30 Free Christmas Activities for Elementary Students

Free Christmas Activities for Elementary Students

If you are looking for free Christmas activities for elementary students then you are on the right article. Christmas, the eagerly anticipated festival for elementary students awaiting gifts and presents, is a time of joy and excitement.

This festive season brings forth an array of free Christmas activities for elementary students, offering delightful ways to engage and celebrate. Universally observed among diverse communities and ethnic groups worldwide, it’s a time for merry gatherings and joyful experiences.

On 25th December, the kids receive candies and other sweets from their parents, relatives, and friends. The best part of the festival takes place in elementary schools, where the teachers offer free Christmas activities for the kids. These activities are specially designed for the growth of kids along with enjoyment and fun. 

These activities allow the kids to enjoy the Christmas festival along with learning new skills and knowledge. If you are a parent or teacher and looking for free Christmas activities for elementary students then you are at the right place. 

We’ve conducted thorough research and curated the top 30 free Christmas activities for elementary students. Take a peek below at these engaging activities perfect for your child’s festive celebrations.

List of the Top 30 Free Christmas Activities for Elementary Students

1. The 3D Christmas Tree Card: 

The kids can spread the holiday cheer with a pop-up card that can be gifted to their parents and others. It is simple to make the same. All you need to do is Cut, fold, and glue paper to make a 3D tree that surprises your loved ones. 

2. Present Card: 

One of the most enjoyable free Christmas activities for elementary students is teaching them how to transform a card into a heartfelt gift using glitter, ribbon, and googly eyes. Simply cut out shapes, adorn them with shiny paper, and add adorable characters or heartfelt messages. These personalized cards can be a delightful present for parents and loved ones during the festive eve.

3. Fingerprint Christmas Tree Decorations: 

Kids can use their fingers to paint a festive tree on paper or ornaments. The idea is unique and looks elegant once completed. Just add some sparkle with paint or markers when it’s dry to give it instant magical colors. 

4. Countdown Blocks: 

Craft and count with this fun math activity. The activity will both offer fun and knowledge to the kids. Make blocks from cardboard or wood and number them from 1 to 25. Now, flip them every day to see how many days are left until Christmas. The activity can be best before 25 days of the eve. 

5. The 3D Wreath: 

In this activity recycled toilet paper rolls are used in a beautiful wreath. Just flatten them and cut them into rings, glue them together, and decorate them with paint, glitter, or paper leaves. Write a holiday message on your wreath segment with beautiful colors. The activity also gives the message of environmental conservation. 

6. Pipe Cleaner Wreath: 

Crafting a wreath by twisting green-colored pipe cleaners and adorning it with colorful buttons for berries or ornaments is a fantastic and one of the free Christmas activities for elementary students. This straightforward and enjoyable craft is ideal for young learners, particularly elementary school kids.

7. Advent Calendar: 

In this activity, the kids can make their countdown calendar with pockets for each day. Decorate it with your favorite holiday symbols and add a star or other small item to each pocket as you wait for Christmas. The best time to start the activity is 25 days before Eve. 

8. Creative Writing Activity: 

The activity helps the kids to express their imagination with a random holiday activity. Just lick a theme and write a short story, poem, or journal entry about the theme you have chosen. Make sure the activity will be unique. 

9. Holiday Vocabulary Lesson: 

Learning new words can be interesting and joyful when they are related to Christmas and the holiday season. Use them in spelling games, writing assignments, or a holiday play or presentation with the kids. The activity can be performed in groups. 

10. Edible Reindeer: 

The activity needs the parent or teacher’s guidance. Make a yummy snack that looks like a reindeer. Use raspberries, pretzels, chocolate chips, nut butter, and celery to create a cute and healthy treat for your loved ones. Serve the snacks with the kids who make them. They love to consume them. 

11. DIY Elf Handprint Cards: 

In this activity, you can turn your handprint into an elf with paint and cardstock. Just add some details like a hat, face, and costume to make it look elegant. These cards are a great way to show your personality and creativity to the parents and loved ones during the Eve. 

12. Scented Gingerbread Playdough: 

The kids can make their playdough with flour, salt, water, oil, holiday spices, and others. Just cook it until it forms a dough, then let it cool and knead. Use cookie cutters to make gingerbread figures and other festive shapes that display Christmas Eve. 

13. Holiday Creative Writing Activity: 

This activity encourages elementary students to envision and write about their dream Christmas tree, using transition words and phrases to craft a well-organized story. They can describe the ornaments, the people involved, and the cherished memories they’d create during this festive season—all while engaging in a wonderful and free Christmas activity for elementary students.

14. Color by Code Activity: 

The kids can solve and color with this fun and relaxing activity. All you need to do is use sight words or math problems to find the right colors for your picture and make it as beautiful as possible. Present the same to your loved ones to impress them. 

15. Guess Who? – DIY Christmas Version: 

Make your own Guess Who? game with Christmas characters. The kids can use the games to ask yes or no questions to figure out who their partner picked. The kids might find the game interesting and spend their Eve with their mates. 

16. Paper Plate Grinch Craft:

In this activity just turn a paper plate into a Grinch face with paint and paper. To do so cut and glue the Grinch’s eyes, smile, and hat. Wear it on the eve and surprise your parents. 

17. Christmas Tree Math: 

The kids can decorate a paper tree with math problems. The game will increase both logical skills and creativity. Earn ornaments, garlands, and stars by solving them correctly. Play the game with your parents and siblings. 

18. Snowman Story Writing: 

Write a story about a snowman’s adventures. Include the questions in the story like Where it goes, who it meets, what it does, and many more to make it interesting. The activity will enhance the creativity of kids. 

19. Christmas Around the World Research: 

In this activity, the elementary school kids can learn how different countries celebrate Christmas. The same ways can be used to share their traditions, foods, and decorations with the class and family. 

20. Holiday Song Performance: 

The kids can sing a holiday song with their classmates learn the rhythm, melody, and lyrics, and then perform the same in front of their teachers, family, and loved ones. The kids who want to become a singer love the activity. 

21. Paper Chain Countdown: 

In this activity, the kids can Countdown to Christmas with a paper chain. Just remove one colorful link every day until Christmas Day. This will give goosebumps for the festival and kids love to wait for their presents and countdown. 

22. Snowflake Cut-Outs: 

In this activity make unique snowflakes with paper and scissors. All you need to do is fold and cut the paper to create symmetrical patterns that meet the Christmas theme. 

23. Christmas Charades: 

The kids can act out Christmas-related themes and have their classmates guess. This game allows the kids to move and use their imagination skills. It seems tricky but will be interesting while performing. 

One of the best free Christmas activities for elementary students. The holiday themed words in a puzzle help you relax and improve your vocabulary skills.

25. Christmas Bingo: 

Bingo is one of the most played games in schools. In this activity, the kids need to play bingo with Christmas images or words. This game tests your listening skills, quick thinking, and response. Bingo is also one of the best Free Christmas Activities for Elementary Students.

26. Decorate the Classroom: 

Make your classroom a winter wonderland with DIY decorations and free accessories. You can Cut, glue, and hang paper snowflakes, garlands, and many more to make your class look attractive. The same can be followed with home. Show off your creativity and teamwork skills to the teachers and parents. 

27. Write Letters to Santa: 

Kids wait until Christmas to get gifts from Santa. You can write a letter to Santa Claus and practice your formal writing skills. Tell him your holiday wishes and how you spent the whole year. Make your letter fun and meaningful too. 

28. Holiday Reading Corner: 

Under this activity just curl up with a Christmas story in a beautiful reading book. Make it decorated with pillows, blankets, and holiday lights. After completion of the activity, enjoy reading and relaxing in this quiet space or with your parents. 

29. Christmas Carol Karaoke: 

The kids can sing along to their favorite Christmas carols at a karaoke station and test their singing skills. To make it a little more interesting use a karaoke machine or YouTube videos for tutorials. This activity boosts both your confidence and community spirit on the other hand. 

30. Snowman Building Contest:

The last but one of the best free Christmas activities for elementary students. Under the activity, the kids can build a snowman with their team and compete for the best or biggest one. Use snow, sticks, carrots, and other items. This outdoor activity is great for teamwork and winter fun with buddies and loved ones. 


1. What can we do for Christmas celebrations in school?

The Christmas celebration can be very interesting and joyful with several activities. Depending on your age you can try to make a snowman outside your house or your courtyard. Use household accessories like a carrot to make the nose and sticks to make the arms.

Do not forget to use a red cap on the top to make it look beautiful. Kids used to love the snowman and for more, you can keep a Christmas tree behind your snowman. 

2. What are the best things to eat on Christmas? 

There are a lot of things and food items that are best to eat on Christmas Eve. But we recommend you try something unique and a handmade dish on the eve. Make sure the whole family is engaged while preparing the dish. This will increase the love and bond among the family members. Also, it might be possible for you to discover something delicious. 

3. How do you host a fun Christmas?

If you are an elementary school teacher and want to host a Christmas as never before then there are a lot of things you can do. Make sure to send the invitation card to the students, this will make them feel special. Organize dance contests or other cultural games to attract most of the students and increase attendance. 

Also, make sure to distribute candies and other sweets to make students happy. Now, you can follow different interesting activities with kids to make the day memorable. 

4. How to make a Christmas party?

It is easy to arrange Christmas parts. There are a few things to consider while arranging the Christmas party, these include all the arrangements. First of all, find the most suitable place to host the party with a proper heating and ventilation system.

Send invitations to your friends, family, or loved ones. Arrange music and dance parties, and others. To make the party a unique theme-based dress code and similar decorations. Arrange the food and beverages for all the presented individuals. 


Elementary school is the phase of learning and fun. During Christmas, you need to make sure to combine both of these factors and present the best possible activities to the kids. We have listed some of the top free Christmas activities for elementary students. 

All these activities make Eve special for students by offering unlimited fun and learning. The best part is that all these activities are free or use recycled materials, there is no need to buy any expensive stationery item. The kids can perform these activities with their parents and teachers as well. 

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