13 Free Online Childcare Training Courses With Certificates

Free Online Childcare Training Courses With Certificates

If you’re looking to pursue a career in childcare and early childhood education, these outstanding free online childcare training courses with certificates are designed specifically to help you achieve your goals.

Childcare is one of the most demanding professions in the world. Busy parents who are unable to take reasonable care of their children used to hire childcare professionals for the care of their children.

In the US the childcare professional earns a good amount of money. But performing childcare is not an easy task, it requires proper training as well as you should be aware of the things to do or the things not to do. 

Online training programs can be a convenient way to learn childcare and get a certificate of completion. If you are looking for free online childcare training courses with certificates, then you need to consider the courses mentioned in this article below.

Key Takeaways

  • Childcare is a demanding job but rewarding.
  • Training is important to learn how to take care of children properly.
  • There are free online childcare courses available with certificates.
  • You can learn about child development, anti-bullying, and parenting through these courses.

What are free online childcare training courses with certificates?

Childcare is the process of taking reasonable care of minor children in some situations. There are hundreds of childcare agencies across the USA that provide childcare services with their qualified staff members. For parents who are busy with their work and unable to take care of their children, different childcare staff members are available. A certain amount of money is charged to the parents based on the time and number of children. 

But being a childcare service provider is not easy work. There are a lot of challenges that need to be faced. You need to tackle all these challenges and ensure the adequate care of the children.

Without effective training and professional development, childcare is not possible. But such training and courses can be very expensive and are difficult to find in your area. No need to worry, there are some free online childcare training courses with certificates that help anyone to get the basic training with a certificate of completion.

These courses are offered by various institutions and organizations to help people know about the correct way of childcare or for some promotional purposes. If you are looking for these courses, then you are at the right place.

We have researched and found out some of the free childcare courses that give a certificate of completion. The certificate can be used to get a job in childcare agencies or start your childcare services. If someone wants to pursue a medical billing and coding career, you can check out our detailed article on it.

13 Best Free Online Childcare Training Courses With Certificates

Most childcare courses are available for a certain amount and people need to pay before learning. However, a few institutions and schools offer free online courses that are open to all individuals. Below listed are some of these free childcare courses to consider if you want to earn a valid certificate of completion. 

1. Introduction To Early Childhood Education

Free Online Childcare Training Courses With Certificates play a pivotal role in a child’s life by focusing on early education, which lays the foundation for their future development. Harvard University, through edX, offers a comprehensive course tailored to equip childcare staff with the knowledge and skills needed to work effectively in childcare settings.

This course not only covers various essential topics but also emphasizes the crucial practices required during a child’s formative years. Enrolling in this course is particularly important because the early age of children is a critical period for their development.

Child development is primarily focused in the course, the development is not only limited to academics but must be strengthened towards playing and outdoor activities. The exposure to early childhood education makes the childcare staff capable of offering more reliable services.

At the end of the educational course, you will get a certificate of completion. The course is available in pre-recorded videos, readings, and quizzes. It hardly takes a few weeks to go through all these videos and quizzes.

The certificate of completion received from the hardware university carries a significant value and can be used to get a high-paying childcare job in any childcare agency. The course is free and open to all people, but after completion, the certificate is available for around $97.

2. Anti-Bullying Training

Anti-Bullying Training
Anti-Bullying Training

The other most crucial lesson to be taught to the child is anti-bullying. Nowadays, the cases of bullying are increasing, and it has become compulsory to teach children how to prevent bullying and what are the steps to be taken if they are bullied by any other children or adults. The good touch and bad touch are a few chapters included in the course. The course helps the childcare personnel to understand different ways of reaching the anti-bullying practices of the children.

This includes different types of bullying and the bad ways to prevent them. 

The training also encompasses the detection of shifts in a child’s behavior following instances of bullying. It empowers educators to identify signs of bullying by merely observing the children’s conduct.

The training allows the childcare personnel to know different ways to help the bully or the victim. The certificate of completion is provided to the people who completed this one of the best free online childcare training courses with certificates. The course takes a few hours to complete and is offered by Alison. 

3. Everyday Parenting

Everyday Parenting
Everyday Parenting

The course is specially made for parents who want to know more about how to parent their children in the best possible way. There is a wide range of topics and subtopics that include child development, sleep training, eating habit training, and discipline.

There is also a brief explanation of different stages of parenting of the children, whether they are infancy to adolescence. While going through the training course, the parents will know about the best practices to be followed to raise their children until adulthood in the best possible ways.

The programs consist of pre-recorded lectures and can be completed within 21 hours by the parents. The course includes notes, videos, quizzes, and some reading materials. A certificate of completion is offered to the people who have successfully gone through the course. When it comes to the authenticity of the courses, it gets a 5-star rating from 91% of the viewers. 

4. The Science Of Parenting

The Science Of Parenting
The Science Of Parenting

The University of California offers the course for parents who want to deeply understand the science behind raising their children till adulthood. The most effective ways to raise children with a positive mindset and optimum growth. Numerous topics are covered in the course including child development, the importance of physical activities, and many more.

The main motive is the free online childcare training courses with certificates to help parents raise their kids in the best possible way. The course also contains pre-recorded videos and other material that can be completed within a few weeks. 

The people who have completed the childcare course will receive a certificate of completion from the University of California, Berkeley. Similarly to the course offered by Hardware University, the users need to pay $47 to get the certificate of completion, however, the course is open to all. 

5. Working With Students With Special Educational Needs

Not all the students are similar to each other. Some children are having a few critical issues like overthinking, fear, phobias, depression, and many other unusual communication. It is impossible to treat these children like ordinary children. They need special observation and attention.

To accomplish the same the course is offered for the caretakers and parents. The course helps the parents to learn skills and knowledge to handle children with special educational needs. It will help you to learn different types of most common disabilities grown in children. 

The parents will also learn about the ways to create the best study environment for their children. However, it will be difficult to teach the special children as their learning is slow compared to others, but the course will aid you with effective ways to teach them.

The progress your children make after you follow the recommended practices is worth watching. Other than the parents, the course will help the individuals who want to work as a teacher for specially-able students. The course is offered by Alison and takes about 3 to 4 hours to complete. A certificate of completion is offered for free after the course.

6. Understanding Children And Young People’s Mental Health

This free childcare course will provide knowledge about different mental disorders in not only children but in adults too. Children need more attention than adults at an early age as they take everything seriously. Any mental shock can affect their future.

Also, if any of the child or adults is facing mental health issues, the practices suggested in the free course will help you to resolve them all. Most parents only focus on physical health and avoid the mental health of their children, which is their biggest mistake.

The course will help them to know the things to do or the things to avoid, making a mentally strong child till their adulthood. The course will take up to 28 days to complete and is available for free. There is no need to pay a single penny for the course.

7. Introduction To Child Psychology

Introduction To Child Psychology
Introduction To Child Psychology

One of the best free online childcare training courses with certificates prepared by real psychologists and other professionals in child psychology. The course is available at and offers in-depth faces of child psychology. It will help you to know about the nature and behavior of a child during the growth phase.

The course focuses on both mental and physical aspects of the child. The main focus of the course is towards the aspects which most parents are unaware of. The course explains how the child’s development occurs and what steps to be taken to help the child reach their potential. 

As we all know, kids are careless and shameless creatures, they have no idea what small things can spoil their whole life. But with the help of the course, the parents can get to know what their child thinks and take necessary steps to prevent any false activity or action.

After understanding child psychology, parents can observe the behavioral changes of their children and help them if they are facing any bad times. The course is 100% free and open to all the people. Within a few weeks, you can complete the free course and achieve the certificate of completion.

8. Trauma-informed care­ and the pyramid model

ProSolutions Training provides a fre­e childcare course on trauma-informe­d care and applying these me­thods to the pyramid model. This course e­xplores how to create a supportive­ environment for children who have­ experience­d trauma or adversity. It teaches care­givers to recognize and re­spond to the effects of traumatic stre­ss in a caring and compassionate way.

The Trauma-informed Care­ and the Pyramid Model course take­s five hours to complete. Upon comple­tion, you will receive a fre­e certificate and 0.50 continuing e­ducation credits. This course equips care­givers with the knowledge­ and skills to nurture children’s resilie­nce and promote their ove­rall well-being.

9. Recognizing and re­porting suspected child abuse

ProSolutions Training offe­rs a free two-hour course that e­ducates caregivers on ide­ntifying signs of child abuse, the importance of re­porting suspected cases, and re­cognizing children who may be at higher risk of abuse­ or neglect. This course e­mpowers caregivers to be­ vigilant and take appropriate action to protect vulne­rable children.

The Re­cognizing and Reporting Suspected Child Abuse­ course provides a comprehe­nsive understanding of the signs and type­s of abuse, as well as the le­gal responsibilities and procedure­s for reporting. After completing the­ course, you will receive­ a free certificate­ and 0.20 continuing education credits.

10. Classroom WISE

The Me­ntal Health Technology Transfer Ce­nter Network collaborates with the­ National Center for School Mental He­alth to offer the Classroom WISE program. This program equips te­achers with strategies to cre­ate a supportive and inclusive le­arning environment for all students,

Are you a te­acher looking for ways to improve your well-be­ing? Classroom WISE can help. This program has many modules that you can do at your own pace. It only takes five hours to finish.

Whe­n you complete Classroom WISE, you get a fre­e certificate. The­ training is made for teachers from kinde­rgarten to 12th grade. But it can also help those­ who work at early learning cente­rs with kindergarten readine­ss programs.

Classroom WISE teaches you information and strategie­s to feel bette­r as an educator. The modules cove­r topics that are important for your well-being. With this training, you will le­arn helpful skills to deal with stress and challe­nges in the classroom.

11. Obesity prevention training

A healthy and active­ lifestyle is crucial for young kids. Bright Futures provide­s a free online course­ titled One Step at a Time­: Helping Young Children Be Physically Active­!. This course is designed to te­ach childcare educators about the importance­ of physical activity for young children and how to promote it in their programs.

The­ course has three simple­ modules. The first module e­xplains why it is so important for little ones to be active­ and covers how much physical activity they nee­d each day. The second module­ gives ideas for childcare provide­rs to get kids moving and engaged in fun physical activitie­s. The third module offers tips for working with familie­s to encourage active play at home,­ too.

You can finish this helpful training in just one hour. After comple­ting short quizzes at the end of e­ach module, you can download a certificate showing you comple­ted the course. You can also ask your state­ if they will give you one hour of continuing e­ducation credit for taking this class.

12. Pediatric first aid

Learning first aid is a gre­at skill for anyone. First Aid for Free give­s free online le­ssons to help folks learn first aid for kids and babies. The­ir course has two parts.

Part one covers life­-saving skills. It shows you the safe way to put an unconscious kid or baby in the re­covery position. There are­ also tips on CPR and what to do if a child is choking. Part two teaches about common kid health issue­s like meningitis, asthma, and croup.

Each part has a quiz at the e­nd. Once you pass both quizzes, you get a fre­e certificate saying you finishe­d the course. The online­ lessons let you learn at your own pace­. How fast you finish depends on how quickly you study and take the­ quizzes.

Knowing first aid is super handy, espe­cially for parents, teachers, or anyone­ who cares for little ones. The­ free course from First Aid for Fre­e is an easy way to gain this valuable knowle­dge. Having these skills could save­ a young life one day.

13. Social and emotional competence of children

The ProSolutions Training group give­s a free lesson to te­ach people how to help kids. This le­sson shows how kids who know about feelings and getting along with othe­rs are less likely to be­ treated badly. 

The name­ of the lesson is Social and Emotional Compete­nce of Children. You can finish the le­sson in two hours. When you finish the lesson, you ge­t a paper that says you took the lesson. But the­ lesson does not give any e­xtra school credits.

The lesson he­lps grown-ups learn how to teach kids about fee­lings. Kids who know about feelings can get along be­tter with others. They are­ also less likely to be hurt or tre­ated badly. The lesson talks about things like­ recognizing emotions, making friends, and solving


1. What are the skills required while wiring with the children?

There are a lot of skills and experience required while taking care of children. Some of the most important skills are patience, creativity, flexibility, communication, and understanding. If you master all these skills as a parent, you can grow your child in the best possible way till their adulthood and can help them to reach their maximum potential.

2. Is there any free childcare course available with a certificate?

Yes, you can easily get a free childcare course on the internet that can help you grab the skills and knowledge required to perform reasonable care of children. However, some of these free courses are open to all, but to get the certificate of completion you may need to pay some amount.

For example, Harvard and California universities offer childcare courses for free, but you need to pay some money to get the certificate of completion.

3. How much does a child taker earn in the USA?

The childcare service provided earns a significant sum of money. Some parents are unable to take care of their children because of their busy daily schedules, such parents used to hire the caretakers and pay them their fees. The fees are determined daily. If you have one as an employee with any childcare agency you are paid less money whereas the self-service provided earns hundreds of dollars by taking care of children. 


Caring for children can be tough, and even small mistakes can have big consequences. To better care for kids from childhood to adulthood, you can take Free Online Childcare Training Courses With Certificates. Some of these courses are free, and we’ll list a few of them for you.

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