LPN Programs Online NYC [2024 Guide]

LPN Programs Online NYC

Are you interested in working as a Licensed Practical Nurse in NYC? Enroll in LPN programs online NYC that will pave the way for your career as an LPN in the dynamic landscape of New York’s healthcare sector.

If you don’t want to enroll in on-campus nursing schools and want to enter the field quickly, think about becoming a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) in NYC in an online format! Several nursing schools in New York City offer online LPN programs that prepare students for a successful career in nursing with opportunities for advancement and there some LPN program in NYC for free as well.

LPN is a promising career in NYC. By 2030, LPN jobs are projected to grow 18.5%. You can get the training you need to get your license to work in the hospitals/nursing homes/physician offices of New York from these LPN programs. Here is a list of top-ranked LPN programs online NYC authorized by the New York State Board of Nursing.

What is a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)?

A Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) is a kind of nurse who plays a vital role in providing basic patient care. Working under the guidance of RNs and healthcare providers, LPNs serve as an important conduit between patients and the medical team. Beyond managing basic medical care, LPNs prioritize clear communication within the health care team, promoting understanding between patients and their families.  

LPNs not only execute standard procedures but also take the responsibility of educating families on optimal care practices. LPNs exemplify the synergy necessary for comprehensive patient well-being, ensuring a seamless relationship between healthcare professionals and those they serve.

Healthcare Settings Where LPNs Work

  • Hospitals
  • Nursing homes
  • Physician offices 
  • Long-term care facilities
  • Clinics
  • Private homes

Skills Required to Become an LPN 

If you want to become an LPN, you must have certain skills. You need expertise in clinical practice, decision-making, communication, etc. The following skills will help you become a proficient LPN in the medical field.

1. Clinical Skills

Throughout their school curriculum, LPNs have practical clinical experience that enables them to confidently care for patients. Taking and documenting vital signs, changing and applying bandages, and helping patients with hygiene are some of these skills. LPNs can administer medications and start intravenous drips in some states.

2. Organization Skills

LPNs provide care for multiple patients simultaneously, which requires careful documentation and efficient time management abilities. They must provide systematic care for each patient, ensuring that no task is overlooked. Due to emergencies and shift changes, they must prioritize and multitask to avoid distractions.

3. Communication Skills

For LPNs, excellent communication with patients and coworkers is another essential soft skill. These specialists collaborate closely with patients, their relatives, and other medical staff members. They must also provide relevant information to RNs, so they can help address the concerns of patients and their families and provide them with information, as well as assist in creating treatment plans for patients.

4. Decision-Making Skills

Efficient LPNs must make quick, thoughtful decisions when providing patient care. LPNs provide both routine and emergency care, and they must be able to work well under pressure, giving clear, concise instructions. This requires decision-making abilities derived from an in-depth understanding of the clinical domains required for LPN employment.

5. Teamwork Skills

LPNs work closely with physicians, RNs, and other medical professionals. In hospitals, LPNs often work under the direction of RNs. Together, they care for the patient and exchange important information. Reliable team players and successful LPNs maintain accurate patient records and facilitate the efficient performance of other healthcare staff.

6. Interpersonal Skill

Whether patients or other staff members, LPNs interact with people all day long. Many patients may also experience feelings of fear, helplessness, embarrassment, or confusion. Even in stressful situations, LPNs must be able to provide understanding and patient support. Cultivating strong interpersonal abilities requires empathy, clear communication, and accountability.

List of 7 Best LPN Programs Online NYC

1. Niagara County Community College

Niagara County Community College
Niagara County Community College

Key Information:

  • Established: 1962
  • Retention Rate: 64%
  • Acceptance Rate: 100%
  • Accreditation: Yes
  • Institution Type: Public 
  • Location: Sanborn, New York, US

Niagara County Community College is a public institution that empowers prospective nurses for the workforce with a range of Associate and Certificate programs in Nursing. These LPN programs online NYC, spanning on-campus and online formats, cater to diverse schedules. Online learners benefit from flexible coursework designed for evenings and weekends, which accommodates their work commitments.  

The Community college offers a broad selection, including 81 on-campus Associate programs, 7 online Associate programs, and 3 Certificate programs. This multifaceted approach ensures accessibility and convenience, giving nursing students a dynamic learning experience to pursue their educational and professional goals.

2. North Country Community College

North Country Community College
North Country Community College

Key Information

  • Established: 1967
  • Retention Rate: 56%
  • Accreditation: Yes
  • Institution Type: Public 
  • Location: Saranac Lake, New York, US

North Country Community College offers a variety of nursing programs for different educational levels. The institution seamlessly blends online and on-campus courses, opening doors to students from New York and beyond. Online programs stand out with their flexible schedules, which enable diligent learners to navigate coursework between other commitments. At the Associate and Certificate levels, nursing programs carefully design a strong educational framework that provides participants with the essential skills.  

Graduates from these LPN programs online NYC often find themselves well-prepared for entry-level roles in the nursing field. With a comprehensive offering of 27 Associate programs, 7 Certificate programs, and 1 online Certificate program, North Country Community College ensures a tailored educational journey for aspiring healthcare professionals.

3. State University of New York at Canton (SUNY Canton)

Key Information

  • Established: 1906
  • Retention Rate: 70%
  • Acceptance Rate: 95%
  • Accreditation: Yes
  • Institution Type: Public 
  • Location: Canton, New York, US

If you intend to become an LPN, you can choose these LPN programs online NYC to earn an Associate degree from the renowned SUNY Canton. These qualifications open doors to a variety of nursing positions, and graduates can seamlessly transition to bachelor’s programs to expand their career prospects. 

Conveniently, these LPN programs online NYC are available online, to accommodate enrollees who live outside of Canton and working professionals who balance full-time employment. With a total of 21 Associate programs, including 6 online options and 5 Certificate programs, SUNY Canton offers flexible and comprehensive learning opportunities in the nursing field.

4. Hostos Community College

Hostos Community College
Hostos Community College

Key Information

  • Established: 1968
  • Retention Rate: 58%
  • Acceptance Rate: 100%
  • Accreditation: Yes
  • Institution Type: Public 
  • Location: South Bronx, New York City, US

Prospective nursing professionals can earn an Associate degree from the prestigious Hostos Community College, with the added benefit of online program access from any location. Although located in the Bronx, the college’s online flexibility caters to working individuals avoiding relocation. These LPN programs online NYC provide not only specialized nursing knowledge but also practical skills important for the field.  

Graduates from these nursing programs are well-prepared for entry-level nursing roles. Hostos Community College boasts a variety of offerings including 30 Associate programs, 1 online Associate program, and 5 Certificate programs, ensuring a comprehensive educational experience for aspiring nurses.

5. Suffolk County Community College

Suffolk County Community College 
Suffolk County Community College 

Key Information

  • Established: 1959
  • Retention Rate: 67%
  • Acceptance Rate: 84%
  • Accreditation: Yes
  • Institution Type: Public 
  • Location: Selden, New York, US

Suffolk County Community College offers on-campus and online LPN programs, accommodating students from New York and across the country. The flexible online format enables students to attend classes without the need to transfer. Courses leading to an Associate degree or Certificate in nursing cover the key concepts of the field.  

Graduates are equipped with the skills for entry-level nursing positions with these LPN programs online NYC. To increase their earning potential, they can pursue graduate studies after completing an Associate degree or certificate. The community college offers a total of 72 Associate programs, including 1 online option, and 24 Certificate programs.

6. LaGuardia Community College (LGC)

Key Information

  • Established: 1968
  • Retention Rate: 63%
  • Acceptance Rate: 90%
  • Accreditation: Yes
  • Institution Type: Public 
  • Location: New York City, New York, US

LaGuardia Community College offers a comprehensive practical nursing program in both on-campus and online settings. The LPN programs online NYC are designed for NCLEX-PN preparation. The full-time course lasts 10 months, consisting of 48 credits, while the part-time option lasts two years. New students are admitted annually for the autumn semester. Coursework covers key areas, such as practical nursing fundamentals, pharmacology and nutrition concepts, and medical-surgical nursing. 

To qualify for the Clinical Part Certificate, aspiring students are required to have a minimum 2.5 GPA, undergo a health screening, attend a program orientation, and provide appropriate citizenship or residency documentation. This program prepares students for success in the dynamic field of practical nursing in New York.

7. Maria College of Albany

Key Information

  • Established: 1958
  • Retention Rate: 100%
  • Acceptance Rate: 37%
  • Accreditation: Yes
  • Institution Type: Private 
  • Location: Albany, New York, US

Maria College at Albany offers flexible options for earning a Certificate or Associate degree, with both online and on-campus enrollment available in New York. Designed specifically for entry-level roles in nursing, these LPN programs online NYC are designed to meet the diverse needs of students. The online platform facilitates distance study, accommodating those who do not live near Albany, and eliminating the need for transfers or commuting.

This flexibility is especially beneficial for individuals juggling personal and professional responsibilities. Potential applicants are encouraged to thoroughly review the program requirements and graduation outcomes prior to enrollment. The college offers a choice of 5 Associate programs and 2 Certificate programs, ensuring an all-round educational experience.

Skills You Learn in LPN Programs in New York

LPN programs in New York offer a broad exploration of clinical and theoretical nursing topics. The two-year curriculum at Curtis High School highlights important areas, such as fundamentals of nursing, medication administration, nutrition, adult nursing care problems, etc. Additionally, the LPN program at Genesee Valley BOCES provides an in-depth understanding of human anatomy and physiology and human development. 

It is important to emphasize that any LPN program approved by the New York State Department of Education ensures a strong coverage of all required materials. These programs not only equip students with the knowledge necessary for LPN licensure but also prepare them for practical application in the field. Overall, prospective LPN students in New York can be assured that approved programs provide a well-rounded education while meeting the standards set by the state for licensure and professional practice.


1. Can you become a LPN online in NYC?

Yes! Many NYC LPN programs consist primarily of individual courses and a clinical component. Nevertheless, some schools now offer select practical nursing classes online, reflecting the growing popularity of virtual education. This trend suggests a potential increase in online offerings as technology continues to play a larger role in education.

2. How long does it take to become a LPN in NYC?

The LPN program, a non-degree certification, lasts 10 months upon completion of required coursework. LPNs specialize in long-term care separate from hospitals and work under the supervision of RNs, NPs, or physicians. This pathway equips individuals with the skills needed to provide patient care, emphasizing a comprehensive approach to health care in extended care environments.

3. How much do LPN programs in New York cost?

The cost of LPN programs in New York varies depending on the type of credential. Certificate and diploma programs typically range from $3,270 to $51,850. For those pursuing an Associate degree, the cost can be higher, ranging from $10,000 to $74,460. It is important for prospective students to consider their budget when choosing a program.

4. What is the shortest time to become an LPN?

The shortest LPN programs offer a streamlined path to becoming a licensed practical nurse, typically completed in a brief period of six to nine months. Designed for accelerated learning, these programs offer a more intense pathway, allowing individuals to efficiently obtain LPN licensure within a shorter time frame.


LPN programs online NYC offer flexibility in nursing education, allowing aspiring nurses to balance studies with a busy schedule. These programs provide accessible pathways to becoming a Licensed Practical Nurse by providing courses remotely. 

Virtual learning accommodates work or personal commitments, making education more manageable. Additionally, online platforms eliminate geographical barriers, providing broader access to education for people in and around New York City.

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