Top 6 Military Schools for Troubled Youth In 2024

Military Schools for Troubled Youth
Military Schools for Troubled Youth

Are you looking for Military Schools for Troubled Youth? then you are at the right place. If you’re a teenager dealing with behavioral or disciplinary issues and are looking for a structured and disciplined environment to address and overcome these challenges, military schools for troubled youth is often designed to meet your needs.

Teenage is the age of changes and hormonal peak, everyone in that age observes and catches things too fast. Due to low self-awareness, the youth start to get distracted from the path and engage in nuisance activities like fights, alcohol, smoking, and bunk classes. 

Such activities can be hazardous both for their mental and physical health. However, they are making their career too. As a parent, you need to take relevant steps to aid your ward with a straight and sincere path. 

One of the best options is the military schools for troubled youth. Military schools are made to prepare and train the youths similarly to military personnel. From physical to mental, those who enrolled get trained in both aspects. If you are worried about your troubled teenage children, then you must admit them to the military schools. We have listed the best Military Schools for Troubled Youth in this article.

Key Takeaways

  • Military schools are strict and disciplined places that can help troubled teens.
  • They provide a structured daily routine, teach discipline, and have small class sizes.
  • These schools can also motivate teens and give them a quality education.
  • Military schools are not for everyone. They can be expensive and have very strict rules.
  • Some teens may not handle the pressure of a military school environment.

What is a military schools for troubled youth?

Ordinary schools are only focused on the academics of the students. And are only operational from 9 to 4 p.m. which allows the students to carry out other activities at their home and outside the school. The over-engagement in extra activities makes them troubled. 

On the other hand, military schools are made to prepare students for their academic, physical, and mental standards. Military schools also offer boarding facilities to the students which keep them away from all other activities and students keep focused on their goals. 

It is believed that admitting your troubled youth to military schools for troubled youth is the only and best option to make them focused on their life. The strict rules and regulations of the military school divert the minds of students from other unnecessary activities.

There are a lot of military schools in the USA, but everyone can’t get admission to these schools. Some of these schools only admit military kids or those who have a military ancestral history. Also, If you are Grandchildren of WWII Veterans, you can also get scholarships for your education.

Also, some of these Military Schools for Troubled Teens have some eligibility criteria for those who want to take admission. Only the students who have satisfied these eligibility requirements will be allowed a seat. 

There is no need to worry, we have researched and found the best Military Schools for Troubled Youth where you can admit your child without any military orchestral history or other requirements. Some of the military schools for troubled youth are mentioned below, let’s have a look: 

Checkout List of the 6 Best Military Schools for Troubled Youth

1. Marine Military Academy

Marine Military Academy
Marine Military Academy

The military schools have been serving as one of the best-disciplined schools in the area for more than 50 years. The students who pass out from the school are similar to any military personnel and follow strict discipline. 

The Harlingen, TX military academy takes the admission of students in eighth class and raises them for the next four years till their 12th grade. The school is not only known for its discipline but also for offering the best quality education. One of the best things about the school is its 11:1 teacher-student ratio. 

Every student gets the opportunity to actively participate in academics, sports, and extracurricular activities. From time management to critical thinking the school makes sure to provide expertise in every crucial field to the students. 

In terms of the cost, sending your troubled youth to a military schools for troubled youth may require an annual expenditure of approximately $42,000. This fee encompasses all necessary expenses, such as tuition, accommodation, uniforms, and meals. Upon admission, your child will emerge with a commendable personality and discipline akin to that of a military professional.

2. Missouri Military Academy

Missouri Military Academy
Missouri Military Academy

One of the most popular military schools located in Mexico and is known for its expertise in developing various skills including academics, self-discipline, and character development in a student. As a troubled youth, your child may require a strict environment for some time, the military school is the perfect place for the same. 

The main motive of the school is to allow the cadets (students) to reach their potential. The students can enroll in the military school in sixth standard and carry out their higher schooling from that place. 

The military schools not only offer admission to 50 states but also admit international students of more than 20 nationalities. 

If you want to admit your ward to the Missouri military school, then you need to spend around $38000 every year for the tuition fees, room, food, board, and all other expenses. For the overall development of your children, the school ensures strict discipline, development camps, and many other activities over time. 

3. Oak Ridge Military Academy

Oak Ridge Military Academy
Oak Ridge Military Academy

The military school is open for both boys and girls. Whether you want to admit your troubled boy or girl, the school offers admission to all. The military school is one of the oldest military schools in the world, it was established in 1852 and is located in Oak Ridge, NC. As the military school is coed, both the boy and girl students get admitted to separate courses through their studies. 

The school is open for the students of the seventh class and raises them to the 12 standard. One of the best specifications of the military school is their 5:1 teacher-student ratio. Due to this, every student gets relevant academic education and other skills. 

The schools open the gateway to JROTC and a variety of athletic programs for students. The school is not only focused on academics but also offers great sports and extracurricular activities. If you want to admit your ward to the military schools for troubled youth then you need to spend around $32000, which will cover all the expenses. 

4. Massanutten Military Academy

Massanutten Military Academy
Massanutten Military Academy

The Massanutten military academy is located in Woodstock, VA. One of the oldest military schools started around 1899 and is open for both boys and girls from seventh to twelfth grade. The military school opens the gateway to several qualifications to the students, including a high school diploma or a college preparatory diploma.

Various JROTC programs are offered to the students, which allow them to want the free high school credit and build a strong profile. Other than academics, the students also enjoy various sports and extracurricular events.

The military schools offer several athletic and artistic opportunities for the students, which help them to refine their non-academic skills and be physically fit. If you are worried about your troubled teen as a parent, then admitting him to the Massanutten military school is the best option.

All you need to do is send around $29000 as the tuition fees and an additional amount of $3500 which covers other expenses including books and military style uniform. 

5. Army and Navy Academy

Army and Navy Academy
Army and Navy Academy

The military school was founded in 1910 and is located in Carlsbad, CA. The military school is one of the older and well-known for its character-building expertise. Along with offering a quality education to your child, the schools also aid them with adequate discipline, and manners and keep them away from all other unnecessary activities which can spoil their life. For troubled youth, the military school is most recommended. 

The students who enrolled in the school went from a rigorous and disciplined schedule. You need to send around $42000 for tuition fees. The additional charges are not included. 

The military-like schedule includes several aspects like daily room inspections, athletics, rigorous coursework, dedicated study, counseling time, and many more. The teacher-student ratio is 15:1, which allows them to get a good education and personalized instructions for teachers. The schools also offer several AP courses and creative courses in extracurricular activities including art and music. 

The main motive of the schools is to develop leadership qualities in the students and to do so a leadership quality development course is also offered which runs along with their academics. 

6. Fork Union Military Academy

Fork Union Military Academy
Fork Union Military Academy

The military school is located in Fork Union, VA, and is known for its rigorous schedule and quality education. The school raises the students along with Christian values and leadership qualities. Only the boys are eligible to take admission in the school, in 6th standard. The admitted student needs to spend 7 years in schooling til 12 standard. 

The excellent academic record of the military school makes it the best military schools for troubled youth. The students also get the chance to take part in Bible study groups, sports, extracurricular activities, and many more. All these activities support their overall development. 

The extracurricular activities include debate, chess, woodworking and film, video clubs, and many more. Parents need to send around $38000 as a tuition fee and additional expenses. Those who are unable to fill out the fees can also get financial aid or education loans. The best part is the 10:1 teacher-student ratio, which ensures the active participation of every student in academic and non-academic activities. 

Pros and Cons Of Military Schools for Troubled Youth

As you have explored the top military schools for troubled youth, it’s important to look at both the good and the not-so-good aspects. These schools are great for teaching discipline, leadership, and doing well in school. But they also mean strict schedules, less freedom, and being away from home, which can be tough. First, let’s take a closer look at the pros to better understand the appeal of military schools.

  1. Structured Daily Routine: Military schools provide a well-organized daily schedule.
  2. Discipline: They emphasize discipline to help students learn responsibility and respect.
  3. Small Class Sizes: Classrooms have fewer students per teacher, allowing more individual attention.
  4. Physical Fitness: These schools promote physical activity and health.
  5. JROTC Programs: Students can participate in Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) programs.
  6. Inclusive: Military schools are open to students of all genders.
  7. International Students: They accept students from around the world.
  8. Supportive Community: A strong good fellowship can provide mental and emotional support.

Despite the advantages, it’s important to acknowledge that military schools might not be the right fit for every troubled youth. Here are some reasons why:

  1. Strict Discipline: The strong rules can limit personal expression.
  2. Daily Stress: The busy daily schedule can sometimes be overwhelming.
  3. Not Specialized Counseling: Counseling support may not be tailored to the needs of all troubled students.
  4. Increased Risk for Mental Illness: For some, the structure might increase stress and risk factors for those with mental illness.

How Military Schools Work 

Parents who are searching for solutions for their troubled teens often find themselves in difficult situations. They may witness behaviors from their children that are causing family strife or could lead to legal issues. In such challenging times, military schools offer a valuable opportunity to help these teens. These schools provide structure, discipline, motivation, and a quality education.

1. Providing Structure and Discipline

Military schools use ideas from military training to design their programs. Cadets have a fixed daily schedule with classes, drills, and physical activities. They all wear the same uniforms, which helps them feel like a team. Learning to do well in such a structured and disciplined place can make a big positive change for teens who have been rebellious or defiant.

2. Motivation

At a military school, teenagers have jobs to do, either by themselves or with their friends. When they finish these jobs, they get rewarded. This way of working towards goals can help troubled teens find the motivation they might have been missing before.

3. Delivering Quality Education

Many of these schools have fewer students for each teacher, and lots of their students get into college. They focus on giving a good education. They also teach students to be respectful and build good character. This helps students get ready for college or other future school plans. It means a teenager who might have left regular school can now work towards a bachelor’s degree.


1. Can I send my son to military school?

Yes, anyone can send their son to the military school but there is a need to meet some eligibility requirements to get enrolled in these schools. Some military schools only allow military kids to get enrolled, while others allow all the students.

However, some other requirements including the age of the children from the age of 12 to 15 years (6th to 8th class) are mostly preferred for admission. If your son meets these requirements, you can admit him to the military schools after paying the annual tuition fees and other charges. 

2. What is the expense associated with sending a boy to military school?

If you want to admit your son to the military school then you need to have a good budget as these schools are more expensive than ordinary schools. However, some military schools are free but only the military personnel kids can get admitted.

On average you need to spend around $30000 to $80000 (may vary from school to school) to send your son to the military school. The above-mentioned cost also includes the books, uniforms room, board, and additional expenses as well. 

3. Are military schools good for troubled youth?

Teenage students easily get attracted to unnecessary activities that can spoil their lives. To prevent such a situation, the parents need to take quick action and admit them to the military schools. These schools are specially made to raise the students similarly to any military academy.

As the students are raised like military personnel, they get adequate discipline and manners. The schools ensure a rigorous schedule that includes both academic and non-academic activities for students to aid their overall development. 

4. How much time does a student need to spend in military school?

The tenure of the military schools depends upon the school. The age limit in the cafeteria of most of the military schools ranges between 12 and 15 years. That means these schools give admission to students from 6th to 8th class only and raise them to 12th standards.

That means if your child is admitted to 6th class he needs to spend around 7 years in school and on the other hand the children who are admitted to 8th standard need to spend 5 years for schooling. 

5. What happens after military school?

One of the biggest questions in parents’ minds, is what happens to them after completing military school. Depending on the type of military school, those who perform better in all standards will get direct entry into the US military after qualifying for some eligibility requirements. Whereas, the ordinary military school offers high school credits to the students which strengthen their profile and help in professional aspects of life. 


Parents need to be aware of the change in the behavior of their children. If they start behaving something differently, make sure to aid them with the relevant solution. The minor changes and growth of bad habits can spoil their whole life.

Sending troubled children to a military schools for troubled youth remains the best option, as these schools maintain strict discipline and demanding schedules to ensure students stay focused and encourage overall development. The Military Schools for Troubled Youth mentioned above are highly recommended for your troubled boy or girl.

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