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NYU Tisch Acceptance Rate – Alumni, Tuition, Scholarships and More

NYU Tisch Acceptance Rate

Are you looking to get into NYU Tisch? Do you want to know about NYU Tisch Acceptance Rate? If yes then you are at the right place. We have curated a blog, especially for you. In this article, we will be discussing NYU Tisch’s acceptance rate, admission process, application process, tuition fees, and more. So let’s get started.

NYU Tisch School of the Arts

The New York Tisch School of the Arts was founded in 1965. It is one the most distinguished and well-known media arts schools of New York University. This school has been known to train historians, filmmakers, and artists for decades. The school is categorized into three institutes – Film and Television, Performing Arts, and Emerging Media. Its school has various programs dedicated to the fields of dance, design, film, television programs, and drama.

The faculty at NYU Tisch School includes professionals from various fields who are excelling in their respective fields. Owing to this, the faculty members can give their first-hand experience and knowledge about their respective fields. You can get bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degrees from the school. 

NYU Tisch Acceptance Rate

NYU Tisch is one of the most selective and competitive art schools in the United States of America. It has an acceptance rate of only 18-26%. It means out of every 100 applications, only a maximum of 26 get selected. This shows that if you need to get into NYU Tisch Arts School then you need to work hard. 

At NYU’s New York Campus, only 12.8% of students were accepted for the class of 2025. In the university’s history, this is one of the lowest acceptance rates so far. Usually when it comes to their film programs the acceptance rate is around 19%, 33%, and 35% respectively. 

For the incoming first-year class, the average unweighted GPA was 3.71. A GPA score of 4.0 was scored by almost 20% of the admitted candidates. An SAT score of 1540 out of 1600 has been achieved for the class of 2025. Also, it should be noted that for the class of 2025, the university received more than 100,000 applications from all across the USA. 

The institution receives applications from over 102 countries and almost all US states. No wonder why the selection process is known to be so selective at NYU Tisch. It is estimated that approximately 90% of the students who enroll get graduated within 6 years from the institution. 

Admission Process at NYU Tisch 

If you wanna get into NYU Tisch School of the Arts, you gotta impress them. First, you need to fill out an application online. This starts around mid-September. The application asks for your basic info, where you have studied, and how they can reach you. You should also pick what kind of art you are into and which audition track you wanna go for: dance, drama, music, or visual arts.

But that’s not all. You also need to send in some extra things:

  • Something that you have made or a video of your audition
  • Your official school grades
  • 1-2 letters from teachers or mentors

The NYU Tisch faculty members look at everything you send in, not just your grades. They wanna see if you have got that special spark for the arts. They also wanna know why you are interested in art and how you can add to their community. 

Admission Requirements at NYU Tisch 

Let’s talk about what you need to get into NYU Tisch School of the Arts. Here are some important factors to keep in mind:


Your GPA needs to be solid. We are talking a minimum of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale. If you are already an NYU student, you gotta wait until your second year to apply. If you are looking to get in sooner, you can check out the non-major program.


While NYU does not set a strict requirement, it is a good idea to aim for at least 1370. If you hit 1510 or above, even better! Your scores help NYU figure out where you stand among other applicants. Keep those grades up and aim high on the SATs if you wanna impress faculty members at NYU Tisch!

Things To Keep In Mind Before Applying to NYU Tisch

Before you apply for admission, here are some important things you should know:

  1. Use your email, not your school one. NYU might send you updates about your application. You don’t want to miss those. Once you have applied, NYU will let you know they got your application within three weeks. Keep an eye out for that email so you can track your status.
  2. When it comes to reviewing applications, NYU takes a personal approach. They look at each one carefully, considering your interests, talents, and goals.
  3. The documents you are sending in, make sure they are copies. NYU does not give them back.
  4. If you are an international student applying to NYU in New York and need financial help, they will take that into account when reviewing your application. If you forget to include something in your application, don’t start panicking. NYU gives you a bit of time to send in anything you missed.
  5. If NYU is interested in you, they might invite you to visit their Abu Dhabi or Shanghai campuses. 
  6. If your program requires extra things like an audition or portfolio, only send it if they ask for it.
  7. If you are transferring to NYU and need financial help, they have some programs that might help. However, for most transfer students, financial help is extremely limited.

Programs Offered at NYU Tisch

If you are someone who is looking to dive into the world of arts, NYU Tisch School of the Arts is the perfect choice for you. They have got a whole bunch of courses to choose from. They cover everything like dance, design, drama, film, and TV. Whether it’s Acting for the Camera, Contemporary Dance Technique, or Directing for Film and Television, there is something here for you.

When it comes to degrees, they have various options to choose from. You can pursue a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree in 12 different programs, or go for a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) degree in 4 programs. 

Also, they have got 2 advanced certificate programs in Film and Television, and Photography and Imaging for those who already have a BFA, BA, or a similar degree from another school. NYU Tisch also offers joint degree programs with other NYU schools, like business and law.

Tuition Fees at NYU Tisch

When you look at the price, it might seem pretty expensive. But keep in mind that NYU Tisch School of the Arts offers one of the best arts education programs in the USA. For New York state residents, tuition is $51,024 a year. For those from out-of-state, it’s $57,024 annually.

Scholarships Offered at NYU Tisch

NYU Tisch School of the Arts has some awesome scholarships for talented students. There is the Dean’s Scholarship. It is for students who shine in their chosen field. Then, there is the Presidential Scholarship. This scholarship rewards the students with top-notch grades. Lastly, there is the Trustee Scholarship. It goes to students with extraordinary artistic talent. These scholarships cover everything. It covers the tuition, housing, living expenses, and even an internship at one of NYU’s famous arts spots.

Alumni of NYU Tisch

NYU Tisch School of the Arts is a big deal in the art world. Lots of famous artists have graduated from here and gone on to do amazing things in film, TV, music, and theater.

Just check out some of these names:

  • Will Smith: You know him as an actor and rapper.
  • Meryl Streep: She is one of the greatest actresses of our time.
  • Robert De Niro: Another legendary actor.
  • Spike Lee: He is a top-notch director.

NYU’s Tisch School produced some seriously talented artists. They have won Tonys, Emmys, and loads of other big awards. And get this, many of these famous alumni come back to Tisch to share their wisdom with current students. They even team up for special projects and labs. This is the place where students can make connections and show off their work to the pros in the field.

There are even more famous faces from NYU Tisch, like comedian Adam Sandler, actress Bryce Dallas Howard from “Jurassic World,” and the late Philip Seymour Hoffman from “The Hunger Games.”

Some of them have made it big on TV too, like Jesse L. Martin from “Law & Order” and “The Flash,” and leading ladies Rachel Bloom and Gina Rodriguez. 

Why Should You Attend NYU Tisch?

NYU Tisch is where you want to be if you are serious about the arts. If you are in high school and looking to get a head start, you can jump into summer programs on campus. You can also take online courses to sharpen your skills before college. As an undergrad, you have got tons of majors to pick from. It covers both performing and visual arts. 

There are minors like art and public policy or documentary to add some extra talent to your studies. Some minors are tailored for specific degrees, like a comedic writing minor for dramatic writing students or an applied theater minor. 

You can even do a cross-school minor in business with NYU Stern School of Business. If you are aiming for a master’s or doctorate, NYU Tisch offers programs in performing, writing for musical theater, and stage and film design.

You can also study overseas, but there is something special about studying in New York. You can get inspiration around every corner. You will be close to all the action in both drama and visual arts.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is NYU Tisch hard to get into?

Yes, they are super selective. They have got high standards for both academics and arts. To even be considered, you gotta go through a two-part admissions process. First, you fill out the common application. Then, you show off your artistic skills through a review process. It is not easy but if you are passionate and talented, you have a chance. 

2. What is the GPA requirement to get into NYU Tisch?

If you are already an undergrad at NYU, you cannot apply to NYU Tisch. But, you can still take NYU Tisch courses for the NYU Non-Majors program. You just need to make sure your GPA is at least 3.0 and you are not on academic probation.

3. Is NYU Tisch worth it?

If you can afford it, it might be worth the investment. Attending NYU Tisch can give you a fancy degree. But it is very expensive. Whether it’s worth it or not depends on which studio you end up working in. So make sure to carefully consider your options!

4. What is NYU Tisch Acceptance Rate?

NYU Tisch is one of the most selective and competitive art schools in the United States of America. It has an acceptance rate of only 18-26%. It means out of every 100 applications, only a maximum of 26 get selected.


NYU Tisch School of the Arts is all about giving you a top-notch arts education. With a faculty who are passionate about teaching and a diverse student body from all across the world, you are in good hands.

The cost can vary from $250 to $240,000. The tuition depends on what you are studying. But on average it’s about $57,000.

NYU Tisch offers both in-person and online classes. They have got 23 different credentials to choose from. It includes a Bachelor’s Degree, ACIT Certified, and ACMT Certified programs. It can take anywhere from 1 month to over 4 years to complete the course depending on what you choose. But usually it takes around 2 years.

There is no doubt that the admissions process is competitive. But if you put in the work, you have got a chance at getting into this prestigious university.

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