6 Best Musical Theatre Colleges

Best Musical Theatre Colleges

If you are passionate about pursuing a career in musical theatre and dedicated to honing your performance skills, then the best musical theatre colleges are suitable for you. These institutions provide the ideal environment for you to develop your talents and skills in the world of musical theatre.

Having good taste in music will provide peace and harmony to minds. As per the researchers, music stimulates the feel-good hormones in our minds and makes us instantly happy when we are sad or upset. No matter whether you are in depression or any other mental state, listening to soft music will aid you with instant pleasure. 

Even psychologists recommend listening to music to improve mental health. Some students are planning to make a career in music. Music is not only limited to having good vocals, or lyrics. There is a wider scope for pursuing music courses. 

From instrument artists to the music director there are hundreds of career options available after pursuing courses or music programs. To achieve a degree in music you need to get admitted to the best musical theatre colleges. Here, the article helps you to get the best colleges to pursue your higher studies and qualify to establish a music career. 

What are musical theatre colleges? 

There are a lot of career opportunities for students depending upon the field they choose to pursue higher studies. The schooling life is only to mentally prepare the students to choose the field in which they want to carry out their career. 

The most important aspect starts after high school while entering undergraduate courses. Other than the academic and technical line numerous other career options are always less considered than others. These are dance, music, arts, creativity, designs, and many more. Most people consider them as a hobby.

One of these career options is music. Music is one of the best forms of peace and creativity. However, in the current world, everyone likes to listen to music in every aspect of their lives. These include while driving, working, exercising, morning walking, even while resting, and many more. This generates a wider scope of employment opportunities for students. 

Even some students used to pursue their graduation and masters in musical theatre programs. However, not all the colleges and educational institutions offer such programs. You may need to look for the best musical theatre colleges near you. 

There are hundreds of Best Musical Theatre Colleges and universities which offer musical theatre courses and programs for students. But only a few of them have good recognition in the nation and offer a degree with significant value. As you are spending money while pursuing musical courses, always get admitted to any prestigious university or college. 

To make it easy for you we have shortlisted the best musical theatre colleges for you based on our comparison. Let’s take a look at some of these institutions:

List of the Top 6 Best Musical Theatre Colleges 

1. Boston Conservatory

Boston Conservatory
Boston Conservatory

The Boston Conservatory offers reliable training and practice in one of the most renowned theatrical landscapes. The students go through four years of courses that help them to become professionals in the field and secure a good career. The students are supposed to learn the foundational skills during the first two years of their course, which includes the three major skills i.e. acting, singing, and dancing. During the last two years, students have been granted advanced applications and techniques in the studios. 

Also, the last year of the course is entirely the practicum and students are likely to learn practical skills and expertise under the guidance of professional musicians and personnel in the field. There are a lot of courses and musical theatre programs offered by the Boston Conservatory, but the most reliable and popular one is B.F.A., Theatre: Musical Theatre. 

2. University of Cincinnati (CCM)

The University of Cincinnati is one of the oldest musical training schools in the USA. The university offers several crises and programs including the degree of B.F.A. Musical Theater. The conservatory training is offered to the students who are admitted to the college, with technique-based private lessons from expert teachers and professionals. Additionally, the students go through all three major aspects of musical theatre. These include dancing, singing, and acting. 

The degree achieved from the University of Cincinnati holds significant value and the former students who achieve the degree hold significant roles as casting directors, agents, directors, and other industry professionals in major musical studios in the nation. 

The affordable fee structure and other facilities offered by the colleges make it worth achieving a degree in musical theatre. For the students who belong to families with lower financial backgrounds, scholarship schemes, and financial support programs are also offered. 

3. Emerson College

The college is specially made for musical courses and programs. The main motive of Emerson College is to establish a bond between the students and rigorous studio work. The way of teaching is unique to other musical schools, the students are likely to learn conservatory-style training with the collaboration of traditional liberal arts courses. For the students who are performing well the Performing opportunities are also offered. There are five different venues for the performance on the campus with the professional-level Emerson stage. 

Other than the classrooms and academics the students also get the opportunity of summer performance which aids them with the experience. The four years, of course, are designed in an organized manner so that the students can learn more with less effort. The first two years of the degree are being pursued in the Boston campus whereas the last two years are pursued in the campus located at NYC. 

4. Ithaca College

Ithaca College
Ithaca College

Ithaca College offers the musical theatre program which is a performance-driven program. The main motive of the program is to aid the students with the most relevant skills and expertise required to start a good career in the field of musical theatre. 

The degree achieved from Ithaca College holds significant value and the students get employment opportunities in the best musical studios and entertainment projects across the globe. The students are supposed to go through the 20 hours of in-class studio and other academics.

The students who get enrolled in the BFA Musical Theatre are granted the skills and expertise in all three major aspects of musical theatre including dancing, singing, and acting. One of the best features of the college is its performance update reminder. Here, the student gets an update regarding his progress along with the performance feedback. Moreover, during the final year, the student alone gets the opportunity to audition and perform in mainstage productions. 

The students will also get the chance to attain a full week of field exposure which aids them with studies experience. Also, the private lessons with professionals and field experts included in the last year of the B.F.A, in Musical Theatre. 

5. Molloy College/CAP21

Molloy College
Molloy College

The Molloy College has its strategic locations in two major places including downtown Manhattan and upstate New York. The urban and suburban campuses offer programs with a perfect blend of academics and conservatory training. The newly admitted students in the college spend their two days of the week in upstate and three days in the Manhattan center. 

The best part of the program is its private voice lessons for every student. These private voice lessons are conducted once a week for all four years. 

The students who belong to the family with poor financial background can also apply for the scholarship programs and schemes. These schemes offer financial assistance and other perks to deserving students. Such schemes are offered by the government, charities, non-profit organizations, and the college itself. Contact the financial aid branch of the college to know more. 

The course offered by Molloy College is a B.F.A. in Theatre Arts. The course has a wider scope in the musical industry and is one of the most demanding professions. 

6. Baldwin Wallace University

Baldwin Wallace University
Baldwin Wallace University

Baldwin Wallace University is located in the quaint town of Berea, Ohio surrounded by beautiful landscapes and elegant sceneries. The Musical Theatre Program offered by the university aids the students with 100% signing skills and expertise. The admitted students also get the chance to build their strong profile by earning Equity Membership Candidacy (EMC) points by performing in regional theatres in Ohio. These points allow the students to get high-paying jobs in top musical theatres and studios across the nation. 

For the overall development of the students, the working dusty professionals are invited to the campus to conduct personal classes. The Master Classes and Workshops on musical theatre aid the students with all the relevant skills required to pursue a good career in the future. The real-world exposure and experience. The degree achieved from Baldwin Wallace College holds a significant value and opens the gateway to hundreds of employment opportunities for students. 

Students also get scholarships and various financial support programs to cover their educational expenses. The students can pursue a degree in B.M. Music Theatre from the university. The University has a good record of students offering high-paying jobs and professionals in the best musical theatres and studios in the USA. 


1. What is the best university to study musical Theatre?

Several universities in the USA allow you to pursue your musical theatre courses in various ways. Every region has its own popular and recognized local university for musical courses. But when it comes to the best university to study musical theatre the Boston Conservatory will never be ignored.
The university offers several musical courses and online programs for students all over the world. With world-class infrastructure and quality education, the university aids students with the skills and expertise required to be the best musical theatre personnel in the future. Along with the academics, you will also get the chance of practical exposure to the field under the guidance of professionals. 

2. Is a musical theatre degree hard?

Yes, as compared to their career scopes the musical theatre degree is hard. The students need to go through several assessments and academic qualifications in the first year of the courses. Whereas, there is a need to go through the studio practices in the second and third year. 

The major difficulty faced by the students is when they are unable to access the studio, as the students get the chance to get practical exposure for a fixed tenure. Due to this, they are unable to learn practical skills. That is why make sure to choose one of the best musical theatre colleges which offers a practicum and theatre exposure along with academics. 

3. Is a theatre degree useful?

Yes, pursuing a musical theatre degree in any of the prestigious colleges or universities makes a student qualify for several career opportunities in the future.

As the craze of music is increasing in today’s generation, students have a good opportunity to achieve a musical theatre degree and start their career with a high-paying salary and other perks. In major cities of the USA, including California and Washington, there are thousands of studios and music companies that used to hire students as interns and permanent employees with good salary packages. 

4. How to choose the best musical theatre colleges?

Choosing the college to pursue musical theatre college plays a vital role in determining your future. Only renowned colleges offer degrees with significant value. There are several things you need to consider while choosing the best musical theatre college. 

These include the qualifications of the facilities, the academics offered, the infrastructure of the colleges, it will be better to choose the college which has its music studio for practice and real exposure, the placements and field visits, and many more. Also, make sure to compare the tuition fees before getting admitted to the colleges. 


When seeking a career in musical theatre, it’s essential to choose the Best Musical Theatre Colleges that align with your goals. These institutions can significantly improve your employment prospects, offering competitive salary packages and additional perks. 

From our research, we have identified the top colleges in this field, which are listed above. During your musical theatre degree or program, prioritize studio practices over academics to ensure the best preparation for a successful career.

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