15 Best Sports Management Schools in the World

Best Sports Management Schools in the World

If you have decided to study sports management for your bachelor’s degree and looking for Best Sports Management Schools in the World? then you are at the right article. It is one of the most popular programs in the world after cosmetology. It means there are many options for you to consider when choosing where to study.

We have looked at sports management schools from all over the world to find the best ones for sports management bachelor’s degrees. In this article, we will cover the best sports management schools in the world. Let’s learn more about them. 

How To Choose The Best Sports Management Schools?

Are you looking to find the best sports management schools in the world? If yes then you are at the right place. But figuring out which one is best can be tricky. So, here are some things you should think about before deciding:

  1. You want to make sure the school you choose is awesome overall, not just for sports management.
  2. You should look at how much attention the school gives to sports management compared to other subjects.
  3. You should know how many other students are studying sports management there.
  4. You will want to check out what kind of resources the school offers to help you learn, like how much money they spend on each student and how many students are in each class.
  5. You should also check if the school is accredited by a respected organization. It shows that the school meets certain standards for education quality. 

List of the 15 Best Sports Management Schools in the World

Here are the top 15 colleges with the best sports management schools in the world. In this list we have provided a detailed overview of each sports management school with their acceptance rates, total cost, SAT/ACT scores and more. 

Please note that we have tried our best to provide the updated acceptance rate for every university. But we would advise you to check the official website of the university for confirmation. With that being said, let’s have a close look at some best sports management schools in the world.

1. Loughborough University

Loughborough University is located in Loughborough, Leicestershire, England. The university is large and diverse. It has many academic departments and over a hundred research groups, institutes, and centers spread across ten schools. 

The university has a student population of over 17,000. Most of them are undergraduates but also many postgraduate students. Loughborough University offers an extensive sports scholarship program. 

The scholarship program is one of the largest in the UK. It currently supports over 250 international athletes who are studying and training at the university. The university has a selective admissions process. It has an acceptance rate of around 8 percent.

Loughborough University has received numerous awards and recognition for its research and facilities. It has won seven Queen’s Anniversary Prizes and five awards for its research. The university is also well-regarded for its world-class facilities.

  • Location: United Kingdom
  • Acceptance rate: 8%
  • SAT: 1180
  • Total Cost: $37,000

2. University Of British Columbia

University Of British Columbia
University Of British Columbia

The University of British Columbia is located in Vancouver. It is a well-known public research university. It offers high-quality education and research opportunities. The campus has over 56,500 students. This includes more than 44,000 undergraduates and over 9,500 postgraduates.

UBC Vancouver has achieved several notable rankings and recognitions. It has been ranked 3rd in the nation by QS and Maclean’s, and 2nd by ARWU, Times National, and US News. Globally, it is ranked 46th by QS and 42nd nationally by ARWU.

The university’s programs are accredited by various organizations including ACU, APRU, AUCC, ASAIHL, and U15. Many of the students study on-campus. UBC has produced numerous Nobel laureates and Olympic medalists. It is also among the top 20 best public universities in the world.

  • Location: Vancouver, Canada
  • Acceptance rate: 52%
  • SAT/ACT: 1600 SAT, 25 ACT
  • Total Cost: $49,100

3. The University of Queensland

The University of Queensland is a big school in Brisbane, Australia. They have lots of different programs and degrees you can study, like associate, bachelor, master, and even doctoral degrees. They are about research too. They have over a hundred places where people can study and learn about different things.

The University of Queensland are really good at teaching and researching. They have been around for over a hundred years, trying to make the world better through knowledge. UQ is part of some important groups, like Universitas 21 and the Group of Eight. They are also a key member of Universities Australia.

  • Location: Australia
  • Acceptance rate: 40%
  • SAT/ACT: 1300 SAT, 28 ACT
  • Total Cost: $40,200

4. The University Of Sydney

The University Of Sydney
The University Of Sydney

The University of Sydney is a big sports management school in Sydney, Australia. It started way back in 1850. Since then, it has grown a lot. At first, it was called Sydney College and was pretty small. But now it is one of the six sandstone universities in Australia.

In 1858, Queen Victoria gave it the power to hand out degrees, just like the universities in the UK. It was also the first university in Australia to let women study starting in 1881. Over the years, it has become one of the best sports management schools in the world.

Lots of smart and important people have studied and worked there. The University of Sydney is part of some big groups, like the Group of Eight, CEMS, and others. It has earned a reputation for being one of the best schools around the world.

  • Location: Australia
  • Acceptance rate: 30%
  • SAT/ACT: 1200 SAT, 28 ACT
  • Total Cost: $40,250

5. University of Toronto St George

The University of Toronto is a school in Toronto, Canada. It is located in Queen’s Park and has eleven colleges. Each college has its own history and is pretty independent. 

There are lots of programs to choose from. They have over 700 options for both undergraduates and graduates. The University of Toronto is known for being really good. It has always been in the top 10 of public universities worldwide. 

It is the best university in Canada. It is also one of only two schools in Canada that are part of the Association of American Universities. The University of Toronto gets a lot of money for scientific research. It receives a huge sum of money compared to other Canadian schools.

  • Location: Canada
  • Acceptance rate: 43%
  • SAT/ACT: 1240 SAT, 26 ACT
  • Total Cost: $55,900

6. The University of Birmingham

The University of Birmingham
The University of Birmingham

The University of Birmingham is also known as Birmingham University. It is in Birmingham, UK. Some famous people who went there include four Nobel Laureates like Francis Aston and Maurice Wilkins.  Peter Bullock helped with important research that won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007.

  • Location: United Kingdom
  • Acceptance rate: 60%
  • SAT/ACT: 1400 SAT, 25 ACT
  • In-State Tuition: $36,400

7. University of Alberta

The University of Alberta started in 1908 in Edmonton, Canada. It was started by Alexander Cameron Rutherford and Henry Marshall Tory. They made it a great place for learning and research. 

It is known for having awesome programs in engineering, business, agriculture, nursing, and earth sciences. The university has connections all over the world. They have partnerships in 50 countries. It is ranked among the top 150 universities globally.

  • Location: Canada
  • Acceptance rate: 51%
  • SAT/ACT: 1200 SAT, 26 ACT
  • Total Cost: $36,500

8. University of Copenhagen

The University of Copenhagen is an old public school in Denmark started in 1479. It has four campuses around Copenhagen. The main one is situated in the city center. The university has six faculties, each teaching different subjects. Most classes are in Danish, but some are in English and a few in German.

There are over 38,000 students at the University of Copenhagen. This includes undergraduates, postgraduates, and academic and administrative staff. Many students come from other countries, especially Nordic countries. The university gives scholarships to smart students who do well in their studies.

The University of Copenhagen has a lot of famous people connected to it. This includes Nobel Prize winners and a Turing Award winner.

  • Location: Denmark
  • Acceptance rate: 44%
  • Total Cost: $37,100

9. Deakin University

Deakin University is a division of Deakin and a part of Deakin University. It is located in Melbourne, Australia. It helps professionals improve their job skills and career prospects. They offer workplace credentials, learning programs, and qualifications.

Deakin University is known for its research and is ranked as one of Australia’s top universities. It is also recognized globally, being ranked 271st by the QS World University Rankings.

Deakin University is seen as a leading training organization in Australia. It provides learning and development solutions to businesses across the country.

  • Location: Australia
  • Acceptance rate: 67%
  • SAT: 1200
  • Total Cost: $36,400

10. University of Exeter

The University of Exeter was founded in 1922. It is a public university located in Exeter, Devon, South West England, United Kingdom. It has three campuses: Streatham, St. Luke’s, and Penryn. Exeter is part of the Russell Group. It is a prestigious association of UK universities known for research.

Exeter University has six colleges, each with various departments. They offer a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Popular programs include Business Administration, Engineering, Biology, Psychology, Accounting, Mathematics, Economics, History, and Politics.

The university has over 22,000 students, with a student-to-faculty ratio of 16:1 and an acceptance rate of 68%. Many programs offer opportunities to study or work abroad. The students can apply for direct entry or transfer to study abroad variants.

There are about 70 research centers and institutes at Exeter. They cover various fields like Arab and Islamic Studies, History of Cinema, Cornish Studies, Environment, and Sustainability.

  • Location: United Kingdom
  • Acceptance rate: 68%
  • SAT/ACT: 1350 SAT, 28 ACT
  • Total Cost: $44,400

11. University of Bath

The University of Bath is a famous research university located in Bath, Somerset, England. It is a part of many important groups like the Association of Commonwealth Universities and the European University Association.

The University of Bath is known for its research. In 2014, REF recognized its research excellence, with over 87 percent being top-notch.

  • Location: United Kingdom
  • Acceptance rate: 60%
  • SAT/ACT: 1220 SAT, 26 ACT
  • Total Cost: $28,800

12. University of Michigan Ann Arbor

The University of Michigan is a big research-based school in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA. It started back in 1817 when the Michigan Territory made it happen. It is the oldest university in Michigan. Since 1850, it has been run by a group called the board of regents.

At the University of Michigan, you will find some of the best schools in the country. They have got great teachers, lots of chances to do research. They offer all kinds of programs, from humanities to science and technology.

  • Location: USA
  • Acceptance rate: 26%
  • SAT/ACT: 1460 SAT, 33 ACT
  • Total Cost: $67,800

13. University of Otago

The University of Otago is a big public school in Dunedin, New Zealand. It started way back in 1869 It is the oldest university in New Zealand. It is known for having some really smart academic researchers.

At the University of Otago, they have residential colleges where students can live like they are at home even though they are away from home. People who graduate from Otago are famous for being really good at talking to others and making deals.

  • Location: New Zealand
  • Acceptance rate: 58%
  • SAT/ACT: 1210 SAT, 27 ACT
  • Total Cost: $32,200

14. Pennsylvania State University

Pennsylvania State University is big school with campuses all over Pennsylvania. It started back in 1855 as a place for farmers to learn. But later on, it became a big university that focuses on teaching, research, and helping the public. 

You can study here for your bachelor’s, master’s, or even more advanced degrees. They teach both in person and online. There are 19 smaller campuses and 5 special ones across the state. 

When you join Penn State, you are not just joining a school, you are joining a huge family of alumni all around the world. If you ever need to, you can easily switch campuses or even finish your degree online. 

  • Location: USA
  • Acceptance rate: 56%
  • SAT/ACT: 1340 SAT, 30 ACT
  • Total Cost: $51,500

15. University of Florida

University of Florida
University of Florida

The University of Florida is located in Gainesville, Florida. It is a big public school founded in 1853. But its main campus opened in 1906. 

At the University of Florida, everyone shares the same goal. They think differently and push themselves to be their best. They don’t just see things the way they are. They imagine how they could be better.. 

UF offers a top-notch education and lots of resources to help you plan for your future. So, if you are looking for a place where you can learn, grow, and have fun, UF might be just the right choice for you.

  • Location: USA
  • Acceptance rate: 30%
  • SAT/ACT: 1350 SAT, 19 ACT
  • Total Cost: $36,100

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which degree is best for sports management?

If you are thinking about working in sports management, you might want to consider getting a business degree. That is because lots of sports management pros also have degrees in subjects like marketing, economics, and management.

2. What rank is Loughborough University?

Loughborough University is ranked 7th in the Complete University Guide 2024. Loughborough University’s main campus is right in the middle of the UK. It is close to awesome cities like Nottingham and Leicester.

3. What sport has the hardest training?

To last a whole boxing match, you need to be able to manage 12 rounds of 3-minute HIIT sessions. That is why boxing is often considered the world’s hardest sport. As a boxer, you have gotta be both active and powerful to win the match.


When you are checking out colleges with the best sports management schools in the world, you should know that the price tag is not always a reflection of quality. You should choose a college where graduates make good money after they graduate.

On the other hand, paying a lot for a college that does not offer many resources or job opportunities might not be the best idea. If you look at our list of best sports management schools in the world, it can give you a starting point to find a college that fits your needs.

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