10 Best Cosmetology Schools in the World

Best Cosmetology Schools in the World

Cosmetology could come across as a very simple branch of study that involves hair cutting and painting nails at the Best Cosmetology Schools in the World, however, this is not true at all. Students who enroll in cosmetology courses have to extensively learn the business aspect of this field as well. In cosmetology, customer satisfaction and maintenance are viewed as some of the most crucial aspects. 

Additionally, this course could also be quite challenging since the trends and fashion keep changing by the day and students have to get on with the latest styles as a part of business and marketing strategy. When it comes to cosmetology, creative approaches are highly valued and encouraged, and they must be effectively applied to succeed in the field.

The study of cosmetics has furthermore gained a reputation for being complex since it involves students mixing it with today’s ever-changing technology and understanding in detail the chemistry of hair and skin. Undoubtedly, with the right mentor, students complete their course and go on to create a beautiful career for themselves.

In this blog, we have covered in detail about some of the best cosmetology colleges in the world. This will help you analyze the right college for yourself depending on your needs and requirements.

What is cosmetology?

The study and practice of beauty treatments and grooming, including skincare, makeup application, nail care, and hair cutting and styling, is known as cosmetology. Cosmetologists operate in a variety of environments, including salons, spas, and the television and film industries.

One must finish a cosmetology program and pass a state-mandated exam to obtain a license. The requirements will fluctuate depending on the location, but generally speaking, a competency exam and a set amount of training hours are needed.

How much do cosmetologists earn?

A cosmetology job generally pays an average amount ranging from $25,000 to $63,000 every year. However, how much an individual earns in this profession depends on the services they offer. For example, barbers can easily earn up to $59,000 every year while make-up artists earn around $60,000 or sometimes even more.

Apart from this, the country the professional is practicing in makes a lot of difference in these numbers as well. This is because a few countries have huge demands for cosmetologists and hence are willing to pay more. 

List of Top 10 Best Cosmetology Schools in the World

Cosmetology is one of the most popular courses being chosen by students lately. Some of the top schools are:

1. Aveda Training Institute, United States:

Aveda Training Institute
Aveda Training Institute

Aveda Training Institute is one of the best cosmetology schools in the world because it offers a good mix of the practical and business sides of the industry. For this reason, their courses cover aspects like makeup applications, cutting hair, understanding retail, developing a business, and acquiring and retaining retail clients. This guarantees that in addition to the diverse topics of the area, the students will have access to a variety of options.

Additionally, their professional paths are just as diverse, giving students the chance to work as stylists, influencers, or even product creators. It demonstrates how the institution itself doesn’t hold back in providing its students with opportunities and lessons, allowing them to concentrate on their areas of interest and specializations.

This school also comes top in the list of best make-up artistry schools making it one of the best cosmetology schools in the world. 

2. Empire Business School:

Empire Business School
Empire Business School

In addition to providing skincare, the Empire Beauty School program covers all other fundamental information in the beauty industry. It offers a pleasant blend of teaching about hair texture, business, trends, and communication techniques. This top-notch cosmetology school prepares its students to be versatile professionals in the beauty industry.

Their hairstyles, which range from experimental and imaginative to sleek and elegant, demonstrate how the school embraces both the quirky and conventional aspects of beauty, enabling students to freely explore and develop their looks throughout their time there. But above all, they are exceptional at satisfying and ensuring the contentment of their clients, which is something that every business owner aspires to do. 

3. Pivot Point Academy, United States:

Pivot Point Academy
Pivot Point Academy

With a twelve-month cosmetology program, Pivot Point Academy is one of the best cosmetology schools. The majority of the schedule ranges from Tuesday to Saturday which requires at least six hours of work each day. In other words, during the entire academic year, students only receive a two-day break, of which a quarter is used for cosmetology course lessons.

Throughout the program’s four phases, students will gradually become experts in the application of makeup, hairstyles, and overall beauty. The first stage involves learning the fundamentals of cosmetology; the second involves getting practical experience in spas and salons; and the third involves honing one’s craft by providing texture treatments, among other things. 

4. Tricoci University, United States:

Tricoci University is a premier cosmetology school because it offers numerous additional programs, including barber, esthetics, nail technology, and more. This demonstrates the university’s dedication to providing education in beautification that applies to salons and spas that offer high-quality, specialized instruction appropriate for approved beauty institutes.

In addition, Tricoci University provides both practical training and a digital curriculum. Essentially, the interactive learning experience is being used by the digital curriculum to enable global student instruction. However, the practical training covers the specifics and methods for navigating the industry, which combines technical, hands-on, and conventional approaches.

5. The Ogle School:

The Ogle School is one of the institutions that recognizes and gives priority to the commercial side of cosmetology. In this industry, one cannot practice their profession without clients. The institution recognizes this and shapes its students to become experts in the field of beauty accordingly. 

The curriculum chooses to leave the students’ weekdays somewhat free for studying while allowing them to enjoy their leisure time on the weekends. The school also offers career services, which assist students in connecting with outside career options. This enables them to form strong contacts and relationships with many beauty industry organizations.

6. Xenon University:

The Xenon Academy teaches its students all the trends that are necessary to create popular beauty techniques. Since a large portion of the industry is based on trends, the academy sees it as its responsibility to give students the knowledge and skills they need to stay current on all relevant beauty events and news worldwide.

Xenon Academy is home to a vibrant, driven, and enthusiastic student body. They are often excited about the newest techniques and fashions during most of their interactions, and they are thrilled about the beauty classes. The academy places a high value on students’ learning, but it also pays close attention to the journey’s fun component.

7. Hollywood Institute of Beauty, United States:

Hollywood Institute of Beauty
Hollywood Institute of Beauty

Specialized beauty jobs, including theatrical and performance stylists as well as wedding or event stylists, are available at the Hollywood Institute of Beauty. These professions offer us an idea of the teaching methodology and lessons that can be learned at this institution. It takes a more conventional approach, letting students explore the culture surrounding various makeup genres and taking it from there.

Apart from that, the institute has nationwide partnerships with spas and salons, such as Nouveau Nail and Hair Cuttery, to mention a few. In addition, students are given take-home starter kits for hairstyling, makeup, and nails, which gives them a good start on their careers in the beauty industry.

8. The Sassoon Academy:

No prior experience is required to apply for the comprehensive cosmetology beginners program offered by the Sassoon Academy. During the 44-week curriculum, 1600 hours of coursework and practical experience are covered.

The State Board Student Beauty Kit, which costs $600 and includes items including mannequins, a curling iron, makeup, and wax kits, and the Milady Cosmetology textbook, is part of the program’s tuition.

In addition, the cost of tuition does not cover the Professional Student Beauty Kit, which contains supplies including guides, a hair dryer, brushes, combs, and clips. Students may have to pay up to $1,500 for this.

9. Paul Mitchell Schools:

In addition to being a well-known figure in the professional hair product industry, Paul Mitchell and John Paul DeJoria founded the John Paul Mitchell Schools. With more than 50,000 salons in 81 countries, more than 100 school locations, and more than 100 beauty items accessible in more than 80 countries this school is accessible to most students aspiring to be a cosmetologist.

The cosmetology program covers a wide range of topics from manicure, pedicure, and cosmetics to style finishing, texture, and foil work. Moreover, these schools also help students in establishing a career for themselves, however, the opportunities depend on the location. 

10. Evergreen Beauty College:

Evergreen Beauty College
Evergreen Beauty College

Located in the Seattle and Washington area, Evergreen Beauty College has been educating and forming the careers of aspiring beauty professionals for more than 20 years. The college provides a wide range of courses, such as cosmetology, barbering, aesthetics, nail technology, and eyelash extensions, that address different facets of the beauty business.

Students at Evergreen Beauty College gain confidence as they learn new skills and methods. The academy is family-owned and completely accredited, with a welcoming and encouraging environment.

Evergreen Beauty College teaches all aspects of cosmetology, including hair design, barbering, aesthetics, nail technology, makeup artistry, and even instructor training. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Which country is best for cosmetology?

Cosmetology is one of the most widely sought-after courses by students since it provides flexibility, creativity, and lucrative salaries. The UK, USA, France, South Korea, and Canada are some of the best countries to pursue cosmetology. 

2. Which school is the best for cosmetology?

Various cosmetology schools have a high reputation for providing high-quality education. Paul Mitchell School is considered as the top cosmetology school followed by Aveda Institutions. 

3. Which is the best course in cosmetology?

Some of the most popular courses in this field include a Diploma in Cosmetology, an Advanced Diploma in Cosmetology, and a Bachelor of Cosmetology. 

4. Is cosmetology a good career in the United States?

According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, there will be an 8% increase in overall employment for barbers, hair stylists, and cosmetologists between 2022 and 2032. There may be employment opportunities for students at wellness spas, hair and nail salons, and other establishments due to the demand for cosmetologists.

5. What is the highest degree in cosmetology?

The most advanced cosmetology degree available is an associate’s degree, which is typically provided by community and technical institutions as well as private beauty schools. Nonetheless, cosmetology associate degree holders have the opportunity to pursue bachelor’s degrees in relevant fields like business or hospitality management.


Cosmetology schools give people the opportunity to develop their creative side into a successful and rewarding career. However, it’s crucial to be aware of the many facets of cosmetology education before committing to a program. 

Enrolling in a cosmetology school can come with a hefty price tag—some programs will set you back over $16,000. To obtain a precise estimate of the associated expenses, it is advised that you get in touch with the school you are considering attending. Examining various financial aid and scholarship opportunities might also aid in controlling expenses.

To sum up, cosmetology schools around the globe provide top-notch courses that equip students for lucrative careers in the beauty sector. Cosmetology is an endlessly rewarding career that never goes out of style.

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