10 Part-time Jobs in Canada for International Students

Part-time Jobs in Canada for International Students

Over time, Canada has established itself as a popular choice for overseas students seeking Part-time Jobs in Canada for International Students and higher education. Many overseas students find the country to be a desirable location due to its excellent educational system, plenty of internship possibilities, and open immigration and post-study job rules. Additionally, the nation accepts foreign students in a variety of fields, including retail, hospitality, customer service, etc.

Whether your career goals are to become a doctor, lawyer, engineer, or any other successful genius, you can work several well-paying part-time jobs throughout the weekdays, weekends, and school breaks.

To make your time as a student more financially independent, we have done the homework, combed through job sites, verified salaries, and produced a fantastic list of the best part-time jobs in Canada that pay well for international students.

How to get a job as an international student in Canada?

To begin with, you must be enrolled full-time as an international student, which requires that you have a current study permission. Second, you cannot begin working before your studies officially begin. To continue when your studies are over, you will also need to apply for a work permit.

Furthermore, during the ordinary academic term, overseas students are only permitted to work a maximum of 20 hours per week; however, during holidays, they are permitted to work up to full-time hours.

You’ll probably spend 15 to 20 hours a week in class, so this shouldn’t be a problem, and you’ll have plenty of study time outside of that. It would also be good to have some free time to enjoy life, socialize, and unwind!

Part-time job rules for International students in Canada:

For a variety of reasons, many overseas students in Canada choose to work part-time jobs. It is vital to comprehend the legislation about part-time employment, as some prerequisites must be met to be employed lawfully in Canada. 

The following are some guidelines regarding part-time employment for foreign students in Canada:

  • Students need to have an active study permit.
  • They ought to be registered full-time in a post-secondary education program at a recognized or authorized learning institution (DLI).
  • The minimum length of the study program must be six months.
  • Their Social Insurance Number (SIN) is a requirement.

Additional rules:

  • During regular academic sessions, students are permitted to work up to 20 hours per week.
  • During breaks (summer and winter breaks), students are allowed to work full-time.

Full-time enrollment in classes must resume both before and after the semester break.

Excessive work above the allowed hours may result in the study permission being revoked.

Types of Part-time Jobs in Canada for International Students:

Depending on the location and nature of the work, students in Canada can choose from three different kinds of part-time jobs.

1. Jobs on campus: 

Students may work in any of the school’s buildings, including the cafeterias, administrative offices, and libraries.

Examples include jobs as teaching assistants, library assistants, cafeteria employees at universities or other institutions, administrative department positions, etc.

2. Off-campus employment: 

One of the most popular types of part-time work is finding employment near a college or residence hall. However, students need to make sure that there aren’t any study permit infractions.

Sales assistants, administrative assistants, waiters/baristas, nannies, customer service representatives, etc. are a few examples.

3. Co-ops and internships: 

To obtain academic credit, students may work as part of their study program.

Examples include jobs that rely on the university and the curriculum chosen.

Top Part-time Jobs for International Students in Canada:

1. Teacher’s assistant:

Teacher assistants, or TAs, are employed by many academic institutions and instructors to assist them with a variety of activities over the semester. Creating lesson plans, updating documentation and student grades, and teaching and assisting students are a few examples of duties. Frequently, admission requirements include a year of college or university completion, exceptional organizational abilities, and prior experience in a particular subject.

Being a TA is great since it allows you to stay on campus. Remember that you have to maintain your academic vigor in addition to helping to teach the course.

  • Salary: CAD 15.65 per hour

2. Server or bartender:

The most popular career for students is serving or bartending, mostly because of the flexible hours it provides. Part-time jobs in the food service sector are constantly available, and they’re particularly worthwhile to pursue as an entry-level career. But it usually means working on the weekends and evenings.

Although the hourly pay isn’t the best, tips are given to waiters and bartenders. You can earn anywhere from $75.00 to $200.00 in tips per night, and maybe even more, depending on your sales. In Canada, tips vary according to the business, day of the week, and time of day. However, the normal tipping rate is 15% to 20%. 

  • Salary: CAD 11 per hour + tips

3. Uber or Lyft driver:

One of the most common careers for students in Canada is being a delivery driver for Uber or Lyft (or just a driver). For those who don’t know, Uber is a ridesharing business that uses a smartphone app to match drivers and passengers.

In Canada, you need to be 21 years old, have a reliable automobile, and own a smartphone to work as an Uber driver on a part-time basis. If you have all of this, you’ve found a fulfilling profession that you can work from anywhere at any time!

It should be noted that weekends, evenings, and early mornings are the most popular times. Like a waiter or bartender, you’ll undoubtedly make more money driving on the weekends if you live in a city with a big student population. 

  • Salary: CAD 14 to CAD 25.58 per hour

4. Tutor:

You can tutor kids at any level from elementary school to college or university or in between. You have two options: work on this on your own or enlist in the school’s tutoring program. 

You will practice the abilities you currently possess as well as learn new ones. Maybe even pick up some new knowledge. The subject’s nature determines the remuneration in full. Some tutors make up to $50.00 per hour, particularly in cases when the subject is challenging. 

  • Salary: CAD 15 to 20 per hour

5. Freelance writer:

Freelancers come in a variety of forms. One can work as a freelance writer, web designer, graphic designer, and so forth. Freelance work is available in almost every field.

If you like to write or edit, this is a fantastic choice. You have complete control over the subject matter of your writing as well as the location and time of your writing, whether it be at home or elsewhere. 

Why not practice your abilities and get paid for them in the downtime between school assignments? If you want to become a writer for a living, this is a terrific method to develop your resume and acquire experience. If you want to get started, consider 99Designs, Fiverr, or UpWork.

  • Salary: CAD 25.60 per hour

6. Nanny:

Whether it’s bringing kids up from school, making dinner, putting them to bed, or just keeping them occupied, a lot of parents ask for help. These are a popular alternative for student employment in Canada because the hours are usually flexible and sometimes there’s even time to finish your homework while the kids nap. 

Your chances of getting the job are much higher if you have received CPR training. The hourly wage may vary based on your tasks.

  • Salary: CAD 14.67 per hour

7. Dog walker:

Some dog walkers in Canada work on-call shifts, so becoming a part-time dog walker may demand a bit more flexibility than other occupations. Generally speaking, though, not much time is required. Regardless of the weather, you might have to walk a dog for anywhere from thirty to sixty minutes every day. 

However, you might be able to charge extra based on your duties and the number of dogs you walk. To boost your revenue, you may also think about providing pet-sitting services while the owner is away. 

  • Salary: CAD 14.16 per hour

8. Barista:

Coffee is a national favorite in Canada. Canada is among the nations that consume the most coffee worldwide, in actuality. So, where better than a coffee shop to learn about Canadian culture?

In addition to teaching you how to prepare some delectable hot beverages, working as a barista will allow you to practice your English while interacting with clients. The most common coffee shop in Canada is without a doubt the well-known Tim Hortons chain. Worldwide, there are over 5000 Tim Hortons locations.

  • Salary: CAD 13.26 per hour

9. Sales assistant:

Working as a sales assistant is a fantastic chance to put your language abilities to use in a hectic setting. You will serve customers in the store and run the cash register as a sales assistant. You will most likely not have to work particularly early mornings or late evenings, but it is a profession that requires you to be on your feet all day.  

  • Salary: CAD 17 per hour

10. Residence advisor:

An undergraduate student who lives in residence with other students (typically first-years) and is in charge of their welfare while on campus is known as a residence advisor. They organize team-building activities for kids, serve as role models, and foster a sense of community. It’s a great job to highlight those crucial leadership abilities on your CV. A rent subsidy is another perk that many housing advisors receive, which is a plus.  

  • Salary: CAD 9000 for 2 semesters

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much can an international student make working part-time in Canada?

Depending on the province, city, and kind of work, international students in Canada make an average hourly income of $13 to $20.42. During academic sessions, international students are permitted to work up to 20 hours per week, and during designated breaks, they are permitted to work full-time.

2. How much can an overseas student make in Canada?

In Canada, the average pay for an international student is $32.01 per hour or $62,425 per year. The exact amount you can make will, however, differ based on your work, degree of education, and experience.

3. Can students work 40 hours a week as international students in Canada?

No, during academic sessions, foreign students are not permitted to work more than 20 hours a week. During prearranged breaks, they are permitted to work full-time, though.

4. Is it difficult for international students to find part-time work in Canada?

Finding a job in Canada as an international student can be difficult, but there are a few options you can consider like opportunities on campus where numerous Canadian institutions provide students with a range of careers on campus.

5. Which job is the easiest to get in Canada?

There are various jobs for immigrants in Canada such as Customer service representatives, administrative assistants, transport or logistics coordinators, food service supervisors, etc. 


For overseas students, studying in Canada can be a daunting experience. Even while Canada has a great work culture, competitive salary, and a wealth of chances after graduation, the opportunities for students are as impressive.

In Canada, it’s not unusual to see students working part-time jobs, which helps them effectively manage their expenses.

You may find a lot of websites that assist you in your job search in Canada. The Job Bank, a service of the Government of Canada, is primarily intended to help individuals in the 15–30 age range find full- and part-time employment. 

Additionally, there are websites such as Workopolis, Indeed, and Monster. In general, Canada offers a wide range of employment options to international students. 

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