5 Best Free Online Counseling Courses With Certificates

Free Online Counseling Courses With Certificates

Do you intend to make a great career in counseling? Free online counseling courses with certificates are a great gateway where you can learn in-depth counseling knowledge and skills that can help you become a professional counselor.

Counseling is a great profession to help others address and overcome their personal, emotional, and psychological issues. You can become a successful counselor by doing many counseling courses. One effective way is to enroll in free online counseling courses with certificates, which can help you build a better career in counseling, significantly enhancing your employability.  

If you’re interested in exploring related fields, you might also want to consider taking free online psychology courses with certificates to broaden your knowledge and skills in areas closely related to counseling.

What is Counseling?

Counseling is a professional process in which individuals connect with trained counselors to address their emotional, psychological, or interpersonal challenges.  

The counseling process involves open conversations and exchange of thoughts and feelings, with the aim of cultivating understanding, problem-solving, and effective coping techniques for a wide range of personal difficulties and mental health issues.

Counseling can be targeted at specific concerns, such as anxiety, depression, or relationship problems, and include a variety of therapeutic approaches, such as cognitive-behavioral, psychological, or person-centered techniques. 

These approaches are customized to meet the specific needs of clients seeking support for their mental health and overall well-being.

Start your journey of becoming a counselor by visiting official platforms that provide Free Online Counseling Courses With Certificates!

5 Free Online Counseling Courses with Certificates

1. Positive Psychiatry and Mental Health: Coursera

Positive Psychiatry and Mental Health- Coursera
Positive Psychiatry and Mental Health- Coursera

You can sign up for this beneficial free online counseling courses with certificates. The emphasis on maintaining a positive outlook on everything in life is another aspect of this counseling course that goes beyond the psychiatric treatment of individuals. Through this online course, you can learn strategies to promote an optimistic outlook and good mindset in your clients. 

Your understanding of positive psychology and its application in your current life will improve after taking this online counseling course offered by the University of Sydney. 

You will study many mindfulness practices and relaxation techniques through this course to understand the connection between the mind and body. Additionally, you will learn how people mostly worry about their work and interpersonal relationships.

2. Introduction to Psychology: Coursera

Introduction to Psychology- Coursera
Introduction to Psychology- Coursera

Another excellent counseling course you can take for free is the complete Introduction to Psychology course offered by the University of Toronto. You can learn about human nature, emotions, and thoughts, as well as how they influence behavior in this free online counseling courses with certificates. 

In this online program, you will be guided through several courses covering a variety of topics including brain structure, social psychology, scientific method, and more. 

Furthermore, this free online counseling courses with certificates will teach you about various mental illnesses, their signs and symptoms as well as diagnosis and treatment. You will benefit from this course’s understanding of human psychology in your own life and will be able to help others with a variety of psychological issues.

3. Psychological First Aid: Coursera

Psychological First Aid- Coursera
Psychological First Aid- Coursera

This popular free online counseling courses with certificates offered by Johns Hopkins University focuses on the management of mental emergencies. Course learners gain an in-depth understanding of the technology in each topic, enabling immediate action. You will develop the ability to distinguish between serious problems and less serious cases in order to provide more psychological support.

Furthermore, you will learn how to handle mental depression with efficiency and confidence from these free online counseling course with certificates. This course will teach you more about the RAPID model for dealing with psychiatric emergencies and crises. Conflicts, natural disasters, suicides, robberies, and similar incidents, which have a high psychological impact on people, will benefit from this course.

4. The Arts and Science of Relationships: Understanding Human Needs: Coursera

The Arts and Science of Relationships- Understanding Human Needs- Coursera
The Arts and Science of Relationships- Understanding Human Needs- Coursera

You can choose this free online consulting course with certificates on Coursera designed to empower learners in the area of personal development. This inclusive course is dedicated to the complex art and science of building and nurturing meaningful relationships. 

As you progress through this program, you will gain insight into relationship management by exploring the depths of human psychology and honing your conflict resolution skills.  

You can uncover valuable techniques for enhancing your communication abilities, which will transform you into a more efficient listener and communicator. 

Additionally, this course will provide you with an in-depth understanding of the six fundamental aspects of human life and their complex relationship with relationships. Enroll in this free online counseling courses with certifications to begin the journey of self-improvement and enhance your interpersonal relationships.

5. Counseling Programs and Certifications (Coursera)

This counseling course is divided into levels for beginners, intermediate learners, and advanced learners. Introduction to Psychology, Autistic Disorder, Ethics of Life, Schizophrenia, Metaphysics, and Science, etc. are some of the greatest program options. 

This free online counseling courses with certifications will teach you how to deal with psychological problems and other related concerns as well as help you understand their causes. 

To make it easy for you to learn, all the course concepts are shown and illustrated appropriately. This course is very useful for you in solving your own psychological issues. Also, the in-depth knowledge gained from this counseling course will help you in becoming a better professional counselor.

What Does a Counselor Do?

Counselors are highly trained professionals who play an important role in helping individuals and groups facing various personal, emotional, and psychological difficulties. A counselor’s responsibilities include the following:

1. Assessment

Counselors begin their work by making a comprehensive assessment of the client’s circumstances. Through thoughtful questioning and empathetic listening, they gain insight into the customer’s challenges, feelings, and objectives. This initial assessment guides their approach to counseling.

2. Emotional Support 

The main function of counselors is to create a safe and judgment-free space where clients can openly express their thoughts and feelings. They provide genuine empathy, understanding, and validation while providing a comfortable and non-judgmental environment.

3. Therapy and Techniques

Counselors use a diverse range of therapeutic techniques and methods adapted to the specific needs of each client. These approaches may include cognitive-behavioral therapy, psychoanalysis, humanistic therapy, or other evidence-based modalities, chosen depending on the client’s particular issues.

4. Problem-solving

Counselors guide clients in identifying challenges, setting achievable goals, and creating strategies to overcome obstacles. Collaboratively, they develop actionable plans for personal growth and positive change.

5. Behavior Change

In many cases, counselors help clients modify behavior and thought patterns to promote healthier and more positive outcomes. This is especially relevant for addressing issues, such as addiction, anger management, or stress.

6. Coping Strategies

Counselors empower clients to develop effective coping strategies to manage stress, anxiety, and complex emotions. These strategies enable clients to face life’s difficulties with resilience.

7. Relationship Counseling

Marriage and family therapists specialize in enhancing interpersonal relationships. They address issues, such as communication, conflict resolution, and family dynamics.

8. Mental Health Support

Some counselors focus on mental health concerns, like depression, anxiety, or trauma. They may collaborate with psychiatrists and other mental health professionals to provide comprehensive care.

9. Addiction Counseling 

Counselors who specialize in addiction help individuals overcome substance abuse issues. They often combine therapy with support groups.

10. Career Guidance

Career counselors help clients make business decisions, formulate job search strategies, and advance in their careers. They can conduct career assessments and provide direction for educational and vocational options.

11. Support Groups

Counselors often facilitate support groups uniting individuals facing similar challenges. These groups foster a sense of community and shared experiences.

12. Education and Prevention

Counselors may participate in educational initiatives and prevention programs addressing concerns, such as substance abuse, bullying, or mental health awareness.

What Topics are Covered in Free Online Counseling Courses 

Free online counseling courses typically cover a variety of topics. They include:

  • Counseling theories and methodologies
  • Effective communication and active listening skills  
  • Ethical and legal considerations within counseling 
  • Culturally sensitive practices and addressing diversity  
  • Mental health disorders and related treatment strategies
  • Family and group counseling techniques  
  • Counseling for substance abuse and addiction  
  • Crisis intervention and trauma counseling  
  • Guidance for career and school counseling.  
  • Techniques of assessment and diagnosis in counseling.

Keep in mind that the specific material covered may vary from one course to another. Hence, it is advisable to check the course descriptions for an accurate understanding of what each free online counseling course offers.

7 Tips to Identify a Good Counseling Online Course

Here are seven tips for identifying a high-quality online counseling course:

  • Accreditation Matters: Make sure the course is accredited by a reputable institution or organization to guarantee adherence to industry standards.
  • Expert Instructors: Look for courses led by experienced and qualified instructors with relevant credentials in the field of counseling.
  • Check the Syllabus: Review the course syllabus to confirm that it covers counseling topics and has relevance to your area of interest or your career goals.
  • Interactive Learning: Look for courses that offer opportunities for interaction, such as live webinars, discussion forums, or collaborative activities, to enhance your learning experience.
  • Access to Resources: Make sure the course provides access to essential resources, such as textbooks, research materials, and counseling tools to support your learning.
  • Support and Feedback: Verify that a system is in place to receive feedback and support from coaches, which is important for skill development in mentoring.
  • Reviews and Recommendations: Do your homework by researching online reviews and asking for recommendations from professionals in the counseling field to assess the reputation and effectiveness of the course.


1. Are there free online counseling courses with certifications available?

Yes, there are free online counseling courses available that are offered by various educational platforms. Some of them provide certificates on completion of the course, but in the case of some counseling courses, you may have to pay a fee for the certificate.

2. How long do online counseling courses take to complete?

The length of counseling courses varies, but many free online counseling courses are self-paced, so you can complete them at your own pace. Typically, online counseling courses can take a few weeks to a few months to complete.

3. Where can I find free online counseling courses with certifications?

You can find free online counseling courses with certificates on platforms, such as Coursera, edX, and Alison, and on the websites of universities or non-profit organizations. Be sure to read course descriptions and reviews to make sure these courses meet your needs.

4. Can I be my own Counsellor?

You, you can. You can certainly self-therapy yourself to relieve your depression or anxiety. For this, you do not need any formal training. In fact, for people with less severe cases, it may be a more affordable and useful option.


Free online counseling courses with certificates represent a valuable opportunity for those wishing to advance in the field of counseling. These courses provide a convenient and cost-effective means of gaining expertise, making them accessible to a wide range of individuals. 

Earning certifications not only enhances your resume but also highlights your dedication to personal and professional development. These courses can serve as an important foundation for you if you want to pursue a consulting career.

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