Purdue University Vs Purdue University Global

Purdue University VS Purdue University Global

Within the Purdue University system, Purdue University vs Purdue University Global are two separate schools. They are both made to meet a range of educational goals.

While Purdue University has a long history of research and academic success, Purdue University Global is a new kind of online platform designed for adult learners.

Purdue University has standard on-campus experiences that help build strong student communities. On the other hand, Purdue University Global focuses on flexible online programs that put accessibility and convenience first.

Even though they are different, Purdue University and Purdue University Global both follow strict academic standards and are accredited. Knowing the differences between Purdue University and Purdue University Global helps students make choices that are in line with their educational goals.

Key Takeaways

  • Purdue University is a traditional college with a campus and classrooms.
  • Purdue Global is an online school for adults who work or can’t go to a regular college.
  • Both schools are accredited and offer good education.
  • Purdue University has a wider range of degrees, including some not offered by Purdue Global.
  • Purdue University Global offers online degrees at a faster pace than Purdue University.
  • Purdue University has a more traditional college experience with sports and clubs.
  • Purdue Global is all online, so there is no campus life.

What is Purdue University?

The Purdue University system is a well-known state university in Indiana. The main campus in West Lafayette was built in 1869 with a gift of $150,000 from industrialist John Purdue and Abraham Lincoln’s Morrill Land Grant Act. It represents top-tier education.

The school has more than 118,000 students across its entire system and offers a wide range of academic options. It is well known as one of the best public colleges in the US, and the West Lafayette campus alone offers more than 200 undergraduate majors and over 70 graduate programs.

Purdue University has more than just the main campus in West Lafayette. It also has Purdue University Fort Wayne, Purdue University Northwest (with campuses in Hammond and Westville, Indiana), Purdue Polytechnic Institute (with multiple satellite campuses across Indiana), Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI), which is a partnership between Purdue University and Indiana University, and Purdue Global, which is an online campus.

The Higher Learning Commission (HLC) accredits all of the schools in the Purdue University system. This makes sure that all of the schools meet high academic standards and provide good education.

What Is Purdue University Global?

Purdue Global is a new kind of online school within the Purdue University system. It’s designed to meet the needs of adults who work and kids who don’t usually go to school.

Before Purdue University bought Kaplan in 2017, Purdue Global was a for-profit online college owned by the Graham Holdings Company. It changed into its current form after university ownership.

The goal of this strategic move, which was carried out for a symbolic dollar, was to turn the school into a non-profit, fully online organization.

However, Purdue Global was criticized for how it dealt with student loans and for not having the curricular accreditation that students needed to get certifications. Although there are problems, Purdue Global keeps growing and now has about 33,500 students enrolled in associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s, doctorate, and certificate programs.

Importantly, the Higher Learning Commission has approved Purdue Global and all of the other schools in the Purdue University system. It has also taken steps to get programmatic accreditation for certain programs. This makes sure that its diverse student group gets a rigorous and high-quality education.

Difference between Purdue university vs Purdue university global

Purdue Global and Purdue University are both part of the Purdue University system, but they operate distinctively and cater to different student populations.

FeaturePurdue UniversityPurdue University Global
Target StudentsTraditional undergraduate and graduate studentsAdult learners
LocationWest Lafayette, IndianaNone (online)
Academic ScheduleSemestersQuarters (10 weeks)
PaceSetSelf-paced options available
Degree OfferingsWide range of programs in many fieldsFocus on business, healthcare, technology, and education
Campus LifeActiveOnline communities and services

1. Operational Differences:

  • Purdue Global is exclusively an online institution, while Purdue University encompasses physical campuses in various locations.
  • While some other campuses within the Purdue University system offer online programs, their primary mode of instruction is on-campus.
  • Purdue Global operates on a different academic schedule with terms lasting 10 weeks, contrasting with the traditional semester schedule of brick-and-mortar campuses.

2. Academic Structure:

  • Purdue Global employs a quarter-credit system, whereas Purdue University uses a semester-credit system. For instance, a bachelor’s degree at Purdue Global typically requires 180 quarter credits, equivalent to 120 semester credits.
  • Purdue Global offers programs in a self-paced format known as ExcelTrack, which is not available at other campuses within the Purdue University system.

3. Degree Offerings:

  • The variety of degree programs available at Purdue Global may differ from those offered at the main Purdue University campus and its branches. Certain degrees available at the main campus may not be offered at Purdue Global, and vice versa.

Despite these operational and academic differences, Purdue Global remains a member of the Purdue University system and operates under the oversight of the Purdue University Board of Trustees.

Is Purdue University the same as Purdue University Global?

To get an idea about whether Purdue University vs Purdue Global University are the same or not, have a look at the 10 most important distinguishing points below: 

1. Establishment and Format

  • Purdue University has been around since 1869 and mostly runs through physical buildings.
  • The online school Purdue University Global, which opened in 2018, is geared toward older learners.

2. Program Offerings

  • Purdue University has many programs in many fields, such as engineering, the natural sciences, the social sciences, and the arts.
  • Purdue University Global has online classes for associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees in areas like business, healthcare, technology, and education.

3. Research chances

  • Purdue University has a lot of research centers and institutes that offer hands-on research chances.
  • Purdue University Global doesn’t have any physical research facilities, but based on the program, it may offer virtual research possibilities.

4. Campus Life

  • Purdue University has a lot of student groups, clubs, and athletic areas that make campus life lively.
  • Purdue University Global doesn’t have a traditional location, but it may have online communities and services to help students.

5. Physical Setting

  • Purdue University is in West Lafayette, Indiana, and has a standard campus feel.
  • Purdue University Global: It only operates online and doesn’t have a physical location.

6. Academic schedule 

  • The academic year at Purdue University is divided into two terms, which are called semesters.
  • Purdue University Global uses a system of quarter-credits, and terms last for 10 weeks.

7. Flexibility and Pace

  • Purdue University has a set academic schedule with set dates for each term.
  • Purdue University Global lets students move at their own pace with self-paced options like ExcelTrack.

8. Target Students 

  • Purdue University mainly serves standard undergraduate and graduate students 
  • Purdue University Global is aimed at adult students looking for open ways to learn.

9. Support Services

  • Purdue University has traditional support services on campus, such as job counseling and academic advising.
  • Purdue University Global offers a wide range of helpful online services, such as virtual teaching and online counseling.

10. Accessibility and Affordability

  • Purdue University usually needs you to be there in person, which comes with costs like housing.
  • Purdue University Global: Offers online classes, which could cut down on the costs of living and traveling. 

These distinctions highlight the unique characteristics and offerings of each institution within the Purdue University system.

Purdue University Global Educational cost 

Purdue Global offers a variety of tuition rates depending on the program and the student’s circumstances. Here’s a breakdown of the costs:

a. Undergraduate Programs:

Traditional-format programs are charged per credit. The standard rate is $371 per quarter credit, except for nursing programs which are $315 per credit. The Discounts are available for:

  • Indiana residents: $280 per credit
  • Active military members: $165 per credit
  • Military veterans: $230 per credit
  • Military spouses: 10% discount

Bachelor’s programs in the ExcelTrack format are priced at $2,500 per 10-week term, except for the RN to BSN program which costs $4,062 per term.

b. Master’s Degrees:

Master’s degree programs are charged per credit, with rates varying between $420 and $485 depending on the program. The Discounts are available for:

  • Indiana residents: 10% discount
  • Active military members: $320 per credit
  • Military veterans: $361.20 or $417.10 per credit, depending on the program
  • Military spouses: 10% discount

ExcelTrack master’s programs in business administration, cybersecurity, and information technology are priced at $1,700 per term, while nursing programs cost $3,200 per term.

c. Doctoral Degrees:

Doctoral programs are priced at $700 per credit. The discounts are available for:

  • Indiana residents: 10% discount
  • Active military members: $560 per credit
  • Military veterans: $595 per credit
  • Military spouses: 10% discount

Purdue Global’s tuition structure reflects its commitment to accessibility and affordability, particularly for military personnel and residents of Indiana. With various discount options and flexible program formats, students can find a tuition plan that suits their needs and circumstances.


1. Is Purdue Global the same as Purdue University?

Purdue Global is a distinct institution within the Purdue University system, but it operates independently. While Purdue Global is a public, nonprofit institution and part of the Purdue University system, it offers its programs and services.

2. Are Purdue Global degrees respected?

Yes, Purdue Global degrees are respected and recognized within the academic community. Purdue Global holds accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission, ensuring adherence to high academic standards.

3. Is Purdue public or private?

Purdue University is a public, land-grant university established in 1867. It operates as a public institution and is funded by the state of Indiana.

4. How selective is Purdue University?

Purdue University, specifically the West Lafayette campus, maintains a moderate level of selectivity. The acceptance rate for Purdue University-Main Campus is approximately 53%, with an early acceptance rate of 66.1%. Admitted students typically demonstrate strong SAT scores ranging between 1200 and 1470 or ACT scores between 27 and 34.

5. Why is Purdue University famous?

Purdue University enjoys international recognition for its academic programs and research initiatives. It is particularly renowned for its engineering programs, which are highly regarded globally. Additionally, Purdue offers outstanding programs in various fields such as nursing, pharmacy, and more, contributing to its esteemed reputation in higher education.

6. Is Purdue Global ranked high?

Purdue University Global is ranked #395-435 out of 439 National Unive­rsities. The rank is based on how we­ll the school does in certain ke­y areas. Rankings look at things like class size, te­st scores, and graduation rates among the students.

7. What is Purdue University’s global acceptance rate?

At Purdue Global, the­y take in all students. They do not ask for te­st scores or make you submit any numbers. The acceptance rate at Purdue University Global is 100%.


The Purdue University system has two separate parts: Purdue University and Purdue University Global. With its active campus life, well-known research programs, and wide range of academic programs, Purdue University is a classic brick-and-mortar university. Purdue University Global, on the other hand, is meant to meet the needs of adult learners by offering flexible online programs that help students advance in their careers.

Both schools emphasize academic achievement and have been approved by the Higher Learning Commission. Potential students should carefully compare the differences between Purdue University and Purdue University Global to find the one that fits their academic and career goals the best.

Picking between Purdue University and Purdue University Global requires careful thought about personal tastes and educational goals.

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