12 Most Affordable Online Colleges in Texas

Affordable Online Colleges in Texas

There are several affordable online colleges in Texas for Texans who want to pursue higher education in an online setting. These online colleges are a good approach to balancing your busy life or job responsibilities and your education effectively.

The US state of Texas is home to many affordable online colleges. By doing some research you may be able to find Texas institutions that offer affordable college programs for Texans. Additionally, many universities also offer discounts to out-of-state or local students, allowing access to cheaper tuition costs. 

Affordability and accessibility are key factors when choosing an online college in Texas. Our comprehensive list of the top 12 affordable Online Colleges in Texas can guide you in your decision. 

Furthermore, for aspiring nurses, we’ve covered nursing schools in Texas that accept TEAS, providing insights into your education options. By enrolling in one of these online colleges, you can earn a bachelor’s degree online at an affordable price.

List of the 12 Best Affordable Online Colleges in Texas 

1. University of Houston (UH)

University of Houston (UH)
University of Houston (UH)

Location: Houston, Texas, US

With 37,500 undergraduate students, the University of Houston is one of the top affordable online colleges in Texas. The institution offers online education options to undergraduate students in several categories. You can enroll at this institution and pursue any of the 57 bachelor’s degrees offered online by the four campuses of the UH education system.  

For students interested in pursuing college degrees, this affordable online college in Texas offers 11 online minors in addition to four hybrid online programs. This college will be an ideal resource for those who have at least two years of college experience as it offers them 11 online degree completion options. Students can complete their selected programs and earn a degree. Each course taken online costs $279. The graduation rate of this college is 58%.

2. Parker University

Parker University
Parker University

Location: Dallas, Texas, US

Parker University is indeed one of the top choices for individuals seeking affordable online colleges in Texas. With a diverse range of online degree programs, including a Bachelor of Science in health information management, a Bachelor of Business Administration with a specialization in Sports Psychology, and many more, 

Parker University caters to a variety of academic interests and career goals. Students looking for a quality education without breaking the bank should consider Parker University as a viable option in their quest for affordable online education in Texas.

You can choose this college to pursue a bachelor’s degree online in any of the available fields of study at the institute. The university boasts a low student-teacher ratio of 9 to 1 and has approximately 460 undergraduate students enrolled. The graduation rate of this college is 79%.

3. University of North Texas (UNT)

University of North Texas (UNT)
University of North Texas (UNT)

Location: Dallas–Fort Worth Metroplex, Texas, US

The University of North Texas offers graduate programs, including standard online bachelor’s degrees in Arts and Sciences, Science, and general business. Additionally, the affordable online college in Texas offers online accelerated courses, one-credit micro-courses, and certifications for college graduates that can be taken by anyone who wants to advance their knowledge faster. 

When it comes to finding affordable online colleges in Texas, you’ll be pleased to know that credits earned at four-year colleges can seamlessly transfer toward your online degree. This means that you can achieve your higher education goals without the burden of high costs. This particular affordable online college in Texas boasts a commendable 60% graduation rate, ensuring that your investment in education is not only affordable but also yields promising results.

4. Excelsior University 

Excelsior University 
Excelsior University 

Location: Albany, New York, US

One of the best affordable online colleges in Texas is Excelsior University, which makes it easy to pursue your higher education online. You can build your business career by obtaining an MBA degree from this institute which integrates business ideas with modern technology. 

This will be a great opportunity to develop your practical leadership and management strategies as well as further your understanding of organizational theory.  You can do your coursework at your convenience with this online college. If you are searching for an affordable online college, Excelsior University may be a suitable choice.

5. Texas Tech University (TTU)

Location: Lubbock, Texas, US

Texas Tech University is a premier institution that offers online degree programs across its four campuses. These programs include majors, such as nursing and healthcare management. Additionally, this affordable online college in Texas offers a selection of 30 entry-level career certifications in areas, such as bookkeeping, cybersecurity, data analytics, and others.

All of these courses are available free to Texas Tech students. You have the opportunity to earn an online undergraduate certificate, which requires completion of four mandatory courses and one elective course. The graduation rate of this online college is 62%.

6. The University of Texas at Dallas

The University of Texas at Dallas
The University of Texas at Dallas

Location: Richardson, Texas, US

This institution offers a 120-credit graduate program that can be completed in four years. Online students can typically earn a master’s degree in about 1 year. Programs at the University of Texas at Dallas cover a variety of disciplines, including business, engineering, computer science, health care, and others.

Among the Affordable Online Colleges in Texas, this college offers certificate and associate programs in its catalog.

Students enjoy online support services like tutoring and career guidance. The programs at this institution are designed to meet the needs of students looking for flexible educational options that fit into their busy lives. University of Texas at Dallas online courses maintain the same high standards and academic excellence found in on-campus classes.

7. Lone Star College

Location: Harris County and Montgomery County, Texas, US

A total of 50,269 online students are enrolled in Lone Star College’s undergraduate and graduate programs. The affordable online college in Texas offers online programs in popular subjects including business, health care, and STEM fields to meet the demands of a wide range of students. To engage students, distance programs take advantage of virtual learning environments. 

Online students can satisfy individual requirements by participating in practicums, local internships, and other placements. The institution provides services, including career counseling, academic counseling, and online tuition for online students.

8. The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

Location: Edinburg, Texas, US

One public university that offers a variety of online programs is the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. This affordable online college in Texas had a total of 31,620 online enrollments. If you want to complete your college education online, this institution offers graduate programs that are completely online. You do not need to go to the college campus. 

You can easily afford the freedom that comes with online learning at this affordable online college in Texas. The many programs offered by this university that are designed for working professionals can help students who wish to grow in their particular field of study. A bachelor’s degree at this university can usually be obtained in four years.

9. Midwestern State University (MSU)

Midwestern State University (MSU)
Midwestern State University (MSU)

Location: Wichita Falls, Texas, US

Seven colleges make up Midwestern State University, which offers 16 undergraduate and 9 graduate degrees. This institution was the first public university in Texas to create a core curriculum, making it the only university in Texas to become a member of the Council of Public Liberal Arts Colleges. 

This affordable online college in Texas has over 6,000 students enrolled. Online undergraduate, graduate, and certificate programs are available at MSU. Popular study fields at this renowned university include business administration, criminal justice, and radiologic sciences.

10. West Texas A&M University

West Texas A&M University
West Texas A&M University

Location: Canyon, Texas, U.S.

West Texas A&M University is a prestigious, affordable online college in Texas with over 7,000 students enrolled. The university offers 15 graduate degrees through various online learning platforms. 

Many degree programs allow online students to attend campus lectures, which would be a better option for those looking for remote study. The university also has a Student Success Center, testing services, tutoring, and other campus features available to online students.

11. The University of Texas at Austin

The University of Texas at Austin
The University of Texas at Austin

Location: Austin, Texas, US

One of the top universities for online degree programs is the University of Texas at Austin. The institute has graduate programs available, which prepare graduates for new professions or growth in their existing fields. The institution maintains the same academic requirements for its on-campus programs and online certificates.

This affordable online college in Texas offers online programs that combine core classes and electives to develop career-ready skills for distance learners. Students can access the institution’s support services, whether online or on campus. Additionally, you can utilize the peer learning sessions of this institute to enhance your academic performance.

12. Tarleton State University (TSU)

Location: Stephenville, Texas, US

Approximately 14,000 students attend Tarleton State University, a public university. The institution offers 85 bachelor’s, 38 master’s, 2 associate’s, and 2 doctoral degree program options. This renowned affordable online college in Texas offers 39 online degrees, including 22 master’s degree programs and 17 bachelor’s degree programs. 

TSU’s eight academic colleges offer degree programs that include agriculture & natural resources, education, health sciences, science and mathematics, and others.

Should You Enrol in an Online College in Texas?

The decision of whether to pursue online education in Texas depends on a variety of factors. Online colleges offer flexibility, allowing you to balance your studies with work or other commitments. There are many well-known online institutions in Texas, but it is important to thoroughly research the quality, accreditation, and affordability of their programs.  

You should consider your career goals and how online teaching aligns with your preferred teaching style. The US state offers a variety of programs ranging from healthcare to technology. So, make sure your chosen college matches your aspirations. Enrolling at an affordable online college in Texas can be a valuable option, provided you make an informed decision tailored to your specific needs.

What is the expense associated with attending an online college in Texas?

The cost of an online college in Texas varies depending on factors, such as the specific institution, program of study, and your state of residence (in-state or out-of-state). On average, in-state tuition and fees for public online colleges in Texas can range from a few thousand dollars to over $10,000 per year. Out-of-state tuition is generally higher. 

When exploring Affordable Online Colleges in Texas, it’s crucial to note that private institutions often have tuition costs that can surpass $15,000 to $40,000 per year. It’s advisable to research specific colleges for precise tuition rates and factor in additional expenses like textbooks, technology, and living costs if applicable. To make online college more affordable in Texas, financial aid, scholarships, and grants can play a significant role in offsetting these expenses.

How To Find the Right Online Degree in Texas?

To find the most Affordable Online Colleges in Texas, you can follow these steps:

  • Define your Goals: Start by defining your career objectives and the specific field of study you are interested in.
  • Verify Accreditation: Make sure that both the institution and program you choose have appropriate accreditation. This is important for the quality and recognition of your degree.
  • Research Institutions: Find universities and colleges in Texas offering online programs related to your chosen field. You need to consider factors, such as reputation, faculty quality, and available resources.
  • Program Availability: Confirm that the institution offers the type of degree you are looking for, whether it is an undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral program.
  • Financial Considerations: Compare tuition fees and investigate financial aid options, such as scholarships, grants, and loans.
  • Flexibility: Assess the online program’s flexibility to ensure it accommodates your work and personal commitments. Look for self-paced options if necessary.
  • Support Services: Inquire about the availability of support services for online students, including academic advising, technical assistance, and library resources.
  • Credit Transfer: If you have previous college credits, determine if they can be transferred to your selected program.
  • Residency Status: Be aware of state residency requirements, as in-state tuition rates may apply if you are a Texas resident.


1. What Texas colleges are online?

Many online colleges and universities in Texas offer online educational opportunities, such as the University of Texas at Austin, Texas A&M University, University of North Texas, Texas Tech University, and the University of Houston. These offerings make it convenient for students across Texas to receive a quality education from the comfort of their location.

2. Can I get an online degree from Texas?

Yes, you can get an online degree from Texas. This US state has many prestigious universities and colleges that offer diverse online programs. This gives you the opportunity to achieve your educational aspirations with the convenience and flexibility of distance learning.

3. Can I transfer credits from a community college to an online university in Texas?

Yes, many online colleges and universities in Texas accept transfer credits from accredited community colleges. This can help you save money on tuition and complete your degree faster.

4. What financial aid options are available for online students in Texas?

Online students in Texas have access to many financial aid options such as federal grants, scholarships, and state-specific programs like the Texas Grant. It is important to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to assess your eligibility for these financial aid programs.


The availability of affordable online colleges in Texas represents a valuable opportunity for students looking for cost-effective and flexible educational opportunities. These institutions offer a diverse range of online programs and financial aid resources, significantly increasing access to higher education.

Through the convenience of online learning and reasonable tuition fees, you can fulfill your academic and career aspirations without excessive financial burden. There are many institutions committed to making education affordable online colleges in Texas, allowing students to begin their educational journey with financial stability.

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