9 Best Left-handed Scholarships 2023

Left-handed Scholarships

Unlock Your Potential with a Left-handed Scholarships! Are you a left-handed person seeking specialized educational support? Look no further.

Left-handed Scholarships programs cater to those who predominantly use their left hand in daily activities. This unique trait sets left-handers apart, often leading to enhanced creativity and musical talents, as exemplified by iconic figures like Oprah Winfrey, Barack Obama, and Bill Gates. Just like Left – handed Scholarships you can check out scholarships for black women which is available to support individuals of sub-Saharan African descent in pursuing higher education and achieving their aspirations.

Can you get a scholarship just because you’re left-handed?

Yes, you can get a scholarship just for being left-handed. 

Although there are small thinking differences among individuals, left-handed people often encounter challenges when using tools designed primarily for right-handed individuals. Nevertheless, being left-handed opens doors to potential financial assistance for college through specialized scholarships.

Additionally, it’s a good idea to look into state and federal programs like the Federal Pell Grant, which can lessen the cost of college. Unlike loans, scholarships are gifts, not loans, so you don’t have to pay them back. They offer crucial support without future money worries. 

So, check out left-handed scholarships and use your special abilities to do well in school.

List of Top 9 Left-Handed Scholarships 

Many universities and educational institutions are offering left-handed scholarships within their premises. We have researched and listed the top ones for you. Some of the tops left handed scholarships are mentioned below, let’s have a look: 

1. Enid Hall Griswold Memorial Scholarship

The US students who need financial aid to carry out their higher studies in political science, government, history, and economics can get a scholarship of $5000 per year from Enid Hall Griswold Memorial. All you need to have is an academic excellence record and US citizenship to avail of the scholarship for free cash. 

The scholarship covers various educational needs and requirements of students like books, campus fees, tuition fees, and many more. You must be a part of any renowned college or university in the USA and have proof of a poor financial situation to get the free money. 

2. Andrew Macrina Scholarship Fund

The left-handed students of higher secondary schools are qualified for availing of this scholarship. The financial aid for educational expenses is released to students of culinary or pastry arts background. The qualifying academic score is required to qualify for the scholarship money. The minimum GPA requirement is 2.5, and the amount of scholarship is $2500. 

Some other left-handed students who are actively part of volunteer work, extracurricular activities, sports, or other extraordinary works are also qualified to get the educational expenses under the Andrew Macrina Scholarship Fund. 

3. Comcast Leaders and Achievers Scholarship

Comcast Leaders and Achievers Scholarship
Comcast Leaders and Achievers Scholarship

The students who are actively part of community services and volunteering in the higher schools are eligible to get the financial support of $1000 under the Comcast Leaders and Achievers scholarship. All you need to do is apply for the scholarship along with the certificates in community services. 

The qualifying measures for the scholarship are straightforward, a student must be left-handed, be a part of high school and have full-time attendance, and be a part of Comcast community services as a volunteer, recommended by the school principal, counselor, or other senior authority of the high school. 

For academic excellence, the applying candidate must have a 2.8 GPA score and there is an additional incentive for the student residing in the Philadelphia area, A reward of $ 5,000 is to be given to these students under the Gustave G. Amsterdam leadership award. 

4. Juniata’s Left-handed Scholarship

Juniata’s Left handed Scholarship is open to all left handed students who have been a part of Juniata for the last year or have completed an academic year in Juniata. The financial aid of $1000 to $1500 is given to the students once they score an academic excellence landmark. To qualify for the scholarship award, a student must be left-handed and have a minimum score of 3.3 GPA in the preceding academic year. 

The students of the management level campus are qualifying for the scholarship. When it comes to the beginning of the scholarship, it was created by Mary Francis Buckley who was a student at Juniata and faced poor financial situations. Till now $24000 worth of scholarships have been awarded to deserving candidates. 

5. Pickard Parry PFAU Southpaw Scholarship

Pickard Parry PFAU Southpaw Scholarship
Pickard Parry PFAU Southpaw Scholarship

Students from poor financial backgrounds can get financial support of $ 1,500 under this left-hand scholarship. To get qualified for the scholarship make sure you have an academic excellence record and have merit in the preceding academics. The student must be a part of any US-based renowned US-based college or high school. 

Unlike other scholarships, this program of financial aid is only limited to US students. That means the scholarship is open only to US residents. No other nationality student can benefit from the scholarship. The qualification of this scholarship may ask you to send a recorded video explaining your experience in academics, which is further used to select deserving candidates. 

6. James River Church Left-Handed Scholarship

Religious institutions and centers like Churches are always trying to help poor students by offering financial aid for their educational expenses. This will not only help the students to have a bright future but also a moral step towards mankind. Under the scholarship, the financial aid of $500 is given to the students studying on the James River church campus. 

To get the scholarship, the students need to submit an essay of 500 words describing their experience of being left-handed. The selected candidates are subjected to a reward of $500. Another requirement to get the scholarship is the student must be pursuing a degree in leadership programs. The students may also be asked to submit any creative work like drawings, paintings, and photography work. 

The amount of the scholarship is released to cover the education expenses for the next four semesters. This will cover minor educational expenses like books, tuition fees, campus changes, and many more. 

7. The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) Foundation Scholarship Program

The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) Foundation Scholarship Program
The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) Foundation Scholarship Program

The scholarship is available for women and minors who want to pursue their careers in the field of computer science and game development. Under this program, a total number of 30 candidates are selected and are given $3000 every year until the degree ends. The applying candidates must be left-handed and have unique technical skills. 

The applying candidate needs to maintain a GPA of 2.75 in academics and need to display a poor financial background. The financial aid received under the scholarship program covers the major educational expenses of left-handed students including their book bank, campus charges, tuition fees, examination charges, and many more. 

8. The James Beard Foundation National Scholarships

The James Beard Foundation National Scholarships
The James Beard Foundation National Scholarships

Students who are willing to pursue their higher studies in the field of culinary arts can apply for the James Beard Foundation National Scholarship program and receive financial support for educational expenses. Left-handed students who are pursuing their degree in the fields of food science, agriculture, hospitality management, and other similar fields can apply for the Left-handed Scholarships. 

The financial support of $24000 is given annually to cover the major education expenses of the students which includes tuition fees, library, food, hostel, campus cages, and all other expenses of the students. To qualify for the scholarship the first condition is being left-handed and must be a citizen of the US and have poor financial background. 

The applying candidates must have an academic excellence record, leadership abilities, creativity, volunteering history or serve in community services. This is one of the best left-handed scholarships as the financial aid provided is high and covers all the expenses. The student does not need to worry about anything else. 

To get 100% financial support under the scholarship scheme, the student needs to have a degree in the culinary arts, drama, and leadership fields. 

9. John Kitt Memorial Scholarship

American Association of Candy Technologists serve this scholarship for students with poor financial background. You need to qualify for the scholarship to get financial aid. Some of the major eligibility criteria for the scholarship are; the student must be left-handed, full-time pursuing a degree from any renowned US high school or college. 

The scholarship is open to US students who are pursuing a four-year degree in the fields of nutrition, chemistry, biology, and other sciences. The academic excellence and qualifying GPA score are also considered while determining the deserving candidates for the scholarship. 

How do I apply for left-handed scholarships?

The procedures for applying for left-handed scholarships are similar to other scholarship procedures. 

First of all, you need to check for the needs, requirements, and eligibility for the scholarship. If you meet all the requirements then you can apply for it. The application form might be available online on the portal of the scholarship or provided by your school or university. 

Scholarship Criteria and Qualifications

Every scholarship has different standards and qualifications like citizenship, gender, age, academic records, minimum GPA requirements, and many more. 

Additional Requirements for Some Scholarships

In addition to the standard criteria, some scholarships may have additional requirements. For instance, certain scholarships may ask for proof of financial need, which could involve submitting documents demonstrating a challenging financial situation. Others may require a letter of recommendation from a school principal or another senior authority from a night school or college.

Essay Requirement for Select Scholarships

A few of the scholarships ask every candidate to write an essay regarding their experiment of being left-handed and the problems faced by them. The selected essays are qualified for the scholarship. 

Diversity of Scholarship Providers

Scholarships can be offered by a wide range of entities, including schools, universities, religious centers, companies, institutions, multinationals, and foundations. Each of these providers may have their own unique scholarship programs with varying eligibility criteria and application procedures.

Application Processes Vary

The application process for scholarships can vary widely depending on the type of scholarship and the organization offering it. Scholarships provided by schools and universities tend to have relatively straightforward application processes. In contrast, applying for scholarships from other sources may be more complex and demanding.

Tips for a Successful Left-handed Scholarships Application:

To boost your chances of securing a left-handed scholarships, follow these essential tips:

  • Highlight Your Uniqueness: Share how being left-handed has positively impacted your life. Mention any special skills or talents that make you stand out.
  • Complete Applications Carefully: Pay close attention to scholarship requirements and deadlines. Fill out forms accurately and neatly, as details matter.
  • Essay Writing: Craft a compelling personal essay that tells your story. Focus on your educational goals, the challenges you’ve overcome, and how the scholarship will help you succeed.
  • Choose Strong Referees: Pick recommenders who know you well and can attest to your character and abilities. Give them enough time to write strong letters of support.

By following these tips, you can present a standout application that demonstrates why you’re a deserving candidate for left-handed scholarships.


1. How much scholarship do left-handed people get?

The left-hand people will get the amount of $500 to $25000 under the left-handed scholarships for their educational expenses. The amount varies from the scholarship program and the profile of the applicant. The deserving candidates will get 100% scholarships while the qualifying candidates will get a fraction of the scholarship. 

2. Can I get a scholarship for being left-handed?

Yes, left-handed students apply for scholarships that cover their academic expenses and make their education more affordable. You can also apply for the scholarships and get financial support. Make sure you apply all the eligibility criteria to avoid rejection of the application. 

3. How to apply for the left-handed scholarship?

The left-handed students who are having financial problems can get financial support from the foundations, charities, or institutions that pay their tuition fees and other education expenses. To apply you need to apply all the eligibility criteria and get the letter of recommendation from the school or college. Apply only or through your college portal. 

4. What percentage is left-handed?

According to the research, the number of total right-handed people is around 90% and the rest 10% are left-handed. They need to face daily challenges and most of these daily things are made for right-hand people like scissors, tools, and many more. 


The left-handed students need to put a little more effort into their day-to-day lives. That is why to aid them with financial support, several institutions and foundations provide scholarships to these students. Academic excellence and minimum GPA are required to get the educational expense. Have a look at the above-mentioned scholarship schemes.

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