholarship is available each year.
  • The scholarship has some strict eligibility criteria that applicants must comply with, such as having high grades, making a firm acceptance, not applying to certain programs, and many more. 
  • The students need to fill out an additional application form other than the university admission application. Here the applicants need to write an essay of 750 to 1,000 words on a given topic. The essay must be submitted as per the given deadline. 
  • The scholarship does not cover all the educational expenses of the applicant. The applicants need to find some other sources of financial funding or student loans to cover other costs. 

Hope you come to know about the pros and cons of the First 50 scholarship at the University of Kent. Make sure to see your eligibility and consider all these pros and cons before applying. Your application will be rejected in a minute. Only the students who have scored a satisfactory profile in the application are selected for financial support. The applications of the rest of the students will be rejected and can not be filled out again. 


1. When will I know if I have been awarded the First 500 Scholarship?

The scholarship recipients who have applied for the scholarship will be notified whether they have won the reward or not by email by the end of November. The scholarship of £2000 will be confirmed once the recipient has enrolled at the University of Kent around September before the commencing of the first semester in the course. The amount will be directly transferred to the account of the applicant and has flexible use for educational expenses. 

2. How will I receive the First 500 Scholarship?

The scholarship will be paid in installments of £1,000 every academic year in case of full-time courses. The same will be followed for the students who have participated in the full-time courses at Kent University. The scholarship will be paid directly into the applicant’s bank account by the end of October each academic year. The students can use it to pay their tuition fees, books, and housing and cover all other study costs. 

3. Can I combine the First 500 Scholarship with other scholarships or grants?

Yes, the winners have to combine the First 500 Scholarship with other scholarships or grants. These grants and programs can be federal schemes or private scholarships. However, the students can not exceed the total cost of their tuition fees. However, the students can’t combine the First 500 Scholarship with any kind of education loan. The loans are different aspects of the financial support and are not included in combining with most of the loans. 

4. What are the conditions for keeping the First 500 Scholarship?

To keep the First 500 Scholarship the students need to maintain good and qualifying academic progress and reports as specified in the eligibility requirements of the scholarships. These records must be maintained throughout the course. This means that you need to achieve an average mark of at least 60% every year and have to pass all the modules whether it is practicum or others. 

The student must need to stay at the University of Kent and not transfer to another institution or program for further education. If the applicant fails to maintain the requirements or meets these conditions, they will lose their scholarship and will not receive the amount in the coming academic year. 


The First 500 Scholarship stands out as a prime opportunity for undergraduate students aspiring to pursue higher education at the University of Kent. This renowned scholarship is acclaimed for providing financial support of £2,000 annually to students throughout their course.

Also, there are various other benefits as well, such as recognition, networking, and support for alumni. The scholarship is open to all undergraduate students who meet the needs and eligibility criteria. Some of the major eligibility requirements are having high grades, firm acceptance, admission to selected courses, and many more. 

The First 500 Scholarship at the University of Kent is a highly competitive opportunity that necessitates a distinct application process for students. This involves composing an essay on a specified topic, which must be submitted before the university’s stipulated deadline. 

It’s important to note that while the scholarship offers financial support, it may not cover all the educational expenses associated with studying at the University of Kent. That is why there is a need for the applicants to consider all the pros and cons of the scholarship before deciding on whether the scholarship is ideal for them or not. 

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