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8 Best Companies To Refinance Medical School Loans

Refinance Medical School Loans

If you want to refinance medical school loans, you are on the right article. Are you seeking lower interest rates, stable payments, improved terms due to a better credit score, debt consolidation, or customized repayment plans? If so, refinance medical school loans could be highly beneficial for you.

The students need to face several major challenges in their lives. The growing weight of student loan debt isn’t just contributing to stress but also pushing high-income professionals, including doctors, dangerously close to burnout and, unfortunately, even suicide. 

It’s crucial for all students, even those in the early stages like interns, to actively explore opportunities when navigating the intricate process of refinancing private student loans, as it is one of the major steps toward their professional lives.  

When a favorable moment arises for the students looking for a financial solution refinancing their loans is a better alternative. Also, in the challenging federal landscape, deciding whether to pursue or not to pursue the Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) should act as the target which also prompted a quick and thorough consideration of the minute process of refinancing direct federal student loans. 

Here the article helps you to find the best refinance medical school loans which might help you by offering reliable financial solutions. 

For insights into refinancing options like NaviRefi Student Loan Refinance, explore our detailed analysis.

What are Refinance Medical School Loans? 

For students worried about school debts, refinancing their loans is a good option. Refinancing medical school loans is a smart money move that lets students trade their high-interest loans for new ones with better terms and perks. 

This process is meant to ease the money stress on medical students who borrowed for school and built up a lot of debt. By refinancing, students can get a lower interest rate, helping them with smaller monthly payments and long-term financial benefits.

Students in medical school dealing with high-interest loans can also apply for refinancing to make their loan terms simpler and improve overall money management. This is a good choice for doctors starting their careers, especially when their income is low, and they struggle to pay high interest and stick to a strict repayment schedule.

Refinancing not only means lower interest rates but also offers the chance to merge multiple loans into one with a more manageable payment plan. It’s a smart money move that requires careful thinking about things like credit score, income, current interest rates, personal money goals, and more. In this article, we share the best options for Refinance medical school loans for students in need. Let’s explore them further below:

Best Medical Student Loan Refinancers 

1. SoFi 


There are tons of students who have chosen SoFi to refinance their loans. The company offers the perfect mix of low rates, no fees, special benefits for members, and flexible payment terms. 

SoFi steps it up by offering competitive rates and flexibility designed for medical and dental pros, even those going through the tough residency phase. Add a 0.25% autopay discount, a safety net with unemployment protection, special member discounts on different SoFi products, and many more. 

For doctors and dentists dealing with loan balances over $150,000, the fantastic offer is presented by the company. On average, the top refinances presented at a smooth 3.24% APR, with all discounts considered. 

Also, for the students who are not pursuing doctoral degrees, SoFi offers amazing loan refinancing products for them too. During your residency, which goes up to 54 months, you can refinance the educational loans with the best possible deal. 

The best part about this is that there’s no maximum limit on loans eligible for refinancing, although specific minimums must be met. Whether you’re an experienced practitioner or a resident navigating the early years of your medical career, SoFi enhances the refinancing journey to assist with your financial management—smoothly handling the refinancing of medical school loans. If you want to learn more about Sofi, read this in-depth review of Sofi student loan refinancing.

2. NaviRefi


NaviRefi is a refinancing service provided by Navient and is all about refinancing your student loans. Those who want to secure a great rate and simplify the process of refinancing can apply.  Applying is quick, and there are no application fees, prepayment, or late fees to worry about. 

When you choose a NaviRefi loan, you’re taking control of your financial future with ease without any burden of repayment. The minimum loan to reliance is $5001 and the maximum is $500,000. 

NaviRefi used to adopt reliable loan terms to suit your budget and financial goals. Whether you want to save money every month or pay off your student debt faster, they’ve got you covered with exciting offers. You even have the option to combine your existing federal or private term into one easy-to-handle loan term with flexible schedules. 

3. Earnest


The students can slash their education loan expenses by refinancing with Earnest. The company offers personalized terms to match your budget, whether you want to set a precise monthly payment or toggle between fixed and variable rates. Earnest’s has reliable Pricing as compared to other loan refinances in the USA. You can our detailed guide on Earnest.

The tailored term of students aligns with a custom interest rate which helps in maximizing your savings in the refinancing journey. Get a plan that suits your needs, and get the path to financial freedom with no burden of repayments.

One of the most advantageous aspects of the company is the absence of penalties for early payments. Additionally, the company provides protection for your family through loan forgiveness in emergencies like death or dismemberment. Refinance amounts smoothly range from a minimum of $5,000 to a maximum of $500,000 for medical school loans.

Additionally, pocket $500, when you seal the deal with Earnest using the links on this page and refinance loans exceeding $50,000. However, the services are only available in DC and all states except KY and NV. Variable rates are off the table in AK, IL, MN, NH, OH, TN, and TX. 

4. Splash


Splash Financial is a standout choice for students who are pursuing doctoral degrees and looking to refinance medical school loans. The company has designed a special program for residents and fellows that allows them to pay just $100 per month during training, although the rate range might be different and potentially higher. 

Splash has smartly collaborated with credit unions, banks, and other leading lenders to offer super-low rates. Every month, hundreds of WCI readers check rates with Splash, and it’s a quick process within a timeframe of just two minutes. Also, you can see pre-qualified rates without impacting your credit score. 

The best part of the company is that all these are offered for free, there are no application or origination fees, and no worries about prepayment penalties too. The minimum borrowing amount is $5,000 and there is no maximum limit to refinance your loan. 

5. Lend-Grow


With Lend-Grow students and individuals can get refinancing at lower interest rates and in a secure manner. At present, the fixed rates offered by LendGrow have dropped as low as 2.40% APR which transforms their loan marketplace into a versatile hub that meets the financial requirements of various students. 

Medical residents who are considering refinancing can enjoy monthly payments with reliability as $100 during their residency.

For loan amounts exceeding $200,000, a pleasing incentive awaits the students. Students can also receive $1000 in a brokerage account of their preference upon completing the refinancing process. Lend-Grow stands out among medical professionals for its straightforward rate-check procedure which won’t cause any effect to their credit score. Also, the eligibility for loan refinancing is easy to meet by the students. 

6. Brazos 

The students can initiate their Brazos refinance process through their reliable platform. Also, the students after successful funding of their loan, receive an exclusive $600 cash bonus too. This offer is specifically offered for Texas legal residents. 

With over 35 years of expertise in student loans, Brazos, a nonprofit private lending company, presents various distinctive advantages for students seeking to refinance medical school loans. Its nonprofit status often results in rates that surpass those offered by other private lenders.

Whether you hold a bachelor’s degree or a graduate, law, medical, or another professional degree, Brazos allows refinancing up to $150,000 and $400,000. The minimum refinance amount is around $10,000. If you’re a Texas citizen you can get the opportunity to make your way to quickly and kickstart your journey toward several financial benefits.

7. ISL education lending

ISL education lending 
ISL education lending 

The lending company has been offering its refinance services for over 40 years and has good experience exclusively in higher education financing. The nonprofit lender specializes in student loans and showcases a deep understanding of the refinancing of education loans. 

All these features result in lower refinance rates that are much lower than other lenders in the area. The company has a straightforward application that allows students to complete a pre-qualification process in about a minute with no impact on their credit score. More importantly, the whole process is fast and reliable. 

Kickstart your refinance journey through this platform and after successfully refinancing $60K or more with ISL Education Lending you can also enjoy a $500 cash bonus. The fixed rates already include a 0.25% reduction for automatic payment schedules from any USA-based bank. The loan limit is set at $400K for eligible students, and the facility of co-signers is also available. 

8. Risla 


RISLA shines in the arena of medical school loan refinancing, offering robust protections for challenging times. The loan is offered for the repayment terms of 5, 10, or 15 years and the rate of interest may vary from 5.74% – 8.24% APR as per the profile and status of the borrower. 

If you face financial hurdles, RISLA has your back with an income-based repayment plan for temporary relief, military benefits, coverage for unfortunate incidents, and the option of payment forbearance. The company offers the minimum refinance option of $7,500 and a maximum of $250,000 to the students. 


1. Who should consider refinancing medical school loans?

The students can explore the possibility of refinancing medical school loans if they are 100% sure that they will never utilize the federal loan benefits again, as all the benefits will be lost after refinancing loans from federal to private lenders. Alternatively, if you have private student loans and your credit allows for a potential reduction in your interest rate, refinancing could be the best possible choice for you. 

2. When is the right time to refinance medical school loans?

The best timing for refinancing medical school loans can vary depending on various factors. While some lenders allow refinancing during your medical residency, on the other hand, others may require you to wait until you’ve transitioned to the attending phase of your professional life. 

Considering your long-term plans, it might be beneficial for you to adopt the option of refinancing both during your residency and post-residency time. Refinancing can help to achieve your financial management goals. 

3. How much can physicians potentially save through the refinancing process?

The total amount of Potential savings from refinancing depends on your specific loan terms and conditions. On average, if you were to refinance the average medical school debt of $201,490 from a 7% APR to a 5% APR, potential savings could be around $200 per month and surpass $24,200 over a 10-year term. Also, every lender has different terms and conditions regarding the loan. So, make sure to compare them all to find the best possible lender to refinance your loan. 

4. Is there an option to consolidate medical school loans?

Consolidating medical school loans is a possible option especially if they are federal student loans. Federal loan consolidation allows the students to proceed with the payments into a single transaction. although it does not result in a reduction in your interest rate or generate the kind of financial savings associated with refinancing. You need to pay the required amount along with interest rates as specified between you and the lender in the education loan agreement. 


All the above-mentioned refinance medical school loans have their great status in the field. Choose any of them to refinance your loan. Keep in mind that the decision to refinance medical school loans is a personal one and must be taken by considering your future financial management goals. 

Investing time in research and comparing options ensures that you make a well-informed decision that matches your financial objectives. Also, this will save you from all kinds of losses and disadvantages of refinancing your federal loan.

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