Medical Scholarships In Canada For International Students

Medical Scholarships In Canada For International Students

International students no longer have to worry about the rising cost of medical studies! The best medical scholarships in Canada for international students are available at many prestigious universities enabling them to pursue their passion for medical science and build successful careers in the medical field.

Studying medical science in Canada presents an incredible opportunity, but the associated costs can be a significant barrier. Despite the high expenses, many aspiring students dream of studying medical scholarships in Canada for international students. To ease the financial burden, top universities offer various medical scholarships for international students who excel academically. These scholarships not only make medical studies more accessible but also pave the way for a successful career in this field. 

Check out detailed information on the 8 best medical scholarships in Canada for international students. 

Why Study Medicine in Canada?

Canada offers an exceptional educational experience in the field of medicine, renowned for its internationally recognized standards. Canadian medical schools prioritize critical thinking and clinical abilities through a patient-centered approach, fostering a holistic understanding. 

Students benefit from the country’s healthcare system, well-known for its emphasis on primary care and inclusivity, providing comprehensive exposure to various medical facets. For those navigating the financial aspects of medical education, exploring options such as Refinancing Medical School Loans could provide valuable insights into managing educational expenses effectively.

Here are some compelling reasons to consider studying medicine in Canada:

1. Diverse Learning Environment

Canada proves an attractive place to study due to its unique cultural mix and particularly high safety standards, coupled with one of the lowest crime rates in the world. Exposure to multicultural and diverse learning environments while studying in Canada improves one’s cultural competency.

2. Internationally Recognized Education

Canada’s medical institutions excel in providing state-of-the-art research facilities and equipment required for optimal education in medical fields, ensuring global recognition of your credentials. Canada offers top-notch medical education programs that are renowned worldwide for their high standards.

3. Quality Healthcare System

Canada hosts globally renowned and top-tier universities, which adds prestige to your academic journey. Canada has a robust healthcare system that is renowned for its excellence. It provides students with the opportunity to learn from and contribute to it.

4. Global Perspective

Canada’s attractiveness to international students in the medical field is enhanced by the abundance of scholarships available, fostering a substantial and diverse international student community. The curriculum often includes a global perspective, enabling students to tackle global healthcare issues.

5. High-Quality Facilities

Modern facilities and technology are provided by Canadian medical schools to facilitate efficient learning and practical training. Graduates can further their professional development by participating in residency programs that provide practical experience.

6. Quality of Life

Canada is known for its safe, hospitable communities, excellent quality of life, and friendly atmosphere, making it a great place to live and study.

7. Language Advantage

In an increasingly globalized world, studying in English or French provides future medical professionals with an important linguistic edge.

8. Networking Opportunities

Through interactions with experienced faculty, fellow students, and professionals in the Canadian healthcare sector, students can develop a strong professional network.

List of 8 Best Medical Scholarships In Canada for International Students

1. Canadian Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship (CCSP)

Canadian Commonwealth Scholarships and Fellowships, organized by the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission, provide opportunities for Indian citizens living in India to pursue master’s and doctoral degrees. This best medical scholarship in Canada for international students is both merit-based and need-based, catering to individuals who demonstrate academic excellence and financial need. CCSP strives to promote Canadian ideals and culture globally while meeting the human capital needs of developing countries.

To be eligible, candidates must have obtained, or plan to obtain, a bachelor’s or master’s degree in a subject area relevant to their chosen program. 

2. McGill University MasterCard Foundation Scholarship

McGill University MasterCard Foundation Scholarship

Mastercard, a leading global foundation, offers a number of scholarship opportunities to prospective and current students from African countries. McGill University, a prestigious Canadian institution, offers the best medical scholarship in Canada for international students for master’s degree candidates in the medical field. 

The scholarship covers not only tuition but also additional costs, such as travel, accommodation, food, and living expenses. Eligibility is open to citizens of Sub-Saharan African countries, making it an inclusive opportunity for academic pursuit.

3. A.B. Wiswell Scholarship: Dalhousie University

A.B. Wiswell-Sponsored medical Scholarships in Canada for international students are a premier opportunity for international students studying medicine. Student scholarship requirements for professional degree year 1, which include fields, such as engineering, law, MBA, medicine, dentistry, etc., generally demand a strong academic record, demonstrated passion and commitment towards the chosen profession.

With this medical scholarship in Canada for international students, eligible candidates can be admitted to the Faculty of Medicine of Dalhousie University to pursue medical or related courses.

4. A.J Douglas Scholarship: Queen’s University

A.J. Douglas and Francis Douglas sponsor this medical Scholarship in Canada for international students. The award is given to support international students studying in community health and epidemiology at Queen’s University, Faculty of Health Sciences. This opportunity is available to applicants from all over the world. Additionally, the university offers various scholarships for students pursuing courses in the medical field.

5. DR. F. Lloyd Roberts Scholarship: University of Alberta

DR. F. Lloyd Roberts Scholarship - University of Alberta

The Roberts Scholarship welcomes applications from international students interested in studying medicine at the University of Alberta within the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry. Additionally, the university’s medical scholarships page lists various opportunities for both international and domestic students, with a common requirement being a strong academic record, preferably high or above average.

6. Ontario Graduate Scholarship Program 

The Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS) is a financial aid program aimed at supporting international students studying at universities in Ontario. Two-thirds of the OGS value is provided by the Province of Ontario, with the remaining third contributed by the host university. 

This medical scholarship in Canada for international students is open to non-local students enrolled in master’s or doctoral programs. It is awarded on a merit basis, requiring candidates to meet the academic criteria for consideration.

7. Canada Government Scholarships

Canada Government Scholarships

The Government of Canada provides grants for study abroad programs in medicine and other fields. The goal of the Canda Government scholarship program is to guarantee that Canadian educational institutions maintain their exceptional academic offerings to attract highly qualified students from around the world. Any Canadian university that qualifies as a medical student can apply for this program.  

This best medical scholarship in Canada for international students will cover the full cost of your medical studies. However, the value of scholarships varies according to the length, program of study, and degree level. The scholarship will pay for your airfare, health insurance, and other necessary costs in addition to tuition.

8. Manitoba’s Max Rady College of Medicine

Max Rady College of Medicine was founded in 1883 and is the first medical school in Western Canada. It has a rich history of research, academic success, clinical commitment, and community involvement. As the only medical school in Manitoba, it has a great responsibility to provide for the health care needs of the entire province.

This medical scholarship in Canada for international students is provided by this college to assist students in pursuing a medical education. The purpose of these scholarships is to recognize academic excellence, leadership, and contributions to the community.

How to Apply for Medical Scholarships in Canada?

1. Accumulate Required Documents 

Gather and process all necessary documents, including a student visa or study permit, a valid ID (e.g. passport), a statement of purpose, letters of recommendation, a CV or resume, results of competitive examinations and English language proficiency tests, and diplomas. degree, transcript, or certificate from prior education, etc.

2. Choose a University 

Once you are accepted into the program, choose a university, and begin your search. Reach out to people about scholarships or apply for more external scholarships.

3. Select a Medical Course

Then, select the medical course you are interested in and start the online application process for medical scholarships.

4. Apply Early 

Apply for scholarships early, so that your application can be evaluated as soon as possible. It is better to apply early for the scholarship.

5 Factors International Students Should Consider When Choosing a University for Scholarships

  • Scholarship Opportunities: Assess the diversity and accessibility of the University’s international student scholarships. Think about possibilities as much based on need as based on ability.
  • Program Relevance: Verify that the university’s offerings support your academic and professional objectives. This guarantees a meaningful school experience and increases your chances of being eligible for a scholarship.
  • Financial Aid Services: Determine if the university offers full financial aid services, such as advice on external scholarships, work-study options, and assistance with managing finances as an international student.
  • Cost of living: Take into account the full cost of living in the area surrounding the university. Take into account daily costs, such as transportation, food, accommodation, and other expenses to determine whether it is affordable to study there.
  • Language and Cultural Fit: Determine whether the university culture supports your academic and personal development, as well as whether the language of learning matches your level of ability. Success often hinges on the presence of a conducive learning environment.


1. Are medical scholarships available for international students in Canada?

Yes, Canada offers medical scholarships which are especially for international students. The aim of these best medical scholarships in Canada for international students is to encourage talented people to study medicine in Canada.

Qualification requirements often focus on educational achievement, leadership potential, and dedication to the medical industry. Potential applicants should review the exact requirements and application procedures listed in the specifications of each scholarship.

2. Can international students apply for provincial or government-funded medical scholarships in Canada?

It is generally difficult for international students to obtain government-funded medical scholarships in Canada. Provinces may offer programs, although domestic students are usually more eligible. It is recommended that international applicants look at other sources, such as private foundations and university-specific scholarships, as these are more likely to meet their specific needs and circumstances.

3. How competitive are medical scholarships in Canada for international students?

Medical scholarships in Canada for international students are highly competitive. The selection process is difficult because awards are limited in quantity and demand is high. Excellent academic records, relevant experience, and strong personal statements increase the chances of success. To encourage competition, applicants should carefully meet the eligibility requirements and submit an attractive application.

4. Is medical education in Canada free?

Medical education in Canada is not provided free of charge. Even though some provinces may offer free tuition to Canadian citizens, students often have to pay a steep price. Additionally, tuition fees are usually higher for international students. For correct information, it is essential to verify certain programs and eligibility requirements.

5. Can I get a 100% scholarship in Canada?

100% scholarships in Canada can be obtained through a variety of ways, including extra-curricular activities, academic achievement, and special scholarship programs offered. If you have the necessary resources, academic distinction, and knowledge; you can get a fully funded scholarship in Canada. Every educational level in Canada, from primary school to post-secondary education, offers a top-level teaching and research environment.


International students who wish to pursue medical studies in Canada can avail medical scholarships. By attracting skilled people from around the world, scholarships assist in the diversification of the workforce in the healthcare industry. These scholarships also overcome financial barriers, foster a more diverse and capable medical community, and ultimately improve Canada’s healthcare system.

If you meet the eligibility requirements, these 8 medical scholarships in Canada for international students will help study medicine without the stress of financial burden. Medical scholarships are an incredibly helpful resource in the scenario of expensive medical education in Canada.

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