6 Best Nursing Schools in Minnesota with No Waiting List

Nursing Schools in Minnesota with No Waiting List

If you’re a nursing student eager to start your education and career without waiting, these nursing schools in Minnesota with no waiting list are perfect for you.

Being a nurse will not only allow you to make a good amount of money in the USA but also you will get a chance to perform community service. There are times when the victims or patients seek medical treatment, the doctors only suggest the medications, rest of the work is accomplished by the nurses. In a city like Minnesota, the demand for nurses has been rapidly increasing due to which it is difficult to get the best nursing school without a waiting list. 

As the candidates are more and seats are fewer that is why it takes time to determine and allot the seats based on merit and other requirements. However, there are some nursing schools in Minnesota with no waiting list that offer quality education and other facilities. The article offers some of these nursing schools. 

What are nursing schools with no waiting list? 

After the COVID-19 pandemic, the medical infrastructure of almost every nation collapsed including the USA. That is why to be prepared for the upcoming pandemics and such medical emergencies the government is trying to improve the medical literature all over the nation. 

To meet the same, medical institutions and facilities are hiring doctors, surgeons, and nurses in large numbers and offering them a good annual package with other perks. That is why the nursing profession attracts a large number of students. 

The high number of nursing candidates leads to the less availability of seats in nursing schools and colleges which leads to longer waiting lists. Sometimes the applicants need to wait for three to four semesters for their admission opportunity. 

Moreover, the top nursing schools in Minnesota receive thousands of applications while the availability of seats is only 50 to 100. No need to worry if you want to pursue your nursing in Minnesota City, as there are a few Nursing Schools in Minnesota with No Waiting List. Also, the applicants can easily get admission to these colleges with a reasonable fee structure. 

We have researched the top nursing schools in Minnesota with no waiting list based on various comparison aspects including tuition fees, infrastructure, education, faculty, facilities, practicum, and many more. What we found are the best among them.

You will easily get admission to these nursing schools. List of Top Nursing Schools in Minnesota with No Waiting List are mentioned below, let’s have a look: 

List of the Top 6 Nursing Schools in Minnesota with No Waiting List 

1. St. Cloud State University


St. Cloud State University
St. Cloud State University

The University itself is a local medical facility that offers medical treatment to patients. The students can enroll themselves in several nursing courses including the associate program, graduation, and master’s degrees. 

One compelling incentive to consider enrolling in a university is the reduced waiting period. Typically, universities and nursing schools require some waiting time as they go through the process of verifying and finalizing the list of admitted students. 

However, when looking into nursing schools in Minnesota with no waiting list, you can significantly minimize this waiting period, making it a noteworthy advantage to select such institutions for your education.

Another benefit is their state-of-the-art human patient simulation lab which allows the students to understand the concept with dummies and real equipment. 

Moreover, the five simulated hospital rooms, a home care simulation room, and 22 hospital bed spaces make it easy for the students to complete their practicum within the university with real patients. Graduation and master’s degrees achieved from a registered university hold significant value. 

The annual tuition fee for the nursing programs is around $10,118 (the fees may vary from course to course). The university offers three types of courses including the traditions, bridge, and online. You may not find the accelerated nursing courses at St. Cloud State University. The passing rate of the students is 90%, which is good.  

2. College of Saint Scholastica


College of Saint Scholastica
College of Saint Scholastica

One of the oldest nursing universities in the USA is located in Minnesota and was established around 100 years ago. Currently, over 4000 students are pursuing different courses which makes a friendly environment for the students. 

The annual tuition fee for the students is around $38,750, which is reliable compared to the other nursing schools in Minnesota. Moreover, the passing rate of the students is around 80.49%, which indicates the good quality education offered in the classes by expert faculty. 

The students, who belong to the family with the lower financial condition can also get scholarships and financial aid from the financial branch of the college. 

The online RN-BSN and second-degree option offered by the college allow the students to pursue the program at their convenience and with more flexibility. Other nursing programs offered by one of the best nursing schools in Minnesota with no waiting list are a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN), and Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP), and a BSN-DNP. Each year around 112 seats are available for the new admissions. 

3. Concordia College


Concordia College
Concordia College

With tuition fees of around $28,400 and a passing rate of 97.44% for the stunts, Concordia College aids students with degrees in various nursing programs. You will find different modes of the courses offered, these modes include the accelerated program, bridge program, and traditional programs. 

However, you may not find online programs for pursuing nursing degrees, which is the shortcoming of the college. The two main courses offered by the college are BSN and the accelerated second-degree program. The enrolled students at the college also get the opportunity to participate in clinical duties. 

The abroad clinical internship opportunities are also offered to the students. The students with a good GPA and other requirements will get the abroad internship opportunity. The practicum at the local medical facilities is also offered to the students which gives them the credits and helps them achieve their degree as soon as possible. There are a lot more programs and areas of study (about 120) other than the nursing offered in college. 

4. Gustavus Adolphus College


Gustavus Adolphus College
Gustavus Adolphus College

The college is a little expensive for nursing applicants as the annual tuition fee is around $63,508. But when the tuition fee is compared with the facilities and quality of education offered, it is worth the expenses. The passing rate of the students in the college is around 88.89% which is good as compared to other nursing colleges in Minnesota city. But you can only pursue the courses in traditional or hybrid mode. 

There are no accelerated, bridged, or online modes available for the nursing courses. Getting admission to the college is very difficult as the students need to go through several eligibility requirements. 

Due to the difficult selection process, there is no waiting list for the college which makes it one of the top nursing colleges in Minnesota with no waiting list. Only the traditional BSN program for undergraduate students is offered by the college. Each year around 35 students get their nursing degree from Gustavus Adolphus College. 

Also, the passed students from the college get high-paying jobs at the best medical facilities and clinics across the nation. If you meet the standards of the college it will be easy for you to get admission without a waiting list. 

5. University of Northwestern


University of Northwestern
University of Northwestern

The student-to-faculty ratio of the University of Northwestern is 16:1, which offers an effective educational opportunity to every student. You will also get personalized instruction and teaching. The location of the college is nearby to downtown Minneapolis, which allows them to work as an intern or complete their practicum at renowned medical facilities and healthcare industries. 

Only the traditional four-year BSN is available at the University of Northeastern. The students can also pursue the traditional course in online mode which makes it more flexible. Around 80 nurses graduate from the university every year. 

The annual tuition fee of the university is around $41,594 and the passing rate of passing of students is 91.36%. The enrolled students do not need to wait for the waiting list and quality education with practical exposure to the field is offered to them. 

6. Herzing University


Herzing University
Herzing University

Herzing University is the best option for students who are looking to make flexible nursing schools in Minnesota with no waiting list. The nursing schools offer all four modes of pursuing the courses including the traditional or hybrid mode, online mode, accelerated and bridged mode. 

The annual tuition fees of the course may vary on various factors and types of courses but on average the students need to spend around $50 for every credit. The passing rate of the students is around 77.27%. The university has around 9 campuses spread in different states of the USA. 

The innovative three-year BSN program offered by the university is designed to grade students to get jobs in any state of the USA. Whereas the other programs including a 12-month online RN-BSN and the 16-month accelerated second-degree option are also available for the nursing students.

If you’re interested in exploring nursing programs with no waiting lists in other states, be sure to check out our article on nursing programs in Michigan with no waiting lists. It’s a valuable resource for those considering options beyond Minnesota. 


1. What is the easiest path to nursing school?

To complete traditional nursing courses students may need to put their efforts around three to 4 years. But for the students who are looking for the easiest path to nursing can rely on the accelerated BSN path. Perusing the celebrated nursing courses including BSN will only take three to four semesters which means around 12 to 18 months. 

These courses are available with flexible online classes. The students achieve the degree quickly after completing the requirements of credit hours and practicum. But you may need to take almost double classes than the traditional nursing courses. Also, most of the accelerated nursing courses are available in accelerated mode. 

2. Is Minnesota good for nurses?

Minnesota is a renowned state in the USA and the degree achieved from the registered college or nursing school holds a significant value. The students who are registered nurses in Minnesota will get the chance to enjoy working at the best medical facilities across the nation. The nursing degree from Minnesota is valid all over the USA. 

Not only in the best medical faculties but the nurses get higher salary packages along with robust benefits and perks that are also offered to them and their family members. It is worth achieving a nursing BSN degree from Minnesota. However, some factors including your GPA, practicum, and knowledge also matter in getting admission. 

3. What is the fastest program to become a nurse?

When it comes to nursing it takes several years to be registered as a certified nurse. However, some courses take less time to complete and help the students to become nurses early. The fastest program to become a nurse is the Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN). 

The course takes from 12 months to 18 months to accomplish and after the practicum term, you will become a certified nurse and start making money. However, the value of the ADN degree is quite low compared to the BSN and masters programs. You may need to put additional effort into finding good employment opportunities at the best medical facilities in Minnesota and the USA.

4. Which course is best to become a nurse?

To become a nurse the students need to pursue a graduation degree or associate’s degree in nursing. However, there are sub-branches in the graduation degree, each offering their unique expertise and professionalism. 

The best courses that are considered and recommended for getting a high-salary job are BSc Nursing, Psychiatry and Mental Health Nursing, and GNM Nursing. If you have pursued any of these courses from the Minnesota-based nursing schools then it will be easy for you to get the high-paying employment opportunity at the best medical facilities all over the USA. 


Finding a nursing school in Minnesota can be easy, the actual difficulty you are going to face is getting quick admission. The increasing craze of pursuing nursing fills up the seats in most nursing schools nationwide. 

That is why it has become difficult for students to find the best Nursing Schools in Minnesota with No Waiting List in the area. If you are living in Minnesota and looking to pursue your graduation or related courses in nursing then consider the above mentioned nursing schools and get admitted quickly. 

They offer no waiting time or less as compared to others. Also, you are likely to get a reasonable fee structure and reliable education system along with a practicum. These factors make these nursing schools in Minnesota with no waiting list a smart choice for your nursing education journey.

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