Top 12 Highest Paying Jobs with Communications Degree

Highest Paying Jobs With Communications Degree

As per research and market dynamics, Highest Paying Jobs with Communications Degree are in demand. With the job market revolving rapidly, a degree in communications can open the door to various exciting and lucrative career opportunities. A communication degree is super versatile and is adaptable across industries. It also has the potential to enable individuals to secure high-paying jobs with no prior experience. 

In this blog, we have curated a list of high-paying communication opportunities that offer a promising job aspect for entry-level professionals. 

What is a communications degree?

A communications degree is about prioritizing how to learn to communicate information effectively. Good communication is essential in most industries which helps to sell products to the public and maintain strong relationships with investors, clients, and customers. A communications degree will build awareness of how to convey information to diverse audiences effectively with business goals in mind. 

Degree programs in communication were restricted to studying verbal exchanges and communication in conventional print media, such as newspapers, until the advent of the digital age. However, the advent of the internet fundamentally changed communication as we know it today. The internet is completely changing the way people communicate and share information regularly. Examples of this include personalized site content and instant messaging.

Traditional verbal and written communication is still studied in bachelor’s degree programs in communication. However, they also place a strong emphasis on digital communication, assisting students in comprehending the fundamental ideas that underpin our globally interconnected society, from social media to data analytics. Successful students who earn a degree in communication become part of the industry’s future by mastering the digital tools and practices that are necessary to flourish in modern communication.

Strategies that Communication Students explore:

Successful students who earn a degree in communication become part of the industry’s future by mastering the digital tools and practices that are necessary to flourish in modern communication. These are some of the ideas, techniques, and methods that communication students frequently study: 

1. Understanding web traffic through Google Analytics:

The amount of data processing power used by modern computer technology is unprecedented and is still expanding dramatically. Businesses can obtain useful information about the market by gathering and analyzing data about internet users. Google Analytics is the most popular online tool for helping with this process; it is a method for monitoring and reporting website traffic.

2. Communicating through email and web content:

Before the internet, communication specialists most likely had to plan phone conversations or write letters to clients or colleagues to share information. A significant amount of interpersonal communication takes place instantly these days via emails or multimedia files. Professionals who complete a Bachelor of Arts in Communication program might learn how to design a strategy that will help them use web content and email to accomplish particular goals. Depending on what businesses want to achieve, there are several ways to apply these communication approaches.

3. Digital marketing strategies to gain business:

Utilizing a variety of digital media platforms to draw attention is the multidimensional process of digital marketing. Most companies will constantly struggle to get meaningful online consumer involvement in the absence of a well-organized digital marketing strategy. On the other hand, businesses that aspire to be the best in their fields frequently employ highly qualified communicators to promote their goods and services online using a range of digital media platforms.

List of Top 12 Best Highest Paying Jobs with Communications Degree

Many professions related to communication degrees are associated with six-figure salary potentials. While some jobs can be filled at the entry-level, others could call for more training or a specific level of work experience. Some of the Highest Paying Jobs With Communications Degree are:

1. Public relations specialist:

  • Average salary: $67,440 every year

Public relations experts are essential to maintain the public perception of an organization. They compose press releases, handle crisis communications, and establish and maintain connections with the media. During your communications degree, you can lay the groundwork for writing, relationship building, and strategic thinking that will help you succeed in this position. 

2. Broadcast news analysts:

  • Average salary: $78,626 per year

Broadcast news analysts report the news to the public through radio or television. They are also called news anchors. The primary role of these professionals is to convey news in ways that the audience understands and finds interesting. The minimum requirements to work as a broadcast news analyst are a bachelor’s degree in journalism or communications including internship or past work experience. This will assure the employers that the candidate can connect with a wide range of audience. 

3. Marketing coordinators:

  • Average salary: $38,340 per year

Marketing coordinators help in implementing and developing various marketing campaigns. These candidates also work on various tasks which also include market research, social media management, and content creation. The communications degree will assist the candidate in writing and communication skills. This is essential for formulating and conveying effective marketing campaigns. 

4. Writers and authors:

  • Average salary: $39,603 per year

A writer or novelist is one of the most well-known careers for someone with a degree in communications. Experts in written communication leverage their exceptional communication abilities to effectively express information in print. There are many distinct categories of writers and authors, such as playwrights, copywriters, biographers, novelists, and speechwriters. The level of education required for writers will change depending on the job description. 

5. Corporate communications specialist:

  • Average salary: $119,200 per year

Corporate communications specialists primarily focus on external and internal communications within the company they work with. The candidates create newsletters, take care of employee communications, and manage public announcements. The communication degree will prepare these candidates to convey messages clearly and effectively to the stakeholders of the company. 

6. Brand strategist:

  • Average salary: $79,896 per year

Brand strategists do thorough research on customers of a product or service and use this data to create marketing plans that can influence the opinions and decisions of the customers. These plans promote solutions that are required by the target audience thus building people’s trust and interest. The final goal for customers is to have a positive attitude about a company or product. 

7. Event planners:

  • Average salary: $64,481 per year

From weddings to business conferences, event planners plan and oversee a wide range of events. In this position, having strong communication, negotiating, and organizational abilities is essential. You will learn how to interact with customers, suppliers, and attendees to make sure an event runs smoothly with your degree.

8. Technical writers:

  • Average salary: $79,960 per year

A technical writer is one of those people with a communications degree who specialize in written communication. Technical writers simplify difficult thoughts and ideas by drawing on their expertise in written language. They may compose brochures, essays, instruction manuals, and other types of media. The need for technical writers who can communicate these developments to the general public will only increase as science and technology continue to progress.

9. Health communications specialist:

  • Average salary: $94,172 per year

Within the healthcare sector, health communications specialists develop public education campaigns regarding health-related concerns. Having a communications degree enables you to communicate intricate medical facts in an intelligible way.

10. Internal communications coordinator:

  • Average salary: $89,710 per year

Coordinators of internal communications oversee communication inside a company, making sure staff members are informed and involved. With a communications degree, candidates will learn how to develop efficient internal communication plans and effectively communicate with a varied workforce.

11. Account manager:

  • Average salary: $72,229 per year

Account managers act as a company’s point of contact with clients, responding to questions and making sure that goods and services satisfy demands. Based on their perception of how new items could improve the lives of their clients, they also spot possibilities to promote those products to consumers. Account managers ensures a company solves customer problems by settling disputes, offering solutions, and creating new goods.

12. Communications analyst:

  • Average salary: $93,934 per year

Communication analysts review an organisation’s communication strategies which provide recommendations for improvement. The communications degree will help candidates analyze data, propose effective solutions, and identify communication gaps. 

Preparing for high-paying communication jobs:

To prepare for a career in communication, candidates should start earning a bachelor’s degree and gain experience in this field. Gaining additional education and certificates is also often recommended. The journey to these high-paying communication jobs includes the following:

1. Education:

A bachelor’s degree in a communication-related field which includes English, journalism, and advertising can be a great start. For many job roles, employers prefer a master’s degree. Training in communication management that emphasizes best practices, researching and analyzing trends, might be advantageous for people looking to advance in the communication sector.

2. Experience:

Top-paying communication roles usually require several years of experience. For example, communication directors often have a decade of experience or more. Roles like marketing coordinator, content writer, or new reports could help gain experience for advanced roles in communication. 

3. Skills:

Education and experience could help candidates to achieve a high-level communication job which could be beneficial. However, certain skills such as copy editing, marketing, leadership, market research, and crisis management can also help candidates get the job of their dreams. 

What is communication degree good for?

A communication degree can open up various job opportunities for people in various different sectors such as:

  • Media
  • Advertising
  • Business
  • Public relations
  • Education 
  • Publishing

Some degree programs in communication give students practical assignments or internships to help them develop their writing portfolios. Graduates with a foundation in communication can then use this experience to pursue fulfilling employment. Some possible career pathways are shown below.

  • Marketing manager: Managers that work in marketing, promotions, or advertising create plans and programs to advertise goods through various media platforms. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports, professionals in these professions made a median salary of $135,900.
  • Public relations specialists: Using interviews, press releases, and other media, these experts assist establish and preserve an organization’s reputation. The BLS estimates their median pay was $61,150.
  • Editors: Experts in this position edit written materials for clarity and factual integrity, including books, white papers, and articles. The median compensation for editors was $61,370, according to the BLS.

A communication degree can equip people with in-demand skills in digital media and content development, making them stand out in an industry that is expanding. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that employment in the media and communication will increase by 4% between 2018 and 2028, creating about 27,600 new positions.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the highest-paying jobs in communications?

There are various high-paying jobs in the communication sector. The most high-paying communication job is communication director followed by public relations manager and brand strategist. 

2. Can you make six figures in communication?

Making six figures with a communication degree is easily possible, however, this requires a combination of valuable skills, experience, and education. This will help people excel in their careers. 

3. Can you make money as a communications major?

Depending on the job path they take, communication majors can earn anywhere from approximately $36,638 to $176,126 annually. Graduates of communications programs are equipped for a wide range of employment in the business, government, media, marketing, and sales sectors because the field is so broad.

4. Is a job in communications stressful?

Some people find the fast-paced, deadline-driven nature of field jobs in communication to be unpleasant. In order to fulfill deadlines or attend events, many communication industry occupations include working long hours, including weekends and evenings.

5. Is a job in communications a good career path?

The profession in communications is vast. A degree in communications can lead to employment in public relations and internet media, among other fields. If you’re considering this degree, you might need to decide on a professional path early on because it will have a big impact on the classes you take.


By utilizing the many internet communication channels effectively, businesses can establish a connection with clients who might not have otherwise encountered their brands. Organizations create a continuing chance to receive feedback, support, and loyalty from a community of active patrons if these connections lead to long-term relationships.

Entry-level workers have a plethora of chances to pursue interesting and lucrative careers with a communications degree. Your degree can provide you with access to a wide range of businesses, from marketing to public relations. With networking, internships, and a strong application, you can land a rewarding career without any prior experience.

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