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4 Best Autism Grants For iPad

Autism Grants For iPad

Are you an individual with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)? If so, Autism grants for iPads are designed to assist you in benefiting from using iPads for communication and therapy.

IPads can be the best device to assist students in all their studies and other work. For people with special needs, iPads are like a blessing as these devices can be used to perform multiple tasks. 

Some mobile applications and other high-tech communication applications make it easy for students to access any information and relevant data. iPads offer several features and specifications that make them a reliable smart device along with a bigger screen than ordinary smartphones. 

Autism is a condition where children have an imaginary world and rather than the words they engage in the world of their imagination. iPads can be their assistance and help them to entertain as well as convert their imagination into words through images. 

These grants can also extend to schools, therapy centers, and autism support organizations. Eligibility requirements and application procedures vary, so it’s essential to explore specific programs and local organizations for the latest opportunities.

Here in this article, you will find some of the best Autism Grants for iPad offered to autistic children.

Key Takeaways

  • iPads can be a great tool for autistic children to learn and communicate.
  • There are many organizations that offer grants to help families afford iPads for their autistic children.
  • iPads can be used to help autistic children learn new skills, improve their communication, and socialize with others.
  • Some benefits of using iPads for autistic children include:
    • They are portable and can be carried anywhere.
    • They are easy to use and customize.
    • They are independent and don’t require any additional accessories.
    • The pre-installed applications are powered with AI, which can help autistic children communicate.
  • If you have a child with autism, you may be eligible for a grant to help you afford an iPad.

What are Autism Grants for iPads? 

Not every child born is normal and has regular physical and mental stability. Some of the children have some sort of illness and other shortcomings which make them quite slow and different from ordinary children. 

1. What is Autism?

Sometimes accidents or serious illnesses at a young age also make them face such issues. One such condition faced by children is autism, it is the mental condition where the children start to live in their imaginary works, and rather than engaging in conversation with someone they prefer to isolate themselves from all and draw images depicting their imaginations. 

2. The Role of Digital Devices

Sometimes this imagination can be extremely wrong and some children who face autism will start to imagine the negative things and commit wrong steps like suicide. That is why the parents must be well aware of their children through the drawings made by them. 

3. iPads as a Solution

That is why the pads can be the best thing to capture all their ideas and understand them easily. Parents can give the pads along with the digital pen to help their children having autism convert their imaginary world into words through drawings. 

4. Social Interaction for Special Children

Also, iPads can be the best assistance for our special children as they allow them to look for the social world and start conversations with others through social media and other platforms. Even doctors and psychologists also recommend exposing such children socially to recover from the condition.

5. Financial Assistance

iPads are cheap as compared to other assistive devices but they are not pocket-friendly to families who belong to lower financial backgrounds. That is why various institutions and charities offer autism grants for iPads. Under these schemes, autistic children are given the latest iPads preinstalled with the applications and software for their needs and assistance. 

6. Special Accessibility Features

The iPads have a special accessibility mode which is made to provide reasonable assistance to the special childrens. Most professionals and psychologists also recommend iPads for special children. 

We have researched and shortlisted some of these Autism Grants for iPad Programs for you. Here they are, listed below. Let’s take a look:

List of the Top 4 Autism Grants for iPad

1. Autism Care Today

Autism Care Today
Autism Care Today

One of the most popular charitable organizations works for the welfare of special children. Autism care today offers a grant of $100 to $5,000 every quarter of the year. The program offers financial aid for those with autism spectrum disorders and their families only. 

Till 2005, the organization used to offer iPad grants to more than 1562 families all over the USA. As an assumption, the total amount of about $1.85 million is distributed to the needy. The main motive of the program is to help the children suffering from autism spectrum disorder with the assistive iPads. 

The inbuilt applications and accessibility settings for special and needy children help them to make their imaginary aspects coveted into real images. The parents can understand what they want to convey using these drawings. 

Also, iPads can be a great source of entertainment for these children. After depicting the certification of autism the family can apply for financial aid from the Austin Care Today organization and receive financial support every quarter.  

If you’re a college student looking for tech help, take a look at the list of free laptops for college students. It provides tips on getting not just iPads but also other important device for your college experience.

2. ASDF – iPad For Kids Program

ASDF – iPad For Kids Program
ASDF – iPad For Kids Program

The full form of ASDF is the Autism Spectrum Disorder Foundation, and it focuses on the welfare of children dealing with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Autism Grants for iPad is one of the initiatives of this foundation. 

The primary objective of the foundation is to provide financial support and all necessary resources to children and families affected by autism spectrum disorders, including the provision of iPads as assistive devices. Additionally, the organization offers education, information, and financial assistance to address autism issues comprehensively.

There are multiple sources from which they revive the funds and use them for the welfare of autistic children. Some of the most common sources are businesses, companies, governments, donations, charities, and many more. 

One such program launched by the ASDF is the iPad for Kids program. Under the program, iPads are offered to the kids to enhance their learning and better communication. It is difficult for autistic children to verbally and non-verbally communicate with others. 

The therapists or caregivers also use the hand-laminated picture card method to communicate with them. However, the family members and others can’t adopt this strategy which is why they need to have iPads. The traditional equipment that is used for communication is expensive, bulky, and heavy. 

The iPads are revolutionary as they eliminate the barrier of communication and act as the voice for voiceless autistic children. With the enhanced features of the iPad, autistic children can use words and symbols together to form a sentence and communicate with family members. Under the program, the iPads are distributed to the parents who have displayed their financial needs and the special classrooms. 

3. June Jesse Foundation

June Jesse Foundation
June Jesse Foundation

The needy families can also get financial support from the June Jesse Foundation, which includes the financial coverage for an iPad. Those who have applied for the iPad are likely to receive financial aid up to $3000. 

The amount can be used to buy the latest iPad for autistic children. However, there are some needs and requirements that need to be fulfilled to get the free autism grant for iPads from the June Jesse Foundation. 

For example, you may be asked to present proof of being autistic or having a child suffering from autism. The fund is transferred to the account of the autistic children or parent or guardian. 

4. Danny’s Wish Foundation

The Danny’s Wish Foundation offers free autism grants for iPad to families of special children who are having issues with verbal and nonverbal communication. The main motive of the program offered by the foundation is to provide life-enhancing resources to autistic children to enhance their communication and entertainment as well. 

The foundation is based on several organizations, donors, and charities. In the past few years, thousands of special children have been offered financial support and iPads. 

The iPads make it possible for autistic children to communicate with their friends and family for the first time. The applications and built-in features in the iPads allow them to do so. There are other equipment also available in the market which offer the same features but they are expensive and bulky in size. The iPads are the perfect alternative to this equipment. 

The families who are in need can apply for the fee iPads between September to December. After applying the applications are subject to be reviewed and the selected ones are sent an email for confirmation. 

What are the benefits of using iPads for Autism?

Autism is considered in the category of special needs and the children who are suffering this disorder live in their imaginary world. They face difficulties in verbal and non-verbal communication with their family and friends. 

Whereas the iPads can be used to create stories or sentences using images. Autistic children can draw their imagination and the iPads process the images to create sentences. These devices are the best alternative to bulky and expensive equipment. 

The remarkable features and specifications offered by the iPads make them perfect for children suffering from autism disorder. There are a lot of benefits of using an iPad, some of these benefits are: 

  1. The iPads are specially made for educational purposes. Autistic children can use them to understand the sounds or words and the alphabet as well. They can display their feelings through the images and iPads convert them into sentences for others. 
  2. iPads are portable and can be carried to any place along with autistic children. The child can enjoy leisure learning with the lightweight specification of the iPad. 
  3. It is easy to use and customize the setting of the iPads, the parents and even the children can customize the setting as per their needs and requirements. 
  4. The iPads are independent, there is no need to use any additional accessories along with the pads like a mouse or keyboard. The touch screen is enough to perform all the actions and functions. 
  5. The pre-installed applications in the iPads are powered with AI which offers the advanced technology to understand, determine and predict what the child wants to convey with ease. 


1. How to apply for an iPad for an autistic child?

Children who have autism disorder require special attention and equipment for several purposes. These include entertainment, social engagement with the world, avoiding over-imagination, and converting their imagination into drawings.

However to apply for the iPad programs you need to meet the eligibility requirements and criteria determined by these programs. 

You need to visit the online application form for the programs and are required to produce some documents. These include the document by the physician that confirms your child’s diagnosis, low financial condition proof, and many more.

2. What is the Apple program for autism?

There are several programs and schemes circulated for the special chickens to improve their status in society. One such program is the Autism Programming for Positive Learning Experiences (APPLE). The main motive of the program is to offer the relevant resources and aid to the students to create a reliable environment of study for them. 

The resources include the iPad, which provides a highly structured learning environment for children who are suffering from autism disorders. There are a lot more similar programs made for the welfare of children with special needs but APPLE Program is especially made for the autistic children. 

3. Can my autistic child get a free iPad?

If you are a family that belongs to a low financial situation then you are eligible to get certain financial aid and support from various organizations and even the government. If you have a child suffering from an autistic disorder then you can claim certain financial aids and revive the iPads for the assistance. 

Various programs and schemes are offered by charitable institutions, welfare organizations, the federal government, state government, companies, corporations, and many more. Parents who have a low financial background and are looking for financial aid can rely on these programs and revive the financial support or autism grant for iPads. 

4. Can you get money from the government for having autism?

Yes, the US government provides various financial aid and assistance to students suffering from special needs or autism disorders. The average disorder check for a condition like autism spectrum disorder is around $803.52. 

As per the government guidelines, the average benefits offered to the autism disorder is around $914 monthly for the SSI whereas for the SSDI, the benefits exceed $3600 monthly. The amount of financial aid is directly transferred to the bank account of the parent or guardian of the autistic children. Both the federal and state government provides financial aid for the special children. 


Autism can be by birth due to a genetic disorder or early birth. Whereas it can also occur due to serious illness in the minor age or any accident. However, these children are living in their imaginary world and need additional attention and assistance from their parents. 

To do so, one of the best alternatives is the use of iPads, equipped with the required resources and applications. 
These smart devices, supported by Autism Grants for iPad, empower special children to engage in various activities and creative work. If you’re looking for support, the above-mentioned are some of the best autism grants for iPads. You can apply for any of them and get assistance once you meet the eligibility requirements.

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