10 Highest Paying Jobs with a Political Science Degree

Highest Paying Jobs with a Political Science Degree

Careers in the world of political science, including the Highest Paying Jobs with a Political Science Degree, are spread throughout the job market. Not only are jobs available in government but also in communications, research careers, analytical professions, and more. 

With the right degree and the right decisions, students from political backgrounds can move through their field with security, lucrative paychecks and accomplish a successful career. From nonprofit work to business, education, and data analysis, students can choose to work in the public and private sectors. 

Additionally, with a degree in political science, people will not have to settle for regular 9-5 jobs. As per Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job prospects for political scientists and related careers are expected to grow by 9% between 2020 to 2024. 

What is a political science degree?

Political science is a type of social science-related study that primarily focuses on policies, political procedures, international relations, and administration. Moreover, students with a degree in political science have a sturdy grasp of recurrent social issues and a major understanding of fixed processes for meeting the challenges.

Apart from just theoretical knowledge, the coursework can also include collecting feedback and public opinion on policies, products, opinions, etc. to leverage the data for optimizing the services.

Usually, colleges offer various options for students to specialize in the field of political science. They are:

  • Criminal Justice
  • Urban Studies
  • Bilingual Journalism
  • Pre-law
  • Foreign Relations 

Skills of political science majors:

One of the most necessary and most broadly used skills in this field is the basic understanding of how to decode written documents and various other forms of communication. This also includes critical analysis of information. This can apply to businesses and organizations and it is important for most political organizations and private companies.

A bachelor’s degree in political science can assist students in comprehending how to work with social problems and create strategies for solving these issues. This also includes gathering information through surveys on policies and products. Further, this data is used to develop strategies for the success of the organization.

Another crucial ability that political science students will acquire is effective communication. Grads are able to present ideas in a clear and well-thought-out manner by mastering the best written and verbal communication strategies, which improves understanding at all organizational levels. Graduates with strong communication skills can unlock the highest paying jobs with communications degree, which may be valuable for political science majors in their career pursuits.

Degrees in political science may provide concentrations and specializations to help students achieve their professional objectives and better customize their programs. Political science concentrations include:

  • Bilingual journalism
  • Pre-Law
  • Foreign relations
  • Criminal justice
  • Urban studies 

List of Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs with a Political Science Degree

Many professions related to political science degrees are associated with six-figure salary potentials. While some jobs can be filled at the entry-level, others could call for more training or a specific level of work experience. Some of the high paying jobs with political sciences degrees are:

1. Lawyers:

Lawyers are professionals who have completed their education in law school, passed a bar exam, and are professionally licensed by the state to assist in solving legal problems. Getting a political science degree helps candidates prepare for their careers as lawyers since they will learn in detail about government policies, laws, and how they function in the nation. 

  • Average salary:  $125, 675 annually
  • Lowest recorded salary: $59,436 per year
  • Highest recorded salary:  $250,338 every year

2. Postsecondary political science teachers:

Upon graduating in political science, candidates will be qualified to tutor students in political science, social studies, government studies, and world history in post-secondary schools. Depending on the area, aspiring candidates might have to complete a certification in teaching including a degree, especially if they want to join a public school. 

  • Average salary:  $58,806 every year
  • Lowest recorded salary: $39, 254 per year
  • Highest recorded salary:  $77,096 per year

3. Political scientists:

After graduating in political science, candidates will be qualified as political scientists. This role includes various other skills such as research, analysis, and forecasting by studying history and modern trends to understand in detail the current laws and policies that are affecting the government, business, and people. 

  • Average salary:  $80,937 every year. 
  • Lowest recorded salary: $53,239 per year
  • Highest recorded salary: $153,384 every year

4. Judges and hearing officers:

American political organizations and the judicial system are closely related in the country. This is the reason you can become qualified for careers as judges and hearing officers after completing your political science coursework and carefully studying the law. Among other things, you would be in charge of managing court proceedings, presiding over pretrial conferences, settling administrative disputes, and rendering judgments.

  • Average salary: $113,681 every year
  • Lowest recorded salary: $19,507 every year
  • Highest recorded salary: $201,614 per year

5. Urban and regional planners:

A political science degree will assist candidates in landing a job role as an urban and regional planner. They will also be responsible for examining site plans which developers submit and they also develop different strategies to create and accommodate communities in several areas. They also apply the required principles of planning, architecture, and analysis to spaces. 

  • Average salary: $119,284 every year
  • Lowest recorded salary:  $48,098 per year
  • Highest recorded salary: $261,000 every year

6. Arbitrators, mediators and conciliators:

A political science degree will help in developing your communication, analytical, and negotiation skills which are very crucial for an arbitrator, mediators, and conciliators. In this job role, the candidates will be responsible for helping in negotiation and communication between several parties which further helps in resolving conflicts and reaching a compromise. 

For arbitrator:

  • Average salary: $112,970 every year
  • Lowest recorded salary: $26,102 annually
  • Highest recorded salary: $221,000 per year

For mediator:

  • Average salary: $75,990 every year
  • Lowest recorded salary: $57,970 annually 
  • Highest recorded salary: $173,225 per year


  • Average salary: $87,626 every year
  • Lowest recorded salary: $33,240 annually 
  • Highest recorded salary:  $155,000 per year

Paralegals and legal assistants have to deal with various jobs to support lawyers in various ways ranging from researching laws and cases to maintaining and organizing files, drafting documents, and gathering evidence that will be used in court.

They also assist lawyers in preparing for trials by formulating reports, explaining the evidence, and also filing appeals with the opposite competitor. Paralegals also get actively involved with technicalities of law while legal assistants engage with broader tasks. 

  • Average salary:  $52,150 every year
  • Lowest recorded salary: $34,841 every year 
  • Highest recorded salary: $88,000 every year

8. Public relations manager:

Public relations managers inform the public about their clients’ viewpoints through interviews, news releases, and sponsorship of business gatherings. Along with keeping an eye on any current political, social, or economic developments that may have an impact on their client, they also suggest strategies to enhance the client’s reputation.

  • Average salary: $75,409 every year
  • Lowest recorded salary:  $47,089 every year
  • Highest recorded salary: $127,363 per year

9. Policy Analyst:

Policy analysts are often required to examine policies to assess their efficiency based on the company’s objectives. These candidates can be employed in various sectors such as political administrations, private companies, businesses, healthcare institutions, and education. 

Mostly employers look for candidates with an experience of at least 2-3 years along with a bachelor’s degree in political science at entry-level positions. The requirements for senior-level policy analysts vary with the minimum educational qualification being a master’s degree. 

  • Average salary:  $77,058 every year 
  • Lowest recorded salary: $53,500 per year
  • Highest recorded salary: $117,000 per year

10. Intelligence analyst:

Although they occasionally use their talents in the private sector, intelligence analysts typically work for government organizations like the National Security Agency (NSA) or the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Employees in these political science government positions examine and evaluate external dangers and opportunities for their companies using their expertise and comprehension of data analysis, corporations, political groupings, and climates. Subsequently, this data is utilized to devise suitable reactions and provide suggestions to decision-makers. 

  • Average salary: $69,854 per year
  • Lowest recorded salary: $21,500 per year
  • Highest recorded salary: $150,000 per year

Preparing for high-paying political jobs:

To prepare for a career in c, candidates should start earning a bachelor’s degree and gain experience in this field. Gaining additional education and certificates is also often recommended. The journey to these Highest Paying Jobs with a Political Science Degree includes the following:

1. Education:

Earning a bachelor’s degree in a field related to politics, such as advertising, journalism, or English, can be a wonderful place to start. Employers favor a master’s degree for various career roles. Prospective political sector advancements may find it helpful to pursue training in political management that has an emphasis on best practices, trend research, and trend analysis.

2. Experience:

Experience of several years is typically required for high-paying political positions. For instance, intelligence analysts frequently have at least ten years of expertise. 

3. Skills:

Candidates may benefit from having experience and education in order to land a high-level political position. But other abilities, like leadership, market research, copy editing, marketing, and crisis management, can also help applicants land the position of their dreams.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What career paths are open to graduates of political science?

Graduates in political science have several different job options. Jobs in government, such as those as a policy analyst, political consultant, or public relations professional, are frequently available. They can also pursue careers in academia, law, journalism, non-profit organizations, and international relations.

2. Does obtaining a graduate degree in political science guarantee me a decent job?

While entry-level jobs in a variety of professions can be obtained with a bachelor’s degree in political science, certain advanced roles might call for a master’s or even a doctorate in the subject. Your professional objectives and the particular job you’re interested in will typically determine the required amount of schooling.

3. Will a degree in political science earn me a lot of money?

A degree in political science can lead to a six-figure wage. But not every job in the industry will pay as much as this. Your precise pay will be determined by your degree, your employer, and the number of years you have worked in the industry.

4. How competitive is the job market for graduates of political science?

Depending on geography, area of expertise, and the state of politics, political science graduates may find different levels of competition in the job market. Although it can be competitive in general, job prospects can be enhanced by networking, obtaining relevant experience through internships, and keeping up with trends and current events.

5. What is the highest-paying job in political science?

The jobs related to the field of political science are known to pay quite well. One of the highest-paying jobs in political science is lawyer followed by post-secondary political science teachers. 


Political science occupations usually require a strong educational background. Essential foundational information can be obtained with a bachelor’s degree in international relations, political science, international affairs, or a comparable discipline. However many people seek additional degrees, like a Master’s or Ph.D., to improve their professional prospects and knowledge, which can give them a competitive edge.

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