11 Best Online Colleges with Open Enrollment and No Application Fee

Top 11 Online Colleges with Open Enrollment and no Application Fee

For those seeking online colleges with open enrollment and no application fee, this article is a valuable resource. When pursuing higher education, traditional colleges often come with stringent eligibility requirements and non-refundable application fees, which can be discouraging. 

However, open enrollment institutions offer a more accessible pathway to education, eliminating the financial barrier of application fees and streamlining the enrollment process for a wider range of students.

Here, students face a massive loss as they apply to several online colleges for fear of rejection. It can be beneficial because any of the colleges you have applied to might select you.

However, the application fees range between hundreds and thousands of dollars. As an alternative, you can go for Cheap Online Colleges Without Application Fee and open enrollment. The article helps you find the best Online Colleges with Open Enrollment and no Application Fee.

Key Takeaways

  • Applying to colleges can be expensive because of application fees.
  • There are colleges with open enrollment, which means anyone can apply.
  • These colleges also do not charge application fees.
  • We have mentioned 11 online colleges with open enrollment and no application fee. Some of these colleges are the University of Dayton, Loyola University Chicago, and Michigan Technological University.

What are open-enrollment Online colleges?

A college is a place where students can be admitted and achieve their graduation and other degrees in several programs. Nowadays, most of the colleges are offering the option of online programs and courses to the students. 

The online courses allow the students to pursue their education sitting at home with a flexible schedule and achieve the degree after completion. The examinations are also conducted in online mode in most cases. The open enrollment online colleges allow everyone to submit their applications with easy steps. 

On the other hand, traditional colleges impose the eligibility criteria and several other requirements for the admission procedures. This will shortlist the number of applicants based on their academic scores, admission tests, and many more. 

This is done as in a hybrid class the seats are limited and the number of applicants needs to be lowered. Whereas when it comes to online colleges, the number of students in a course can be hundreds and even thousands as the classes will be conducted online through various platforms. Still, the applications of students are subjected to review and will be shortlisted. 

But what about the students who are rejected and lose their money in admission application fees? They will not be refunded with the amount. So, to make the admission process easy and relevant, some online colleges offer open admission with no application fees.

We have researched and shortlisted online colleges with open enrollment and no application Fee, some of these colleges are mentioned below, let’s have a look: 

List of the Top 11 Online Colleges with Open Enrollment and No Application Fee

University NameLocationType
University of DaytonOhioPrivate Catholic
Loyola University ChicagoIllinoisJesuit Research
The University of ScrantonPennsylvaniaPrivate Jesuit
Michigan Technological UniversityMichiganPublic Research
Southern New Hampshire UniversityNew HampshireNon-Profit
Baker UniversityKansasPrivate
McKendree UniversityIllinoisPrivate
Chadron State CollegeNebraskaPublic
Franciscan University of SteubenvilleOhioCatholic
Sewanee: The University of the SouthTennesseePrivate Episcopal
Elmhurst UniversityIllinoisPrivate Liberal Arts

1. University of Dayton

University of Dayton
University of Dayton

The private Catholic research university offers several courses and programs in online mode to make it possible for students to achieve degrees flexibly. The University of Dayton is Ohio’s second-largest private university, with a ranking in the top 50 colleges in the USA. 

The best part of the university is that 98% of the students get employment within 6 months of completing the course. Their online courses and programs in business administration are available with certification and the students can enjoy automatic consideration on a merit basis. The free and officiant applicant process of admission makes the university best for students. 

2. Loyola University Chicago

Loyola University Chicago
Loyola University Chicago

While searching for online colleges with open enrollment and no application fee, consider the Jesuit research university, founded in 1870. Remarkably, it holds a top position among universities with this feature. Notably, the university’s admission process is open to all students regardless of their residency or citizenship status, making it an inclusive choice for aspiring undergraduates. 

Furthermore, undergraduates can benefit from a tuition-free admission procedure, and the annual tuition for these programs is approximately $42,000. For those pursuing graduate studies, the tuition cost is approximately $20,000.

3. The University of Scranton

University of Scranton
University of Scranton

Another private Jesuit university was founded in 1888, which makes it one of the oldest universities in the world. The main motive of the university is to offer quality education and career-oriented courses to the students with no applicants for admission. 

The admissions are usually open for all students, anyone can take the admission whether you are a transfer student or an International student. The resident status is also not considered while admitting the students. Currently, there are around 3800 undergraduate and 1400 graduate students served by the university. 

4. Michigan Technological University

Michigan Technological University
Michigan Technological University

When searching for online colleges with open enrollment and no application fee, it can be a daunting task to find the right institution. However, Michigan Technological University, a public research university, offers a unique solution. With its distinctive combination of being cost-free to apply and providing online education, it stands as a reliable choice for students. 

What sets it apart further is its open admission policy with no specific deadlines, allowing students to enroll at any time throughout the year. Additionally, the university’s merit-based admission process considers various factors, including essay competitions, SAT, and CAT scores, ensuring a well-rounded evaluation of applicants.

5. Southern New Hampshire University

Southern New Hampshire University
Southern New Hampshire University

The university is backed by the New England Commission of Higher Education and offers online programs in various fields including Hospitality, Health, Education, and Business Administration. One of the best parts of the university is its free admission process, students do not need to pay the applicant fees and other expenses while admitting. 

The non-profit university aimed to offer bachelor’s degrees and other credentials to students at the most affordable price. The University does not demand a letter of recommendation, contest of essays, and other academic requirements for admissions. To help the students get rid of their issues, there are counselors and advisors. 

For the students who have successfully achieved admission to the online courses, the university also encourages them to apply for federal study aid. The aid covers all the educational expenses of the students throughout their course. 

6. Baker University

Baker University
Baker University

Baker University is known for its academic excellence in the field of online learning. The university was founded in 1858 and at that time the courses were offered in hybrid mode. But as per the needs of current society, several courses and programs are offered in online mode. The currently changed admission procedure by the university allows students to follow the application process with no fees. 

However, online colleges with open enrollment and no application fee official transcripts are required during admission procedures. The university is backed by the Higher Learning Commission and there are several courses offered for the students including the College of Arts and Sciences, the School of Professional and Graduate Studies, the School of Nursing, the School of Education, and many more. 

7. McKendree University

McKendree University
McKendree University

The university was also known as Lebanon Seminary and was founded in 1828. Currently, the university offers online courses and programs to more than 2400 undergraduate students and 700 graduate students. For the students who are enrolling in undergraduate courses, there is no application fee charged. 

Scholarships and financial assistance are also offered to students who belong to the family with lower financial backgrounds. The best part of the university is the quality learning and career-oriented approach. The schedule is formulated to prepare the students to face career challenges in the future. 

8. Chadron State College

Chadron State College
Chadron State College

The main motive of Chadron State College is to allow students to pursue online courses with quality education at an affordable price. One of the biggest features of the university is that there are no applicant fees charged from the students during admissions and the acceptance rate of the university is 100% for online programs. For the transfer admissions, the seats are also allocated in various courses. 

To resolve all the queries of the students regarding their admissions, the enrollment advisors are appointed. Also, there is no need to visit the university for admission, the whole procedure can be performed online along with the document submission.

9. Franciscan University of Steubenville

Franciscan University of Steubenville
Franciscan University of Steubenville

This Catholic university offers open admission, no application fee, and a range of 75 academic programs. They aim to provide intellectual, professional, and spiritual growth to students. Admissions are open to all, including international and transfer students, with no residency requirement. It’s an accessible and inclusive option for those seeking online colleges with open enrollment and no application fee.

The admission team at the university assists the student at every step of the admission and resolves all their queries and questions. Also, the enrollment advisors help the students to determine which courses are best for them. On average the admission process takes only 15 minutes with no letter of recommendation or essay required. 

10. Sewanee: The University of the South

Sewanee- The University of the South
Sewanee- The University of the South

The private Episcopal liberal arts college offers robust student life programs that are formulated to prepare them to face every challenge in the future. The non-profit university is backed by 28 southern dioceses of the Episcopal Church. One of the best parts of the university is their easy admission process which is free and open to all. 

The admission or enrollment advisors are appointed to provide counseling to each student to aid them with the best possible help. Also, for the first-year newly admitted students, the university offers scholarship programs and financial assistance schemes. The tuition fee for undergraduate courses is around $ 50,000 and for graduation is around $18000. 

11. Elmhurst University

Elmhurst University
Elmhurst University

Elmhurst University, a private liberal arts college, provides a range of online courses and certification programs. Supported by the United Church of Christ, it offers a student-friendly admission process. Admission advisors are available to assist students with guidance and recommendations. 

Notably, for those applying for the online bachelor’s degree program, there are no application fees, making it an attractive choice for those seeking online colleges with open enrollment and no application fee.

The same with graduation and other ELSA courses. The withdrawal facility is also offered to the students which allows them to cancel their admission by login to their account using the login credentials. The tuition fee for the online courses is around $40000 and for the graduation courses it is around $33000. 


1. How can I go to college without applying?

The direct admission allows students to attend the colleges without applying. Under the process, the colleges allow admission to some students, which eliminates the lengthy process of admission. The process of direct admissions is also known as the flipped system. Various factors are considered to offer direct admission, these include merit, academic excellence, major achievements, and special reservations.

2. Is it OK to take college online?

The colleges can be attended both in online mode and in hybrid mode. Most of the colleges offer the facility of online courses and programs to the students.

However, not all the courses can be offered in online mode. It is beneficial to pursue the courses in online mode as the students can set their flexible schedules for classes and can also accomplish the courses quicker than the hybrid mode. For the student who wants to save their money, time, and effort, pursuing the course in online mode is best recommended. 

3. Are online colleges difficult?

The online courses are not difficult but are challenges for the students. As the classes in online courses are to be taken from home, there is a need for more discipline and motivation to study. In hybrid mode, the study environment is already there but at home, the students need to create it themselves. This is the only reason most students quit online courses in half. 

4. How to choose online courses?

The colleges that offer online courses have their enrollment advisors who assist the students in deciding the best courses for them. These advisors also help them throughout the admission process. There are a lot of factors to choose the best online courses for you.

These include your area of interest, your academic qualifications, your score list, and many more. It is highly recommended for you to choose the courses in which you are likely to study your favorite subjects. 


Finding the right college for your higher education journey can be a daunting task, especially when you have specific criteria in mind, such as pursuing online courses, ensuring a free application process, and seeking 100% acceptance rates. 

Discovering online colleges with open enrollment and no application fee can be a real challenge. To make this search more manageable, we’ve done the legwork for you by curating a list of top colleges that not only offer the convenience of open enrollment but also eliminate the burden of application fees. 

These colleges are committed to inclusivity, ensuring that all students, regardless of their background or circumstances, can embark on their educational journeys without incurring any charges during the admission process.

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