How to Get Free NFL Sunday Ticket

Free NFL Sunday Ticket

The Free NFL Sunday Ticket is a popular deal among football fans, providing admission to out-of-market NFL games on Sundays. Unlike local TV broadcasters like CBS or Fox, it allows viewers to watch every Sunday game during the regular season, regardless of location. 

However, it should be noted that Free NFL Sunday Ticket does not include national games such as Thursday Night Football on Prime Video, Sunday Night Football on NBC, or Monday Night Football on ESPN and ABC. To watch these games, viewers must subscribe to extra live TV services via cable, satellite, or streaming platforms. 

Students who want to watch all NFL games while saving on costs may find the NFL YouTube TV Student Discount a valuable addition to their viewing options.

Free NFL Sunday Ticket on YouTube provides additional capabilities and flexibility, such as game recording and simultaneous viewing across several platforms. With the introduction of additional technologies such as the “multiview” feature, subscribers may now immerse themselves in the full scope of NFL action.

What is a Free NFL Sunday ticket?

Free NFL Sunday Ticket is the best live video service for football fans. The best thing about it is that it lets people watch all “out-of-market” NFL games on any given Sunday. These are the games that you normally wouldn’t be able to watch on local TV stations like CBS or Fox. This way, football fans everywhere can watch all the action-packed Sundays during the regular season.

NFL Sunday Ticket doesn’t cover all games. It specifically doesn’t include national games like Thursday Night Football on Prime Video, Sunday Night Football on NBC, Monday Night Football on ESPN and ABC, or games shown on NFL Network, Peacock, or ESPN Plus. 

To watch these games, fans still need live TV service through cable, satellite, streaming services, or a strong antenna, which is not included in the Sunday Ticket subscription.

For people who want to watch outside of home, NFL Sunday Ticket on YouTube lets you stream on up to two extra devices at the same time, unless you have the cheap student plan. This gives fans on the go more options and access.

Additionally, YouTube has added several new tools for the upcoming season that make watching even better overall. Notably, the addition of the “multiview” feature lets subscribers watch multiple games at the same time, giving them a full picture of all the action in the NFL across all the games.

How to get the NFL Sunday tickets for free?

To receive complimentary access to NFL Sunday Ticket through Verizon, new subscribers need to follow the following steps:

  1. Buy or pre-order Eligible Smartphones: Choose from a selection of qualified smartphones, including Samsung models (such as the S23 Series, Galaxy Z Flip5, or Galaxy Z Fold5), Google devices (such as the Pixel Fold, Pixel 7, or 7 Pro), and the Motorola Edge+.
  2. Enroll for a New Unlimited Plus Mobile Line: To receive the complimentary NFL Sunday Ticket subscription, new users must register for a new Unlimited Plus Mobile line from Verizon.
  3. For Existing Verizon Wireless Subscribers: Current Verizon Wireless customers can take advantage of the discount by upgrading to the specific smartphones listed in the offer.

Customers who complete these steps will receive free access to NFL Sunday Ticket through Verizon, allowing them to watch live NFL games on their mobile devices. 

Which games do you get with a Free NFL Sunday Ticket?

If you join through YouTube TV or YouTube Primetime Channels, NFL Sunday Ticket has different packages for you. The NFL games you get with each choice are broken down below:

YouTube TV and NFL Sunday Ticket

  • Not in the market for Sunday games in the regular season
  • Regular-season games in the area
  • All national regular-season games are included unless they’re on a streaming service like Prime Video
  • All playoff games, including the Super Bowl,

If you have an NFL Sunday Ticket through YouTube TV, you can also add NFL RedZone for an extra $40. For example, Thursday night games on Amazon Prime Video and the game between the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Atlanta Falcons in London on October 1 are not included in this plan. 

That game can only be watched on ESPN Plus. It also doesn’t include games that are only played by Peacocks on December 23 and January 13, which is Wild Card weekend. These games can only be seen on NBC stations in the areas where the two teams play.

NFL Sunday Ticket with Primetime YouTube Channels

  • Not in the market for Sunday games during the regular season
  • Local games during the normal season are not included
  • National games during the regular season are not included
  • Most playoff games, including the Super Bowl

You can add NFL RedZone to NFL Sunday Ticket through YouTube Primetime Channels for an extra $40, just like with the YouTube TV plan. It doesn’t show local or national regular-season games, though; the only ones that are shown are those on streaming sites like Prime Video. It doesn’t cover most playoff games, like the Super Bowl.

Both versions of NFL Sunday Ticket give you access to out-of-market Sunday regular-season games and the chance to add NFL RedZone. However, the two packages cover local and national regular-season games and playoff games in different ways. Also, some games that can only be played on certain streaming networks or devices are not included in either package.

How much does an NFL Sunday Ticket on YouTube cost?

NFL Sunday Ticket has different membership plans so that people with different tastes and budgets can get what they want. NFL Sunday Ticket can be accessed through YouTube TV, which gives subscribers access to a lot of different channels along with the NFL games.

YouTube TV subscribers can add NFL Sunday Ticket for $349 per season to their plan, which costs $73 per month. There is, however, a deal going on right now that gives a $50 discount until September 19, bringing the price down to $299 for the season.

The standalone plan for NFL Sunday Ticket costs $449 per season for people who don’t want to buy it through YouTube TV. With the $50 deal that lasts until September 19, the price drops to $399. Adding NFL RedZone to NFL Sunday Ticket costs an extra $40, for a total of $339 and $439, respectively, after the deal.

YouTube has added an easy monthly payment plan for NFL Sunday Ticket that works like services that let you buy something now and pay for it later. With this plan, users can pay for the whole thing over four installments. 

YouTube also offers a special deal to college students, who can get an NFL Sunday Ticket for just $109 or $119 with Red Zone. But this student plan has some restrictions, like only being able to stream to one device at a time and not being able to share with family.

YouTube does not allow cancellations or refunds for NFL Sunday Ticket subscriptions, so people who are thinking about signing up should be careful and make sure their choice fits with their tastes. Because of this, it’s best to do some research before committing to the service. 

NFL Sunday Ticket is the best way for football fans to watch games and have fun at the same time. This app, which can be used on a number of devices, lets you watch a lot of NFL games during the regular season. YouTube, which is a big name in delivering online material, has added NFL Sunday Ticket to its paid service, YouTube TV, making it easier for subscribers to watch their favorite teams play.

How Can I Sign Up for the NFL Sunday Ticket 7-Day Free Trial?

If you already have a YouTube TV subscription, here’s how you can join up for NFL Sunday Ticket:

  1. Go to on your computer or mobile device and sign in with your Google account.
  2. Click on your profile image to access the Settings menu.
  3. Look for “NFL Sunday Ticket” and select whether to package it with NFL RedZone. Please be aware that NFL Sunday Ticket free trials are only available with one-time payments, not monthly contracts. If you are eligible for a seven-day free trial, it will be displayed here.
  4. Proceed with your transaction.

If you wish to sign up through YouTube Primetime Channels, then follow these steps:

  1. Visit with your computer or mobile browser.
  2. Go to the NFL channel page and select “Get NFL Sunday Ticket.” You may need to sign in with your Google Account.
  3. Select whether to include NFL RedZone with NFL Sunday Ticket. Similar to YouTube TV, NFL Sunday Ticket offers 7-day free trials with one-time fees.
  4. Complete your purchase to finish the procedure.

Different prices of NFL Sunday ticket

The paid NFL Sunday tickets come in different prices and plans. Some of these are mentioned below. Let’s have a look:

YouTube TV and NFL Sunday Ticket:

  • Price for the whole season (until September 19): $299
  • Price per month for YouTube TV: $73

Sunday Ticket for the NFL without YouTube TV:

  • $399 for the whole season
  • Price for students: $109

NFL Sunday Ticket and RedZone with YouTube TV

  • $339 for the whole season
  • Price per month for YouTube TV: $73

NFL Sunday Ticket and RedZone without YouTube TV

  • $439 for the whole season
  • Price for students: $119

One interesting thing about these price structures is that there are different plans with and without a YouTube TV subscription. People who subscribe to NFL Sunday Ticket through YouTube TV pay less for the whole season than people who buy the service separately.

Adding RedZone, a channel that shows live videos of scoring drives and other important moments, makes the offerings even more exciting.

Students can get a deal on standalone NFL Sunday Ticket subscriptions, which makes the service easier for younger people to use. This student pricing choice shows that the company wants to attract a wider range of football fans, especially those who are still in school.


1. Can you access the NFL Sunday Ticket for free?

To access NFL Sunday Ticket through YouTube TV and enjoy the free trial, navigate to your account settings and subscribe. Alternatively, to access the trial via YouTube Primetime Channels, visit the NFL YouTube channel and complete the sign-up process.

2. What does NFL Sunday Ticket entail?

NFL Sunday Ticket offers access to Sunday afternoon (Eastern Time) NFL games not broadcast in your local area during the regular season. For instance, if you’re a Dallas Cowboys fan in Miami, you can view all Sunday Cowboys games not aired on NBC, CBS, or FOX in your local market.

3. Is the NFL Sunday Ticket to go worthwhile?

Following extensive use of Sunday Ticket for afternoon games, it’s concluded to be the optimal method for NFL viewing, particularly for those residing away from their favorite team’s location.

4. How long does the NFL Sunday Ticket trial last?

The trial period spans seven days, allowing you to watch a Sunday’s worth of games before committing to the full subscription cost. The trial is exclusively available with the upfront payment option; the monthly subscription does not offer this benefit.

5. Is Sunday Ticket solely for Sunday games?

NFL Sunday Ticket subscribers are unable to access games on Thursday, Sunday, or Monday nights. Additionally, certain international games are excluded from coverage. This means you can watch approximately 12 to 13 games live on Sundays, contingent upon the week and your geographical location.


Free NFL Sunday Ticket is a complete and open option for football fans who want to watch NFL games that aren’t shown in their area. It continues to meet the needs and wants of a huge number of passionate football fans with its wide range of features and functions, such as game recording, streaming to multiple devices, and new ways to watch games. 

Free NFL Sunday Ticket on YouTube gives football fans a lot of options based on their watching habits and preferences. These pricing choices are meant to meet the needs of the ever-growing community of NFL fans, whether they want full coverage or just access to certain games and highlights. 

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