Netflix Student Discount 2024: Offers and Alternatives

Netflix Student Discount

If you’re a student who uses the Netflix streaming service, you may look for the Netflix student discount to enjoy your favorite shows and movies while keeping your budget intact! But, does Netflix offer a student discount? You will get your answer in this article. Keep reading!

Netflix stands out as a leading streaming service with an extensive collection of TV shows and movies, including both new originals and favorite classics. However, its pricing structure can be a challenge for students with tight budgets. In the USA, the Basic plan costs $11.99/month, while the Premium plans cost $22.99/month.

Unfortunately, Netflix does not currently offer a student discount, creating a financial barrier for students with irregular income. This article will discuss the Netflix student discount and also explore ways to get student discounts from similar streaming services. You can also explore our article on Spectrum Student Discount.

Does Netflix Offer Student Discount? 

No, Netflix does not currently offer a student discount. Netflix student discount is not available for college students. Your College ID will not unlock any special privileges or lower rates on your standard membership. To access the Netflix streaming service and enjoy your favorite TV shows and movies, you have to pay a regular subscription fee. While Netflix does not offer a student discount, alternative platforms like Amazon Prime do offer student discounts.

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly option for a streaming service, you may want to consider switching to Amazon Prime. Despite the absence of a Netflix student discount, the platform boasts a diverse library of content, ensuring that you can still enjoy a wide range of entertainment. 

Why Does Netflix Not Offer Student Discount?

Netflix has not given reasons for not offering the student discount. However, the reason for Netflix student discount unavailability may be due to their viewer demographic. With Statista data showing that major viewership of Netflix is among students under the age of 35, Netflix may fear that introducing a student discount could potentially reduce revenues and profits. Many users already access Netflix through shared subscriptions, and offering discounts could further impact their financial performance. 

The Netflix streaming service seems confident in the value of its content library, betting that users find it attractive enough to justify the full subscription price. The company’s strategy appears to lie in maintaining revenue streams and maintaining the perceived value of its extensive content offerings. Although there is no Netflix student discount, 71% of people aged 18 to 24 use the service in a week.

Options You Have in the Absence of Netflix Student Discount

Netflix does not offer student discounts, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get your favorite TV shows or music on Netflix. You have a few options that you can use in the absence of the Netflix student discount. Let’s find out:

1. Divide Expenses 

Sharing expenses is a common aspect of student life, especially when faced with budget constraints. A popular practice involves pooling resources for items, such as food, making it possible to enjoy shared benefits. It is beneficial to apply this principle to services like Netflix. Collaborating with a sibling, friend, or anyone interested allows creating a shared account, reducing financial stress.  

By dividing the cost among a few individuals, the financial burden is reduced, providing affordable access to Netflix’s extensive and impressive content library. This collaborative approach not only promotes financial efficiency but also enhances the collective viewing experience for everyone involved.

2. Use Your Family’s Account

When the Netflix student discount doesn’t exist, you can take advantage of your family’s existing subscription. If any family member – whether it’s your parents, older siblings, or cousins, is willing to share their Netflix account, take advantage of the opportunity. 

They have the option to add users to their accounts, tailoring each viewer’s experience to their preferences. This way, by using a single subscription within the family, everyone can enjoy personalized and customized streaming experiences without the need for an individual subscription.

3. Select an Alternative

Given the absence of a Netflix student discount, your last choice is to explore alternative streaming platforms. Amazon Prime expands to a student plan, providing a budget-friendly option. Additionally, consider Hulu or explore Paramount+, which offers student discounts. If Netflix exceeds your budget limits, these alternatives may prove worthwhile. 

Evaluate each platform’s content diversity and additional features to make sure they fit your preferences. Exploring these options not only satisfies financial considerations but also opens the door to diverse content and potential savings, enhancing your overall streaming experience.

4. Netflix Alternatives for Student Discounts

Netflix is known for its exclusive content, and while it’s hard to find a direct replacement for Netflix originals, other streaming services also offer unique shows and movies. Consider looking for options with student discounts, as they compete to offer a compelling selection.  

Keep in mind that the availability of popular content may vary across different platforms, so check what each service offers before deciding on an option. Well, since the Netflix student discount is not available, you can choose the following Netflix options for a discount:

5. Amazon Prime Student Plan 

Amazon Prime Student plan offers substantial discounts while providing full access to standard Prime benefits. This plan allows you to enjoy streaming a huge selection of TV shows and movies, along with features like music streaming and complimentary shipping. You can experience the convenience of Prime with exclusive deals and more to suit the budget-conscious student lifestyle. 

Amazon Prime service offers a substantial free trial period, after which the subscription fee is about half the standard Amazon Prime cost. If unable to verify enrollment after four years, or lack a .edu email, there is an option for manual verification if your college does not issue email addresses.

6. YouTube Premium Student Discount 

YouTube Premium eliminates ads and provides exclusive access to YouTube Premium content including shows and movies. This service offers a subscription to YouTube Music, providing an ad-free, premium entertainment experience in one package. Upon registration, opt for the family plan discount or student discount, allowing you to customize your membership based on your preferences and eligibility.

The YouTube Premium student discount offers a substantial 60% discount off the standard price, providing all the features of the regular subscription. Mandatory annual verification ensures eligibility. Either you leave school or graduate, it becomes necessary to make changes to or cancel the Standard Membership. 

YouTube uses SheerID for enrollment verification, making the signup process simple for those with prior SheerID verification experience.  

This relaxation not only reduces the financial burden for students but also maintains its accessibility through a straightforward verification system, thereby strengthening its appeal to those engaged in educational activities. 

7. Hulu Student Discount

Hulu, a streaming service, provides timely access to TV shows, including exclusive originals. Although it lacks a student discount, it participates in a student bundle with Spotify and Showtime. By subscribing to Spotify’s student discount, users receive complimentary access to Hulu (ad-supported plan) and Showtime. This bundled package reduces the cost significantly, offering a more affordable option than a Hulu subscription. 

The student enrollment verification process facilitated by SheerID ensures efficiency. In particular, if you have previously verified your student status through SheerID for other discounts, there is no need for unnecessary verification. This strategic alliance between streaming platforms provides students with an affordable and comprehensive entertainment solution.

8. Paramount+ Student Discount

Paramount+ offers a budget-friendly streaming solution, providing access to local CBS live streams and an extensive on-demand library. Although not as comprehensive as Netflix’s, its affordability is a notable advantage. Using the Paramount+ Student Discount results in a 25% reduction on the regular subscription fee, which only applies to the Limited Commercial plan. Unfortunately, this discount is not compatible with the ad-free plan, which comes at a higher price.  

The verification process for student discounts is facilitated through SheerID, a service employed by CBS to verify enrollment. If you have previously verified through SheerID, you can seamlessly register for the Paramount+student discount using your existing credentials. This provides students with the opportunity to enjoy quality streaming content at a more affordable price.

Alternative Methods to Cut Costs on Your Netflix Subscription

1. Buy Gift Cards

Instead of resorting to the usual discounts to attract users, Netflix chose a unique strategy by offering reasonably priced gift cards in retail stores. Although it’s challenging to find these cards at original prices these days, you can still purchase Netflix gift cards from a variety of retailers, including Amazon.

2. Use Promo Codes

You can get promo codes for Netflix from some companies. Netflix collaborates with various partners, offering promotional offers as a token of appreciation. If you are a customer of one of these partner companies, you can grab promo codes that you can easily redeem on the Netflix website.

3. Choose a Bundled Plan from Cellular Services

Cellular service providers often include Netflix subscriptions in their plans, but there are some limitations. For example, T-Mobile in the US exclusively offers this feature. To take advantage, choose a Magenta plan with two active lines for Netflix’s Basic plan, or Magenta Max with two lines for Netflix’s Standard plan. In India, Jio and Vodafone offer Netflix subscriptions with their premium postpaid plans.

4. Pause Netflix Subscription Occasionally

The best way to save money on an expensive Netflix plan is to cancel your subscription when it’s not in use. Netflix’s goal is to keep you on their platform. So, they’ve made it really simple for you to restart your subscription. Additionally, you can join at any time during this period and pick up where you left off as your preferences are kept for a maximum of ten months.  


1. How do I get 6 months of free Netflix?

Although Netflix doesn’t offer a free trial, you have the flexibility to change or cancel your plan online at any time, free of contracts, fees, or commitments. This means you can easily sign up, explore the range of content Netflix has to offer, and make a decision based on your preferences without any long-term commitments.

2. Who offers Netflix for free?

With everyday prices constantly rising, Netflix’s streaming service is becoming expensive. However, T-Mobile customers on specific plans can enjoy a free Netflix Basic or Netflix Standard subscription, saving over $100 annually. This special benefit adds value to T-Mobile customers, providing an affordable way to access popular streaming content.

3. Which Netflix plan is the best?

You can choose the Standard ad-supported plan if you’re an occasional viewer or the ad-free Standard plan for seamless streaming across multiple devices. Designed for larger families, the Premium plan enhances the experience with 4K streaming and the flexibility to download on up to six devices. So, tailor your Netflix subscription to your viewing habits, ensuring the ideal plan for your entertainment needs

4. Can I share my Netflix account?

Netflix accounts are meant to be shared between individuals living in the same household. People outside your household should use their own account. Learn more about Netflix sharing policies. Account owners have the option to purchase additional member slots, allowing them to invite individuals from outside their household to access Netflix.

This feature facilitates a personalized and secure streaming experience for each user while maintaining the convenience of a shared subscription in the same household.

5. What is a Netflix gift code?

Netflix gift cards serve dual purposes – they can be used to pay for your Netflix subscription or given as thoughtful gifts. These cards are available for purchase at retail stores and online. For existing users, seamlessly sync gift codes with your Netflix account. New users can redeem the code, unlocking a complimentary Netflix account. You can enjoy your favorite shows and movies easily with the flexibility of a Netflix gift card.


Although Netflix does not currently have any plans for a student discount, they are constantly expanding their content library to provide additional value to customers. In view of the recent quarterly losses, there are likely to be deals and initiatives to attract more customers in the future, including possible discounts for students. You may get a Netflix student discount in the future. Until such offers emerge, you can continue to enjoy Netflix through family or friends’ accounts.

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