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Graduate School Scholarships

If you’ve finished your bachelor’s degree and you’re thinking about going to graduate school, then graduate school scholarships are just what you need.

Elementary and middle school education isn’t too expensive, and most people can afford it. But things start to get tricky when you’re looking at higher education, especially when you’re going for a graduate degree. The costs can really add up, and for students who don’t have a lot of money, it can be a real struggle. That’s where graduate school scholarships come in. They’re like a helping hand, making it easier for you to get the education you want without breaking the bank.

More About Graduate School Scholarships

Diverse Scholarship Providers

Various non-profit organizations, institutions, companies, and foundations offer graduate school scholarships. The rewards under the scholarships are offered to some selected students only. The students are selected based on various eligibility criteria and requirements. This includes the academic records of the students, leadership qualities, community services, volunteer work, and many more. 

Non-Repayable Graduate Grant Scholarships

Unlike other scholarship programs that offer loans at low interest rates or cash which need to be returned once the higher education is completed, the graduate grant scholarships are quite different. There is no need to return the amount received. The rewards of merit-based scholarships are to uplift financially backward students’ status and make their education more affordable. 

While many scholarships focus on academic achievements, some scholarships, such as left-handed scholarships, recognize the unique qualities and characteristics of students, opening up diverse avenues for financial support.

Finding Graduate School Scholarships

There are numerous ways by which you can find the best graduate school scholarships in your area. We have researched and listed some of the most relevant sources to get these scholarships. Some of these ways are mentioned in the article below. 

Where to Get Graduate School Scholarships 

As we have stated earlier, these kinds of scholarships are offered by various companies, multinationals, schools, universities, churches, and even the government. The scholarships are not only meant to cover most of the education expenses of the students but also provide additional cash every month or year to cover living and other expenses. Below are some of the places where you can get graduate school scholarships

  • Your Region

There are national-level scholarships that offer good value but are highly competitive. Thousands of applicants apply for them and only a few receive the perks. So, make sure to keep an eye on the regional scholarships as well. Many local bodies offer a good value scholarship limited to local students only. The scholarship offered in California is also for California resident students. 

  • Your Field-

Most of the scholarships offered are based on the field of the students like the student from the technical or science field is likely to get the scholarship from any scientific institution or research center. Similarly, students from arts backgrounds are likely to get grade school scholarships from any arts-based company or organization. 

  • University

Offering a discount and scholarship to new admission students is one of the best ways to attract students, this strategy is adopted by most high schools and universities. Students with a strong academic record are in most demand and universities are ready to offer them 100% scholarships to gain admission. You should consider the high schools or universities as well while looking for scholarships. 

  • Demography

Some scholarships are available for US citizens, while a few allow students from different nationalities to apply. The demography-based scholarships are usually promoted to uplift the status of students of any specific nationality. For example, some scholarships are open for US, Canadian, German, Australian, and Indian students in the USA. 

Key Considerations When Applying for Scholarships

There are some tips and tricks that help you to guarantee getting the scholarship or increase the chances of you to win the scholarship contest. Some of the most important things to keep in mind are mentioned below, Let’s have a look: 

  • Prepare a budget: First of all, make sure to compare different high schools or universities and prepare a budget for all your education expenses. This will provide you with an estimate of the overall budget. Now apply to the scholarships accordingly. 
  • Choose the high school or university: Some scholarships have collaborated with high schools and universities, you need to look for these schools in your field and try to get admission in the same. This will make it easy for you to get the scholarship rewards quickly. 
  • Follow a methodical strategy: Most of the scholarships arrange a contest to shortlist the students who applied for the scholarship. This may include essay writing, art, and many other standards. Make sure to master these contests before applying. This will help you to present yourself in the best possible way. 
  • Present a desired application: The scholarship organizers used to prefer the application of deserving candidates with a strong intent of getting the scholarship reward. This may include financial status, leadership qualities, community services, and many more. 

Best Graduate School Scholarships 

Hundreds of scholarships are offered as graduate school scholarships, which makes it difficult and confusing for you to choose the best among them. To make it easy for you we have presented the best scholarships among them. Here are some of them: 

1. Rhodes Scholarship

One of the most renowned scholarship programs in the US, which helps students with poor financial backgrounds to get the chance to study at the University of Oxford. Around 32 students are selected each year from the USA and are admitted to Oxford University. Not even admission but all the educational expenses are covered under the financial aid offered from Rhodes scholarship. 

The Rhodes also offers more than 90 other scholarships across the globe where the study expenses of the students are covered by the program. Cecil Rhodes is considered the father of the Rhodes scholarship program who shared the same in around 1902 to uplift the academic status of future leaders. A student needs to qualify for several requirements to get the benefits of this program. 

US citizenship is a compulsory factor while applying for the scholarship and the age must be between 18 to 24 years. The students are selected based on recommendation letters (minimum 5) from different fields like leadership, community services, academics, sports, and volunteer work. A statement from the student in around 1000 should be attached to the application stating his viewpoint. 

When it comes to the coverage of the scholarship, it will bear all the educational expenses at the University or school for the next two years. In case of poor financial background, all four years will be covered under the scholarship funds. Along with the educational expenses, the winners also get an annual stipend and health insurance during the degree. 

2. Fulbright Scholar Program

Fulbright Scholar Program
Fulbright Scholar Program

The Fulbright scholarship program is not only for students but scholars, teachers, professionals, scientists, and artists can also get the scholarship. The main motive of the scholarship is to uplift the national talents and give them outside exposure. The foreign exposure helps them to carry out their research and education. Both US citizens and people of other nationalities can apply for the scholarship but must carry out their education or research in the US only. 

The program itself contains several programs and schemes for different people. For example, it offers the Ph.D. degree program to the faculty and college members, other professionals and researchers to conduct their research work, students to perform research work, and many more. Every year around 900 grand are offered by the Fulbright scholarship program to students, scholars, and professionals. 

The fund for the scholarship is received from Congress and is granted to deserving candidates annually. To apply for the scholarship program, the candidates need to fulfill some eligibility criteria for example undergraduate, graduate, professional, or pursuing a graduate degree. Other requirements include the language, which depends upon the destination or varies from place to place. 

Research grants, assessment grants, study, travel, housing, and health grants are offered to the winners who travel to the host country for research purposes. The eligible students must be citizens of India and hold a bachelor’s degree to get the rewards under the graduate school scholarship. 

3. Churchill Scholarship

For the students who want to pursue their higher education or master’s degree in the technical field including science, maths, and engineering. The scholarship provides financial aid to around 15 students annually. The scholarship helps the graduated students to pursue master’s degrees at the University of Cambridge. Only the students with academic excellence can get the scholarship rewards. 

Other eligibility criteria include US citizenship, must have achieved a graduation degree from any US-based university and the minimum GPA requirement is 3.7 GPA. The winner of the scholarship will get financial aid for the whole year of their master’s program.

All the educational expenses and other expenses like traveling, housing, fees, health, and visa are also covered under the financial aid. For research, additional incentives will be provided to the students. 

4. Harry S. Truman Scholarship

The students who want to make their career in public services can get the scholarship and make their education more affordable. All you need to do is actively take part in community services, volunteer work, public services, civic engagement, and related works to be eligible to apply. All the graduate programs are eligible for the scholarships and the candidate must be a US citizen to apply for the scholarship. 

The rewards given under the Harry S. Truman Scholarship include financial aid for the whole graduate degree which covers all the expenses. Anyone who wants to work for the public sector for the upcoming 4 to 7 years after graduation can apply for the scholarship. The deserving candidates will be selected. 

To apply for the scholarship program the student must need to get a letter of recommendation from the facility representative or any other senior faculty member. However, the scholarship collaborates with popular universities across the US. If they are not in a relationship with your university, make sure to follow the above-mentioned steps. 

5. Marshall Scholarship

Marshall Scholarship
Marshall Scholarship

As the name suggests the scholarship program was initiated by the United Kingdom to say special thanks to the US after World War as the Marshall Plan was successful. Under this one of the most renowned graduate school scholarships, the educational expenses of students for their two-year graduation are covered in England.

The US students who qualify for the scholarship will get the chance to study in universities in many nations including England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. 

The main motive of the scholarship is to establish the close relations between the UK and the US after World War 2. There are some eligibility requirements for the scholarship: the student must be a US citizen, have an academic score of 3.7 GPA, and have graduated from any US-based university or college.

The time limit for applying is 30 months after graduation. The students need to make sure that they have not held any British graduate degree in any British-based University. 

The lifespan of the Marshall scholarships is around 1 to 2 years based upon the financial status and other factors. In some special cases, the scholarship coverage limit can be extended to more than 2 years. More than 40 students are rewarded with the Marshall Scholarship manually. The financial support is offered to bear all the educational expenses including books, tuition fees, campus charges, food, traveling from the US to the UK, and an annual stipend as well.  


1. How much does the graduate school scholarships cover?

The graduate school scholarships cover all the study expenses of the students including their tuition fees, campus expenses, books, food, travel, stationary, and even annual stipends in some special cases. The scholarships can also cover the research expenses of the winning students. 

2. Who can apply for graduate school scholarships?

All the scholarships have their eligibility criteria. The students who meet all the requirements and qualifying standards can apply for the scholarship and get the cash rewards. Some of the most common requirements are US citizenship, poor financial background, leadership qualities, community services, and many more. 

3. Is a good academic record required for scholarships?

Yes, a good academic score or GPA store is considered while shortlisting the applicants. That is why make sure to maintain a good GPA score between 3.7 to 5.0 to get the scholarships. Also, a letter of recommendation can also be a need for some graduate school scholarships, so make sure to have a good bond with facilities and principal 

4. Who offers graduate school scholarships?

Graduate school scholarships are offered by various institutions, schools, universities, companies, and even the government to help students make their education more affordable. Students with poor economic status are mostly preferred for these types of scholarships. 


Graduate school scholarships are not only for graduate-level degrees. Some scholarships are also offered for master’s degrees. In some special cases like excellent academic performance, the coverage time of these scholarships is also increased from 1 or two years to the whole degree of 4 years.

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