We are EVIT: Landry Low
Sections    Monday June 1st, 2020
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We are EVIT: Landry Low

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Photo Courtesy Of Pratt Institute

When Landry Low started classes at the Pratt Institute in New York, she became immersed in the rigorous world of an elite art school where self-discipline is vital and the workload is daunting. But Landry, 22, who graduated from Scottsdale’s Chaparral High School and completed East Valley Institute of Technology’s Fashion Design program in 2011, was well prepared.

 The EVIT fashion program, now called Fashion, Interiors & Textiles, not only teaches students the principles of design, sewing and merchandising, but also how to collaborate with others and meet deadlines. Every year, students in several other EVIT programs work together with the fashion students to produce the annual EVIT Fashion Show featuring clothing collections designed and sewn by seniors and modeled by student volunteers from all over campus.

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Photo Courtesy of Pratt Institute

 “Learning how to communicate and put different skills together for a common goal allows us to create work that we aren’t capable of creating on our own,” Landry said. “EVIT gave me my first taste of that, which I continued to pursue during my college career at Pratt.”

 Landry earned her bachelor of fine arts degree last spring and won the $10,000 Young Woman Design Award from Rolls-Royce Motor Cars as part of the Pratt Senior Fashion Show. She now works for the Pratt admissions office while designing and creating collections for her own online shop – www.landrylow.com – based in Brooklyn, N.Y.

 “There’s simply no way I would have been as successful as I was without EVIT,” Landry said. “A typical high school education just simply doesn’t prepare you for the reality of work … EVIT helped me become accustomed to this reality and practice this before plunging into the 24/7 type of education that art school provides.”